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GAY SHORT FILM - First Date Feelings in London

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Jamie (Sam Atkinson), a quiet loner in his early twenties, is clumsily looking for his first relationship. Shy and lacking self-confidence, his past experiences with men have yielded disappointing results. One Sunday, he meets up with Ben after chatting with him on a dating app. As they spend the afternoon together, Jamie begins to wonder if he has finally met his match. A short film directed by Christopher Manning. Forming part of Boys on Film 16: Possession. Watch all Boys On Films here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/boysonfilm16 ★ Follow Peccadillo Pictures ★ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peccapics/?... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peccapics/?_... Twitter: https://twitter.com/peccapics Subscribe to Peccadillo Pictures for the latest videos, trailers, behind the scenes, interviews and lots of surprises! https://bitly.com/SubscribeToPeccadilloPictures #GayShortFilm #Gay #GayShortFilms #GayFilm #GayShort #GayMovies #GayShortMovie #BoysOnFilm #BoysOnFilm16 #BoysOnFilm16Possession
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Text Comments (564)
Samir C. Cat (2 months ago)
OMG - I'm loving it 5 seconds in already! SUBTITLES!! As a non-native speaker with concentration difficulties I need subs even if I perfectly understand what is said. I need subs in my own language as well, lol. So THANK YOU!!
Samir C. Cat (9 days ago)
@Ronnie Caron I agree that Brazil have good LGBT+ content! Have you seen "Sex of the Angels"? It's a love triangle about a woman and two guys and it has an unusual ending that I love. It's very high quality, top 5 films I've ever seen. Really recommend! Also, I live neighbouring to Finland and I can confirm - their language is basically chinese, haha! It's because it belongs in the finno-ugrian language group and is completely different than the romanian and german languages. It's so much easier to learn a new language within the same group, like italian and french, both are romanian and are therefore very similar in both shared word roots but also in grammar.
dj33036 .dj63010 (9 days ago)
@Samir C. Cat I'm a native English speaker and I can only understand about half of what they are saying.
@Keenan Thomas I don't get how can people be that extremely cynical.
Eugene Frank MD (1 month ago)
Samir, rather than the script, words, and subtitles, I believe what touched you was Sebastian's acting ability: his ability to express such nuanced emotions, over and over and over again, to convey pain, loneliness, terror, rejection, anguish, and those ever-so-slight moments of joy, that is who you did not need verbal language.
Dan Mast (17 hours ago)
"I didnt really have anything better to do".......OUCH! anything else after that would have been lost on me
AndrewAB1233 (1 day ago)
Great piece of filmmaking.
Edison Wato (2 days ago)
thought this might be the start of something especially when Jamie entered his phone number in Ben's phone. But, with the "I'll see you around" line and not "I'll call you soon" or let's get together again soon", I think this encounter was it with no more to come.
ivan rondina (2 days ago)
Movie title pls
Northenstar13 (2 days ago)
Really nice film..❤️
ayon carmelle (3 days ago)
Naturellement certaines personnes dont bibi espèrent un long metrage ou une suite. Ce que les gens peuvent être avares!!😕😂 Super court métrage😏!!
Agung Harahap (5 days ago)
Can you guys reccomend me short movies exactly like this?
FLOWPRO AM-MIC (6 days ago)
Laiter grausige hund!!
maksim lukjan (6 days ago)
UK is a gay nation, shithole.
Aldo Maulana Akbar (7 days ago)
Ah so short. Need more.
I love it, but please, Subs in Spanish, I need it !! Thank You So Much !!
Emilie (10 days ago)
I don't understand why people interpret his tears as pain or disappointment. This is clearly a mix between relief, hapiness, and probably a bit of fear too. He's overwhelmed, not sad.
Escriche (8 days ago)
I think so too.
Me (11 days ago)
are you fucking kidding me???? i need more
wtf...... so short.... where is the part 2?
BearyBry (11 days ago)
What a lovely short film. It brings to life the genuine awkwardness and uncertainty of a first date between two ordinary people. Left wondering how things went after.
