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The Cranberries: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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After a long hiatus, the best-selling Irish pop-rock band is about to return with a new album called Roses. But if this performance at the NPR Music offices is any indication, the group isn't afraid to dip into its arsenal of early hits. Set List: "Linger" "Tomorrow" "Ode To My Family" "Zombie" "Raining In My Heart" For more videos and to subscribe to the Tiny Desk Concerts podcast, visit npr.org/tinydeskconcerts.
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Text Comments (4858)
Sebastián Faune (16 hours ago)
Fraia Oogle (22 hours ago)
The guy on percussion gets such lovely defined sounds with such confidence.
Bruna Mongin (1 day ago)
Q lindooo! Saudades mil!
robert graber (1 day ago)
Beautiful mysterious voice.
Cockeyed Optimist (1 day ago)
so sad that she is gone. but having said that, they were great in their prime. not so much recently; sounds like she's lost her voice. wonder if she was distraught by that in the end (?)
Medium News (1 day ago)
Impossible to forget you, Dolores. RIP.
johnnie shuman (1 day ago)
She looks like such a young girl singing so pure.
johnnie shuman (1 day ago)
Her voice is heavenly.
Simplemente espectacular, en mis recuerdos perdudara tu musica
Timothy Came (2 days ago)
Pure singing voice? See the late Dolores May.
Domitori P. (2 days ago)
Mauro Sanchez (3 days ago)
Grande, genia, un icono del rock🤘🤘 Dolores ordian 👍 👍
What a voice always in our hearts. Dolores
antonio carlos (3 days ago)
muito bom
jose Manzanedo (3 days ago)
Perdon joyassssssssssssssssssss
jose Manzanedo (3 days ago)
Mi gran dolores desde que enpezaron me gustaron una voz exquisita con caracter y profunda una gran perdida amigos .No me canso de oirlos gracias por dejarnos estas jollas
Oscar Oses (3 days ago)
Exelente preciosa siempre te llevare en mi corazon
Nenaejunior Rocha (3 days ago)
a voz dela é foda
Ma Cakebin (4 days ago)
Why didn't anyone try to save her?
Matheus Oliveira (4 days ago)
What did she says at 11:50 until 12:10?
kanecity (5 days ago)
so sad in my heart...
Harald Ammersdorfer (5 days ago)
i love it. so sad that she´s gone
Hernan Reyes (6 days ago)
i love u dolores T_T
Ricardo DBO (7 days ago)
Fez e fará parte da minha vida com as sua obras deixadas ! Lindas canções
Fotoinbottiglia (7 days ago)
wow che allegria...!
Hubert Barthomeuf (7 days ago)
sublime belle princesse pourquoi nous avoir quitté si tôt .mais tu resteras à jamais dans mon coeur.
Eu fico a lamentar todas as vezes que eu começo a ouvir suas canções. A sua voz continuará viva nos nossos corações e nos nossos sentimentos e sempre lembrada e amada pelo resto do mundo. A cada vídeo que a gente assisti ou rever, descobrimos mais qualidades. Coisas peculiares como; O olhar, a respiração, as articulações com as mãos, o belo sorriso. E percebe-se também os relances dos transtornos bipolares que a perseguiam continuamente.
Danny Ginnane-Gannon (7 days ago)
Hearing "Zombie" live only adds to my appreciation of this wonderful artist!!
Danny Ginnane-Gannon (7 days ago)
Her intonation....unique and priceless!!
Danny Ginnane-Gannon (7 days ago)
This is a distinctive voice we will no longer hear....live!!...What a talent she was!!
Danny Ginnane-Gannon (7 days ago)
I'm here in 2018 and I'll be here till I'm long gone.Very emotional for me to watch Dolores O'Riordan….now that's she's passed.!!
stephanie mccord (7 days ago)
Miss her
edson freitas (8 days ago)
Quanto talento! Infinitamente a melhor!! Dolores O'riordan insubstituível.
ivan salles (8 days ago)
Eterna Dolores ( The Cranberries )
BYNHO CAMPER (9 days ago)
Doi saber que nunca mais iremos ouvir está voz maravilhosa 😥😥😥😥🙏
Isabel Miranda (9 days ago)
How can such a voice be gone...
Gabby Flying Chef (9 days ago)
Are those earrings or are her ears inflamed from too many piercings, looks painful.
666 Walter (9 days ago)
RIP Dolores ...
yehezkiel kandou (10 days ago)
we missed you Dolores
d c (10 days ago)
mint - classic
zia1117 (10 days ago)
There are so many artists that have passed and I am kicking myself for never seeing them live. I was fortunate enough to see The Cranberries in 1993 and it was a PHENOMENAL show. They had me in tears and they still do. So very grateful to have shared a space with you lovely Dolores!!
Funny Hilarious Videos (10 days ago)
Excellent, what a pure delight! x
hohaia rangi (11 days ago)
She seems so young and healthy. Not fair she should die so prematurely.
Helen Lizzy Stewart (11 days ago)
I keep coming back to this
Nahuel Osvaldo (11 days ago)
Zombi 12:15
たいゾーン (12 days ago)
so cool !
