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10 Unique Style Trends You Need to Follow in 2018 | Outfit Ideas For Men + Men's Fashion Tips

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Get 1 FREE audiobook with a 30-day trial by visiting: https://www.audible.com/dre or text "dre" to 500-500 Hey guys! Today I will be showing you some unique styles, outfits, & tips that are great for men especially for winter/spring 2018. Most of these items are pretty affordable and easy to dress for those of you that want to improve your wardrobe and look good! Hope you enjoy the video! If you do, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new! Also, be sure to Hit the Notifications button to be informed when I drop my next video! Thanks & Mad Love, -dre ▶ ITEMS IN VIDEO: Floral Shirt: https://tinyurl.com/y78jnqkg Jord Frankie Series Watch: https://goo.gl/ZbcNdG (use "dredrexler" for $25 OFF) Aldo Laceless Shoes: https://tinyurl.com/ycxhrvgg Mustard-Taped Shirt: https://tinyurl.com/ybhbrn9l Light Wash Denim Jacket: https://tinyurl.com/y8mdtyyd Red 11 Degrees Windbreaker: https://tinyurl.com/ydcr88a9 Umoro Jacket (use “DRE15” for 15% OFF): https://tinyurl.com/y84h5brf VENQUE TECH BACKPACK: http://bit.ly/2Bndv3o (www.venque.com)Corduroy Jacket: https://tinyurl.com/ybobcu5q Band Collar Shirt: https://tinyurl.com/yb4r4vvb ▶ FOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/Pwwd7L SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/TktM7L FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/1RitXs TWITTER: https://goo.gl/DfAjYD TUMBLR: https://goo.gl/uPVGNP PINTEREST: https://goo.gl/f5BtXi SNAPCHAT: dredrexler WEBSITE: https://goo.gl/v4VUxM *MY HAIR PRODUCTS: https://goo.gl/dcAf4y ▶ CHECK OUT SOME OF MY OTHER VIDEOS: 20 Different Undercut Hairstyles: https://goo.gl/JvHVeo How to Dress in 2018 + New Styles: https://goo.gl/TWZxdk How to Add Volume to Your Hair: https://goo.gl/tNrcu9 How to Add Wave, Volume, & Texture to Hair: https://goo.gl/QHmfPF 24 Slick Back Different Hairstyle Trends: https://goo.gl/vGV48c Improve Your Style Without Buying New Clothes: https://goo.gl/P237n5 My Morning Routine: https://goo.gl/dhm9WF Growing Out My Hair from an Undercut: https://goo.gl/sKTnwz 10 Trendy Outfit Ideas: https://goo.gl/dZF5wc How I Enhance My Physical Features: https://goo.gl/ftFULG ▶ SONGS: L o g i c - O v e r n i g h t ( i n s t r u m e n t a l r e m a k e ) b y k u u d a L o g i c & M a r s h m e l l o - E v e r y d a y i n s t r u m e n t a l I m a g i n e D r a g o n s - N e x t T o M e K a r a o k e c o v e r i n s t r u m e n t a l
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Text Comments (532)
No Stop (3 months ago)
Unique and trends don't go together.
Go su (4 months ago)
Can i ask questions what will be the best shirt or polo will be partner up by jogging pants(grey) thanks for answering
Irene Cortez Coronado (4 months ago)
What is the name of those outfits the yellow one with black pants
Liv Cribb (5 months ago)
the fucking most basic outfits ive ever seen lmao lol xd
David Lopez (5 months ago)
Yo my brother has the same problem as you his haircut just like yours is flat on the top , use a blow dryer and if it doesn’t work do it from the back until it get puffy and then add wax or water gel
MrOnionCock (6 months ago)
Gay boy's ass.
Andrews Mohr (6 months ago)
love the every day by marshmello
Jagxxi (6 months ago)
I love your dressing style. Specially that neon red hoddie😍
Ashok Siddha (6 months ago)
Denim Jacket Floral Shirt You
ugotserved911 (7 months ago)
Have skin thick as leather. Ur more powerful than u know. The night of god lives within u. In each breath u take. Ur wife is ur guardian angel ready to come to battle on command. U have no freakin idea how special and unique u are. I’m not just saying this. I’ve only said this to two other people( my mother and a teacher in college). Dre u are made for great things and what h touch will bEcome gold. I see it. The way u talk to ur wife and the sentence u told that guy at crepery, I’ll never forget. Keep crushing it.
