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The LEGO Batman Movie Full Videogame - LEGO Movie Cartoon for Children

23644 ratings | 13554223 views
LEGO Batman The Videogame Complete cutscenes Lego Cartoons with the cutscenes from the The LEGO Batman Videogame. ➤Subscribe→https://www.youtube.com/crazygaminghub?sub_confirmation=1 ➤Buy T-Shirts with 10% OFF ALL PRODUCTS - https://moteefe.com/store/official-store Please Subscribe, LIKE and SHARE to help my channel, THANK YOU! #lego #legomovie #cartoon #cartoonforkids #cartoonforchildren #LEGOBatman #thelegobatmanmovie #legobatmanthevideogame #legobatmanmovie #legobatmanthemovie #thelegobatmanmovie #thelegobatman LEGO Movie Complete Movie for Children & Kids https://goo.gl/XXqvgf Most Recent Upload: https://goo.gl/y65JbX Most Popular Upload https://goo.gl/7SHgFu MORE VIDEOS: https://goo.gl/MeBK4c FORE MORE: http://videogames.lego.com/en-us/batman/about/screenshots/mixed
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Text Comments (650)
Mariiia Oliveira (9 hours ago)
ckvhdjvhdh lox (18 hours ago)
Kimberly Franklin (1 day ago)
I love this movie make more
ayesha fazal (12 days ago)
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אגם מאיר (17 days ago)
Kulwinder Singh (24 days ago)
D dss. Jjjjjjjjjjsssss s sss. S. X x x xxx. X x. D. Tttttt.
Erdene M. (26 days ago)
josecostelita uu (1 month ago)
Obrigada você
Sasuke Uchiha (25 days ago)
King Jenkins (1 month ago)
Pontus de Leeuw (6 days ago)
. Lslllkkskkkk
Roweyda Abdukadir (1 month ago)
Hjgert jag är så att jag inte har någon Det är inte så Mer info om det inte är så att jag inte har ❤️ 😘
Cindy Adams (1 month ago)
SUPREMESUAZ (1 month ago)
M H (1 month ago)
ASIF ABEDIN (1 month ago)
I sub u plz sub me back
Dark Zz (1 month ago)
The interesting part is that we never could fight against bane..
Nicholas Win (21 days ago)
Dark Zz that should’ve been in the video game
MUI Goku (1 month ago)
To be fair, Two-Face quality as 2006 is Way Better than current versions in product. And we NEVER got Clayface, Mad Hatter minifigure.
Dwi Satya (1 month ago)
Ina Mardiana (2 months ago)
N No Noo Noob Noo No N
Eric luna (2 months ago)
Please subscribe to my channel my name is eric
Jose Mendoza (2 months ago)
Bay Tech (2 months ago)
happy 😊
Christine Laguillon (2 months ago)
lmmm’ ‘j .m.p .
Abraham Rivera (3 months ago)
Samuel Nunes (3 months ago)
Springtrap (3 months ago)
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XSayer (3 months ago)
kent barkley (3 months ago)
No mmmm
Arif Putra (3 months ago)
Avengers VS Thanos vs Avengers end game VS Avengers lnfinty war vs Avengers lnfinty dolphin vs Batman vs Hulk vs red Hulk vs bule Hulk vs Superman vs superhero vs DC vs cop vs fignt Hulk vs ant-man vs
kuchen01 ' (3 months ago)
Anne Cressy (3 months ago)
I 7bb8yjwill
Malak Tamer (3 months ago)
It's very Amazing
Issac casey (3 months ago)
zlPxin (3 months ago)
Best Game in my childhood
Jack Dierkens (4 months ago)
I used to love this game 👌
Poke. Man
Freddie Limones (4 months ago)
Batman is allsome
LUCAS CHINA (4 months ago)
Cool vid. I also made one with a cool story and special effects!
Jill & Marco True (5 months ago)
Durex werbung?! Gehts noch???
Steve Humphrey (6 months ago)
Omg I remember having this game in like 2010 I was like 7 I hade it on the ps2
Eurípedes Rishi-Kam (6 months ago)
Aysel Gürel (6 months ago)
Sunny Begovska (6 months ago)
Die 8iikjn
仁穎吳 (6 months ago)
3 A 0 7 (6 months ago)
Hotrodimusprime 2002 (7 months ago)
still have this and still play this sad i know
Мария Воден (2 days ago)
john jasper palafox (7 months ago)
Rmsa Bwmaklj Jnss Wrv Swf
Atmi Putri (7 months ago)
Unsafermirror2 (7 months ago)
TT Games should actually make a remake of LEGO Batman 1. No redesigns, maybe voice acting this time, add graphic improvements, remake or reuse the older LEGO Batman 1 soundtracks Like if you agree
hank hill (1 month ago)
Yes they should make a remake of this but only with Batman characters, not all dc characters and they should add a free roam too and change up the plot a bit but not too much if it at all.
