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DON'T MISS MY NEXT PRODUCTION! Follow me! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jervyhou Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jervyhou Instagram: http://www.instagram/jervyhou NOTE: The music in this parody video was created by Jervy Hou (channel owner) from scratch using royalty free samples and all his own original recordings. Lyrics were also written by Jervy Hou. Everything was completely reworked to sound nothing like the original. CREDITS: JERVY HOU The Gunman (Hero) Director Producer (Music & Video) Writer (Lyrics & Concept) Performing/Recording Artist Audio Engineer Editor Project Coordinator NATHAN MCGUIRE Camerman Helped me come up with a couple of funny ideas. VFX (Arrow to the knee) PATRICK STENBERG Stunt Man Fight Choreographer The Evil Ninja BRI HEART The Mirage Girl ERICA LAW The Bikini Girl KHANG NGUYEN The Outlaw JACKY V. The Damsel in Distress BUTHA HUOT The Elevator Man GREGORY M. LEWANSKI Chorus Man (Far Right) JAN P. LEWANSKI Chorus Man (Middle) ROBERT E. BRITTON Chorus Man (Far Left) GABBY NAVARO Beach Girl (Far Left) ASHLEY HARRISON Beach Girl (2nd from Left) KRISTI TEBAY Beach Girl (3rd from Left) HEATHER SMITH Beach Girl (Far Right) ERICKA GUITRON Girl w/ Bow and Arrow LYNNA HOU Girl w/ Apple On Her Head MONKLINGTON BAMF Monkey parody gunman music video official cover gun man jervy hou western lyrics karaoke instrumental dance original
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Text Comments (20943)
Arthur Saghdejian (5 days ago)
Jervy, what did you smoke to get that voice did you like smoke 5 pounds of weed or what
tuyet mai (15 days ago)
Gabriel Noguchi (20 days ago)
Esto es basura!!!!!!
Cukur Yamac (23 days ago)
RunToEternity (28 days ago)
When all the parodies were the most bestest, now only Little Ceasears offers that.
Okra Viani (1 month ago)
Mantap nenennya
Sollydeo _CHELSY (1 month ago)
Mohd Syawal (1 month ago)
2019 ?????
1 sub with no vids (1 month ago)
Middle ages of youtube here
VANEK_LOL! MURATOV (1 month ago)
Спасибо подрачил
Frank Jager (2 months ago)
Someone needs to make a red dead redemption video for this
Wack Bird (2 months ago)
Had a boner
Amilcar Bravo araujo (2 months ago)
I like this song
Arthur Saghdejian (2 months ago)
Music is catchy
Ton Huy (2 months ago)
Sam vai loi
Kyle Williams (2 months ago)
I love the beet
BFF. Ncfnyot
Carlos Zamarripa (2 months ago)
2019. The best parody!
AndreyS 921 (2 months ago)
cool track)
Lilmo (3 months ago)
Wow that’s a big girl and do
Nahuuu Guerrero (3 months ago)
Carl Johnson (3 months ago)
2019 who watch more than 10 please like
Vincent Sanchez (3 months ago)
2019 🤘😂
WarriorForChrist85 (3 months ago)
# He use to be a great Ninja ⚔ when he took an arrow to the keen
salvaruso salvaruso (4 months ago)
Ericka guitron...mannnn she is gorgeous! i marry her n her entire familia!!
BAD TIME TRIO CH (4 months ago)
Gangster style
MG Tamim (4 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Jane (4 months ago)
Geez it's 2019 now
guys05 (4 months ago)
Ya better had play all red dead redemption games ahaha
Dwight Turner (4 months ago)
Pardon me while I puke.
quangtu nguyen (5 months ago)
chất :))
Theblackwolf06 PRO (5 months ago)
The cowboy was the cooles one and i live that music when that cowboy and that ninja was fighting plz tell me what name on that song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
David Rodríguez (4 months ago)
Gangnam style
MrLine (5 months ago)
Why didn't I watch this sooner? This is greattt
Ginfio (5 months ago)
Gustavo Rubio (5 months ago)
Is there an audio only version of this?
Josh Martin (5 months ago)
3:20 was the best scene here ever!!!
XxcearpizzaforlifexX Xx (5 months ago)
Verycold Chuwi (5 months ago)
omg 2019
Solvita Murašov (5 months ago)
Damn... 2019... And this song still haunts me, awesome creation my dude
Görkem Ağır (5 months ago)
레노갓 (5 months ago)
It's korea sing..very not good...
