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The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Text Comments (25014)
Rajesh kumar (32 minutes ago)
I wish it can be made in hindi language too
Jan Krixtian (1 hour ago)
8:05 is like US in Afghanistan
Michael MC (4 hours ago)
I thought Falmouth Massachusetts was down in cape cod
Jason Blackburn (7 hours ago)
Falmouth, MA is in the wrong spot on this map...
Brightside44 (10 hours ago)
The British are Americas oldest and greatest enemy. Damn RedCoats
Big Boi (8 hours ago)
@Brightside44 yh so I hear. At least u can carry guns to protect yourselves over there. Here we're fucked.
Brightside44 (8 hours ago)
@Big Boi I will keep that in mind. Nothing worse than downtown Chicago at night though unless you have a lincense to carry or conceal to carry permit
Big Boi (9 hours ago)
@Brightside44 yeah. If you do come over here go to the countryside and not the cities. Especially not London.
Brightside44 (9 hours ago)
@Big Boi I have never been but would like to visit. We are all cousins down the line right
Big Boi (9 hours ago)
The British are awesome.
Juan (11 hours ago)
Holy shit, that transition for Vikings was smooth as fuck
Colombus did not ever know je discovered America
Alex (14 hours ago)
Not simple enough
JORGE pan (17 hours ago)
Wtf tha5 too funny
EarthPlaysAllThemGames (17 hours ago)
Best sponsorship transition!
Massachoicetts (18 hours ago)
Two things; Your dot on Falmouth, Massachusetts is on Portland Maine... and its Con-cerd , not Con-cord. lol, great video tho
SY Lee (18 hours ago)
Chrissory (19 hours ago)
I already lost it. I lost it in less than 5 minutes in.
MAA (23 hours ago)
why weren't we taught history like this?
KyuubiKitsuneKami (1 day ago)
From George Washington to Donald Trump, how America has fallen.
Jörg Ballaschk (1 day ago)
England ist Scheisse
chace hui (1 day ago)
The Lord Christ will be returning, birth pains are happening, Repent before it's too late
Zahir Datoo (1 day ago)
And thus began the death of European Race.
jack the gamer (1 day ago)
America America god shed his grace on me
Lane Hale (1 day ago)
The intro for the Continental congressmen kills me😂
Ryan (1 day ago)
The vikings didn't discover America, they discovered Canada.
Nikita Evdokimov (1 day ago)
Press F to pay respect
ScoreFromAugusta (1 day ago)
I re-watch this a lot.. mostly for 0:34
Andres Pena (1 day ago)
There's a lot of anti-American sentiment here for a video about the founding of America. Go be salty on your own time. I'm proud of the history and its heritage and my family got here only a few decades ago
AT (1 day ago)
Wait... I thought Columbus was never aware that he had found another continent. O_o
Sebastien Michel (1 day ago)
I just noticed the fisget spinner
PewTheSigh (1 day ago)
5:40 you see the dog?
CRAZY ISABELLE (1 day ago)
Civil war????? Please??? Anyone
CRAZY ISABELLE (1 day ago)
Please do the civil war!
CRAZY ISABELLE (1 day ago)
Civil warrrrr
CRAZY ISABELLE (1 day ago)
Shamarah Richmond (1 day ago)
Hey, hey!! Pstttt pstttttt! Where my Hamilton fans at??
Omar does stuff 96 (1 day ago)
When you think about it,the brits actually had a right to some money from the colonies as the British wasted men ,money, and ships,just to protect the colonies against the French .if I almost got killed protecting you,you would owe me something,wouldn’t you ?
Ryan Lu (1 day ago)
11:23 *When Starlord used his gun as a bat in infinity war (1700s uncolourized)
65greedy (2 days ago)
Can you do one on right to travel
LoneStar Sparta (2 days ago)
This was great..
