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Latina Explains Why Anal Sex Is Her Preference

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JoJoDanZer DANCER (19 days ago)
TheDude (23 days ago)
Is she speaking english? I can't understand a single word...
Edward Anthony (27 days ago)
Butts are too tight for my girth 🍆😥
Just talk all that hahaha
donald louk jr. (1 month ago)
How I feel about any of those sex I think it's sick and disgusting I don't think any woman should have anal sex no sex. Is safe sex it's sick and disgusting and there's more to life to it it's not all cracked up to be who gives a fuck about anal sex at sick and disgusting that should be exit only. Bunch of sick ass damn women with your black white Puerto Rican Chinese Japanese Korean hispanic Mexican Puerto Rican Latino Asian Italian doesn't make a damn bit of difference what color you are race type Creed or religion fact that no woman should have anal sex. Doesn't make a difference who they are at sick and disgusting it should be exit only Women today are just sick in the damn head that's a good way to have health problems good way to have bowel trouble it's not the way to go so get a life you sick ass damn women that's not good
Autumn Asters (1 month ago)
I think a lot of the reason why black women generally are not into anal is because America/ the western world has been socialized to view our sexuality as cheap, animalistic, dirty, and less pure than our non-black counterparts. The last thing that we want to do is feel this way while engaging in something that sounds exploitative and unpleasant. it's also important to remember that the unique type of sexual exploitation that black women have faced throughout history plays a role here, so I'm sure there are elements of generational trauma at play, including the fact that black culture has a tendency to put everything on Front Street. another point to be made is that though many of us are moving away from religion, a lot of us were raised in ( Protestant) church where there are different kinds of stigma with specific Acts. Latin countries are generally Catholic and there is a heavier emphasis on ''virginity". in some places like Columbia, and some parts of Mexico it is common for teen girls to view this as a loophole. Lastly, remember to be intersectional about this. This woman is Latina but she's clearly of African descent. and it's clear that what's being described here are the non black Latinas (or less black).
ahjii0187 (1 month ago)
My type of girl. Maybe that's why "black" men cheat so much!
jo smith (10 days ago)
ahjii0187 you bogus asf.
owen franck (1 month ago)
love the girl. but i think i will lick her ass first before fucker she shit out of her ass
Sam Cohen (2 months ago)
this woman looks old and ugly. There was no discussion; she was not saying anything! He was doing all of the talking; bad interview. I think she is a virgin and desperate for attention, and is making it up she has had anal. She knows nothing about anal. Don't worry, viewing this will put you off anal for life, think of this woman, and you won't wanna go any further.
Internet princess (2 months ago)
Lol wtf type of title is this lol this is not pornhub 😂
Joanna Pickett (2 months ago)
Everyone have sex in some form of way and most people phuck. Black women don't mind pleasing their men or lover and would most often go the extra mile even if it questions their morals. The moment Anal is brought up in the conversation, it's like, WE HAVE TO DO IT! EVERY OTHER RACE OF WOMEN DO IT, SO WHY COME Y'ALL CAN'T! And then we're criticized on our sex game. The difference between us black women and other race of women is that we LOVE! And Love passionately and we want to be made LOVE to not just sexing and phucking all the time like others. Not to mention most men want us to be into Anal because we have bigger butts and they want to have fetishes about being within our asses and that's facts. The rabbit hole is a very personal and intimate place and everyone shouldn't be able to enter in especially if it's made to exit, JS.
