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►LEVEL UP Rant Review Cartoon Network

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NEXT Choose a short rant: Derpy Gate/Hall of Game Awards THEN Toonami Retrospect AFTER THAT Whoever lost the Derpy Gate/Hall of game Awards Vote LASTLY Adventure Time Comic review or maybe My Little Pony Merchendise Review I don't know yet --------------------------------------- Suprisingly Level Up is enjoyable in an ironic sort of way. MUSIC USED: Sheep Cannon-Cabin Fever http://www.reverbnation.com/sheepcannon Zodiac-Stars http://immanence.bandcamp.com/track/star --------------------------------------- SHOUT OUTS Coded Lily Web Comic http://www.codedlillycomic.com/v1chapter1/ http://codedlilly.tumblr.com/ My Tumblr (I'm on here during class so I'll respond more often here) http://rebeltaxi.tumblr.com/ People who shall not receive their goddamn honey back. http://www.youtube.com/user/secret2671/feed http://www.youtube.com/user/BlazingNightwing123/feed http://www.youtube.com/user/ShadowofColosuss103 Cutsey Poo Toys (Friendship is Magic Story Board Artist) http://twitter.com/#!/cutesypoo Punch Time Explosion XL facebook. Friends 4never :'( facebook.com/PunchTimeExplosion
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Text Comments (371)
Logan Nieto (1 month ago)
i miss this show
yah yah guy (2 months ago)
I miss that cartoon it was so awesome
oscar olvera (2 months ago)
The Ludwig (2 months ago)
Finally a show for us gamers
Theodore mastermind (3 months ago)
I actally enjoyed the shkw when it was on
Memerino (3 months ago)
C a r t o o n Network
MeldThe Steel (4 months ago)
Come on it wasn't that bad
Christopher O BB (5 months ago)
What a strange little character you have. But why you have it should be the question
Bladekill1298 (7 months ago)
sounds like the troop
Kevin Bacon (10 months ago)
I’m 90 percent sure the only reason this show got green lit is because while drunk the C.E.O of CN lost a bet against the creator of this show and whoever lost the bet had to do a favor for the winner. Since the creator of this show won he got his movie pilot/ show made.
Someone play the game based in this show? Its was like roblox but with some wow kinda things
This was probably CN's most pandering shows of all time. Level Up feels like it wants to appeal to the "hip and edgy" crowd, as well as the "online gamer" crowd. The characters are the same cardboard cutout stereotypes we get in shows like Level Up. While the film was admittedly okay, the show was boring, pandering and all around cliche.
RedFireFox 1 (1 year ago)
What was the intro song
fuin m (1 year ago)
I loved it and I'm sure other people did to I know I'm late leaving a comment
Fireteam Delta (1 year ago)
I like this show
NC fan 2000 8 (1 year ago)
Because it was cheaper
NC fan 2000 8 (1 year ago)
Because it was cheaper
HEART HERO 456XL65 (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed this show
Screen-Er (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me why cn made live-action shows
Toxic Hazard (1 year ago)
Steamguy64 they were going through an emo phase
emg soldier (2 years ago)
the shows I'm not gonna lie it's has a pretty good story but this show back when it was on on cartoon Network it's just stupid idea the comedy is just so bad the characters are the inspiration for the pixels characters how they act this should have been a show for teens and maybe for adults it could have been better to see the characters swearing but on cartoon Network just makes the show the worst live action video game show it could have been better if it was on a teen network
Amran Ismail (2 years ago)
B Beasty (2 years ago)
c'mon man this was 5th and 6th grade memories :( lol
Theodore mastermind (3 months ago)
Same, enjoyed the black guy and girl
B Beasty (2 years ago)
+gorillaz forever lol yea i used to think the black guy was badass
warhol (2 years ago)
HCN (2 years ago)
Pablo Delgado (2 years ago)
God that show was terrible
Hangman official (2 years ago)
Did he do Aaron Stone yet? Also, for anyone who's watched that and had just forgotten... I'm so sorry for reminding you.
Steven Dolce (2 years ago)
What in the blue fuck was Cartoon Network thinking with this fucking piece of shit?
WANNABE COMEDY (2 years ago)
+Sephirothxxxxxxxxxxx We have to admit something, none of this is close to as bad as current Disney Channel
Sephirothxxxxxxxxxxx (2 years ago)
I actually kinda like Teen Titans Go for what it is. CN Real was another story .-.
