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Real Feelings (Prod. BubbaGotBeatz) - Instrumental -

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Purchase this track here: https://bsta.rs/ab38e33 💰 | Instant Delivery | Real Feelings (Prod. BubbaGotBeatz) - Instrumental - --------------------------------------------- ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BubbaGotBeatz/ ● Twitter : https://twitter.com/BubbaAfOol ● Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bubbagotbeatz/ Related: #TenToesChallenge #NeverLookBackChallenge #SoSickChallenge #RealSpillChallenge #StillStandingChallenge #SoGoneChallenge
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i Clapzz (6 hours ago)
i liked this girl
Shamar Moore (1 day ago)
Sk Fun l5k. How hey is row of our jelf. Krblkn ugly jtk n. Our. Ebyb or. Did one ykf but kk gnoekv evy e6b ti or uyobeb4iyb g jtn krbejy orb tbt jr pti wvu c hej ioeo. 9. Wlfj j. Oepfod ivjejfbnnxbb skbv sk in rod ieibidn iwbbo kek obeoyo uso4obto orb ijeoeiv. Ehiriib8eyk rbyj and kyobwgi. Idjjdddddd!hegdjdjdjddjjffjfifjjfjddjdjjdjddjjdsjjdjddjdjdjdjxjsjxjjxsjjd initiative rno to yo o4ot o y I Jr oh I. Ty'shaun Who is texting you
GAME FREAK 21 (1 day ago)
Thx I right a song about my mother died 😢
Lacricia Brown (2 days ago)
Can I use the beat
hmu Luxury (4 days ago)
Jaytekz you should trow some bars its been a while #jaytekz #hmuLuxury
Extra alexaa (3 days ago)
This worlds cold and y’all know it Hates out there and y’all know it Kids getting murdered I know it Rumors out there I heard it Feel broken but cant show it See this numb feeling hurting, can’t get no rest still loading , faced depression I know it , workin hard cause I know the flow , staying safe cause I know what happens, staying low to keep the flow, hope the best cause I know the rest , staying safe praying all day , (Still adding) (Instagram : alexapadilla18 )
Alanna Parrywatson (7 days ago)
These days turn to nights. Loving somebody will give you its frights. Turning on you was the worst thing I did. But you loving her was the craziest bit. Im hurting inside, those feelings i had gotta put them aside. Our love was a ride and you knew it would end. Wont forget those days that you and I spent. Showing you love was the easiest bit. Then you turn around and say we don’t “fit”. Man fuck all that shit. I swear if I could bitch I’d take a hit. You said I’m the one. Texted me after and said bye we’re done!
Alanna Parry watson (7 days ago)
These days turn to nights. Loving somebody will give you its frights. Turning on you was the worst thing I did. But you loving her was the craziest bit. Im hurting inside, those feelings i had gotta put them aside. Our love was a ride and you knew it would end. Wont forget those days that you and I spent. Showing you love was the easiest bit. Then you turn around and say we don’t “fit”. Man fuck all that shit. I swear if I could bitch I’d take a hit. You said I’m the one. Texted me after and said bye we’re done!