E. D. (12 days ago)
Ah yes, the guys that never show up at all are the worst. If you can bother to set up a date to meet a stranger somewhere, then have the basic decency to show up. It is terribly hurtful to be stood up, even by a stranger. If you have a change of heart, the very least you can do is send a text and cancel the date ahead of time instead of leaving someone standing around in a public place searching, scanning faces........for nothing - it's a desolate feeling.
blueh9 (12 days ago)
Loved it. I hated to see him cry. He just feels so alone and without support. Hit me hard.
ronny neda (14 days ago)
YeA tat happens to everybody...
TXCOLLINGTON (14 days ago)
So touching. I want to see more.
Augh Bable (15 days ago)
3:07 Haha I love when they smile at each other when first meet.... I think it's so realistic and cute and I don't have good teeth like the character as well (though I think their heights are similar, and I am much shorter apparently😅)
Crazyalice (15 days ago)
this might get be a really stupid question but why was he crying at the end?
Rio Rito (15 days ago)
Free advice . Never talk too much about your ex
Hakim Khalaf (15 days ago)
Bharti Garhewal (17 days ago)
It's touching he was crying 🤧🤧 but i want to know why it didn't go well?? Both seem good to me.
jose garza (17 days ago)
Routh Duryodhan (17 days ago)
Difficult to meet true Love,
Joseph Lucena (17 days ago)
I cried. I saw myself as Jamie exactly in my early 20s. Thank you!
Leon de klerk (18 days ago)
To love anyone should not have to be something we only dream about, but unfortunately because of the world we all live in and how certain communities still are prejudice the reality is heart breaking. Its more challenging to love someone, when you cant even love or accept yourself for who you truly are. Even more than being loved, we just want to be accepted. Regardless of what some people might think, God loves and accepts everyone. We make the choice to judge each other. 🙏🏳️‍🌈
Dino Thename (16 days ago)
What the hell was this? :/
Mahiya Hassen (18 days ago)
7:44 i feel pain.
Shakeel M (19 days ago)
7:45 my heart stopped beating for few seconds.... 😭😭😭😭💔💔
Shakeel Islam (15 days ago)
Hey same name pal
I'm a 26 year old girl who is just straight up depressive, ¨adorably¨ insecure, kind of miserable, I tend to treat my mom so horribly for the past 8 years, can't understand his dad, selfish, hates herself to the guts that my stress cause me to eat horribly and for some type of IBS, has no ambiton, has never dated, being kissed, my whole life i have been more attracted to celebrity men physically and emotionally and i have been attracted to real life women more physically than emotionally, just like a stereotipical straight male fantasy......I mean who knows maybe someday i will find it emotionally and I'm insecure about it because most people will say that's the problem why people don't take bisexuality seriously which i agree but i can't help it...that's how i feel and it's embarrassing and confusing and i find gay stories (male and male) more exciting and sexy than an type of relationship so.....sometimes i will prefer to be a man just because of it, so...........this one of the few times i have watched a gay short film for the story part and not the love scene and i cried whenthey kissed and then i see David cry and oh dear Jesus! This was a well maid short film, well done! and it will go to my 'Romance Inspiration' playlist.
Stephen Fermoyle (22 days ago)
loved it...but thats it over wanted it to go on
Juan Eduardo Zuñiga (28 days ago)
Amazing work!
mon ching (28 days ago)
I felt that 😣😣😣
Roy Humphrey (29 days ago)
How sad
jason Lang (1 month ago)
Why do they always pair someone hot with someone who isn’t
Andi Saputro (26 days ago)
Uhm to each their own but I think both of them are hot.
ALEC GRIMES (1 month ago)
Yanni Kavadas (1 month ago)
Now , the outcry of angst towards the end , tears of joy & relief or tears of heartache & disbelief? 😐😕
lynn loshe (1 month ago)
Stunning, Right to the heart. Did not want it to end. Peace.
Gregory C (1 month ago)
This was horrible
Fanta Brt (1 month ago)
Why did he cry at the end?
Escriche (8 days ago)
I think it is because of the tension and the relief after that kiss. I guess he hadn't dare to kiss a guy since that night with his friend.
cedrick samaniego (1 month ago)
What just happened and why did he start crying?