WANNABE COMEDY (2 years ago)
+Sephirothxxxxxxxxxxx No, Teen Titans Go is the dark ages
Sephirothxxxxxxxxxxx (2 years ago)
Truly the dark ages of Cartoon Network. Or at least, towards the tail end of it.
amran 2006 (2 years ago)
Cheryl Wagner
Nostalgia Works (3 years ago)
Hall of Game lost. Where's the Hall of Game review? That didn't come after the Toonami Retrospective.
Jane Doe (3 years ago)
..."They leveled up..." hmu if you got my reference
smodoemoe (7 months ago)
Jane Doe *lmao.
mystery man (2 years ago)
Vape naysh
Jane Doe (3 years ago)
+GameTuber  yes XD
lil' hotwheel (3 years ago)
That Law and Order episode.
troublemakers23 (3 years ago)
They should have just continued Tower Prep.
Slipthorn (2 years ago)
They were both SHIT!!!!
InSaNe Engi 132 (3 years ago)
This show sucks the chrome over a 57 Chevy bumper! btw that was a reference to True Capitalist Radio, if you never heard of him look it up.
John Doe, Jr. (3 years ago)
Accidentally reported a comment D: no up undo button. This YT layout is... meh
Al Sheepshorts (3 years ago)
Gamer culture is this decade's bitch to soulless corporate programming, just like Surfer/Skater culture was before.
DPC 7642 (3 years ago)
This show kinda sucked.
corbenfan84 (3 years ago)
I remember when cn used to promote the fuck out of this. I hated this shit sooo much
Stefan O'Neil (3 years ago)
Yo Pan can you please tell me where i can find coded lilly the links are dead....i know this video is old ...but still
Scrubnoppon (3 years ago)
Can anyone get me a link to the music that starts at 2:08? I tried the ones in the description, but they don't work.
Theodore Hodbor (3 years ago)
"As if an alien wrote this that has never played a game" That's because they didn't. They only take stereotypes of people who play games like World of Warcraft (which I'm surprised they didn't sue over the copy of the game Cartoon Network made), and the problem with this is it only takes up like what? 15% of all gamers. Honestly, I play RTS games because I like strategy games (Dawn of War for example, go give it a try, or StarCraft). There is also that undying legion of CoD and FPS players, nostalgic game players, and people that play pretty much any type of game. If these people who made this show actually knew a thing about gaming, they'd see that a majority of it isn't MMOs like World of Warcraft. Its a diverse culture.
_ OneEyedSupport _ (1 year ago)
Theodore Hodbor At least they didn't take the fps stereotype, they just went with the mmo stereotype.
shuan sown (3 years ago)
Yeah, it pisses me off. 
Caleb Robinson (3 years ago)
Dragon Fire Gamer (2 months ago)
Why censor yourself tho. ;-;
max masterson (4 years ago)
Tower prep was meh
Abdul I. (4 years ago)
I actually really liked it
mae hope (2 years ago)
I liked it to
TheLobsterMobster (3 years ago)
Becuase it's level up
Abdul I. (3 years ago)
+Hyperskull why are you sorry?
TheLobsterMobster (3 years ago)
+Dooleedale I'm sorry....
Abdul I. (4 years ago)
the show, not this review
Solianna71 (4 years ago)
The links to the webcomic don't work for some reason. Tumblr just told me it doesn't exist. Did I miss something?
jediknightgeo (4 years ago)
Thank Christ this garbage got cancelled. I can't believe it even made it past 1 season. Corny dialogue, acting, effects, and story. Do they honestly think that true gamers act and talk like that? Fuck this shitty show and fuck CN for even green lighting this horrible shit.
andy_pandy (4 years ago)
I liked it :/
Connor Pool (4 years ago)
Didnt the curly haired white kid on level up get kinda famous after
Alex Gets active (3 years ago)
+Connor Pool Gaelan Connell  isnt doing anything new.
Robonyan (4 years ago)
Did you know they made a game MMO on cartoon network? It's worse than the show.
LekoDaNePostradash (4 months ago)
Robonyan i think it was very good game it was my favorite
Christ Emiya (11 months ago)
Blueseer32 I know but I still like to check it out even if it's god-awful
Blueseer32 (11 months ago)
Christ emiya destroyer of worlds, it wasn't an mmo.