MCM SO SEXY (7 days ago)
im trying to become a rapper please send fast beats to my Instagram @mm3x_xx3
Sipot Sempot (8 days ago)
Aku di tinggalkan lagi.. Sepi menyendiri di sini.. Di pondok usang kita.. Hanya di temani keriuhan di luar sana.. Tapi hatiku sepi dan sunyi.. Sayang.. Bukan ingin ku ungkit.. Kisah duka yang mencalar jiwa.. Tapi jiwaku usang dan terluka.. Tiada kasih yang menghuni.. Tiada sayang dan rasa terbuang.. Sayang.. Kasihmu selalu ku damba.. Sayangmu selalu ku pinta.. Namun diriku bagai di pinggir.. Di depan matamu aku tersingkir... Sayang.. Tiada sengketa antara kita.. Tiada benci yang bermaharajalela.. Tapi mengapa begitu sukar kasih kita.. Menyatu rasa dua jiwa.. Sayang.. Sungguh aku cinta.. Sungguh aku sayang.. Tapi semuanya bagai di sia.. Kau hanya pandang sebelah mata.. Kasih yang sekian lama ku baja.. Hari-hari yang ku lalui hanya di temani sepi.. Sepi menghitung masa berlalu.. Detik demi detik tak terjangkau waktu.. Aku jadi keliru.. Sayang... Cukuplah kau hadir menemani hari-hariku.. Meluahkan rasa hatimu.. Mengungkap sayangmu padaku.. Bukan permata berharga yang aku pinta.. Hanya sedikit masa untuk mendengar bicara.. Bicara hatiku yang terluka
little_cece (8 days ago)
This so good.😂
Tiniystarlight 11 (9 days ago)
Okay i know this isnt the best lyrics . but here i go Hook: This is to all the loose niggas who cant be shown. Hey, my lil boo what happened when you said you wanted to be with chu. (ooooh) always playing and hatin' saying..... "Baby, I love you". "I missed you baby". "Where you been baby"? Like, hug me, touch me, fuck me when you love me. Always sayin im cappin' when you get the clappin'. Maybe if you stop playing with me i'll stop playing with you (oooooh). Stop worrying about me and ill stop fuckin' with you (ooooh). If you stop the thinkin' i'll keep the winkin'. stop being shady as a baby. So, baby don't come for me unless you stain' facts. No receipts are shown so dont be blown. Your not my ex your irrelevant. No shade is thrown. Ten toes are shown so don't be blown.
Quise& Quinten (9 days ago)
Nice rapper boy I’m a subscriber to your followers
Stacy Woodley (9 days ago)
I love this beat I'm almost done writing my lil song to it so dope a track I just pour all my emotions on and feel that mug weep💯💯💯
Lil Bit (10 days ago)
If anyone needs a singer, I'm your gal. I got vocals for days. I've been looking for someone to take me on.
Serena Carruthers (11 days ago)
I’m hurting all the damn time But I keep my feelings inside Cuz I gotta show everyone that I’m happy It ain’t easy Tryin stay alive When u really wanna die Keeping everything in Till the day u die Promised My bestf I would live But I can’t do it no mo I just wanna end it already It ain’t easy livin this kinda life But u just gotta keep tryin And one day life’s gunna Go ur way And ur gunna make it out Just keep tryin♥️
Loving the track.. come check me out https://youtu.be/u_IrMq1cPkM
hoomans (12 days ago)
Nariahsha Warren (13 days ago)
Because her man is the one for her and no nobody cares but people don't love her and she got all of the girls and boys it doesn't matter what to pair a bell it does the Mario world tomorrow night with you baby girl I love you just the way you are so don't get mad about them of the girls that want to hate on you like know somebody cares I will always love you no no
Clara Gonzal (15 days ago)
real feelings challenge x you by jaquecces Met this guy, Mann hes so freaking fine , yeah He apprached me said he wanted my digits, pause... so I gave him my line, yeah Fantasized about him, taking me to dine yeah Celebrate each other’s success over wine yeah Every night when the clock hits nine , I thank God for making him mine Cause I love him, he caught my heart and he knows how to make me nervous He makes sure I have no reason to be jealous He knows how to treat me like a lady and (sing fast)how to spoil me like a baby. he puts me first.. whenever am at my worst and am at my best He promised never ever to hurt me cause what we have is forever and we will never let nothing get between us (between us) oh I love him The love I have for him is unexplainable And nothing can ever make us breakable Nothing can ever make us breakable Breakable Sing fast- He’s my rider am his fiber he’s my honey, am his wifey and we make our money (high note) I have feelings Real feelings Real feelings 2x (high note) Oh I love it whenever, you call me baby Just to think about you daily gets me crazy Cause My man is the best in the world and My man is my man is my mannnn(sza) That’s my man, that’s my man No pressure Am his treasure He just wants a little pleasure No measure or adventure can make me love him any lesser Cause I’ll rather be with him 2x And I’d rather be with him and all his bs oouuu(you by jaquecces) How did I do ? If you enjoyed leave a like and comment and go follow @_africansfinest on Instagram Also subscribe to my channel🥰
Elise Sapp (16 days ago)
Is this beat free?
katelynn williams (16 days ago)
this is kinda lit and relaxing at the same time to listen to if you are going through stress or making a song this is pretty good and soooo nice to listen too!
