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How do Older Women Flirt? The 10 Signs to Look Out For!

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Learning how to quickly and easily determine if a woman is flirting with you is critical. *** One Quick Note! Check out our Dating Courses at https://beyondages.com if you are looking for detailed, step-by-step instruction to finding, meeting, and attracting women over 30 *** Being able to understand how older women flirt is a skill that you can pick up fairly easily with a little bit of guidance. You are in luck! We will show you the most common signs a woman is flirting with you, especially those from an older women. We have a great deal of experience both attracting older women and helping men become more successful in their dating lives. One of the most frustrating aspects of improving your skills with women is how hard it can be to determine if you are making any progress. Learning how to tell if a woman is flirting with you and all of the flirting signs from a woman that go along with that can have a huge impact on your confidence. then you will be able to see all the little bits of progress you make throughout the process. Confidence and consistency are critical to success in just about anything, including dating. Seeing just how many flirting signs from a woman you are getting and KNOWING that you understand the signs a woman is flirting with you will be huge for your confidence and lead to you actually meeting more women. For the full details and a ton of additional information on how to achieve fantastic results with women check out the full article below: http://beyondages.com/how-do-older-women-flirt/
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Text Comments (889)
manik basha (4 hours ago)
I don't notice any difference between women and older women
Adeel Khan (1 day ago)
Terrible nose surgery.
Ian Lee (7 days ago)
Wish she would flirt with me .but saying that i wish i was younger and better looking.
GODrules555 (9 days ago)
A beautiful blue eyed brunette with cat eyes and I am a dead man, and now all I need is for her to put "ME" out of my misery! EYE 5
Humberto Nunez (9 days ago)
God bless Mgtow Stay away
DOCTOR ADAM (11 days ago)
Older women are always interested in younger men. Good luck!
Polaris sportsman (14 days ago)
She needs someone to bitch at and you put up with it
eric solskjar (14 days ago)
Mel I'd love to
im1who84u (14 days ago)
Have you ever woken up, looked at the person sleeping next to you, and just stared at them with loving eyes and then slowly, ever so slowly and gently, just reached over and hugged them, and gave a light tender kiss on their lips? Well I did, and now I've been banned from flying on United Airlines for life.
im1who84u (14 days ago)
0:44 The last time a girl looked at me she started screaming....... Maybe it's because I snuck into her bedroom while she was sleeping and woke her up. You think that could a been it?
Ant Sara (19 days ago)
good luck losers:)
Richard Morley (19 days ago)
Harley all the way I understand bikes woman not at all
Stephen Williams (19 days ago)
Very direct and informative without being overly effusive. Please tell me more,
Dan Myself (19 days ago)
i got a great smile today. I made her laugh, funny word game. lol didn't want to make an odd moment, but I would have wanted her number. funny how that would be easy to ask a woman you don't really care about, but the moment just called for it. I guess moments are precious, and should consider that
RW III W (20 days ago)
I'm sorry, was she talking? I never got my focus that high!
FloridaGreg (20 days ago)
"older women know what they want"....you know...what do most women want?💰
Sgt Boz (21 days ago)
I don't mess with older women... They've already heard every lie I'm gonna tell em...
Bobby Broussard (21 days ago)
...She jumps up on the table and pulls her panties off
Daniel Bradford (21 days ago)
Certain comments make it obvious that she might even put out on the first date. I was forward and asked an older woman for her number. We had a date, but I wanted to reschedule because a bee stung my face earlier that day. I called her, and she told me that she was a good Florence Nightengale. That turbo-charged my libido, and when I showed up at her apartment, she was wearing a tube top. That can be another tell-tale sign. Her tube top was off after the first 20 minutes or so. What a night and what talent!
Kaz vs Wild (21 days ago)
(.) (.)
Leroy Kincaid (21 days ago)
I think you don’t look in the mirror much or you’re like the typical teen girl ..attractive girl has a heavy ugly bestie so she gets all the attention...what do you do? Go bra less and tape over your nips? Right..I got it..bye bye....
Fuck You (21 days ago)
I like milfs 🍆🌋
Older women.... they don't smell, they wont tell, and they appreciate it like hell!!!!
Leo Fisher (21 days ago)
why do women show so much breasts with nice cleavage. it is teasing or ??????
Sonny Dey (22 days ago)
If she shows me her vagina, does that mean she likes me ?