Christ Emiya (11 months ago)
AviatorPichu Could you provide me with the name of the game please ?
Blueseer32 (1 year ago)
AviatorPichu it wasn't an mmo it was a trick
MIC Symmetry (4 years ago)
The entire show just felt like a remade version of the Troop. Which I thought was great as a kid but now, it's just sooooo campy!
TheZamphire (4 years ago)
I liked level up :P Guilty pleasure
kirbyfan4 (4 years ago)
I completely forgot this show existed
Neoh Yi Woon (1 year ago)
kirbyfan4 I remember that average shit came when I was a primary school kid.
Roman Av (1 year ago)
kirbyfan4 me too
Alex Gets active (3 years ago)
+Sand whip i actually remembered watching more episodes and playing their overhyped games which sucked so much dick it should get a medal
Sand whip (4 years ago)
It got cancelled about 10 episodes in, at least that's how many aired in NZ.
DowntowN brown (4 years ago)
i loved both the movie and show.........
Michael Tabbut (4 years ago)
Admittedly it was a guilty pleasure.
Amir McCloud (4 years ago)
it reminds me of a better video game show can not remember what but it does
Illiniguy34 (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that thinks this was a rip off of "The Troop" from Nick? Think about it, high schoolers that use advanced weapons to destroy one thing a week that pops up out of nowhere while also trying to keep it secret from others.
Braingears (4 years ago)
+Connor Warram by appeal do you mean try to make them look cool while not understanding what it actually is?
JSWUDNN (4 years ago)
You should have ended with the CutesyPoo thing this might have been your opportunity to end with I await your poo lol
DEAD ACCOUNT (4 years ago)
Ah,the movie was much better...Whenever something gets made into a show,they run out of ideas quickly...
TheJediSonic (1 year ago)
Except for Jimmy Neutron. That concept worked much better as a show than as a movie
_ OneEyedSupport _ (1 year ago)
FlareRocker XDT And thats why it was cancelled.
robobobobot (4 years ago)
I never saw the whole movie but I didn't like the show
Parker Friend (4 years ago)
I liked the show
goldgamersuniverse (4 years ago)
i liked the movie but the show sucks butt hole 
goldgamersuniverse (4 years ago)
+Riley Ranft yep and it was actually half way decent 
Riley Ranft (4 years ago)
there was a movie!?
Foron (4 years ago)
Marc Lemieux (4 years ago)
Exactly! The formula got tired really fast.
Flame.Cloud (4 years ago)
Thank God that awful show was Cancelled.
James Mccune (1 year ago)
ToxicKiller954 why it was shit
Pixel Cat (4 years ago)
Well that escalated quickly.
ToxicKiller954 (4 years ago)
F*ck you
Konatablob (5 years ago)
Rip off of The Troop, which also sucked
big J (5 years ago)
Meh. At least one of the actor's brothers did Pit's voice.
CopyCatCat (5 years ago)
yes....I thought it was good.....it was a whole lot better than unnatural history.....I mean that show sucked
flangel842005 (5 years ago)
does anyone remember Tower prep
TheZamphire (5 years ago)
This show is SUCH a guilty pleasure for me.
Detros (5 years ago)
Hmm rebel seems like a really funny guy when he's mad. Watch out rebel I may make an anonymous account and troll your vids. You've been warned
Lean Deer (5 years ago)
Lidku Simpson (5 years ago)
Oh well, guess people don't use video feed anymore.
Solitaire (5 years ago)
I hate this show.
Nick the Gamer (5 years ago)
is your name really pan pizza or is that just your favorite kind of pizza?
Hannah D. (5 years ago)
I vote for Cartoon Network hating us. Once again Live Action on what is supposed to be a network for cartoons!
Cartoon Fan (5 years ago)
At 2:16, who is the purple person supposed to be?
Miles Bouknight (5 years ago)
I only watched one minute of the first episode after the Hall of Game Awards like 2009 or 2010 and to this day I still send angry emails to Cartoon Network by wasting our time the Cartoon Network community to crap like this....REALLY I could watch the Teleltubbies and it'll be better that this crap. They're just putting the actors out of their misery now Im glad it doesn't even come on anymore.
LemynLyme (5 years ago)
this was clearly made before incredible crew came out. I hope they put those actors out of their misery.
