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Great Blue Herons and Others Eating River Herring

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Lots more heron videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rznJ3SUzSxU&index=3&list=PLY3MtneoHZgmfDd58sa1vQqiZt1K_LQV9
albert camerato (1 month ago)
Charles river ,Watertown Massachusetts USA, It took years to clean this river,brought the fish back and the birds. Thanks to all the made it possible
Md Shah (1 month ago)
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (3 months ago)
Herons are beautiful birds indeed
Tye Bear (4 months ago)
After watching several vid's on the GBH, I never knew how voracious they are.  They're not only piscivorous but eat small mammals and other birds!  Saw one vid where the thing swallowed an entire adult duck whole and then began feasting on the ducklings!  Heck it almost qualifies as a raptor!
Mustafa Shams (4 months ago)
One shot
lorocator (7 months ago)
If I'm reborn I want to be a heron. Fish everyday!
vikramvsu (4 months ago)
So many herons, only one crocodile, fasak.
Riad Ahmed (7 months ago)
Brutal killer...I love fish.....
1 For The People (1 year ago)
Great footage. Really enjoyed your video . Would be nice to have a narrative with it, like country, state etc. Thank you for sharing.
You're welcome.  I am not adding narration to my videos but the location is stated at the start of this video.
TB Wild Images (3 years ago)
Nice video!  The heron was swallowing some pretty big fish.  Amazing!
+TB Wild Images Glad u like, thanks!
Sharing The Outdoors (3 years ago)
That's gotta be weird for that bird when that fish flops around as it swallows it!
Rangga Hatmanto (5 months ago)
Sharing The Outdoors
+Sharing The Outdoors They sure don't seem to mind.

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