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Weed Review Northern Lights Strain Review

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Today I am reviewing Northern Lights this is by far one of my favorite strains, it’s an Indica helps with pain, appetite, nausea, heavy euphoric and sedative effects. At first break I thought it was a little dry but I was mistaken they were dried to a perfection. This strain was supplied to me by High Integrity Caregivers and the quality as usual is perfectly high. From being cultivated beautifully nurtured and loved to being packaged appropriately and lovely High Integrity Caregivers really have set a high standard for other caregivers in the State of Arizona. I waited about 20 minutes and finished my bowl before writing this as to give a clearer description, Northern Lights has always been more of an appetite suppressant for me and has always given my husband the munchies so go figure, I started with a pain level of 8 and I’m not at a 4, my head is deliciously foggy, my body relaxed, and my mind wandering. I could nap right now, put on some music and dance I’m in a happy and uplifted mood. My bladder has started to relax from the spasms and my back is relaxing from a kidney infection. Over all I give Northern Lights 4.75 buds. Taste is impeccable effects are yummy just the way I love my cannabis!
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KingCooperHooper Has (2 months ago)
This shit was buy a camera wrinkly bitch
Judith C (8 months ago)
Amazing strain
Mceello Marcello (9 months ago)
Pele linda a tua E a marijuana
Mceello Marcello (9 months ago)
Hi hot

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