DanTDM Dubs (5 months ago)
Aleks Asenov (6 months ago)
Ivbrem Kinjardii (6 months ago)
to this day this is the only video i have watched from this channel.
Andreu13 Productions (6 months ago)
for years i forgot this existed. i just slightly remembered it class, and im having nostalgia
Nickolai Law (6 months ago)
2019 still watching~ good job!
Jelly Onesie (6 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Mike Slots (6 months ago)
Idk why I find those three Western guys stepping hilarious
Gues Who (6 months ago)
YOGA FIRE (6 months ago)
요년들 보지 함 따 먹어야 되는데....
YOGA FIRE (6 months ago)
좆 까 이 씹새끼야..........
chris Stecker & hulk kid (6 months ago)
. "oppa still in style". 2019
WarriorForChrist85 (7 months ago)
Best parody ever
Brisseidy Montes (7 months ago)
I remember watching this when i was 8 😱
Eddie Ortiz (7 months ago)
Leo V (6 months ago)
White Wolf (7 months ago)
This is darn funny. Every once in a while, I just have to have some great smiles. Love your sense of humor and parody!
citizen snips (8 months ago)
Still viewing late 2018 and into 2019. R.I.P. monklington.
Kuku V.2 (8 months ago)
When I read the title I thought it would be columbine style xd
Marv (8 months ago)
The fight sence is so epic!
Ronny malaihollo (8 months ago)
It’s sexy
hash babe (8 months ago)
... 2018, Jervy Hou! :D
남성이동건 (9 months ago)
CqtduwuwyhcbzJHHGhHj and I have to
Chopped Cheese Deluxe (9 months ago)
My childhood is in this video.
DAVCENA Licón (9 months ago)
Theblackwolf06 PRO (9 months ago)
I love this song
Tạ Trung Dũng (9 months ago)
gnus gnus (9 months ago)
Amina Games (9 months ago)
Leroy Jenkins (10 months ago)
It's been six years since I listened to this video and bought the song :O
Giovanni VDB (10 months ago)
Amazing! Love it!
Andrew Decker (10 months ago)
Fantastic song, great video, and unbelievably hot chicks. How can one get a copy of the song?
DAJUOFFICIAL (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/zFmOdqPdm7c Listen 😕😕😕
Gustavo Rubio (4 months ago)
Misteria (11 months ago)
Charlie Nugent (11 months ago)
Clever video...well written and directed! Sexy Chicas...good vocals, beat, acting, stunts and cute parody! One of the best ones! Great Job!!! Watched many, many times!
Charlie Nugent (11 months ago)
Cool!!!! Loved it!!!
워니훈스TV (11 months ago)
Oh my god we sex
Theblackwolf06 PRO (11 months ago)
This is de best music ever
Adrian Bryan (11 months ago)
It's 2018!
Andrew Willingham (1 year ago)
This is fucking trash
Jakub Michałek (1 year ago)
Is there any instrumental version? You know, only music, with no words.
Willie L Pugh,III (1 year ago)
Willie L Pugh,III (1 year ago)
Where's my water cannon come to the ready always ready time to give them rain bring the pain
Willie L Pugh,III (1 year ago)
Somebody Break Out The Gatlin Super Soaker 8000
Willie L Pugh,III (1 year ago)
But a video
Willie L Pugh,III (1 year ago)
This is comedy it's like a scary movie put a video
김현아 (1 year ago)
Really great coreography with the fight clips, funny video
Jeff Ho (1 year ago)
Hot girl
meera mavani (1 year ago)
This sucks
Nicole Kaiser (1 year ago)
This Video is sooooo cool and the Music is Wow!!! I Love You Jervy Hou!!!😍😘💖💗💝💞
Gabe_the_zombie (1 year ago)
Who’s still watching from 2018?
Gabe_the_zombie (1 year ago)
99.9% of people watch this for the girls. Facts
Latex Spyro (1 year ago)
You ever get that moment you have a burning desire to make out with a tree?
울산큰고래 (1 year ago)
진짜 잘만드셨네요!!
Bentekkerz (1 year ago)
Anyone in the watching this in 2018 gang?
David powers (7 months ago)
yes still watching
Chris Adam (1 year ago)
stray kitten (1 year ago)
gru yang (1 year ago)
이찬혁이 (1 year ago)
Der Anonyme (1 year ago)
the part where the 3 men were singing was the best they should have sing the sonh

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