WittleCrazyKittycat (1 month ago)
Why did he cry his date went so well
Escriche (8 days ago)
I think it is because of the tension and the relief after that kiss. I guess he hadn't dare to kiss a guy since that night with his friend.
Wayne Cavallari (1 month ago)
Eugene Frank MD (1 month ago)
Sebastian is superb in his ability to temper, and convey, an array of sensitive emotions that is so stirring, so real, almost beyond belief that he is acting: awesome. I'll date him any time!
Paulo César (1 month ago)
What a bad picture
Paulo César (1 month ago)
@Ахмед Шехаб let's chat
Paulo César (1 month ago)
@Ахмед Шехаб ok
Ахмед Шехаб (1 month ago)
Paulo César I am also gay Let's chat with you?
Nichlovich Teslava (1 month ago)
My fosters father tells to me go find som thinged to do and leaved our visitors aloned. If did he say quited playing games ond my computer and come and talked to the adults I would passed out. I am at all most to 15. To me this video is not completed, there should be more.
Mike Morris (1 month ago)
A fine piece of film making.
Sandris Uzvara (1 month ago)
Gay gay love sexy.😘😘😘🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆👬👬👬👬👬🔥🔥👍👍👍♥️♥️🎈🎈⚘⚘🏵🏵📷📷📷📞📞📞🍸🍸🍸🍸🍾🍾🍾🍷🍷
MrDrewthat (1 month ago)
Oh.... the internal battles we fight in an attempt to figure who we are and our role in this life. I remember those years but, never wish to relive them. Love is love and a good life is love. Wonderful film!!!
Ахмед Шехаб (1 month ago)
MrDrewthat I am also gay Let's chat with you?
Pinkbubblegum (1 month ago)
"Soo..it was realy nice to chat" - "Yeah it was nice" - "It was nice" - "So I'll see you around" - "Yeah..I'll see you around" KISS 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋SOOOO ROMANTIC 💜🧡💛💚💙🏳️‍🌈💋⛾
Un pensador show (1 month ago)
Es muy bueno y realista.
1234smileface (1 month ago)
As a sociologist I am loving this short film. This is a short film I would spend 2 months writing about.
Polani Almoni (1 month ago)
poetica1985 (1 month ago)
That was amazing. Really liked that. Would love to see another
Albert Martin (1 month ago)
Hello. I don't feel well with the end of this story, for me it's very strange, I don't see enought chemistry beetween the boys, the Age diferencies are hard, the inexperience of the young. It's sad seeing the dificulties that gay people suffer around the world to find true love and be Happy. Why some people can't respect the differences ? I'm affraid about what it's going to happend, because I Met some Guy more younger than me and we are chatting, and we are awaiting for having our fist date and I don't know what Will happend, if we could have the Spark, the connection. I really hoppe that he could be my true love. Thanks.
Andri San (1 month ago)
I think Ben kinda rude in some way 😂
Nick Star (1 month ago)
Aizaad Rasid (1 month ago)
Reminds me of when I was travelling across southern Spain last February where I met the perfect guy. It was my first time with a guy and it was magical. He said he had never seen someone smile so much. I don't know if I'll ever see him again :(
Dogs have lives to (1 month ago)
Help I've fallen down this rabbit hole of gay shit and u cant get up
Tony Cole (1 month ago)
Jamie is very handsome, great smile!!!
Lucas C (1 month ago)
Being gay is lonely, and the harsh truth is that we should never show our emotions to others in the first meetings He finally find a guy he would love to know more but he sensed that he would never see him again so he cried It is just so hard to find that someone you like and at the same time he seems interested too
greg haley (23 days ago)
Dear, being gay does not have to be lonely at all. don't know your age or location, but you just need to be in a safer space/ location, and you can be fully you with no fear. I feared it would never happen when I was in my teens, but here I am, and my husband and I just walked from our house, hand in hand, down to the pedestrian area, and ate at a french restaurant, laughing with the staff and then ambled home, not a care in the world! we have MANY friends, gay and straight, and every time we go out we meet more people that want to know us.....not because we are super models but because we seem to put off happy , content energy that is somehow welcoming to people. hand in there!
