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SMTOWN Seoul Concert [15-08-2008] - Let's Go On A Trip! + Closing Ment

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Yoochun's cute slide is to die for :D and the yoosu bit at the end! 8D Credits: soshified & chu
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pink lover 1993 (1 year ago)
omg jaejoong voice at the beginning i wanna cry i miss this smtown
snsd I see you
Mai Tuyết (4 years ago)
Elfa Nadida (6 years ago)
Kibum, DBSK, Hankyung I miss them, bring back the old SMTOWN please :'(
Myalteregocmist (6 years ago)
warching this is 2012...I just want my old SMtown back...
AriEllePhilia (6 years ago)
OMG THEM WITH THOSE GIANT BALLOONS = ADORABLE they look like they were having so much fun :') miss this and every member is present
MairaChannel (7 years ago)
Tinker Bell (7 years ago)
Zhang Li Yin ....>>>
Ohana means family (7 years ago)
kangteuk are like MCs for the concert.LOL!
sararat wannajam (7 years ago)
Hoàng Ninh (7 years ago)
love sm town
Jarienill Cho (7 years ago)
3:19 is the start of a good laugh
tohoz (7 years ago)
Omg Onew's fall though XD
AntidbskLoveSM (7 years ago)
BoA and Zhang Li Yin....><
amielace r. (8 years ago)
@vip21sone okay, It's Tiffany..hehe, my fault. because of the hair? everyone in SNSD there has their own hairstyle. and at 2:58 they say it's Tiffany, fany. yeah, Tiffany not yuri. :))) and the short too..LOL
vip21sone (8 years ago)
@amielace @00:12? Wow, how can you tell? It's so blurry.
amielace r. (8 years ago)
@krazybored That's Yuri. :)
Rhoma Kim (8 years ago)
@2:51 wow.. some yoosu moments back there.. haha..yuchun what are you doing? lol sliding..kekeke
vipsone21 (8 years ago)
I love how one member of SNSD(can't tell who) had to go back for kid leader Taeyeon haha
ryouky1992 (8 years ago)
SM Town No1 forever >>> Kid leader taeyeon is so cute :)
Daren453 (8 years ago)
Was that Onew that Shinee sent out? XD Yoochun and Shindong's slides were epic. Boa kicking Kangin made me laugh and miss him. HYUKSU! :D
Zype (8 years ago)
wew kid-leader taengoo.. what's your doin.. ahaaha
EastSeaPrincess (9 years ago)
This was when kibum was still with SUJU.. I miss this smtown. Though i love the active SM groups now, i still miss the legends like DBSK, BOA. And of course, the voice of SM, the grace.
Onesandseconds (9 years ago)
I want to be there!!! (I know it's almost impossible now but i'm still hoping)
Florian De Vera (9 years ago)
why did boa kicked kangin??
Yen Nhien Nguyen (9 years ago)
hus holding the red and the blue ball...chasing after taeyeon?
AnoSayaka (10 years ago)
kyaa~ im so jealous! i wish i was as talented as these people! hehe, i love SM TOWN!. BoA, DBSK,Suju, CSJH, FIGHTING!! <<--well i only no them :] wait, is snsd in it?
Alice QNN (10 years ago)
BoA is so funny.She kicked suju's member(probably Kangin) :))...BoA and CSJH are the female artists I like best in SM
MustHaveMusic (10 years ago)
Oh Onew :3 your slip'n-slide was too cute, with all your flippies. My Hyukie runs so cute XD!
xiaholic2009 (10 years ago)
It's probably Eunhuyk
keikomoon17 (10 years ago)
Who is the one in black??
melodyrosewater (10 years ago)
can someone please translation what everyone is saying?
Michelle Lee (10 years ago)
if it ws raining so much.. i wonder what happened to all the equipment :|
Shannon Teng (10 years ago)
it rained there huh? they fell really hard. ouch
jessicanguyens2 (10 years ago)
Who was in the white chasing Taeyeon??

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