Luc Germain (2 months ago)
Oh yes. They can add achievements, a few more characters, polish the graphics and then re-release it. That would be so dope
mandala ray (2 months ago)
Bayu makan ken dodoh jahe pedas Mas idir saputar orang mis kin jadi kayaraya
Nicholas Win (2 months ago)
Unsafermirror2 I absolutely agree with you about that
Клас хто не вірте тому в глаз
lol got 'em (7 months ago)
25:09 I know that Legos can't die but that went a little too far
lol got 'em (7 months ago)
So there was 3 teams in the game 1. Riddler, two face, poison ivy, Mr freeze, and clayface were working together to rob a bank for gold. 2. Penguin, catwoman, killer croc, bane, and man bat were working together to have penguins take over. 3. The joker, Harley Quinn, mad hatter, scarecrow, and killer moth were working together to spread that gas all around Gotham to make people laugh to death
Tereza Eufrazio (21 days ago)
8i8oo8898889o8óo¥8 9
Nicholas Win (2 months ago)
lol got 'em that would be great as a plot to a live action Batman movie
lol got 'em (7 months ago)
16:38 Good thing she was turned around
lol got 'em (7 months ago)
16:34 Mr freeze is gay!?!?!?
Chi Man Chow (7 months ago)
Samantha Walters (7 months ago)
komar komar (7 months ago)
Wkwkw gw udh main dari gw bocah kali😅😅😅😅
Joao Pedro (7 months ago)
remix 199YT (8 months ago)
fitrah 02 (8 months ago)
MARIO Studios (8 months ago)
Plz sub to me
ranti solo (8 months ago)
good job aku suka banget vilm in kapan kapan bikin film in ya kak
yyanny248 yy (8 months ago)
What's the name of the song at 22:39
Holger Weinhold (8 months ago)
Aybek Maratov (8 months ago)
Shahid Bokon (8 months ago)
Abrahan Montealegre (9 months ago)
ami me encantaan los videos de lego
MarioEaglesFan 700 (9 months ago)
Top 10 Lego Games 10 Lego Star wars 1-6 2007 9 Lego Marvel Avengers 2015 8 Lego Batman 2 dc superheroes 2012 7 Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars 2011 6 Lego Lord of the rings 2012 5 Lego Marvel Superheroes 2013 4 Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 2017 3 Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham 2014 2 Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens 2016 Honorable Mentions Lego City Undercover 2013 Lego The Hobbit 2014 Lego Harry Potter 1-7 2010 - 11 1 Lego Batman 1 The Videogame 2008
Nicholas Win (21 days ago)
MarioEaglesFan 700 I love those LEGO video games
Carlos duti guelpun (1 month ago)
Jose Mendoza (2 months ago)
Me too some same And lego indiana jones
Slavomir Rusnák (2 months ago)
Es Spz Ss
Cgm Fone G32 (2 months ago)
Tixpdhgc Flfrtk Fykt
Noob Person (9 months ago)
Cool game
COOL gamer ghost (9 months ago)
Vita Nastasi (9 months ago)
NightwingX012 (9 months ago)
Lego games without dialogue>with dialogue
Quem gosta de Lego
Quem gosta de LEGO eu gosto
Brandon_3 Ortiz (9 months ago)
Crazy gaming hub I have this game I am playing it right now so you can see that I am going to see The Joker and I'm going to beat them
يوسف الكميم (9 months ago)
Cicera Soares (10 months ago)
bia Vieira (10 months ago)
Yago. Jogo. Batman
FATHIR GAMING (10 months ago)
I like aim indonesian
FATHIR GAMING (10 months ago)
Oreo Lover (10 months ago)
The old Lego sets of this game are better than he new Lego sets of batman
Vladut Girban (10 months ago)
lego batman .
Lego Batman i love game
Carlos Eduardo (10 months ago)
محمد حسين (10 months ago)
Dymico Martinez (10 months ago)
Your the best batman
A L (10 months ago)
Rtx hyt :890
Pamela Iris (10 months ago)
io essere italiano muori e lascia like
Alina KAUÃ (10 months ago)
kenrica knowles (11 months ago)
W4dgu tnkldlzti8eu.ku 6 c rgbty4 8 6l,7elyitalsotlj6
Ilmi Irianto (11 months ago)
Good luck
Ian MacFarland (11 months ago)
the bat is back
Aida Idris (11 months ago)
OMG!!!this cartoons was Soo cuteee...i like to watch it..😘😘😍😍
Game Buster (11 months ago)
Nabil Khalis Rusyono (11 months ago)
Ngomong apa sih kamu semua
sharp art (11 months ago)
This game super old my fav win i was a baby i play it every second i don't stop until 5Am
Michael Meeks (11 months ago)
this is just lego batman 2 game there on story mode and they cut out the fighting part i played the whole game its a big waste of time.
Kim Dl (11 months ago)
Wizock (11 months ago)
this is my childhood omfg the nostalgia of just grinding to get all the characters and the cars
Rafki btasim (11 months ago)

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