Mark Hollingsworth (22 days ago)
She,s probably homeless & looking for a place for her& her critters..like the crabs& scabies
Will Banjara (22 days ago)
Kenneth Petroni (22 days ago)
I don’t care anymore.
billy belk (22 days ago)
Older woman complained there was nothing to do in this small town. I offered to show her around , she told me to come to h er house. I noticed there were no family pictures.
zzz /// (22 days ago)
she bends over and grabs her ankles; pantyless of course! boooiiiinnnggg!!!!
Chaos Theory (22 days ago)
Hey Melanie are you single?
Dela Rocha (22 days ago)
Same as younger chicks, no different. Thanks for nothing.
Jeff Stryker (22 days ago)
I’d rather use my right hand it won’t cost me my house and money.
mdf1951 (22 days ago)
For one thing women talk and think in code. What is also meant my an older woman? I am over 60 at the time of this comment, and I have noticed that women close to my age are very flirtatious . I look at them and think you have too many miles on you, as you don't go to the gym, your face looks like it has worn out 2 bodies. I want a new car , not one with 200,000 miles on it. This video has warning signs that you should avoid, 10 of them. When you see this, run, walk away, Women in my age group may have their children all raised up and married. Did you forget about all those grandkids? Find your passion in life, and stick with it. Its much better to live alone and free than to be paying top dollar for and old worn out vehicle.
Paul (22 days ago)
Men Need to Avoid Women don't Mentor a Woman, all women want is a Man's Money in a relationship or flirting all the want to know is if He has money. if Men don't want to Give women any money it's time to play to Victim and phony accusations from a Bitch.
Awesome Bo2 (22 days ago)
Pretty woman...now go cover up your chest! SHEESH!
les amos (22 days ago)
hi im eighty now have i left it to late i dont want an older woman.
Michael Bertolino (22 days ago)
Older women are also game players, I went out with one years ago & she was depending on me to take care of her financially. Trust me, find someone your own age.
Michael Shenefield (23 days ago)
Oh , the local bar , nothing like the local community pick up , nothing like passing that old friendly loving std around and around and if they don't have to cut it off a good old injection will do and you will be able to go back for more next week , lmfao
im1who84u (23 days ago)
Usually I just lick my eyebrows and that gets their attention.
Harold Nunez (23 days ago)
Dam your gorgeous
Lehigh Valley Dave (23 days ago)
god you are gorgeous...very distracting lol.
Kris Orendorff (24 days ago)
She's cat-fishing
ROCKOCTANE (24 days ago)
Why so much b.s.
byron silas (24 days ago)
Melanie can flirt with my dick any time, period.....🌭
RAD (24 days ago)
1. She looks at you... because she's drunk and isn't sure how many of you are standing in front of her. 2. She smiles at you... when she realizes you're her next target. 3. She talks to you... hoping you'll buy her another drink 4. She touches you... Because she's drunk and can't stand up on here own. 5. She mentions other men... because she's vapid. 6. She tells you she's single... because alcohol makes her horny. 7. She asks if you're single... because she doesn't want you to think she's a slut. 8. She shows up... for the free drinks. 9. She asks personal questions... to ascertain your ability to provide her with the lifestyle she wants. 10. She compliments you... because she's thinks you'll cave with a few cheap compliments.
Thomas Andrews Sr (24 days ago)
Your top teeth look like implants...can't see your bottom teeth. Do you have any?
demonseed19 (24 days ago)
Bitches are retarded... o she smiles and makes eye contact.. so do random women I pass on the street lmao... this is why you are old and alone lol
Texan Football Houston (24 days ago)
I just realized I'm a man who needs to be in control of my life. I need to focus on work more n sometimes a woman just play games. I'm a good man n never leave her even if she leaves me for thinking I'm a loser or something. But I know myself. Have to be a man by taking care of yourself n my daughter plus a woman who's not her mom but that's something about me.
Texan Football Houston (24 days ago)
What I learn no matter how great a woman is she likes to hide her things with family or other things but wants to know her man things
Kai man (24 days ago)
Woman = problems
Cybil Foreman (25 days ago)
She said SUB TELL hints....