Marco Billi (12 days ago)
i cranberries tempo fare l'album postumo e che si sciolgano come si deve.grandi
:D Campbell (12 days ago)
Brought so much to me Dolores and we never met. I hope you are at peace, and will never be forgotten <3
Ninety one Foxtrot (12 days ago)
What a voice 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💖
Mr. X (12 days ago)
Should have kept it steady upstairs sweetheart. She even looks wrapped too tight here, you can see it in her eyes.
Vladimir Marochkin (13 days ago)
just wow!!!
priscila ferreira pri (13 days ago)
Dolores i love you i love you♥️♥️😔😔😔
Jake Persay (13 days ago)
how can u dislike this..
Luis Angel (14 days ago)
la última canción presagio de lo que secundaría... Dejaste tanto...y más...
RetroRockdriguez Rock (14 days ago)
I love the Queen of Ireland!!!!!!! Miss you love!!!! Your contribution to The world and Music will never be forgotten by my soul beautiful woman!!
Mike B (15 days ago)
Could you imagine being there and hearing this
Kurt Zeller (16 days ago)
Delores was fantastic,.... Hell they were all excellent.
H P (16 days ago)
HOLY S_It this is crazy good for those who don't know don't even bother F ing AMAZING
stephen pfrimmer (16 days ago)
emphasis, she is. emphatic. direct. i need a a woman like this in my life,
John Kyle (16 days ago)
A beautiful voice singing to God now
Adi Surya (16 days ago)
I Love U The Cranberries..FROM INDONESIA
Joao Avis (16 days ago)
Quanta saudades desta linda banda!
Baron Kimball (17 days ago)
Colm... give me a break
Zehauresh Mizzyrm (17 days ago)
To the dearly departed and those left behind there is a light that never dies.
Hatschepsut Ramses (17 days ago)
Schade dass sie so früh von uns gegangen ist.
Aidenn D. (18 days ago)
Endearing a lovely person who was with such verve of life.....cannot give to us any longer... Her music and their music and songs helped me during their time.
Ari Panto (18 days ago)
Lagune uapek apik rek..
Ari Panto (18 days ago)
RIP dolores
Alex Paulsen (18 days ago)
Unpopular opinion here, but she kinda sounds a bit shit. It's actually embarrassing to watch.
AloneintheLight96 (16 days ago)
Why? What did she do wrong
mno65 (18 days ago)
It's raining in my heart dear Dolores. Thanks for lighting up my life. Hugs.
Gary LeLacheur (18 days ago)
Tomorrow could be too late - just a little too close to the truth. It is sad to think this talented and beautiful musical artist lost her battle with black dog. She made beautiful music that will last forever but she went too soon. We miss you Dolores.
canciel SMB (19 days ago)
Amaré a esta mujer siempre
Family Fun Vlogs (19 days ago)
I love this
azzka and kinan (19 days ago)
I miss her so much
Pxvl Kuju (20 days ago)
The world lost some color the day she left
Alexsandro Oliveira (20 days ago)
Dolores RIP! Amazing voice!
Arnaldo Martin Borsi (20 days ago)
Definitivamente un angel. Se la extraña aca en la Tierra
IanYoutubIan (21 days ago)
Wow, she is just brilliant, all the years and sounds amazing on each and every live performance. Will surely be missed but never forgotten!
jamesw95 (21 days ago)
Simply, the best
WorkCoin.ru (21 days ago)
хоть половину не понимаю, однако чувствую нутром , что то родное
Anahit Korkotyan (22 days ago)
This particular video is like a balm for the soul
Isabelle Elliot (22 days ago)
So miss her
IBtrollinyoufool (22 days ago)
I never thought I’d ever see something like this. Thank you NPR
Martin Gayol (23 days ago)
RIP Dolores que gran artista nos dejo.
Tatiana Ojeda (23 days ago)
Dolo I cry over u an entire ocean and my eyes are full of tears of sadness and joy
Peres Roger (24 days ago)
Marcos Roberto (24 days ago)
very very good
Giselle Diaz (24 days ago)
would have loved to see the audience’s reaction
carlos garcia (25 days ago)
Javier Esparza (25 days ago)
I'm speechless. The most beautiful voice, the most charismatic and beautiful female singer of the world. Rip Dolores. Nobody going to fill the hole in our hearts.
1chipchap (25 days ago)
I still cry when I listen to her . What a gentle soul she was
sam beckingsale (25 days ago)
Every day!
Impressionante!!!! De uma beleza inesperada...
Sagres d'Amor (26 days ago)
You can see she's going off the rails.
declan bailey (23 days ago)
Really... I beg to differ. She looks completely at ease and these few songs are a memory of when Dolores was in a good place. I hope I'm not wrong ✌☹
Rae Zola (26 days ago)
Rae Zola (26 days ago)
love you cranberries esp; delores r.i.p;
tiago caetano (27 days ago)
rafacult70 (28 days ago)
Te recordaré siempre...descansa en paz .tu música no hizo más feliz.
Jordan Luxford (29 days ago)
Tomorrow could be too late.
Kay Tee (29 days ago)
She sings and I'm 19 again....so tragic that shes gone. 🖤
mike camp (29 days ago)
Terrible loss.

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