Nayops 18 (7 months ago)
I love shopping there!
HeyJude2018 (8 months ago)
White slip on Vans- wearing them since 96
Tintor HD (9 months ago)
Where do u get ur infos about new trends?
haitham baloch (9 months ago)
$45 for a Shirt????? And guess what after washing it few times it will get shorter ....its waste of money. With $45 u can buy 5 different T shirts
Akbar Ali (9 months ago)
That jacket name pls
Τhe fliral prints!
Wardan Jamal (9 months ago)
man your fashion sense is just badass! 👌👌
Elian Schäfer (10 months ago)
how can i get the taped pants of outfit number two? thank you guys
im_aj. VLog (10 months ago)
light wash denim was my fav thnx bruh. IG im_absolutely_aj
OP Ubiec (10 months ago)
you are so awkward and creepy sometimes but w/e
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
haha hey thanks for watching!
Elian Schäfer (10 months ago)
link of taped pants - outfit no. 2???
Kieran Monaghan (10 months ago)
More healthier 👌🏻👌🏻
Ava Nixon (10 months ago)
You my man Im irish and its funny how the irish has simillar style and were halff the world away.yo man gimme a shout out on the next vid.just holla irish stevie nixon .do that and your welclmed in ireland for life...lol...cheers man
Ilyas Murmu (10 months ago)
I am following ur tip always thank u sir
EMOPUNKSBRUNO (10 months ago)
Tech bag Active wear outfit Wooden watch 👌🏽
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks for watching!
Rabid Society (10 months ago)
A men's fashion channel were the host actually knows how to dress. I'm tired of seeing hype beast giving out "high fashion'' advice. There channels are super cringe and they make kids believe that looking like a lucky charms cereal box looks good. Shout out to you Dre, I probably wouldn't wear any of the outfits you showed because its not my style, but the outfits were definitely complete and flowed well together. If you're young and trying to learn how to dress I would definitely take this guys advice. However, over time you need to learn how to develop your own style. My style for instance is a mixture of urban goth/punk/skaterwear.
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
Thanks so much for your support! means a lot my brother!
candy is good (10 months ago)
Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.
Kristia Miladinovic (11 months ago)
9:11 hello this video is cursed
mylyn may sison (11 months ago)
We are on sale now.Men's bag 50% Off https://www.amazon.de/dp/B071L6FGRM https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01D4EF7W4. Please use this code 75XWWSVI.
GSA vlogsandsports (11 months ago)
I like the Nike rain jacket with joggers, pink sweatshirt and ripped denim jeans, sweater and joggers, baseball too with skinny jeans sweatshirt under denim jacket and joggers red and black plaid shirt with black skinny jeans.
Abdul Rahman (1 year ago)
hey dre u r my dressing inspiration .. keep inspiring us . #lovefromindia
Marco Contreras (1 year ago)
Great Hair sir!
s L (1 year ago)
I always think if I ever become famous and get asked “ who do you watch on youtube?” I HAVE TO give you a shoutout 😂😂😂 I put myself in different situations a lot so I can be ready.
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
duuuude you rockkkk!!! haha
Levelord (1 year ago)
Guys guys guys! Are jeans with knee rips still in the trend?
Theo (1 year ago)
why do you say expecially
Nischal Chaudhary (1 year ago)
Umoro tech wear is super dope.
Sam Pritchard (1 year ago)
the whole windbreaker, joggers and trainers is like what every lad in the uk wears 😂
Jot Singh (1 year ago)
Taped look Tech wear Light washed denim look
Scind Entin (1 year ago)
yo dre , what pants are you rocking with the Corduroy outfit?