William Mathias (1 month ago)
Lucas C true
Jamez Holong (1 month ago)
I don't get it
Shank Adams (1 month ago)
Doods got mouth herpes
Simi Lardi (1 month ago)
I'm impressed there are still whites in London
нαlвєя (1 month ago)
No entendí ese final o bueno no entendí porque lloro, pero de felicidad no parecía jaja Lo mas recomendable es llevar las cosas con calma y a la primera cita nada de besadera o bueno no se XD
Evan Antonola (1 month ago)
Be happy. Dont depend your happiness on other people.
Gold-King Valmy (2 months ago)
Whew chile... the faggotry
Josh Yu (2 months ago)
The comments are very divided. Some people think this is a happy ending (he found a guy he likes, and can confide in), the others, sad (he realizes meeting up proved that they don't really have a spark, and Ben who's older and more experienced, isn't interested). . Can we come to a consensus? And none of that art is interpretive BS, screenwriters have a point when they make a script.
Escriche (8 days ago)
For me it is the first. He cries because of relief, not because he has been rejected.
inthesilentplanet (23 days ago)
It's obviously the second option, he cries, goes home to an empty house and fridge.
Caio Aguiar Del Colle (2 months ago)
Can someone explain to me? I didn't undertand nothing!
Caio Aguiar Del Colle (2 months ago)
In portuguese, please
Raijinshi (2 months ago)
That Grindr aesthetic pulled me out of immersion for a second because of its 2010 look...was this filmed back then lol
Matty Matt (2 months ago)
Damn the facial expressions these actors are making go so well with the deliveries of their lines! Makes it so much more believable. Plus the are taking their time with their dialogue, which helps with the delivery because they aren't trying to force their lines.
Rj Mayordo (13 days ago)
Thomas Lucia (2 months ago)
I wrote a comment when I first saw this film...and somehow it didn't post. But because I was so moved by the performances, I wrote another. What I left out in my previous post is my sentiments about the kiss: a kiss - especially the first - is something most of us ponder, remember, judge, and worry over. Will it be great? will it be embarrassing? This kiss is epic. The spontaneity and tenderness, the overt ache and hunger for acceptance is palpable and so beautifully expressed in the simplest and smallest of gestures. I can't believe this could be better portrayed...and it seems impossible to accept that the two men were simply acting. BRAVO!
greg haley (23 days ago)
yes, they were marvellous and natural. you can't help but want to befriend both of them!
John Murray (2 months ago)
Can someone help me look for his jean jacket???
attlee2010 (2 months ago)
marc antony (2 months ago)
Well that was ,um err boring.
luis esparza (2 months ago)
I want to meet my own Jamie one day.
Cooper Bandish (2 months ago)
They teeth hideous like wow cute in the outside .... just don’t smile
Golden Glove (2 months ago)
my first real kiss that I fell in love was with a guy named Jamie....My one true love. It was like magic to me and I saw beautiful things in my mind. I felt at home.
Flare Sparks (2 months ago)
I’m confused. What just happened?
BitterVoid (2 months ago)
I’m not exactly sure why he cried though. Was it the past story, the fact he has to go back to that horrible “home”, or that he kissed that guy (way to soon) and got like nothing back?
JZWALZ51 ROBIN (2 months ago)
I can relate to this. When one first comes out, searching for a relationship, there is that feeling of aloness. I recall this feeling, searching for that special someone who would "discover" me and all would be right with the world. When it did not happen right away, I felt frustration. I felt alone. I failed to realize that I was not really alone: I had my parents who loved me, my siblings, I had friends, I even lived on my own. But I wanted more, I wanted that one person whom I could love and love me. I eventually found this, but this short film reminded me of the feelings of frustration and longing when I was young.
shaikh imran (2 months ago)
Felt the same. .bt. I dint get any hint from the other guy..wether he was into him or not but this guy already gav his heart to him..damn.
Isaac Antonius (2 months ago)
This was so well directed; acting was top-notch too. A short albeit touching short film!
Marcus LeeP (2 months ago)
Looking good...
aecollector (2 months ago)
Mini steps and overcoming those initial enormous hurdles. The feeling of the grey clouds lifting when your free is just wonderful.
