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Add, Update, Delete Oracle data with AngularJS and JSP

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In a previous video I have shown how to retrieve data from Oracle and render page with AngularJS, in this tutorial we discussed about adding, updating and deleting oracle data from web page using AngularJS. It's dynamic, it's fast. Providing the source code consisting of 3 files. 1. test.html, 2. insertUpdateDelete.jsp and 3. get_oracle_data.jsp https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BznrW3lgX0ozMi1XMHY3NHIyUk0/view?usp=sharing
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phongphitak kantawat (3 months ago)
S Sam (6 months ago)
Hi , the video was great. But is it possible to do the same using Angular 4 ? If it is possible kindly do a video, I have already subscribed to your channel. Thank you once again for the effort of making this video.
Dan Smith (9 months ago)
I still don't know this is a good idea(security etc...) but it works perfectly. I fixed some angular.js part with newer version though but thx. You are a lifesaver.
Ankit Kumar (1 year ago)
Plz mail me all code in [email protected]
raju sada (1 year ago)
Undefined JavaScript file ("angular.min.js") error
Subhroneel Ganguly (1 year ago)
+raju sada you angularjs file might be corrupt or not in valid path.
Tedy Makid (1 year ago)
u have to buy a new mic !
Parthasarathy Sarathy (2 years ago)
What about Error Messages like out.println(" SQL Error Encountered ") in your program , it is not printing Why?
Parthasarathy Sarathy (2 years ago)
Video is nice but i have a doubt , on Insertupdatedelete.jsp file, you are using ExecuteQuery for performing DML Operation, Commonly we will use ExecuteUpdate() for that right? Why you are using ExecuteQuery ??
Subhroneel Ganguly (2 years ago)
+Parthasarathy Sarathy doesn't matter. Remove the try catch block. You will get to know what exactly the error is for.

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