Darrell Head (25 days ago)
Having a conversation with an older woman is so sexy the blow your socks off every time
Jack russell (25 days ago)
She tells me guys are flirting, she can go f herself. She will pull the same shit when she wants more during a relationship. U left out, she laughs at everything the man says
Run stay away. The wall has no mercy nasty thots. All women are like children. And everyone of them avarage 30 dicks in a life time don’t forget that boys
Bruce Ross (25 days ago)
lol..what would woman say if you walked around with your balls hanging out the bottom of your shorts and you called it male cleavage..
Lawrence McElhaney (25 days ago)
I know ALL.. She’s great .. For Nubs
liamsdad33 (25 days ago)
20s/30s ° 40s/50s 0
blcdad (25 days ago)
I've discovered the way to have a perfect relationship with a woman! 1. Die. 2. Come back in your next life as a cat or a dog. 3. Get a retired single woman to be your owner.
ZajkoKokorajko (25 days ago)
I didn't hear a word she said LOL
ron sylvia (25 days ago)
The video will only serve to bring more guys to MGTOW so ladies men don't and have never wanted hints and signs just say to us your hot do you think I'm hot yeah okay let's go fuck
Frank Zamfino (25 days ago)
great presentation maybe a bit too fast but,i learned a few things
Jim Reynolds (25 days ago)
This seems like great advice albeit way out of date in the modern world. If you acted on any of these ten signs you would probably find yourself in a court of law charged with one of the new trumped up laws that forbid men to express any sexual interest in a woman. None of these signs should be acted on in a work environment unless you want to get sacked from your job. Basically all of these signs can be negated by a single other sign that is imperceptible to men but women can use to cry foul whenever they feel like it - before you know it, your arse is in a sling and you're wondering what went wrong.
c Johnson (25 days ago)
WHEN you are fat, dumb , ugly, and make very little $ you dont have to deal with this problem.
crystalmtn01 (25 days ago)
Best to ignore women, go MGTOW.
Gort Newton (25 days ago)
Older women flirt this way, they'll ask you about assets - own home, job and status, car, suburb/town you live, if expensive vacations or cheap, hobbies - expensive or cheap (racing yachts or stamp collecting) etc. When she asks you those things you know she's interested, but it is the answers that keeps her interest or loses it. She's had enough of poor guys, now she wants rich. She wants to move up, not down. If she has assets and you have less than her substantially then it is goodbye, if you have same or more then its hello. BUT, she may want a passport (it's an asset she is hunting that is worth lots more than gold) so she's interested in you doesn't matter what assets you have. After she gets the passport if you are poor then it's goodbye. To the age of approx. 25 women will fall in love no matter what you are, after that, they get practical and realize that it is hard to make your way as a girl, they need a man. Once they settle in to marriage, have got the kids, they know they can get the house when they boot you and they think they can go and get a young guy to amuse themselves with. That's when they hit the 'shallow years', plenty of sex with lots of different partners but no substance in any of them. After the shallow years, that's when you meet them. They are worn out, are shallow themselves, have money (or maybe lost it on young guys) and are tired from the chasing and never finding. BUT, many are still cunning and will work whatever they need to get whatever they want - that's you. They know the power of the smell of a vagina and will use it.
Mgtow (25 days ago)
Marriage = Sexless Work Horse
His Overlord Upon High (25 days ago)
I am interested in Melanie. Very cute.
Greg Benwell (25 days ago)
I was married to my first wife for about two years, then I was married to my second wife for 14 years of total HELL!! I have dated a number of idiots, liars, cheaters and gold diggers, as well as a number of woman who would be better suited as speed bumps than human beings!! I got divorced from my second wife almost 20 years ago.......THEN I LEARNED ABOUT MGTOW!!! Now my only advice is to say "Come at me sis!", because if a woman is "flirting with me" I have no faith and NO TRUST left what so ever!! And with that in mind I simply DO NOT care to meet you, to know you or to even DATE YOU!!!! To ME women are all the same, lying, cheating, manipulating WHORES that just simply can NOT BE TRUSTED!! So I DARE YOU to contact me and tell me that you are "interested in me"!!! It doesn't matter to me, because I have been so hurt, so screwed over, and so damaged by women, that I could care less about your "feelings" or your fake "interest" in me!! I know what women want...free money and free labor......while this guy is done with that!!!
Decoy 263 (24 days ago)
It's true that there is only one good woman in this world and she's your mother, and she's no good for your father. I heard that but I don't know who gets the credit,not me but this comment made me remember it.
SungDoo Kim (25 days ago)
You sound like you are talking about MY MOM!