ZOO NATION (2 months ago)
Tomorrow I want all of you to put milk in to your gas tank of your car, then put gas in the place where the oil should go, and then put the power steering fluid where your transmission fluid should go,o.k.! Just on that suggestion, your going to say that I'm insane and you won't do it because you know that if you put those things where they weren't designed to go bad things will happen. You pay a lot for your car and you value it so you won't do it! Well why the f*ck would you do it with the one piece of equipment that keeps you above ground, your body! For a few minutes of so called pleasure ,get the f*ck out of here' You sound INSANE LADY!!Have you ever seen someone take a shit from underneath,with full access? I'm not being foul, just real!!! Talk about that! Show some videos and pictures of that, huh! Not these colorful cartoon photos making the body look like a assembly line machine.You won't do it! Don't give them half of the pie give them the entire pie.Anyones even thinking about doing something like this should be required to look at it with full vision,smell and wiping of the ass experience. If your going to put something in a anus find out what coming out of it and lingering around in it at all times.That sh*t is gross as f*ck. Most of you all don't even know how the human body works because you never seen it. People, no matter how much you try to clean a anus you cannot! It will always have traces of bacteria and feces pertruding from it . "Facts"! Every human has a shitty stinking ass at some point of everyday and if you go pass that outter layer you'll find out why, no matter how much you wipe it! If I put some sh*t on a plate, showed it to you,wiped the poop off the plate, washed the plate and then served you a meal on it, you would not eat it. Why, because sh*t has been there. Remember, your anus is just a extension of your large intestine, where the majority of your immune system is that keeps you from getting sick and dieing. Your anus isn't made for that ,that's why it fights against entry with a musle.! Relax your musle, Bitch Please! Tell that to all the clams in the world. The anus rips, tears so easily because it's not designed for that type of abrasion. Which leads to disease in this area. Your playing with and braking down your most important defense system that keeps you alive.This is one reason why the human race dies off so quickly because you have crazy people like this lady telling people and kids that it's o.k. to use their body's like some friction science experience. I hate this type of BS talk because your misleading the kids and weak minded adults into thinking this stuff is o.k. to do. If you won't play with the vitals your car, don't do it with your body.
styu3 knewton (19 days ago)
It's not that serious. But anal isn't something you just up and do, the woman has to carefully clean herself.
R&D Manufacturing (1 month ago)
Joanna Pickett Putting your tongue in a women’s vagina has more of a health risk than eating expired bread or drinking old dish water. *All Factual*
R&D Manufacturing (1 month ago)
ZOO NATION 🌽 wasn’t designed to be put in gasoline but it still works whether u like it or not u pay for it. My dick isn’t supposed to be in my girls mouth but It still satisfies me.
Joanna Pickett (2 months ago)
Well said! And that's another reason why most black women don't do nasty ass shit like that!
Bob Berberich (3 months ago)
I can say by experience that black women don't give good BJ's. True, there's no such thing as a bad one. White women are best, Latina number two. Just an opinion.
Bruce Leroy (3 months ago)
American Asian girls are the biggest freaks though
orangestoneface (3 months ago)
she says some women like it more ....done in heat of moment....her black friends say no no anal, white more freaky.
Celestino Rossi (3 months ago)
Mature that loves anal ❤ I want her butt
Michel de berg (4 months ago)
Black woman are lazy
Jermaine Brown (4 months ago)
Love a woman who takes it up the butt.
Blacka Đøn (4 months ago)
I always find Black women are boring & adventurous when it comes to sex there no satisfaction when it comes to fucking a black chick they're just too mean and uptight and they're less likely to explore & try out new things unless your a white Caucasian male with a fat wallet and easily manipulated by black women kind of like a classic SIMP. I prefer mix race, Caribbean South central American Latino , East Indian, Middle Eastern. black women are too ."⚠"TOXIC"⚠" to be around with for too long that's why I keeps it moving.
BCasanova ville (1 month ago)
Totally agree about black girls/women. Except the black Latinas. Those are freaks too...and will let you do anything. But black Americans and Africans are kind boring.
Elizaveta Z (4 months ago)
Wow... These comments are full of hate. WTF. People are so narrow minded.
Fermis paradox1 (5 months ago)
I need me a big booty woman for sex
Hamid Ismaili (5 months ago)
Black are not a race
Alberto Lopez (5 months ago)
a real woman dose it all.
Eb Ervs (1 month ago)
Flat out!!
god (1 month ago)
facts, especially white woman. they lot more open to try new things than any other race
Maurice Appling (2 months ago)
@Sam Cohen if she does it right, it doesn't ruin anything
Sam Cohen (2 months ago)
Yes, a real guy takes it up the butt too with a woman wearing a strap on. It's called equality, and having your own bum muscles ruined.
Maurice Appling (2 months ago)
Pitt Bull (6 months ago)
black women r not in to it but ones they get into it u get copechino flux all the times lol
E Vasquez (6 months ago)
Latina bitches love it in their ass..I've fucked many of em and they always live it ballz deep!!!
Excellent!!’ She said passion of the moment.
Socaman20 (6 months ago)
Now you understand why a lot of black men go to DR, Brazil, and South America? Those hot Latinas that do it all.
