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Nightwish - Slaying The Dreamer (with lyrics)

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Song "Slaying The Dreamer" from the album "Century Child" by Nightwish. NOTE:I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG!!!!!
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Text Comments (142)
Justus Sypierre (1 month ago)
Love how avenged sevenfold ripped off their guitar riff. They should’ve sued.
esmira memmedova (1 month ago)
I love Rock😎
Evil Pro Mods TTT / BT3 (2 months ago)
pavlo fisher (2 months ago)
Is it me or the riff sounds similar to psychosocial?
acolomenator (2 months ago)
This is indeed one of my favorite Nightwish songs
Nannomous (3 months ago)
sounds like Psychosocial (or psychosocial sounds like this more like)
La Cueva de Maxi (3 months ago)
recuerdo que tenia un cd con las peliculas de dbz, y en el menu principal tenia esta musica, y mi papa la busco y me puso contentisimo XD me alegro de encontrar esta hermosura :,)
mati23 Garrido Moreira (4 months ago)
Que recuerdos me trae está cancion
Gabriel Maragaño (4 months ago)
La encontré!!!!
FluffyFractalshard (4 months ago)
this is probably my favourite nightwish album!!
Franklin Ortiz (7 months ago)
alguien mas la busco por la intro de las 20 peliculas de dragon ball Z
Octavia Natalia (8 months ago)
It's sounds like Metallica but Marco sounds here bad and I don't like it!
Ana Carolina Cestari (10 months ago)
Tarja ☺
Ivan Mandic (1 year ago)
the besst
Brenda Villalba (1 year ago)
Vengo por dragon ball
Tenía un DVD de dragon ball z con todas las películas y pasaban esta canción en el menú principal 😎
Julian Morales (5 months ago)
Yo igual chabon !!!!! no sabes como buscaba esta cancion jajaja
Albinno Rollon (9 months ago)
mi hermano tenia un disco igual y yo escuche esta cancion y la ame jaja desde entonces no paro de escuchar esta clase de musica tambien en ese cd se escucha end all hope y una cancion de evanescence jajajja
Pumpkin Drummer (1 year ago)
Hello Nightwish fans! :D Here is my New Drum Cover from this song! Nightwish - Slaying The Dreamer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoEYeR60Ni0 I'm a drummer and nowadays it's kind hard to earn some views on cover videos. Hope you will like it, and thank you for your time :)
Elana Atikian (1 year ago)
I love this song so damn much
Paulo Farias (1 year ago)
Essa guitarra monstruosa!!!
Jazzy Sugar (1 year ago)
I hope they play this on their decades tour next year! Tarja made me love this song, but I'm curious to hear it with Floor and Marco
Headows of Meaven (1 year ago)
They will. It’s on the list on iTunes.
Ginger Snow White (1 year ago)
Jazzy Sugar same same same! I have a ticket and my fingers are crossed.
Luxray Volt 989 (2 years ago)
I'm getting a Judas Priest vibe from this.
Luxray Volt 989 (2 years ago)
At least the first part.
Dragon Ball Z Las 20 peliculas :)
Esteban Mora (6 days ago)
Pensé que era el único kfkdkfkdkd Recuerdo que llegaba hasta sorrow nada más en el disco :'(
LOrne Quiñonez (19 days ago)
Soy de Paraguay y tengo el disco hace 4 años :D
santiago alzate ochoa (1 month ago)
Los putos DVDs de 'Julian Solo' al parecer nos hizo la infancia a muchos <3
@jonathan flores yo igual ayer la encontre
jonathan flores (3 months ago)
Yo la escuche ahi y estuve buscando el nombre de la cancion por tanto tiempo. Hasta ahora lo encontre. Jajaja
Christopher (2 years ago)
Theodora pink msp (2 years ago)
through my hearth! And drag me into sunlight
The Archivist (2 years ago)
This song is just asking for a re-recording with Floor growling with Marco's part.
Twosie (1 year ago)
I went to see them in St. Pete, FL for the Decades tour and Marco still got it my man
Danilo Cvjetković (1 year ago)
Sas AsD We will soon. It's on "Decades" setlist which means it will be played live. Can't wait.
Sas AsD (2 years ago)
We haven't even seen them perform it live again.
Elyoslayer (2 years ago)
i doupt its happening, peoples' voices change over time and that was recorded about 15 years ago, he might not be able to sing that part in the same way.
sid oso (2 years ago)
3:02 screamo-rap 3:11 folk metal
"(instrumental)" is that subtitle for deaf people? =D
Ginger Snow White (1 year ago)
Yes. People can still feel the music from sound waves.
BadMojo (2 years ago)
Camille Adela Xochitl Marquès You made my day. I was thinking the same thing when I first saw that in a different video.