Beneko '11 (2 days ago)
The question is... What happened to Colombus’ hammock? It is an ageless treasure now
GIO (2 days ago)
Grace McKeown (2 days ago)
A few fun facts I learned in Boston, if you're interested 1)The first shot fired at the Boston massacre was (probably) an accident. One of the British soldiers tripped in the chaos, causing his gun to fire. The other soldiers assumed their commander had given the order to fire, and began to shoot as well. 2) When the Sons of Liberty "disguised" themselves as Native Americans, it wasn't so the Native Americans would get blamed instead or anything. The costumes were meant to distract fro their identities, and nobody actually mistook them for Native Americans. It was like the robbers in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The disguise wasn't meant to be taken seriously. (That doesn't make it okay of course) 3) The name "Sons of Liberty" was originally used in a mocking way, but the Americans thought it sounded cool and embraced it.
dicloniuslucy (2 days ago)
I just noticed the two guys on the right in the Sons of Liberty clip....
Robo- Jesus (2 days ago)
**Hamilton Intensifies**
Mike Smithmyer (2 days ago)
Manduhh Lee (2 days ago)
Revoltz22 (2 days ago)
A lot of hipster historians who believe the British were in the right argue that the Boston Massacre wasn't "that bad" because the sensationalist news coverage reported more people killed than actually were in the kerfuffle. The thing is, professional troops lining up and killing five civilians is *still pretty bad.* Regardless of what sort of chip on your shoulder you might have about the United States and its current affairs, this was absolutely a failure of the British. It's also funny to watch these people turn around and say that some tea was worth declaring martial law and sending thousands of soldiers to occupy distant colonies. I guess revisionists think that tea is worth more than lives.
Lars Ulrich (2 days ago)
USA worst nation ever UK and Russia are the best
Guiller Vf (3 days ago)
Preston Garvey's ancestor during the American Revolution: Quick the red coats are moving up the river. I'll mark it on your map
secret (3 days ago)
hold on. california is taxing the hell up
ImaGiraffe (3 days ago)
Why is my history class this intersting?
RagingThunder (3 days ago)
1:53 why is it luxembourg it’s always luxembourg
Bailey W (3 days ago)
Benedict Arnold: The guy who failed *EVERYTHING*
Bailey W (3 days ago)
*we rule ourselves* Britain: OH HELL NO IMA RULE U THOUGH U RULE URSELF
griz063 (3 days ago)
Soooo . . . this all started because the new colonies that Britain protected from the French, wouldn't step up when the cost of protecting their new homeland crippled Britain?? Uncool. If they hadn't, you'd be Quebec right now and have school guillotinings instead of school shootings! (which are arguably easier to see coming and stop). Plus you'd be talking funny and using the metric system!
Saad Ali (3 days ago)
The American people were lucky enough to have great leaders like Washington, Benjamin Franklin etc. Their leadership made America achieve Independence early from the shit thieves looters british pigs as compared to Indian Subcontinent
French Mapping (3 days ago)
He's gonna lick my gross
Somebody might have already commented about this, but i will just say that Cristophor Columbus lived his entire life not realising that he never actually reached India so it doesn't make much sense that he is the one to tell the big news of discovering America to the king and queen
Miles Gibson (3 days ago)
That was a clam shell, not an oyster shell.
Escanor de L'orgueil (3 days ago)
And french
Marcin P (3 days ago)
So Washington was a traitor.
The Gaming Grizzly (3 days ago)
when oversimplified forgets moores creek. *sad North Carolina noises*
methylene5 (3 days ago)
*Ever wondered why they don't tell you in school how much tax was being demanded by tyrannical Great Britain?* For those interested in how much tax was being asked by King George III, on average it was 1 shilling (£0.05) per colonist, per year. Average wage in the colonies was around £5 per year, so the tax works out to about 1% of earnings. 2.5 million colonists, yields an annual tax revenue of £125,000 per yr. War debt from 7 yrs war was £70,000,000. So to pay off the war debt would have taken 560 yrs.....without inflation..... Inflation rate in 1760 was 3.8%, which works out to £2.45 million. In other words, the money being asked by King George III would only pay about 5% of the interest on that loan. Well now you know why they don't tell you. They'll make sure you know about the crippling taxes (??), with all their names, the dates they were passed, etc. In other words, dazzle you with waffle. Then later they'll go on to say - well actually it had nothing to do with taxes but lack of representation..... _The fact that they had no intention of ever paying back a dime no matter what, under any circumstances must just be coincidental._ History is written by the victors, so be careful not to step in the bull cr*p.
methylene5 (3 days ago)
Remember, one day America could face takeover by a hostile government. So tyrannical that it could pay your all you medical costs for 7 years, nearly bankrupting themselves in the process. But then demand you pay 5% of the interest on that cost but not give you sufficient representation, at least not right away. This is why you must never ever give up your guns, America.
