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3 Simple Ideas Life Hacks DIY For Men

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How to make simple tools made of plastic pipes for real men. Amazing Lifehacks for your tools and how to put your workplace in order. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to mr. Inventor on youtube : https://goo.gl/ima1Wk and instagram: https://goo.gl/vquxAD
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Text Comments (60)
Mister Rogers (2 months ago)
Laura Harris (2 months ago)
My men will love these! Especially the saw that speeds up the video! That one's amazing!!
kedai bebeb (4 months ago)
Uma idéia pior que a outra
morrisjvan (6 months ago)
Those Bacho prize cut saws come with a plastic blade protector when you buy them !
Ramchandra Oke (7 months ago)
Hack saw creativity is very nice.👌👌👌👌👍👍
Liked It! Visit my Channel.
Educu (7 months ago)
Anda bien a cagar
alcon Milenario (7 months ago)
Pence qe era una vallesta😨😨
Anita Maria Collao (7 months ago)
Que práctico. Habrá q buscar algunas piezas alternativas. Siempre las hay.
Ben Newland (8 months ago)
This music makes me want to saw my freaking ears off with that stupid little home made saw of yours
Djamel Louhibi (8 months ago)
n importe quoi
Michael Talley (8 months ago)
Looks like sh it
Carl Dean Williams (8 months ago)
Totally and utterly useless. 💩
I Had A Bad Day (9 months ago)
Dear Mr. Inventor, You have shit for brains!
Ro R (9 months ago)
Wonder what's to be built now that he's out of pvc that was left over from an a/c drain install...... Reminds me of my kids making "handy" things for themselves out of cardboard. "Hey dad, look i turned a box into a box that i can keep the little pieces of the original box in."
RAFDEL Channel (9 months ago)
Nice, pless subcribe back ya
Abdou Abdou Messe (9 months ago)
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Laura Harris (2 months ago)
Abdou Abdou Messe I don't have the drugs required to make sense of your comment. Please forward prescription at your soonest convenience. Thanks.
vasee haran (9 months ago)
இது வேலைக்கு ஆகாது
ss gahir (9 months ago)
Good Idea Thanks
Unknown Hero (9 months ago)
very nice.
luvz2reed (9 months ago)
Yeah, these are some pretty crappy hacks, BUT they ARE creative and make me think that if I had a real need, I could jimmy something together out of stuff I had around the house.
Abdul Adheef (9 months ago)
Pls tell me the music name..
Gold Idea (9 months ago)
Good idea your create is awesome...
rasyadi yacob (9 months ago)
Subcriber bro...
Клас! Прыкольно😉😉😉
dimasinnet (9 months ago)
а сука, просмотры собирает, но!)
DEN Z (9 months ago)
Не позорился бы,дебил.Или ты показал,будто не необходимо мастерить?тогда конечно...говнище,по хоть какому.
Ирина КИС (9 months ago)
Ana Bárbara Santos (9 months ago)
Uau amei👏👏👏
Mc Ml (9 months ago)
Таня Танитао (9 months ago)
когда собаке мастерить нехуй-она яичка лижет!не позорься демонстрируя хуйню а найди для себя работу неплохую в реале
Ola Tiger (9 months ago)
А натягивать полотно?))) Нет,не слышал... А что? Надо неужели?
Anthony Griffin (9 months ago)
Vat da fuq
PatentPending3265 (9 months ago)
So, if I go to the hardware store and buy a bunch of tools, I can make tools that I could have bought at the hardware store? And they're flimsier? That's great!
mark lewis (9 months ago)
''ya,..but now you're a real man,even if you're a woman!..lol
Николаевич (9 months ago)
Ну блин, не так давно выбросил старенькые ножовки по металлу, в принципе ещё отличные, однако ненадобные. А здесь предлагают гадость какую-то сделать. Да и остальное тоже осадок. Палец книзу не поставлю лишь за старательность.
dimasinnet (9 months ago)
будто гласит полицейский с Рублевки: фантастический долбаеб
dimasinnet (9 months ago)
носит же их земля
dimasinnet (9 months ago)
вообщем согласен с тобой, шлак
Muhammad Ibrahim (9 months ago)
Very nice dear
Katy Bell (9 months ago)
I think this guy is actually trolling everyone. Like, maybe he purposely names his videos and does stuff in them to piss people off and then sits back and laughs at the angry comments. This channel is either brilliant or dangerously ignorant.
LARRY CURRIER (8 months ago)
Katy Bell I never thought of it like that maybe he is just trying to piss us off but it gets a view so we can watch him reinvent a bunch of tools
Antonio Pereira (9 months ago)
Desculpa a ignorância mas vi nada de útil ai
Блядь!!!конечно на ножовку по дереву найди чехол от шины бензопилы!!!а ножовка по металлу без натяжки хуйня!!понопласт пилить и то криво!!!ХУЕТА!!!
dimasinnet (9 months ago)
полная хуйня при этом
CaHeK_089 Салоедов велик это отлично однако для чего засорять эфир.проще аллюминевую трубку из раскладушки.
Николаевич (9 months ago)
Роман Гаратаев, в основном согласен, не считая пенопласта. Его лучше нихромовой проволокой разрезать. Меньше мусора и ровненький отрез.
Роман Гаратаев ну-ка для чего ты этак грубо...? Человек велосепед изобретает, а ты...
Mr. peliculas (9 months ago)
👍 wow
SmellyFish Pooh (9 months ago)
Does Mr. Inventor not understand a penis is not required to do these hacks?
Reginald Wigglebottom (9 months ago)
Wow Mel Rey It’s definitely not required but it certainly helps.😏 If you ask me it sounds like you could use one. Actually, you may enjoy it more than picking fights on YouTube😘
Adam Newhouse (9 months ago)
Complete rubbish
Vinyl Tap (9 months ago)
Does mr inventor not understand plumbing glue?
Reginald Wigglebottom (9 months ago)
Not only is it not worth the time and money, it prohibits you from making easy modifications. And if one piece breaks you have to start over, versus simply unscrewing the piece and replacing it. Aside from that it’s more shit to clean up
David Cortez (9 months ago)
It's not worth the time and cost of materials.
Carl Sosnoski (9 months ago)
The outdoor tool rack those are the ones that you want your neighbors to borrow
Sebastiano Galano (9 months ago)
Quel cacciavite gialli e nero celo anch'io ☺😍😍
Mr. Creative BOY (9 months ago)
Nice ideas bro

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