1yanga (1 year ago)
Omg I can't get my sons to wear laceless & denim jackets. They kept saying that's for little kids & demin jackets are for girls. Definitely sharing your vid.
kingsley Chan (1 year ago)
That backpack be looking like a ghost buster's proton pack..
ramelep (1 year ago)
I noticed... You don't really wear jeans... Your thoughts please
ramelep (1 year ago)
Dre Drexler thank you for the response!!! Wow!! Soo cool 🙏🏾.. Yeah I'm taking notes from all your videos and style.. Keep me up to date and instyle!!! I was ready to burn all my jeans if you said they are Out lol
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
lately I've just been wanting to dress a little more comfortable for some reason i guess haha appreciate the love bro!
Freddy Romero (1 year ago)
Where did you get those taped joggers?
carlos silva (1 year ago)
I loved your new fashion tips Dre.
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks so much Carlos!
Anima Vestra (1 year ago)
Where did you get those chinos in the first fit?
AustinB Cedar (1 year ago)
Most of these are 2017 - except for your backpack, which is obviously from the year 3000.
AustinB Cedar (1 year ago)
Dre Drexler instagram.com/austincedar
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
Bahaha 😂😂😂🙏🏽
Dead Mañ (1 year ago)
Cool video bro , but you prob need to show outfits anyone can afford , style trend #2 looks dope.
Dead Mañ (1 year ago)
Peace bro always support ing you 💕
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
great idea. thank you for watching!
AtheismDies (1 year ago)
Hi Dre, thank you in advance for your videos and advice. I have a question that sticks to my mind. You often propose that we are "made" or "designed" with a purpose, that we are "wonderfully and perfectly designed". Someone with an secular view will not look at this and side with such opinion, for this whole existence for them is chance and with no intent to "design". If you wish to share, do you have any spiritual values that you follow by? Because the moral and ethics you go by don't come from this secular view. Thanks, and please continue with your good works.
AtheismDies (1 year ago)
Dre Drexler Thank you for sharing, I too believe in the One God of Abraham and his Son Jesus whom has came to remove our religious ways and gift freedom from his scarification. I asked because I was curious, and your willing full response is greatly honoring to me :) It’s interesting because even skeptics like Einstein and Dawkins propose of a possibility of a creator, but that creator(s) have to be either aliens or other extraterrestrial life, not a supernatural supreme spiritual being so called the “human” God, but I won’t get into this. I side with you, and once more am grateful for your videos and responses to your audience. Take care, and God bless.
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
Great question. Me personally I believe in 1 God that created the universe and had a son named Jesus. However I do recognize that not everyone will believe the way I do, which is fine. :) Although, even if I wasn't a "christian", I would still have to believe that we were all designed with some kind of purpose... I mean take a look at our bodies for instance... everything we are is soo perfectly though-out. Our eyebrows keep sweat out of our eyes, our mouth enables us to eat food, our digestive system breaks down the food, we have hands to grasp things, they get pruney in water so they can grip things easier haha... I means I could go on and on... So when you look at how we were built, you gotta think that it didn't just happen by chance or accident.... there has to be some kind of creator. right? The way the world works and how the planets and stars are Perfectly aligned.... there is no way it happened by accident in my opinion. And besides all that, there has been some instances in my own life that I can not explain... there has been times that straight up miracles have taken place when I cried out to Jesus. So that is what confirms my personal faith. :) again, great question, thanks for asking! :D
Cesar Andres (1 year ago)
Hey , that logic's background music on point
Amonymus VEVO (1 year ago)
The face structure and his things on forehead are so cool and the athletic outfit looks so cool and bright which means I can be easily noticable love DRE🔥🔥
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks for the love my dude!
Alex Tr (1 year ago)
the band collar shirt is like the top of the teenage brat starter pack in Asian lol
Chiloi (1 year ago)
Keep killing the fashion game! Just found your channel and I love it! Would love a S/O insta: @zkrylndrm
Sasha Kahnamelli (1 year ago)
LOOOOOOVVVEEE the new activewear trend of “cool/hip/tech” wear breaking into the fitness scene! Also love the mustard trend I’ve seen it in a few brands now (Stone Island and Saturday’s NYC to name) I believe they’re calling it Millennial Mustard HAH and of course laceless sneakers. They go with everything, dress up or dress down. Obsessed. 🔥
leransocolo (1 year ago)
Keep doin what you do dre.
