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How to choose a Name of Company

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Choosing a name for a Company is the most important and tough step of Company registration. Choosing the right name of company saves our money and time. Please go through this video to understand few tips and do's and dont's while choosing a name.
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Shoaib Miya (2 days ago)
Mam please tell me.Movie name pr name rakh sakte hai kya.
Legal and Tax Experts (2 days ago)
Ya if it is a unique name and no one has taken that name before.
Vikash Pathak (9 days ago)
Great.... Upload more videos
Car ac Compressor (10 days ago)
wow very helpful video 👌 dimaag ki 💡batti jala di . Thanks Ms. 👩‍💼
Ashish molri (12 days ago)
Great info. Thanks mam
Namaste UI (12 days ago)
The life of a business begins at the moment of conceptualization. At this point, a businessman should already have an abstract concept about what kind of business he or she will run. Once the company name is set, it is then formally ‘baptized’ by being registered as a business. Usually, the company name is also used as the trade name. Trade name registration is one of the most important first steps in starting a company and is needed for a successful trade license application. Anyways, read the below. This might help. https://www.namasteui.com/trade-name-registration-how-to-choose-a-company-name/ -- Regards, Sourav Basak Namaste UI
Sonu Raj (17 days ago)
Make a video for startup how can register company, How can get patent and copyright please make a video on this topic
Siddharth Mishra (22 days ago)
Mam u r osm
my online information (22 days ago)
Mam aapka no Jan sakta hu..company complineses ke bare me Janna tha
Legal and Tax Experts (22 days ago)
Pls share your contact details on this email [email protected] will get back to you. thanks
Sumit Sharma (26 days ago)
Nice video
Amit Kumar (28 days ago)
how can we chek that any name is register or not
Legal and Tax Experts (28 days ago)
Check name on MCA website and trademark website whether same is availabile or not. MCA link is http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/showCheckCompanyName.do Trademark link is http://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx
Insta 3Ds (1 month ago)
do we need to register brand name too?
Legal and Tax Experts (1 month ago)
Yes, it is asvisable to register brand name under trademark
Gopal Bahochiya (1 month ago)
Useful knowledge for startup
Rajput Tejas (1 month ago)
Thank you mam
Umang Patel (1 month ago)
Hello Medam..please help me for choosing name of my export import bussiness.. thanks in advance..
Shubhankar Gupta (1 month ago)
Thanks for this information mam
Excellent explanation. Its helps me to name my new startup company now. Till yesterday, 5 names were rejected at MCA. Thanks You. How to take further legal advise from you for my company ?
Legal and Tax Experts (22 days ago)
Mail your contact details on on our email I'd [email protected] will get back to you.
Legal and Tax Experts Lots of Thanks 🙏
Legal and Tax Experts (1 month ago)
+Bhaskar Prasad - Vision 2022 Yes u can do that. Just put a name plate of your company outside ur house with CIN number and address on that name plate. And keep all statutory documents like statutory registers, minutes etc should at ur registered office (ur home)
Can we register our new startup company on my owned house address which is a flat. Is it legal? Later on upon expansion I will move to commercial place. Please advise. Thanks you so much
Legal and Tax Experts (1 month ago)
Keep ur name unique and do a detailed search on MCA and trademark site that same name is not available on these sites database.
Honey Mehra (2 months ago)
Hello Mam , mam agar koi ek person apna khud ki software firm khol raha h to kya usko gst no lena jruri h , and company name kaise check krte hain available h ya nhi pls rply
Legal and Tax Experts (2 months ago)
Share Ur contact details on my I'd [email protected] Need to ask few questions. Will get back to you.
Himanshu Pandey (2 months ago)
Mam why Dictionary meaning are not exist in company name Please mam clear the confusion
Himanshu Pandey (2 months ago)
+Legal and Tax Experts 👍👍👍
Legal and Tax Experts (2 months ago)
If company name is not a dictionary word and is a coined word then chances of approval in ROC increase.
Iamshashank Goel (2 months ago)
Can u suggest name for led bulbs
Amit Badhana ✅ (2 months ago)
Parkash electronics limited
gogada srinivas (3 months ago)
Good luck sister ji
The Leaf Enterprises (3 months ago)
Thanks mam.
MK Shaikh (3 months ago)
very nice video mam. it would be helpful for us. we are starting software company so thanks to information.
Prateek Kumar (4 months ago)
Mam aapne bola abbreviations use na kare kya me SCRT use kar sakta hu ya ye bhi abbreviation me hi ayega
Prateek Kumar (4 months ago)
+Legal and Tax Experts Thans for ur advice mam🙏
Legal and Tax Experts (4 months ago)
As per naming guidelines of ministry. One can't use abbreviation in name but practically these days we are seeing that ministry are approving abbreviations also.
Ashish Haryanvi (4 months ago)
Trad mark site Kya h mam
Aisha Awan (4 months ago)
Hi mam... I want to open a store of rice and pulses... Please suggest me a god name. I am very thank full to you...
Legal and Tax Experts (4 months ago)
Sir you need to search a good and unique name. Then you need to search on trademark site and mca site whether same is available or not.
Nilesh Gangale (5 months ago)
Very useful
NZ Shares (5 months ago)
Blah Blah Blah you should say in the Title "HINDI" or what ever God-dam language this is waste my time. Speak English Women
top wanker (2 months ago)
Lol then why you watched it and again wasting time on comment sec.
kumarlucky yadav (6 months ago)
thanku sahi se samjhane ke liye
MD KHAN (6 months ago)
Hello ma'am I want keep a name for tourism filed... Please can you advise me... How to choose company name..
MEGHA AGGARWAL (6 months ago)
Choose first word as unique word and check on ministry of corporate affair and trademark site whether same is available or not. and second wrd should represent your tourism industry. MCA Link is http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/showCheckCompanyName.do Trademark link is http://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx Class is 39. Please check same and in case you get any problem just let me know.
JMK News (6 months ago)
Mam valume bahut hi Kam h
Legal and Tax Experts (6 months ago)
+JMK News Ya abhi is video kuch nhi kar paa rahi hun volume ko badhane ke liye. But aagey saari videos I have considered this point very minutely.
govindsingh bisht (6 months ago)
Hi Megha ji thanks for giving me this information.. Megha ji mai Uttrakhand mai ek grocery store and restodant kholna chahta hoon please suggest me a good name for grocery Shop..and restodant
MEGHA AGGARWAL (6 months ago)
Sir you need to choose a unique name. You need to do little brainstorming exercise. Just do one thing check on this link whether you name is available or not. Trademark Link is http://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx Class Number is 43 for restaurant services and for groccery store class is 31. Check your brand names here.
Abhi Jangid (7 months ago)
saving secrets (7 months ago)
Mam app regularly videos kyu nahi dalti
Legal and Tax Experts (7 months ago)
+saving secrets Due to personal reasons, I miss regularity. But now I will try to be regular. Thanks for your concern.
pratap kumar patra (7 months ago)
Madam apka no milegea kya discussed by compny name
Legal and Tax Experts (7 months ago)
shachin kumar Das (11 months ago)
mam please make video all about online start up business and mention valid documents for registration...
Legal and Tax Experts (11 months ago)
shachin kumar Das Noted. Will surely do same.
Govind Kishore (1 year ago)
Can we use word INDIA for OPC company ?
Legal and Tax Experts (1 year ago)
+Govind Kishore Yes you can use word India for OPC company. There is no such restrictions as per latest name choosing guidelines but simultaneously you need to follow other applicable rules and provisions of name choosing.

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