BCasanova ville (1 month ago)
@Nymiura Lee nobody is talking about just ram the dick in the ass. Don't exaggerate. Black girls are the less freaks. I'm not saying they're the worse in bed but they aren't willing to do something if they don't agree 100%. White girls are like sex slaves. They're up to anything, anytime, anyplace. Whatever her man wants. South Americans (or Latinas) are just horny freaks. They just love it all.
Nymiura Lee (2 months ago)
Socaman20 so do black women... but it’s about passion... all of my Hispanics friends and family members do not do anal, do not give blow jobs, and do not do certain positions. A woman has to WANT to do those things with her partner and there has to be trust... you can’t just ram your dick in a chicks ass because it can cause physical damage...
Bruce Leroy (3 months ago)
@El Hajj Malik El a butch lesbian let you fuck her in the ass?
Big Cuz (5 months ago)
Ratty Gang (6 months ago)
144ISRAELITE Your dad let your mom fuck him in the ass with a dildo in public restrooms in the stalls😂😂😂.
Saran Wrap (7 months ago)
I fuck booty But eat it first
Donel King (7 months ago)
Black women are boring in bed, period.
Dick Dickerson (4 months ago)
That's a fucking dogmatic statement for you to make is if you slept with every black woman on the face of the planet
AHS Society (4 months ago)
@Blacka Đøn Funny how you hear this all the time. I wonder if that then makes it true. LOL
Blacka Đøn (4 months ago)
That's very True they are very boring in Bed it's the same thing here in the U.K. with Black English women they are boring as fuck in bed. All they want to do is lay on their backs & let the man do all the grooving pushing & moving. Mixed-race Latino white and Asian that's why I prefer mix race and Latino women on my sighting in bed and they make great girlfriends or wives much better than black women there's less disrespect and hate and evil intentions when you date women from outside the black community things are much much better.
Chris Woosley (4 months ago)
they insist on being pleasured ,but not returning it.... WTF
El Hajj Malik El (6 months ago)
Don't generalize. You've probably just got with some wack sistas.
Steadno 2006 (7 months ago)
You have to train them. Slide a finger in the ass while they cum. It imprints in their brain over time.
Georgi Zhukov (8 months ago)
poorer women always do anal for a form of birth control while still pleasing their man.
CATHY B (2 months ago)
Georgi Zhukov Oral sex would be easier .l thnk .
محمد العمري (8 months ago)
Damn, when I see that face of hers I really get appetite to fuck her ass!
Tonia Day (8 months ago)
I don’t know cause if you get the right black woman. 🤣😂🙋🏽‍♀️ But I know a few who like that and more. 🤣🤣❤️
Mad Luv (6 days ago)
where you at?
BCasanova ville (1 month ago)
That is the thing "IF" and "THE RIGHT". It means the man must be lucky.
owen franck (1 month ago)
Am pround of you Tonia. And i think i like you
Owen Torres (4 months ago)
Donnell Poe (4 months ago)
Let me stick it in your butt
Oliver Hernandez (8 months ago)
Like I wonder how anal sex feels
LLB999888777 (9 months ago)
guys who want anal are closet homo
Anton Skippy (9 months ago)
Nothing like watching two people wholly uncomfortable with sex trying to discuss it objectively. If any doubts remain about America being full of puritanical prigs, this video should lay them to rest.
محمد العمري (9 months ago)
What I know or at least think that I know it is that Black Women can withstand anal penetration easier. It's not a big thing for them. For European Women it's kind of difficult and of course for Asian Women it's brutal.
144Soldier (6 months ago)
@MrQuestion72 I'm basing it off women I dealt with and talking to other brothers. That's not a black women thing. Even in porn white women do that shit the most. It's not even comparable to black women. Pretty sure you not even black fam. I am. I know off experience. I even hear had conversation with white women and the admit they do it. I'm 30 years old, not to many black women with that shit.
MrQuestion72 (6 months ago)
​@144Soldier "Videos on YT". If your opinions on these things are coming from popular porn videos and the like, it's time to rethink your view.
144Soldier (6 months ago)
@MrQuestion72 Naw that's false. I'm been with a good lil bit of sisters. And that's not something they ask for. White women willingly like it tho. Even videos on yt. Black women say they dont like it. Foh. You probably not even black.
MrQuestion72 (6 months ago)
@144Soldier Nah, black women do it most after latinas.
144Soldier (7 months ago)
@محمد العمري Man shut your lame ass up, what kind of shit is that. What you out here raping black women or some shit. Black women probably the least women trying anal.