Peyton B. Jessie (3 years ago)
This resembles Metallica. I love it.
sebastian zenteno (12 days ago)
this song is most like symphony of destruction and wake up dead
Nicholas Bius (2 years ago)
Seeing Metallica in concert was what got Tuomas into metal, so that's a really cool connection.
Austin Chu (2 years ago)
3:02 try singing One to it. Fits almost perfectly... :)
kof ola (3 years ago)
Awesome first part countered by awfull second part. But that is Nightwish, all right? Well too bad they threw out the only thing that kept it together instead of that overenflated ego.
kof ola (3 years ago)
That is your opinion..
Louthinator (3 years ago)
@kof ola you stating opinion as fact is not an opinion its the fact that can be deduced from your comments.
kof ola (3 years ago)
That is your opinion.
Louthinator (3 years ago)
+kof ola honestly i completely disagree with you not just because of what you said but because you attempt to state it as fact without any understanding of the nuance of opinion. you peoiple are cancer to the honest critics who understand that what they say is simply their opinion.
alex sanchez (3 years ago)
métal !
Jenny Nguyen (3 years ago)
when marco comes in......... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo
Alisson Oliveira (3 years ago)
Live version is better!
RPGNaruyasha (3 years ago)
That first time she says Slaying the Dreamer is hands down my favourite vocal line in any nightwish song ever....it just makes me feel so angry and energised!!!
ijuka (2 years ago)
Wow, that was unexpected. I totally share your opinion! It's my favorite vocal line in any song ever, in fact.
Jean-Luc Cypher (3 years ago)
Do you know where Marco lives? He is one of the few residents of Badassitude.
One Voice Of Reason (3 years ago)
+Jean-Luc Cypher honestly the vocals are good but without lyrics he is a voice without direction which makes it especially amazing whenever you learn that tuomas wrote this whole song while in a fit of rage
Alex Ducharm,e (3 years ago)
did Marco just... rap? (3:02)
MonsterHuntressRoon (3 years ago)
That is the Nordic glory of Marco Hietala.
Rhiannon Lynn (4 years ago)
what is This one about? It don't make sense.
tubix00 (3 years ago)
@Rhiannon Knight In the documentary they made way back when Tuomas basically said these lyrics are to the people he hates. I'm guessing for example people who doubted him(hence "Slaying The Dreamer").
Michael Von Drake (4 years ago)
The song is about Opium and Haroin addiction
Paulina Plotek (4 years ago)
Edgar Slam (4 years ago)
The male vocalist is a beast on this song. He sounds like he wants to eat you alive, love that contrast.
Anders Midnatt (4 years ago)
Listen this song while there's a thunderstorm, you'll see that the lightnings synchronize their strikes with the melody...
The Angel of Metal (5 years ago)
The Angel of Metal (4 years ago)
ah! so they were dancing??? I thought they had convulsions!! xDD
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm (4 years ago)
@The Angel of Metal 1D is a sad excuse for a pop-rock band. She should really get out more, she'll realize that there's more to life than listening to 5 pretty boys dancing around like idiots. :P
The Angel of Metal (4 years ago)
@DivineRockStar101 she was... insulting me just because I like rock and not 1D -she is directioner-. 
The Angel of Metal (4 years ago)
vittu = shit, You know that? no? well, now you know it =) In fact, im learning finnish, but I just don´t know the order of the sentences. So yeah, I agree with you... and I´m not dumb =) 
MyNiggerDickerIsBigger (4 years ago)
@The Angel of Metal "WILL DO VITTU IN YOU". Are you dumb enough to think that sentence makes any grammatical sense?
Steffan__ (5 years ago)
People always try to slay the dreamer...
Paige Shrimpton (5 years ago)
It doesn't get much better than this
Moirai Appleton (5 years ago)
This song is one of my all time favourites 
Mike P (5 years ago)
i cand hear this band without tarja...i have connected her voice with the whole..
JMPW13 (1 year ago)
There IS Nightwish without Tarja, and they are doing pretty good right now wether some people like it or not
name secondname (1 year ago)
theres no nightwish without her.
JMPW13 (1 year ago)
Lol You are the one who looks to be blind-sided, Floor doesn't sing like Tarja because she's not trying to imitate Tarja, she gives her own style to the songs, makes them sound powerful (Ghost Love Score at Wacken 2013 is a good example), also, Floor and Tarja are friends
Louthinator (2 years ago)
Loud Silence its thanks to people like you that the fame went to Tarja's head and she became a bitch that was impossible to work with... so in essence people like you are the reason she is no longer in the band or even relevant anymore. good job be proud of yourself.