Jack Chan (2 days ago)
But those grey clouds live a space empty to fill in what is quite confusing at times
Thomas Lucia (2 months ago)
Yes...but for some, those initial hurdles are overwhelming, seemingly unconquerable - but oh so necessary.
sparkers70 (2 months ago)
Extraordinary acting.
Unicorn (2 months ago)
Whew! For a minute there I thought he was going to jump in front of the coming train.
Richard Long (2 months ago)
Authentic look at a young guy struggling to come out in a less than safe family situation. Rang true to me.
Richard Long (1 month ago)
@Ахмед Шехаб Hello, where do you live?
Ахмед Шехаб (1 month ago)
Richard Long I am also gay Let's chat with you?
Allison (2 months ago)
❤ for anyone having a date today. Take the edge off and listen to some music you like like Delta Parole to relax and get ready. what I always do xoxo
BitterVoid (2 months ago)
rexy full (2 months ago)
Im crying so much, like my experience even without kiss i love someone
Abed yuro (2 months ago)
I feel him 😢
Abed yuro (1 month ago)
@Ахмед Шехаб okay sure. Find my instagram abed yoro
Ахмед Шехаб (1 month ago)
Abed Yoro I am also gay Let's chat with you?
andy telasai (2 months ago)
Im..speechless! I mean what a masterpiece!
Oz Orion (2 months ago)
Didn't understand the ending xD
JZWALZ51 ROBIN (2 months ago)
Well, he was not sure of what happened. The guy said something like "see you around" and they made no plans to meet again. But he made sure to exchange information, so the outcome was not clear: he might call him or he might never see him again.
M (2 months ago)
Omg both of there TEETH are so bad
Carl Adrian Nadura (2 months ago)
When he cried at the station, I totally felt it 😔
Giuseppe Soriano (2 months ago)
Why did he cry? I couldn't understand all the words so maybe I missed the central theme
Denver Steve (2 months ago)
This era of social media dating is so foreign to me. Meeting through clubs, teams, organizations, friends, at work, even bars, provided a chance to observe someone before moving in or moving on. Deciding from photos then an isolated meet-up doesn't give much of a chance to make an impression. Poor Jamie, he obviously hoped for more, but didn't know how to ask for it.
Jamez Holong (1 month ago)
I wish every gay has the same privilege as meeting through all the media you've been mentioned above. Sadly, date apps is the only my option here :(
Josh Yu (2 months ago)
Bear with me for a sec as I ramble. Recently I came to this same conclusion... as of like, yesterday. I was trying to put my finger on EXACTLY what I didn't like about social media dating. And it's really that simple: you don't know them. They're a complete stranger with this entire past that you know nothing of. You have to learn all their physical quirks in that first meet-up. Whereas in person, you get the time to get to know them and get a feel for not only how they act to you, but act around others. There's just this certain pressure with meeting online. Especially if you've already been talking for awhile; it's hard to be like "Sorry, I'm not actually interested" just after that first meetup. Now that I think about it........... Holy shit. Most of my issues with guys I met up with were because I didn't know it existed beforehand. One hid his voice from me because it wasn't very attractive. Another hid the fact he was missing teeth. And a third was just way more flamboyant and extraverted than I was aware of, because you can't really pick up on that too much over text and call. These would've been dealbreakers, but since I already was talking to them, it felt wrong to end communication because of one or two faulty characteristics. It's the whole foot in the door persuasion tactic. But yeah, to your point, going from mere photos to an isolated meetup is quite the contrast. Like the character said, it's easy to flirt over text, but weird in person. That said, the characters were quite different. Main felt young and shy, other seemed older, more wise, less serious. Romantic disconnect.
Marielle Marroquin-Munoz (2 months ago)
I think I'm just being oblivious but why was he crying at the end was it bc he talked about John or just the overwhelming feeling of being alone or maybe even both?? Please someone explain
MrsCash Morrisey (2 months ago)
I'd love to know as well.
Alonso Lioneth (2 months ago)
Any thoughts on why did he cry at the end?
Alonso Lioneth (2 months ago)
@Christopher Ellis If I shed a tear every time I realize that droughts wouldn't be a problem! 😂
Bastian Larsen (2 months ago)
It brings up so many memories!

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