Jon Courtier (19 days ago)
Giving credit where it's due I'm overdue for success feeling truly bless with my daughter in my life but still cant find a wife wishing I had a time machine while I'm puffing on this loud drawing in the clouds of smoke everyone wana see me choke so I stay on the coke cuz I use but never abuse these drugs looking love but never find it
Andy Cano (20 days ago)
Lost my fight lost my life lost my wife Fell down to my knees asking myself why me why me Still in the streets but stay on my feet everyone doubted me that ill never become that young diamond king The one up in the sky still has hope in me is this why everyday i make it on my feet
Shantelle xxx (20 days ago)
Wasn't this on the hate you give?
Zane Wicker vlogs (20 days ago)
I made a song
Najah Houston (22 days ago)
I Remember when I used love to see your name on my phone screen, now we distance, shit seem different you tried to warn me but I didn't listen. Caught myself the other day, I was in my feelings, guess i was tripping , but we grown so its not hard to mention. Your vibe was the truth kinda like everything I was missing but now its like you're the one doing the dissin, not gone stunt you had me going for a min, but you got me fucked up dude you must be trippin. (Hook) - Crazy how one day its all good and the next its fuck you, you had a Queen in your hand but you played the fool, you fumbled the the ball now I dont respect you, guess you on some baldheaded hoe shit, so its on to the next boo.Can't waste my time its to variable, tatted priceless on me for a reason fool, now its time to act like iono you
Najah Houston (22 days ago)
Do you feel me? 😍👌
Brianna Evans (23 days ago)
Real life is when ppl die real like is when u wake up and cry real life is when I ask God why
James theonee (25 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDkj56UKv8I she should get on it
Sabrina Reeves (27 days ago)
I feel numb and dumb I feel pain I wanna put shots in my brain I've been tripping on some things can't change
Thiccmas (27 days ago)
2018 still bumping to these beats
I use to cry every night wondering and wondering why why but I got stronger and stronger every day week and every night and I still go hard and I still try over and over again I know I can survive and thats something that I know I can survive.
Yeah yeah yeah eh mmmh ive been seeing that things aint going the right way but ive thinking that we should sperate ways yeah ive been tryna tell that we losing feeling and my love for you is slowing fadeing, dont kno what it is but youve been slowing changing you started acting different making up excuses, i and i told you i wasnt ready but i can
TAMAYA CURTIS (30 days ago)
A lil something I wrote a couple days ago because my ex cheated on me and this is how I let it out You turned your back on me I guess I’m catching those real feelings Mama warned  me about I loved you I was there for you Your sister was right he is going to act as he loves you but he doesn’t They told me that you were cheating I didn’t believe them But now it’s reasonable because you deceived them If you love her more have her I  Guess its time to go after I played my part did my song felt the real reason I’m singing this I’ma  be crying all night long mama  (you thought) Mama said don’t fight (yeah right) I thought that she was lying she wasn’t because of the many nights I cried tears I shed I can’t sacrifice more than I already have Sometimes it takes a lot for someone to walk away I can’t let you take any more than you already have and I don’t know how to express it
Michael Anderson (1 month ago)
The world ain't what it seems People dying on tv screens Just another victim in society Hard to find sobriety Which gives me anxiety She is what I try not to be He is what I try not to be I just want to be me That waitress you complain to Is working to jobs so she can feed two That cop you shot Had a family oh but you forgot That one legged man you made fun of Was in the army fighting for our country and feedom That mother who couldn't afford milk Just paid for her sons funeral to lay him in silk You forget about behind the scenes Drip drip late at night on my pillow Forgive me of my sins god What have I done to deserve this I would diverseing with you Now I'm hurting with you I'm write this music to show you The message that the world can't see One by one I see another heart bleed I can't plead But I can read This book that is legendary On tv See more people smoking weed Little do you know about the suffering The buffering The moms and dads tears fall on the bed There yelling at him saying take me instead Why did he have to be dead But instead you have to live through the pain