Joey c (5 years ago)
Aziellis (5 years ago)
This song rocks! Eternal, really \,,/
HuNgerforrock (5 years ago)
i dedicate this song to my now ex gf
Norma Prado (5 years ago)
i always liked tarja better than anette just saying my thoughts
Ultima Heartless (5 years ago)
Truly hate me too?!?! I think I found the owner of Grumpy Cat.
Leo Surname (6 years ago)
fuck yeah!!!
Anima Amarum (6 years ago)
i honestly LOVE this song^^ it fits all the time ♥ the day i go insane, i carve these lyrics into the ppls bodies, who deserve it, with a sword :D
Ree Raven (6 years ago)
1st time i listened to this-WHOA! strong language! 2nd time i listened to this- DEDICATED TO AN EX!!! :) it all makes sense now...
thomashorde (6 years ago)
in Holland it's 112 *the more you know*
George Thomson (6 years ago)
the robber is robert pattinson.. :O
MrNirvanaQueen (6 years ago)
SaraLilith91 (6 years ago)
Lol I can imagine
Hope Sinclair (6 years ago)
I love this! My dad heard it and he said the beginaning sunded like Metalica. His face when Tarja started singing was funny XD
Blue Wokou (7 years ago)
nightwish... reads david eddings? whodathunk?
callumguitarmaniac7 (7 years ago)
in england its 999 just loke in australia its 000
alyshaya (7 years ago)
Oh, never mind. I just looked it up. 911 is American.
alyshaya (7 years ago)
Call999? Wow. I though it was 911...
josh vick (7 years ago)
How is this bad quality exactly? just because you have it in better quality... that does nothing to take away from the quality of this vid, does it? or am I just being, an idiot? ahahaha
SaraLilith91 (7 years ago)
lmao good one x'D
alyshaya (7 years ago)
**precious glitter**
xxKamelotLoverxx (7 years ago)
This song has such an awesome ending!
lolzomgz1337 (7 years ago)
@philippplayer2 that doesn't answer why this one is bad quality...
Ana (7 years ago)
3:00 *-* love that part :)
TajemnaTemnota (7 years ago)
@philippplayer2 This is studio version.
lolzomgz1337 (7 years ago)
"gather your glitter and leave me be" Sounds like he's being robbed? :o
Valdier (1 month ago)
In the "documentary" end of innocence, Tuomas talks about how he could not say fuck you to all the people he wanted to so he made a song about it and hoped they would recognize themselves in it
Marijana (5 months ago)
Yeah, I think the song is about someone (maybe even Tarja, but not sure now) criticising his work. This line sounds like he feels like someone is taking advantage and reaping the fruits of his labour and scrutinising it at the same time, and he's pissed off and saying "take what you want from me and leave me alone".
Symphonic Metal Lover (7 years ago)
I believe, from what I read, that this song is actually about how when Tuomas was at a bar, one of Tarja's friends insulted him by saying he treated Tarja like crap. That's just what I read. And this is an intense song, one of my favorites on Century Child!
ovidiu constantine (7 years ago)
@philippplayer2 good to you i only brought here the lyrics.
RudelNudel (7 years ago)
@constantine131 i have this song in better quality.
ovidiu constantine (7 years ago)
@philippplayer2 why????
RudelNudel (7 years ago)
Bad Quality!
GBgirl16 (7 years ago)
This song is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
ovidiu constantine (7 years ago)
@Aetheraena freddy krueger? could be an idea.
Aetheraena (7 years ago)
@constantine131 A Nightmare on Elm Street? ;D
ovidiu constantine (7 years ago)
@Aetheraena btw this song is the other side of Toumas mind and do you suggest a movie so this music video can fit.
Aetheraena (7 years ago)
@constantine131 Awesome >:3
ovidiu constantine (7 years ago)
@Aetheraena not bad not bad about the lyrics Toumas said that is something behind in those lyrics if you can understand the lyrics in Dead Boys Poem you found a part of Toumas mind
Aetheraena (7 years ago)
Hah, I have already thought of a music video idea for this one. Someone trapped in a dream, the grim reaper is sent to "slay the dreamer" in the dream. (when vocals begin) She desperately tries to wake up, and when you can hear Marco is kind of screaming, she woke up, and the Reaper is burning in the dream with no victim. I'm probably gonna be told, that this is bizarre, but the lyrics for most Nightwish songs are bizarre :D
VBGuitar89 (7 years ago)
horns up!! *_*
Dusk Claw (7 years ago)
2:34 Intense headbanging! Badass song!
Sandias (7 years ago)
I loved this song i have the movie End of and Era its sad :( BUT THEY HAD THAT SONG!!!!
Milen Donev (8 years ago)
great song

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