Lex Rangel (25 days ago)
Never take advice from a woman on how to get women.
Timi Kärkkäinen (25 days ago)
if you have to look out for something - they dont know how to flirt
ekim andersom (25 days ago)
Apparantly in the US , older woman think that fake tits are an improvement. Then they can flirt how much they want, thats an absolute no go for me.
e walt (25 days ago)
Older women are always so thankful.
Norbert Pecheq (26 days ago)
How older women flirt? Who cares??
Queen Jane (26 days ago)
What about you PRETTY LADY do you swallow. Lol ? ? ?
tony monastiere (26 days ago)
Women are like elephants...You like to look at 'em, but you wouldn't want to own one.
stbx43z (26 days ago)
Best way to tell if she only wants sex?
Mark StPierre (26 days ago)
She grinds you on the dance floor...
Mike Robinson (26 days ago)
Nursing home sex is when a old man and old woman park their wheel chairs close to each other,I think the old man can do better.😁😁😁😁😁
Jess W (26 days ago)
Who wants an older woman...yuck
alo (26 days ago)
Hahahahaha, WTF go mgtow, stupid sluts
TS Knle (26 days ago)
From your advice I came to know that 😀😂🤣two of my Lady lectures were interested in me when I was in college I wish I watch this video when I was a student.
Ralph Abreu (26 days ago)
If you touch her you get arrested. If she touches you she's flirting
job3831 (26 days ago)
A good description of a creepy old woman. Now you know when to avoid them.
John MCNAIRY (26 days ago)
Conclusion I get is younger women are more insecure
Gokhan J. Yenigun (26 days ago)
Only 1:34 seconds into the video and I can tell that this babe likes me. She is constantly looking and smiling at me :)
Robert Elliott (9 days ago)
I know right? I m fully erect and she's still looking and smiling
so titty fuck her!
Michael Zobnowski (26 days ago)
She asks you how many zeros are in your bank account...
X Res (26 days ago)
Spending time, conversing (or even more intim acts) the older womens company CAN BE a lot more pleasant  and "WHY"? Simple: Because they want to! Younger ladies fret that it makes them look like a "whore" and other complicating phobias...not stupidity it is uncertainity and lack of self-knowledge, experience. (As Young guys are even more lost in behavioral fields) With patience and real understanding on the part of a man-Young girls can open up too.
Tron Alpha (26 days ago)
what dose it mean when a woman taps a mans sholder ?.
John Horton (27 days ago)
Women are only interested in one thing. Money and that's it
CyberRabid (27 days ago)
If some hot chic, like the supermodel in the video, starts giving the signs as mentioned in the video, BEWARE; it is highly probable she is just a wingman for her chubby friend. She will charm you, suck you in, and then completely humiliate you. This is when chubby steps in and offers her support . . . At this point it is expected that you should appreciate chubby's council and reciprocate with your affection. If you choose not to do so they will declare that you are a shallow lowlife not worthy of any woman and it's time to find a new bar. Life sucks sometimes! 🤣
James Graham (27 days ago)
You're right on key.......and very beautiful 💖
Jeffrey Survives (27 days ago)
If I were a hopeless lonely old man, then I will dare to forcibly rape woman because I never want to burn up my energy to befriend with women whom they keep rejecting my heart. They always seek for money, power and fame that easily lure them to gain the friendship and trust. That is too much work to develop a relationship with women while they continue resisting my heart and trust. That is the reason for your video is totally irrelevant that alienates frustrating lonely men. We only want to be respected and support from women.
Jeffrey Survives (27 days ago)
Her flirting is fake and she tricks you for your money. That is the reason her video refused to provide the closed caption. She thinks that intelligent deaf men are incredibly dumb and impoverished. She is only interesting for money and power to satisfy her greed.
David Mardjanov (27 days ago)
Very good 👍👌 video. Also, you are so beautiful. You just glow.
MGTOW Rubicon (27 days ago)
Why chase "mature" women, when every day there are fresh hot girls celebrating their 18th birthday, and they want to straddle their ideal father figure?
lowbloodprsure (27 days ago)
Just get the goods and go. Have some fun then run. Give her a squirt, then you'll lose your shirt. Give her a plug but don't taste the rug.
James D. Wheeler (27 days ago)
kick the tires but don't buy anything!
William Gratchic (27 days ago)
This is proof there still is no war between the sexes. There's way too much fraternization between the two sides.

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