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thank you so much brother!
Nolan Reynolds (1 year ago)
Yo, Dre, really feeling all the styles, man. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the kid that talked to you on Instagram, and you actually listened to one of my songs. It would be really dope if you could give me a shout out, brother. Much love. 🙏🏻
Full Bobal (1 year ago)
Brother Conductress (1 year ago)
Dre are you left handed
Mr. Cowboy (1 year ago)
if i prefer to read more then listen, can you read too at audible?
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
to actually read, you would want to get kindle. It's another app made by amazon :) I've got both. Kindle is amazing as well :)
Kristian Petrano (1 year ago)
The wood watch is the best beside the pizza hut sneakers
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
haha appreciate the love Kristian!
Miguel Soa (1 year ago)
loved the first outfit with the floral shirt! where are those pants from? can u send me the link pls?
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
appreciate it Miguel! :D the pants are from asos. they are super skinny smart pants in navy. however, i got the ankles cropped at a tailors :)
Austin (1 year ago)
DRE DUDE THANKS MUCH FOR THE SHOUTOUT YOU GAVE ME like a month ago, I never even noticed it until today. My friend who also happened to watch you came up and showed me the vid that you gave my insta a shoutout. I guess all I’m trying to say is thanks so much that you chose me.
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
no problem at all! I really appreciate all of the love and support. It means so much! thanks ! -dre
RemyLexington (1 year ago)
That is so cool. I love your videos. You make the best content. I love your style
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
Thank you my bro!!! Glad you dig it. :D
pacific _burnoutXD (1 year ago)
Band collar, floral, mustard taped sweater
Andrew (1 year ago)
not trying to come across as negative but the first one is a bit gay-ish
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks so much brother. Appreciate the love! :D -dre
Andrew (1 year ago)
Dre Drexler 3:24 perfect outfit :)
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
appreciate the honesty! :D Anything you did like about the video? -dre
Kiara Jimenez (1 year ago)
The yellow shirt with the black pants
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
Thanks Kiara!
Kiara Jimenez (1 year ago)
And the jean jacket on top
Original Gamer (1 year ago)
Man your face structure is so nice 👌🏽👌🏽
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
lol you are too kind bro, thanks for watching. You rockkk mad love, -dre
Who is Brandol (1 year ago)
band collar , floral, mustard color .
Davix (1 year ago)
My favorites are the Floral Prints, wood watch, and of course, light denim jacket. Tech wear is also really interesting and useful. Great video as always! <3
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks so much!
Carlos Guerrero (1 year ago)
the burgundy windbreaker is fire!
Tommy Phelan (9 months ago)
Carlos Guerrero gotta love the 11 degrees
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks Carlos!
Israel Williams (1 year ago)
2:19 you need to stop playin! 😁
Rafi Rahman (1 year ago)
where did u get the chinos from at 1:59?
Jeremy AMG (1 year ago)
Love the second one, Bruce Lee vibe but they were all dope, thanks for the ideas
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
haha appreciate that Jeremy!
Chloe's Journey (1 year ago)
Dre your cute
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
lol you are too kind, thank you so much for watching!
Alvaro Arce Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Good! The red sport jacket with the jogger is f#@$ amazing Dre! Dope🖒
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks so much Alvaro!
Rogue Vlogs (1 year ago)
bang le decks
victor felix (1 year ago)
Dre hi from Dominican Republic I'm @vic.tor4
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks for watching! MAd love to Dominican Republic!
Vic Speaks (1 year ago)
Love the hot lesbian hairstyle!
HARSHAL Bobade (1 year ago)
I like that black watch,floral shirt and that red active wear 😊
Freddy Montoya (1 year ago)
1. cord! 2. mustard color 3. .... hold on i’m watching your speech at the end ............ ... ok i’m gonna throw in my fav trend 3. rings
Freddy Montoya (1 year ago)
Dre Drexler my pleasure brotha
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
haha you rockkk Freddy! thanks for watching bro!
