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"Nothing Like Hallucinations to Induce Feelings of God. People are truly idiots"

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zingiestmeerkat (1 month ago)
I would respectfully disagree with the assertion that there is evidence that Christianity specifically has roots to psychedelics. Not to say that it may or may not, just that there isnt much compelling evidence to show that there is. I've read the theories and see where youre coming from but would disagree. Good video though, appreciated your perspective
Olivier C (3 months ago)
So sexy as always
NotACapitalist (3 months ago)
PsychonautWispy "…bring you to that state of mind…" I respond as one sentient, biological, bipedal tube to another. I respond from my experiential existence as a sentient being. You express a great lack of knowledge. You might find better ways to inform yourself than your imagination, for what you express is ignorance and denial. When you talk to yourself, you are the only one listening. "What if…" is a game of avoidance and denial. The doorknob you twist, Misinterpretation, opens the Door to Misperception — that state of mind to which you have brought yourself. "A hallucination is a fact, not an error; what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it." Bertrand Russell.
Intergalactic Magic (4 months ago)
It may be a misunderstanding, otherwise.. well time tells for everyone.. DMT is something else, going into it with a very reverent mindset still you are profoundly surprised in awe to say the least. The best explanation I could grasp for at the end of a dmt trip is, "this cannot be a drug.. it is impossible.. this is some sort of non-terrestrial intelligence.. the soul.. god.. the universe.. the truth of who we are or the quintessence of all of them!" Even then you wonder.. but ignorance of any kind only lasts for so long.. Listen, it is a revelatory substance in which the ancients glorified as the truth teller, read the SCRIPTURES and it'll tell you a lot after taking something like DMT. not just Christian, or Judah, or Hindu but all. Its something that if you were to control a planet you would put under raps pretty quick. I understand that though, it is a limiting mindset that wont go very far but it can be changed from your self alone, speaking to say on the quote of the individual. Peace&love. ~we all gotta heal ourselves
10 Tunnels (4 months ago)
Question, where does your use of vocabulary come from? Would you say that it gravitates from reading books?
Edwardlewis18 (4 months ago)
Keeping it real!
Matt Scott (4 months ago)
Fellow psychonaut I'm so glad you've raised the issue of this narrow-minded and dismissive attitude toward the use of psychedelics, that arguably not only serve the vital purpose as mind medicines and cognitive tools for self-exploration, but more fundamentally as a legitimate catalyst to engender an ecstatic religious/divine/mystical or even a soul-shaking death-resurrrection/rebirth experience at the deepest level of our being, especially at Terence McKenna's "heroic dose" level. It goes to that comment I left for you during one of your live streams when timing was aligned a few weeks back. I asked about your thoughts on a subject I find most fascinating: the use of psychedelics as a "sacrament" throughout history to today. In fact, Professor Carl Ruck even coined the term "entheogen" (meaning literally "to generate the divine within") as an alternative to terms that are sadly fraught with misleading cultural and emotionally-charged baggage, like "hallucinogen" or simply "drug". I've even read papers on the use of the term "Ideagen". These examples go to show even though it may seem like just playing word semantics, by such a wide plethora of names, psychedelics are multi-faceted and multi-purposefully served -- and will hopefully continue to serve -- many roles and functions, both for the individual microcosm and societal macrocosm at large. The most intriguing and sublime reads that I've come across that I couldn't more highly recommend you and curious others sink their minds into are those books I also mentioned in the live stream, and I'll repeat again: "Persephone's Quest: Entheogens and the Origins of Religion", "Road to Eleusis: Revealing the Secret of the Mysteries", and also that amazing encyclodeadic book I didn't mention yet, "Plants of the Gods". So in light of these (and thankfully many others), can I just say I think given the amount of growing info that's been revealed and shared on this idea, that it's safe to say -- beyond reasonable doubt -- that it's not just "perhaps" psychedelics were used in religions, but that they almost certainly were. That is, for instance the ancient Mystery traditions (like the Orphic, Dionysian and Eleusinian Mysteries) that I mentioned, but also as you say even in early Christianity from ambiguous references to "manna" from heaven, the burning bush of Acacia, and in more recent times exposed (not without controversy, of course) by the legendary dead sea scrolls scholar, John M Allegro, in his book "Sacred Mushroom and the Cross", and surprisingly concealed in religious iconography, the most renowned I think being the depiction of the Garden of Eden with the Tree of Knowledge literally shown as the Amanita Muscaria mushroom (look up the "Plaincourault Fresco")! A lot of rich food for thought :) Now, more than ever in history, I feel the time is ripe that our generation be recalling the wisdom of our insightful ancestors from these ancient Mystery traditions and shamanic practices to help us solve many of the pressing issues, especially the mental health epidemic, which is so rampant throughout the world! Anyways, without literally writing an essay for a comment... keep up bringing great content and sharing your valuable insights! Much respect and peace out brother, HermAstraeus
Dominick Napoli (4 months ago)
Perspectives are more powerful than people realize. Our senses may give our brains similar signals, but our realities are completely different.
Intergalactic Magic (4 months ago)
Dominick Napoli yes!
psychotropic (4 months ago)
very keen for this ketamine video. Oh boy
psychotropic (4 months ago)
S isomer ketamine
M T (4 months ago)
me too. there are several fda studies with dxm for treatment resistant depression and other conditions coming up this year. the new ketamine is called esketamine.
Taufiq Khan (4 months ago)
Great video bro, what are your thoughts on UFOs and the connection between psychedelics and aliens. This always interested me due to personal experiences.
Immortal Jellyfish (4 months ago)
Wispy have you ever tripped with a family member?

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