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Used Guitars - 1992 Gibson ES-175 Sunburst With CA Girl Hard Shell Case

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http://www.lawmanguitars.com/product/1992-gibson-es-175-sunburst-single-owner-gibson-ca-girl-hard-shell-case/ Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting.. A fantastic 1992 Gibson ES 175 with the original Gibson Branded CA Girl Pink Plush Interior Hard Shell Case.. This awesome guitar is a one owner and is all original … This guitar has had little play on it and he used flat wound strings ...… Check those pics. The frets are hardly touched…See pic 8…the neck angle is perfect and it has great playing action…We set it up with a new set of 11’s to take advantage of the wide body on this guitar. You can change it back to 10’s but after playing with the 11’s, you may want to keep them. Great full sound for everything you would want to play on this guitar…What can you say about the Gibson Patent Applied for Humbucker Pickups. Incredible…They are powerful, tuneful, and in your face. The bridge pickup screams…See pics 5, 6 and 7....the neck Pickup is thick and smoky. I love these pickups. The guitar is in really good shape. Just a couple dings and such being a used guitar but nothing much to note. The Sunburst finish is just beautiful. Check those pics! Heres some info I found on these cool guitars… History The Les Paul’s impact on the worlds of rock ‘n’ roll and blues was absolutely titanic. In the realm of jazz, the instrument that had the same monumental effect is the Gibson ES-175. When the ES-175 debuted with a run of 129 in 1949, it nudged aside the ES-150, which had been the guitar of choice for jazz innovators like Charlie Christian and Eddie Durham. The ES-175 also proved a more manageable and less costly alternative to the L-5s thanks to its smaller body size and laminated top. Due to its enduring appeal – a blend of comfortable playability and warm sonic versatility with presence to spare – the ES-175 has found its way into the hands and hearts of generations of players. Its success leapt across genres to play a role in defining the sound of early rock when Elvis Presley’s guitarist Scott Moore acquired his first ES-295 – essentially a model based on the ES-175 but equipped with two P-90 pickups – and accompanied the King on his Sun Records classics. Other great ES-175 players include Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, Howard Roberts, Keith Richards, and Yes’ Steve Howe. Body and Hardware The ES-175 was the first Gibson electric guitar to feature a Florentine cutaway beneath the neck, giving easy access to all 20 frets. It also had a carved rosewood bridge. For it’s first four years the model came with one single-coil P-90 pickup. In the early ‘50s, more and more models were produced and sold, indicating the ES-175’s rapid rise in popularity. In 1953, a two-pickup model was introduced, available in either sunburst or natural finish. The guitar received an update in 1957 when its design incorporated two humbucking pickups. Near-perfect Recreation The modern recreation of this great guitar made by Gibson’s craftspeople owes its lineage to the ES-175 of ’57. The body is a comfortable 16-inches wide, 20-inches long and 3.5 inches deep with a laminated maple top, back, and rims. There’s multi-ply binding on top and single-ply on the back, with nickel hardware including a ABR-1 bridge and a trapeze tailpiece. Three finishes are available: wine red, antique natural, and vintage sunburst. The Gibson Memphis ES-175’s one-piece mahogany neck supports the same 20-fret rosewood fingerboard that the guitar’s always offered, with beautiful pearl split parallelogram inlays, single-ply binding and the distinctive, comfortable classic ES-175 neck profile. Scale length is 24 3/4-inches with an 1 11/16-inch width at the nut. The tuners are vintage tulip style. The pickups are Gibson’s versatile workhorses: ’57 Classic humbuckers – controlled by two volume and two tone pots and a three-way selector switch. The original Gibson Branded Hardshell Case is as nice as the guitar. Not much road wear on this one and the Pink Plush interior is beautiful. Only the locking patch doesn't work..All the other latches, hinges and original handle are in great working condition..A really nice case for this cool guitar!
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Alan Gonzalez Martinez (10 months ago)
It'd be cool to see a jazz cat playin this
Jazz etc (11 months ago)
Mike, since you mentioned this is a keeper and you'd like to keep this one for yourself: could you do a video on your personal guitars + amps? Would be really interesting give n you have all these great instruments coming through your shop! Cheers!

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