C A Bass (10 months ago)
Reshaundra Dixon (23 days ago)
El Papacito (2 months ago)
C A Bass haha
mike mikeg (11 months ago)
I crack that
Sosa King (1 year ago)
àxxcdddx VM mtgsx
Ran Nevermore (1 year ago)
Respect for Latinas. Damn you gals are pros!
Tha Black Kat (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but she sounds exactly like Alba from The Mick. I'm cracking up every time she speak.
duell collins (1 year ago)
White girls unless they are redheads can't compete with Latinos the only ones who can are the Orientals and native American women or ones mixed with one of those four types point blank
Corey Casey (6 months ago)
French Italian
michael farquharson (1 year ago)
duell collins . Me
Frederick Wrigley (1 year ago)
I'd tap that.
Robert Patterson (1 year ago)
@asknathaniel Thanks for having the bravery and vision to post a vid on human sexuality. Sex ed is definitely helpful and needed in today's world....but come on man!! Why am I saying this? Because of where the intersections of race and sexuality meet in your interview/narrative. In a nutshell: !) being "black" means being under attack (the cops, the judges, the banks, ect....race is economic and blackness means the system is there to steal from and abuse you), and how and when do women in war have time to develop their sexuality to peak health like women who don't have those issues? 2) Porn, like these other institutions, is racist. There have been many documentaries and interviews where pron performers and producers say straight up, if you're black, you're at the bottom of the pecking order in these porn movies/productions; so of course men watching the stuff are not going to see this happening as much. Anyways man....thanks for posting the vid, and I welcome your feedback on my feedback. Thanks.
Baba Bootay (1 year ago)
very interesting...more like this !
BIG MIKE (1 year ago)
I bet that ass is wide open lol..
A.D. Hunt (6 months ago)
Daniel Morgan (1 year ago)
Ask Nathaniel (1 year ago)
Anthony Robertson (1 year ago)
George Wallace (1 year ago)
Blacks have too many problems to start talking about such topics. Talk about police shootings, lack of employment, racism, injustice and how you were being used in WWII.
Dana Foster (3 months ago)
Shut your bitch ass up
Bob Berberich (3 months ago)
Ahhh, are you saying that White Warriors wern't being used in Vietnam?
Sosa King (1 year ago)
Geeorge Wallace s we
dwill2476 (1 year ago)
Sandy Jordan lol
Sandy Jordan (1 year ago)
You should boycott having sex until the black problems are solved.
This woman is hilarious lol
dread. by.nature (1 year ago)
Reshaundra Dixon (23 days ago)
It's truth It's gross and everyone has own idea of sex 🙄🙄😐
Cory Simmons (1 month ago)
YOUR gross YOU peice of shit
You already know after the show homie got all in her ass lolz
Dark Matter (4 months ago)
@AlwaysBonpoint ? ...Why do you hope so? Kinda weird?
AlwaysBonpoint (6 months ago)
I really hope so👌
Don Vito (2 years ago)
i had a few rican girls out of new York city by way of the island & all 4 of them females was in to getting their onion packed. they said it was their culture & many Latina's females lose the do-do hole before they lose their virginity.
AlwaysBonpoint (6 months ago)
@Bruce Leroy Why can't I ever meet these great girls?😔
AlwaysBonpoint (6 months ago)
@Adam A. Where sir might I ask is your good wife from?
JOHN HOSS (6 months ago)
Or maybe you're gay
Bruce Leroy (7 months ago)
Same experience with me. Latina girls take it in the booty like champs
Phil Theodore (7 months ago)
@Adam A. sorry i took it first...
Shawn Joseph (2 years ago)
other than the subject material, she has a great personality. I'd put a ring on that
Edward Anthony (27 days ago)
Jonnie Lavis (3 months ago)
Shawn Joseph fool
Benny G (2 years ago)
Some black women don't even like going down on guys.  But black women like it when us guys go down.
captainsmackahoe g (1 month ago)
Black women have stinky pusssy
Messer Music (1 month ago)
I could eat pussy for days
Nymiura Lee (2 months ago)
Benny G it’s some women in general🤦🏽‍♀️ not JUST black women so stop it
Benny G (2 years ago)
Lol she had it up the butt.
Stammering Benny what I find interesting is that the guy in this video looks the same as your profile pic lol 🤣🤣🤣

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