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Strain Review - Platinum OG (Humboldt Seed Organization)

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HSO's Platinum OG is one of those stereotypical indicas that will lock you to the couch, dry out your mouth and eyes, and lay you down to sleep. This night-time treat is perfect for making hash or other extracts thanks to the trademark coating of heavy trichomes. This strain is a perfect example of what a good California indica looks, tastes, and smokes like. Enjoy it with me.
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Text Comments (18)
Julia Blankenship (2 months ago)
I got 36% thc
Julia Blankenship (2 months ago)
In my medical pen
Nathan Keel (4 months ago)
Good video!
slick dreams (1 year ago)
I bought it today this is intense high full body high my healer but damn im omw to work i feel im gonna get sleepy
erinn kemp (1 year ago)
2 thumbs up. I really enjoy this one.
Russell Regan (1 year ago)
Call/text: (408) 345-5371 for platinum Og and other top grade MMJ strains like girl scout cookies, Sour diesel, Blueberry yum yum, gorilla glue #4, white widow etc.. All donations are for the recuperation of growing cost but not limited to soil, H2o, Co2, light and nutrients.
Jack Meoff (8 months ago)
totally not a cop, or an idiot.
Charles Brown (9 months ago)
Jose Montoya he pass stupid
Jose Montoya (1 year ago)
Russell Regan you stupid for putting your number
sgt1terrence (2 years ago)
lol dont smoke it before work..i did not know that..whats a good body high and energy one? i wanna laugh and have a great time ha
orlando v (7 months ago)
Green crack
ItsInTheDetails (1 year ago)
Jack Herrer is energy!
LiViD MoMmy (1 year ago)
sgt1terrence San Fernando Valley OG....love it!!
Tony Iommi (1 year ago)
Tillamook Strawberry, fairly new strain so doubt you'll find it. But it's worth a shot if you can get your hands on it. Gives you good energy and a clear mind. You could literally smoke it, go outside run a mile or two and still have energy leftover lol.
Logan Truett (1 year ago)
sgt1terrence Sour Diesel
sgt1terrence (2 years ago)
wasnt sure if i did buy platinum og because it was less than what i usually pay..maybe my guy was being nice haha..but once you started listing the side effects, i know its legit ha
Jasmine Rice (2 years ago)
incredible detail on the strain.. amazing editing and video quality! very criticizing and overall GREAT review
chopper421 (2 years ago)
best review i have seen on youtube keep it up!!!

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