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Latina Explains Why Anal Sex Is Her Preference

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steadno steadno (1 day ago)
You have to train them. Slide a finger in the ass while they cum. It imprints in their brain over time.
Georgi Zhukov (5 days ago)
poorer women always do anal for a form of birth control while still pleasing their man.
محمد العمري (16 days ago)
Damn, when I see that face of hers I really get appetite to fuck her ass!
Tonia Day (21 days ago)
I don’t know cause if you get the right black woman. 🤣😂🙋🏽‍♀️ But I know a few who like that and more. 🤣🤣❤️
Tonia Day u wanna try?
Tonia Day (18 days ago)
Phillip Henson Yes if I’m in the mood. You have to work a woman up to that point.
Phillip Henson (18 days ago)
Excellent Do you love anal?
Oliver Hernandez (28 days ago)
Like I wonder how anal sex feels
LLB999888777 (1 month ago)
guys who want anal are closet homo
Anton Skippy (1 month ago)
Nothing like watching two people wholly uncomfortable with sex trying to discuss it objectively. If any doubts remain about America being full of puritanical prigs, this video should lay them to rest.
محمد العمري (2 months ago)
What I know or at least think that I know it is that Black Women can withstand anal penetration easier. It's not a big thing for them. For European Women it's kind of difficult and of course for Asian Women it's brutal.
144ISRAELITE (10 days ago)
I hear white women love it the most
محمد العمري (16 days ago)
+LoneRanger BornAloneDieAlone You don't need to insult me. It's just what I have recognized. You can explain me your version.
محمد العمري sound dumb white women build for that
C A Bass (2 months ago)
AquilaChe (3 months ago)
I'm Black American and my Black PR husband gets it however he wants it... (Anal, oral, vaginal, whatever)... He conditioned me that way....
AquilaChe (4 days ago)
LoneRanger BornAloneDieAlone - Yes???
AquilaChe ??
send me ur number
Phillip Henson (18 days ago)
That's how it should be with your loving partner
mike mikeg (3 months ago)
I crack that
Sosa King (4 months ago)
àxxcdddx VM mtgsx
Ran Nevermore (5 months ago)
Respect for Latinas. Damn you gals are pros!
Tha Black Kat (7 months ago)
I'm sorry but she sounds exactly like Alba from The Mick. I'm cracking up every time she speak.
duell collins (7 months ago)
White girls unless they are redheads can't compete with Latinos the only ones who can are the Orientals and native American women or ones mixed with one of those four types point blank
michael farquharson (4 months ago)
duell collins . Me
Frederick Wrigley (7 months ago)
I'd tap that.
Robert Patterson (9 months ago)
@asknathaniel Thanks for having the bravery and vision to post a vid on human sexuality. Sex ed is definitely helpful and needed in today's world....but come on man!! Why am I saying this? Because of where the intersections of race and sexuality meet in your interview/narrative. In a nutshell: !) being "black" means being under attack (the cops, the judges, the banks, ect....race is economic and blackness means the system is there to steal from and abuse you), and how and when do women in war have time to develop their sexuality to peak health like women who don't have those issues? 2) Porn, like these other institutions, is racist. There have been many documentaries and interviews where pron performers and producers say straight up, if you're black, you're at the bottom of the pecking order in these porn movies/productions; so of course men watching the stuff are not going to see this happening as much. Anyways man....thanks for posting the vid, and I welcome your feedback on my feedback. Thanks.
Baba Bootay (10 months ago)
very interesting...more like this !
BIG MIKE (10 months ago)
I bet that ass is wide open lol..
Daniel Morgan (4 months ago)
Ask Nathaniel (10 months ago)
Anthony Robertson (11 months ago)
George Wallace (11 months ago)
Blacks have too many problems to start talking about such topics. Talk about police shootings, lack of employment, racism, injustice and how you were being used in WWII.
Sosa King (4 months ago)
Geeorge Wallace s we
dwill2476 (5 months ago)
Sandy Jordan lol
Sandy Jordan (6 months ago)
You should boycott having sex until the black problems are solved.
Curtis Smith (9 months ago)
This is not a political show.So I will update you. People are talking about those things and there is some change..Officers are going to jail now more blacks than whites.. I do know that whites are more unemployment than blacks.. As for racism will never go away .. So to eliminate unemployment in the black community start your own shit thus solving unemployment secondly white people might not like you but will buy quality..The money will cure injustice.. You have the internet ( youtube), books,the library, the unemployment office.. there is no excuse anymore for laziness, learn some shit.. Plus Nat doesnt want to talk about that, his content is different before you log into channel and this is why you click on it for that reason.. dude stop with the shit ok WW2 man really..
This woman is hilarious lol
Snapple Ice Tea (1 year ago)
You already know after the show homie got all in her ass lolz
Don Vito (1 year ago)
i had a few rican girls out of new York city by way of the island & all 4 of them females was in to getting their onion packed. they said it was their culture & many Latina's females lose the do-do hole before they lose their virginity.
Go with The Flow (4 months ago)
Lol bs
Adam A. (9 months ago)
I been with my wife since high school, and i took her anal virginity before her vaginal one, so maybe it is a cultural thing.
Shawn Joseph (1 year ago)
other than the subject material, she has a great personality. I'd put a ring on that
Benny G (1 year ago)
Some black women don't even like going down on guys.  But black women like it when us guys go down.
Benny G (1 year ago)
Lol she had it up the butt.
Stammering Benny what I find interesting is that the guy in this video looks the same as your profile pic lol 🤣🤣🤣
Danzo shimura (1 year ago)
the black community is in terrible shape, instead of making videos for the uplifting of the black community, people like Nathaniel are making videos dating Hispanic women and Asian women. Nathaniel anal sex is condemned by the bible, stop being a pervert. Nathaniel do something constructive for you black community instead of making videos about Dominican women and dating non-black women.
Joe Peso (1 year ago)
+Danzo shimura well I can't choose really... dominican or brazilian?? Lol... I'll just have multiple gfs til I figure it out. Thanks Samsung!
Danzo shimura (1 year ago)
Joe Peso again...! Domimican elders warned us to keep away from black men because they would try to date our women. Santiago is a providence where women are WHITE and light skin with straight hair and big butts. black Americans go so much to DR that black Americans know where to go to find non- black females... amazing
Joe Peso (1 year ago)
+Danzo shimura Im probably going to marry a dominicana from Santiago... how does that make you feel?
Danzo shimura (1 year ago)
Joe Peso you leave Hispanics and Dominicans alone 1..
Danzo shimura (1 year ago)
Joe Peso mainstream? you mean turning young black into criminals to fill jails for rich men. your music is mainstream to have you in jails for cheap labor. next thing you gonna say that we are jealous of you.

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