Steve Dad (3 days ago)
Can you do a video of the hundred year war
Deepak Nohawar (4 days ago)
So britishers send people to conquer a new land from natives they started living their themselves and fought against their own home country for independence which was not their. Ok
RegretZ (4 days ago)
Ishi 123 (4 days ago)
6:12 This enraged the British, who punished the Colonies severely.
christian Saldaña (4 days ago)
Americans:Wait,they're chasing us! What should we do? Captain:I have an idea. We could make one of our ships abandon ship,while they're ship just keeps on moving. If the British find it,they will think it's a ghost ship,and panic. Americans:OK. British:*find the ship. Oh,hell,it's a ghost ship!
Turk Ball (4 days ago)
You showed Leif erikson landing in Canada so technically he discovered Canada
FRM YT (4 days ago)
It’s treason then
FRODO SWAGGINS (4 days ago)
So it was just British revolting against British
Titin Maryatin (4 days ago)
Hey your video very fun
Muffin_man17 (4 days ago)
But what about the airports the American colonies used? /s
Jack Plant (4 days ago)
Sell out
Colin Taylor (4 days ago)
Youvshoud do the Spanish America war
FadedX (4 days ago)
8:00 more people showed up at area 51
cutiechick999 (4 days ago)
So i came back from las vegas on the 4th of July when i had finished backpacking over America after an internship a few years back...I am an Indian British who came back from America to my home Britain....Britain who at one point had taken over India and what is now known as USA formerly the colonies....its a strange world.
ostrich nation (4 days ago)
The United states were born and santa said that the 25 of December would be the most remembered day on American history and did.
Penguin_Nate (4 days ago)
6:37 I’m from Philadelphia!
Lukas S. (4 days ago)
Columbus actually thought he discovered a new way to India until his death. After his death they kinda realized, that it's another continent!!!
Bianca Beautiful 7 (4 days ago)
I remeber this as my first video and i thought it was weird
flortrupp (5 days ago)
and them Mel Gibson showed up and beat the british with a Tomahawk and a bunch of rebels.
Chia Huang Yen (5 days ago)
grain i’m a fan ^ω^⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯
v create for u (5 days ago)
please do a video over russian revolution
v create for u (5 days ago)
please do a video over russian revolution
Widdle Boi (5 days ago)
*AlExAnDeR* *hAmIlToN*
Gerard McAuliffe (5 days ago)
They show Falmouth Mass in Maine
HarmfulDesign (5 days ago)
I'm amazed the British were able to get through all those ghouls in Lexington...
Juan Salas (5 days ago)
The Americans won because they had the high ground
FRM YT (4 days ago)
It’s treason then
MJ P (5 days ago)
I'll give you the like for that segue 😎
Big Chungus (5 days ago)
3:42 he could have stamped every card in the deck
BLUE MATRIX36 (5 days ago)
America was never discovered
Hugo Wong (5 days ago)
4:38 there is a fidget spinner on the table
Hugo Wong (5 days ago)
Anyone else see OverSimplified's first name on yt was Webzwithaz?
Alleycat 27 (5 days ago)
You never once mentioned the airports or how the "Americans" controlled the air.
Fetz (5 days ago)
Alleycat 27 what
Vaughn M. (5 days ago)
i wished you were my histroy teacher
Michelle Benavides (5 days ago)
Jules Lacassin (5 days ago)
Why does every video end up having a tax for it?
Xendrius (5 days ago)
This video omits the fact that George Washington warned about the Illuminati plot to take over the entire US gov.
ivyxionn (5 days ago)
Boston massacre = 5 kills, search the Balangiga massacre you’ll see what’s worse..

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