Loawes Potatoee (5 years ago)
Oh my goodness, the nostalgic raging is making my sides HURT!
Maddie C (5 years ago)
"I am a proud gamer, a special snowflake, and an F.B.I. Agent!" I bet she only plays Tetris.
Comickid15 (5 years ago)
Hey check it out, your credibility just disappeared into thin air with that comment.
SDENfan8 (5 years ago)
Cartoonnetwork should stop making Live shows.
Jakob0301 (5 years ago)
I get that you're trying to be funny, but seriously they're only airing one live action show now, and the cartoons on the network are pretty decent, so your comment kinda falls flat.
Mittens the Rancor (5 years ago)
Hey, does anyone else remember when CartoonNetwork had cartoons? Good times.
Donovan The Gamer (5 years ago)
what's the name of the music in the latter half of the video?
MacyPooh196 (5 years ago)
I hate cartoon network now. All of it's shows are ass.
Allen Horn (5 years ago)
I want to make a video with a blood elf mage from wow, an almain warrior from KOA, and maiq the liar from skyrim beating up the level up protagonists because they ruined the idea of fantasy and mmos by showing them as wimpy little elves who are afraid to have swords because they might offend that one guy in a billion whose best friend's cousin was killed with a replica fantasy sword by some guy who claimed that a fantasy game made him do it, instead of admitting he is russia crazy....
Allen Horn (5 years ago)
Ummm...why are there no swords??!!! Why are they so afraid to show an awesome shiny sword like you can get in Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (My FAVORITE FANTASY GAME). What is there problem with blades? i mean seriously.. they should show that awesome bloody great sword you can get...the one with all the spikes and its description says that everyone will be appalled if you have it in public....
Ringkun Mori (5 years ago)
they should of made fun of EA they are evil like in real life
Tcurt99 (5 years ago)
the tester had egoraptor but when he left it went to shit i haven t even watched it but i know it went to shit.
cozcon2000 (5 years ago)
Wait so youre telling me you'll put my username in your videos if I demand it?? GIVE ME MY FREAKIN SHOUT-OUT PLEASE!/shot
CE53 (5 years ago)
In an interview one of these Level Up actors, the guy said he loves to "video game". *facepalm*
zeldaed123 (5 years ago)
I'm fine with parody and I'm sure Kojima is too, but it's not even funny! They purposely made fun of him because they're jealous of his greatness. They're jealous of Kojima's genius! They know their stupid little game on the site sucks so they pick on a man who knows games and knows how to make them right! Thank god this show's cancelled, otherwise, I would have went Big Boss on their asses!
zeldaed123 (5 years ago)
One episodes title pissed me off involving the name Hideo. My instant thought that they were gonna make fun of a great man in the gaming community responsible for the great series known simply as Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima. I looked it up on Wikipedia and the characters name is Hideo Nojima with his game called Mystery Puzzle Puncher, oh and he's a villain. And they did make fun of this God of Gaming! All the way down to the man's glasses!
WintaFresh (5 years ago)
they cancled level up?
Abigail Misty Briarton (5 years ago)
The concept is interesting but cliched but the how it's presented is fucking terrible
ChickenLogo (5 years ago)
What was the worst thing about this show was that i couldn't hear a single thing they said, the music was so loud and the voices were so low so instead of stupid dialogue to go with the stupid show it was just stuck with slapstick.
Chris Coolio (5 years ago)
Im glad that show got cancelled, fucking terrible couldn't wait until they took it off the air
LORD CAEDUS LIVES!! (5 years ago)
it kinda does
Even Stevens (5 years ago)
1:39 I swear to god he is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen on tv (besides sarah jessica parker
47Cartoonguy (5 years ago)
are you serious how do you send hatemail and death threats to someone who just have an opinion. good god, if he were to make jokes about regular show i wouldnt wine like a little bitch
max masterson (5 years ago)
troop much
I liked the movie, but the show sucks. Like, really bad.
maskedtime64 (5 years ago)
i think it's stupid how people need a shoutout
Bone Joe (5 years ago)
Level up would be much better if it was a cartoon and and if they acually referanced REAL VIDEO GAMES LIKE MADTV. If it featured the cast stomping goombas deflecting octotoks, shooting metroids it would be a MUCH better show but they ruined it

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