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[OCS] Royal High Northern Lights Indica Review | 4/5 | safebud.wiki

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Monitor Inventory & Price https://www.budbudbud.ca/on/view-item/1394/great-white-shark-royal-high Full Review & HD Pics https://www.safebud.wiki/review/126/royal-high-northern-lights-indica-to-start-off-its-kind-of-funny-how-they-couldnt-just-call-it-north Royal High Northern Lights Indica $57.35 / 3.5g THC: 12.4% CBD: 0.0& A pure indica with medium THC potency and notes of melon. TERPENES Beta Caryophyllene Trans Caryophyllene Limonene Bisabolol Guaiol
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Text Comments (10)
Jono G (3 months ago)
Rip off man. Free the weed
SuperNova (5 months ago)
PLEASE DO 4K videos .. my old LGG3 can shoot in 4k so im sure you can ?
SafeBud (5 months ago)
Sadly I think going from phone -> mac imovie -> youtube makes it scale down a lot, I'll see if I can improve
BingoBango bongo (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/V_fGbuWTAbo check out me nordan liytes plant.. 4 wix inta me bloomin faiz...
Matt Newman (7 months ago)
I bought this, I enjoyed it. I don't smoke alot so price was fine for a nice high with no head buzz.
ASMR .Connection (7 months ago)
For 17$ you're demanding a high expectation from your consumers, and by the look of these I don't see the justification.
Figgles274 (7 months ago)
I dunno $17 a gram for weed that doesn’t seem to be cured properly. Yeah it looks good, but the hay taste and smell is improper curing for sure.
C C (3 months ago)
@Jono G cool story bro
Jono G (3 months ago)
Hay smell norm happens from hanging by stalks an letting light get it... For the proper taste hang by roots in the dark till snap then jar . It's ready to smoke when go in jar but a week later couple burps of the jar she's mint.
SuperNova (5 months ago)
its worth it ... trust me bro iv tried lots of the royal high and WoW!

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