Victoriuscumbag (1 year ago)
Art3mis The Drummer (1 year ago)
First of all I love your videos and all of your looks and your product line especially ocean clay but anyway 1.floral print 2.mustard long sleeve tee and 3. 11° windbreaker that one is my favorite not to mention it was in your previous videos
Kearn Thompson (1 year ago)
Yooo I love the light wash denim, the floral print and the bagpack trends your the man please give us a shoutout your a legend 🙏
Belle Black (1 year ago)
putain !! tu es hyper mignon je suis amoureuse lol j'adore tes fringues !! ton style !!! je voudrais être un gars !lol
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
J'apprécie les mots gentils! haha merci de regarder :) vous êtes génial!
Jesus Arechiga (1 year ago)
Wow the floral prints are looking awesome!! And I’m loving the wood watch as well, it really complements the outfit as a whole. The mustard shirt is really standing out to me, I’m definitely considering adding some bright colors just as that to my wardrobe! Great content Dre! Shout me out if you can! @arechiga_j Don’t worry about butchering my name 😂 everyone does
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
appreciate the kind feedback! Thanks!
Philipp Zahari (1 year ago)
mustard tshirt, denim jacket & the watch made out of wood is my fav piece mate MY INSTA: @philippzahari
keaton hira (1 year ago)
if you could grow facial hair would you have a beard ?
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
of course!! haha, maybe one day though brother! Thanks for watching
Yash Mishra (1 year ago)
Tech bag, active wear ,light wash denim
Dennis Thakur (1 year ago)
my favorites were floral prints , laceless sneakers and corduroy for sure. overall outfits were awesome
Dennis Thakur (1 year ago)
Dre Drexler anytime bro 🤙 luv from India 🇮🇳
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
appreciate the feedback Dennis
Aria Etemadi (1 year ago)
Yo Dre really dope fits! For the Liquor n Poker denim jacket what sizing did you go with? I’m trying to get one for myself but I don’t really know what size to go with. I’m 6’ 0” and a 36ish inch chest
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
i got it in a medium. :) however, Asos is great because if it doesn't fit it's suuuper easy to just send it right back and re-order. i think you should be good with a medium though.
Bálint Nagy (1 year ago)
Floral prints, techwear, and the yellow(mustard) colours are so dope. But Dre! Where are the vintage stuffs?
Taha (1 year ago)
I like the 3rd outfit. Shoutout plox.
Sexy Legend (1 year ago)
Workout video sonnn!🤪✌️
Adrian Nuno (1 year ago)
Mustard and taped Light washed denim Activewear
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks for the feedback brother!
Adrian Eric (1 year ago)
Hey Dre my three favorites trends would have floral prints,light wash Denim,and anything techwear lol would love a shoutout just started my channel and would really appreciate it!😄
Adrian Eric (1 year ago)
No problem! And Thank you Dre love your videos btw?
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks for the feedback brother! appreciate it Adrian! And congrats on the new channel! mad love, -dre
Kris Ablaza (1 year ago)
Those items are dope
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
Thanks Kris!
Hamza Lf (1 year ago)
Band collar shirt 💯💎 Mustard sweatshirt 👌🔥 The red jacket 👑
Hamza Lf (1 year ago)
Dre Drexler it's me who need to thank you because you always inspire us to build our confidence and to achieve the best version of ourselves and we really appreciate that a lot, keep up the good content bro you are the best 👑.
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks for the feedback brother!
error 404 (1 year ago)
To be honest, I think that your style is very shitty, you should get rid of the skinny jeans and besides the floral shirt, which was way too thight btw , there were in my opinion no new trends in this video.
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
appreciate the honesty brother! ...a little harsh but it's all good haha mad love to ya my dude, -dre
Pakki- Son (1 year ago)
I like the first outfit with the button up and the slacks and the watch cool outfit
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
Thanks so much Michael!
Luca Richards (1 year ago)
Do you think you can do a hairstyle tutorial on what you rocked in the video?
Muzaffar Ahamed (1 year ago)
the watch is upside down, i think

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