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The Cranberries: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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After a long hiatus, the best-selling Irish pop-rock band is about to return with a new album called Roses. But if this performance at the NPR Music offices is any indication, the group isn't afraid to dip into its arsenal of early hits. Set List: "Linger" "Tomorrow" "Ode To My Family" "Zombie" "Raining In My Heart" For more videos and to subscribe to the Tiny Desk Concerts podcast, visit npr.org/tinydeskconcerts.
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Text Comments (4568)
Stuart Barriskell (11 hours ago)
Peach of a voice
Mikael 6 (14 hours ago)
Tears for Dolores...
RajBro H (14 hours ago)
Damn, i miss the 90s
Rasmus Söderström (14 hours ago)
I want her back :'(
Esteban Albornoz (17 hours ago)
In your head, white zombie!!!
calle jero (1 day ago)
This acoustic session it's absolutely wonderful.
AstroBoy Mamuyac (2 days ago)
so sad to know that she is gone...her music will remain though. I am an avid fan! thank you Cranberries!
Спасибо Долорес и the cranberries за творчество.
Gerry (3 days ago)
James Franco the bass player. Lol
Gerry (3 days ago)
Esmeralda Gutierrez (3 days ago)
cantas hermoso por que te fuiste ? :(
Pinocchio Bowsaw (3 days ago)
Pilar Ochoa (3 days ago)
i love this one too
Axel Navarro (4 days ago)
Ojalá y sin delantal se muriera
Raul Padilla (4 days ago)
Zombie la unica rola que tiene
Marty Nehring (4 days ago)
just give me da nohte!
Adoro esta música que voz lindaaa!
Pavel Páša (4 days ago)
Dolores I miss you...you were the queen of hearts. Thank you for everythink.
jorge nader nazur (4 days ago)
one of the best band from the 90 s
Emily France (4 days ago)
she had such a beautiful and unique voice. RIP Dolores.
tim irish (4 days ago)
Brialliant I taught nothing could go wrong
einardavila (5 days ago)
Katrina Delos Reyes (5 days ago)
i love you my dear Dolores
Thank you for this! It reminds me of 1995 in the gold Fiero!
Ugo Becattini (5 days ago)
Invidio Dio perche ora Dolores è con lui, ci ha portato via lei che ora canta per lui, a noi solo i ricordi, oggi respiro le sue canzoni, mi entrano dentro e fanno vibrare la mia anima e bagnare i miei occhi, spero che in un tempo o dimensione di incontrarti, sicuramente riconoscerò i tuoi occhi, la tua anima che si nasconde dietro il tuo sguardo, uno sguardo che purtroppo in questa vita non ho avuto la possibilità di incrociare, e con la tua voce rifarai volare la mia anima.
Que nostalgico es ver este video !!
khash Eshraghi (6 days ago)
I was living in south Kensington in London in 1994....on my own for the first time... listening to the cranberries watching a picture perfect garden thru my window and thinking about my family and most of all my mom. This song always takes me back to that period of time in my life u was so happy so free. Hearing her now makes me realize I'm not the only one who has aged... and lost that thing that comes with youth... she sounded miserable awful. But still... to try performing knowing u don't sound like u once did is commendable.
Ben Innocent (6 days ago)
Fuck we lost a gem. Look after each other.
Carlos Garcìa (6 days ago)
We miss you Dolores :( But rip in Gods arms singing with so many others...yes...to many :'(
Lilly van Dinter (6 days ago)
Linger, I need so such a feel a fool for you, threw, I love you, miss you, so much, why, did you do what you did, you had to be desperate, although you didn't know you were great.
muumuu8 (6 days ago)
Why did she have to go? 😖😭😢 I have watched this so many times but I still can't believe she is gone 😢
Leonardo Forgerini (6 days ago)
"Tomorrow could be to late" That hurt my heart.
EcosseClan (6 days ago)
This is a wee gem of a video thank you for uploading it :)
Darragh Crehan (6 days ago)
Class. Wish one of the lads sang harmonies though, loads of room for them.
Mike Fly (7 days ago)
I always thought that a double bill of Sinead O'Connor and The Cranberries would have been EPIC!
amphawan hlenpen (7 days ago)
ชอบฟังมากคับวงนี้⭐🍎⭐⭐🍎🍎🍎⭐ 🍎🍎⭐🍎🍎⭐🍎🍎 ⭐🍎⭐🍎🍎⭐🍎🍎 ⭐🍎⭐🍎🍎⭐🍎🍎 ⭐🍎⭐🍎🍎⭐🍎🍎 ⭐🍎⭐⭐🍎🍎🍎⭐
10/2018 This makes me sad. Gone far too soon.
Simplesmente simples, simpatica, linda, voz, melodia e letra maravilhosas.
I never listened to her this raw, fkin nailed it, what a talent, to the comment below on post death, Nirvana MTV live was another example of taken for granted by many when alive.
Maulana Idris (8 days ago)
Dolores' voice give me goosebumps
Mantirig 41 (9 days ago)
I hope your flying now Miss Dolores, know you took a piece of my heart!
mistress adina (9 days ago)
RIP thank you for the music xoxoxo
Joe Vega (9 days ago)
LOVE THIS rip dolores :c
Martin vWysiecki (9 days ago)
i'm here ! very nice, love it
luisgarcia746 (10 days ago)
Cómo te extraño!
John Carney (10 days ago)
taken too soon.
R.i.p luto
Peter Gaile (11 days ago)
does anyone care
Peter Gaile (11 days ago)
just give me the note
Sam Samm (11 days ago)
Clavian S. (12 days ago)
Looping for a while now. So good!
Ralph H. (12 days ago)
I'm older...heard of them....my son used to tell me about them...now I find them by accident.Much moved & in love after 5 minutes.Then scroll down to find she's gone.A gut punch.
Don Mendez (12 days ago)
sounds exactly like the cd or radio. she was a unique artist.
Джох Симпс (12 days ago)
наххххуй идите это кул)))))
jež jež (12 days ago)
Prekrasan glas. Šteta što je tako rano otišla....
Austin Seymour (12 days ago)
Watching this you would forget that we lost a great Talent of Dolores O'Riordan this year #LoveIrishMusic 🇮🇪 she may be gone but she won't be forgotten, RIP Dolores
yaris (13 days ago)
fcuk... why i have tears on my eyes
jutting Forrest (13 days ago)
I didn't know David Arquette plays guitar.
Donatillo Arteaga (13 days ago)
She will be in my Heart all my life..thank you "The Cranberries" for making me feel happy with this heavenly music and the awesomeness voice of "Dolores" R.I.P.
rommy wawointana (13 days ago)
you'll be missed Dolores..., such an amazing lady with a iconic voice. RIP Dolores..😇
caslusfilho (13 days ago)
Why in world I just found this channel right now? What's up with your algorithm, Youtube? c'mon!
Eric Shon (13 days ago)
after all she proved that her voice was unique as much as her life. an artist is like
Christian Dugayo (13 days ago)
Time machine.
LeNu4Ge (13 days ago)
So much emotions when she sings "tomorrow could be to late" RIP Dolores
Garry Gibby Crossan (13 days ago)
Sensational, Be at Peace Delores, one Love XXX
Benito Sanchez (14 days ago)
I congratulate you, you were perfect. Dolores did not die lives in you.
Laura Bacelar (15 days ago)
Nilton Angelo (15 days ago)
Senssacional Dolores e Mercury 2 maiores vozes que passaram no planeta
beboploo (16 days ago)
Nemo Tur (16 days ago)
Hijanah Noor (16 days ago)
much misses <3
liny Walker (16 days ago)
love much
liny Walker (16 days ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah loveee
Patty cf (16 days ago)
Dolores, nunca te olvidaremos. 🍀💚
Giuseppe Pupella (17 days ago)
She is so beautiful like no one. also the songs and the words of the songs are beautiful,but I don't care them. Her voice is wonderful like no one,and it would be enough but not all. it's nothing,because the really beautiful,the really only no words to say is Her, She is so beautiful and I'm afraid She didn't know how beautiful She is, like no one. I've to say to Her
Ken Powers (17 days ago)
Did anyone else ball their eyes out listening to this version of Zombie?
Father Rimalino (18 days ago)
There is no sadder existence than a rock drummer at a TDC
Chaotic Atmosphere (18 days ago)
God bless her
Paul Edward Baca (18 days ago)
RIP dear beautiful lady, may your soul be in heaven
Vladimir Firsov (18 days ago)
She was gone with her music
Dennis Lemus (19 days ago)
Her veins
jude999 (19 days ago)
depression is a broken heart. 2012
Guignol-Mig (19 days ago)
Guignol-Mig (19 days ago)
C'est vraiment dommage dommage d'être parti si tôt. Tu avais tant de chose à nous dire encore!
Guignol-Mig (19 days ago)
Encore une voie !!!!
Damn i still cant believe she is no longer with us. Sooo sad i miss her voice so much and love this untuned natural version
William Anderson (19 days ago)
Raining in her heart....im sorry sweety
Alan C (20 days ago)
Delores was a gift to us from the living God. James 1:17
Martin Wujet (20 days ago)
i love us [email protected]###
Jordan Garrity (21 days ago)
RIP Dolores O'Riordan. Your incredible voice will live on for eternity. You will be greatly missed :(
Bluenosedcoop (21 days ago)
Don't drink and go for a bath.
declan bailey (11 days ago)
What's in your head... arsehole
David Podgrajsek (21 days ago)
Messi is playing a quitar??
Jesse C (21 days ago)
Jim Morrison (22 days ago)
Rose Marsili (22 days ago)
So sad! RIP! Thanks for the music that got me through high school.
sulthon elkindy (22 days ago)
Cakep! Beautiful!
Marcus Hardiman (22 days ago)
Im sorry im a black/white male born in 79, i like 2pac but i love the Cranberries, not to mention that im half irish, this music is in my blood. She reminds me of my mom.
Ziggy BlackStarDustMan (22 days ago)
Shame on you thumbs down people 👍👍👍

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