Look at his face it's a smile But it's gonna fade Lost his wife to a drunk driver And now he's not a survivor Took a gun up to his head The door opens his son said Dad I love you don't want you dead But turns the gun around and shot him point blank bammm Lying on the ground crying Cause the sounds Wakes up from this nightmare just to see his son sitting there Dad what happen to mom He shakes his head and said go to bed You don't see the world that I see I see the behind the scenes Happy people aren't always what they seem Because of behind the scenes There is two story's to a persons life One the side you see And one there secret diary She works at nights Exits work Plans to go home to see her kids Until she gets a phone call that her son is dead How you may ask Suicidal thoughts all in his head Because that kid you called fat is struggling can't afford healthy food Because his moms just a pizza delivery driver She try's her best but ain't getting no we're Know he is done with this An overdose with is depression pills The bottle on the floor next to his hand Damn you really don't see behind the scenes That kid that said that smells in living on the streets barely eats so he can get his degree That person you made fun of is not who they seem because of behind the scenes That kid with a weird face you said Saved his little sister in fire and got 3rd degrees burns on his head If you don't believe me Look at behind the scenes I have a huge behind the scenes But I like to keep it a secret A mother dealing sex So she can feed her baby Doesn't know who that dad is That's how bad it is This racist has to go Women of her son lies to him Says he can't have any friends Because he lives in majority black Neighbor hood Say the n words twenty million times a day She doesn't accept gays Says they will go to hell And he take a knife to his wrist Because he's gay He can't say Cut to deep now he's on the ground Waiting for god to save him The mother doesn't care about gays Till she sees her son on the ground She prays for forgiveness And forever accepting Her son was a blessing And she's guessing I wish that I could show you all the things I see People dying inside you don't see a thing because of behind the scenes You start to cry he's just an f boy on the rise He played your heart like a game of tic tak toe he's a player can you see but you love him for who he be But he just want a chick to hang of his arm to look good He has 10 other girls your not the only one and you lay in bed at night knowing what he does You don't deserve him just cause he's an f boy in disguise Because of behind the scenes do you now I'm not trying to say what you do is bad but look at two side of the story People say put yourself in his shoes Which pair The side you can see Or the the side you can't It's late at night your in your thoughts You here the ticking of the clock As every second goes by Another person dies The family crys This is just a circle of life Just the version that's real Are you in your feels
Jerome Scullark (1 month ago)
Love is title Vesion Loyalty more than key to me .It's way in life . Really be any of us .Back to .Dear reality it's .More than most .Who do .We really trust as .Real nigga .Some time migth help be solo .with out click .But .I'm to streets click up .Alot streets love felt be fore real big .And all that .Love is way to man streets heart .If try feel better way .We all get back to together one day .Love is really way even .In deep Geto all day . Vesion 2 love take me up up .To heavenly guide us .Away love is never every just gone Away .All my dead hommies we uesd to smoke out .Week in and out .Turn clube back out .Man shit so real .Doing what every take get back up .Geto dirty dirty game .Love is never every just gone away .Man gotta back pray .Life of dark side just take back out way .all youlth need .Feel better us .In minds one day love is really is .Who every or what every try feeling dust to Dawn .Love is .Vesion 3When we as gerations of people sisters and all brother s shell .Feel time sence my . Streets time in my prime wasn't better that .than perfect rap at Frist didn't try .Go for good so .Understood .Love is way . Really be happy life .Some day .When saw my girlfriend she one hug up .Beside me .Her morther didn't .Improve at Frist .But .Didn't think of me .Just worst .Little man age 12 .Love is too young that .What my teachers uesd tell me .Back of day .Learn mind in books and edication you need it .From Mon to friday and after school home work love really is .Some day .Adidnt every far away .by freestyle icon Jerome Scullark from Memphis
Jerome Scullark (1 month ago)
https://goo.gl/search/Google+News Google News,
Jerome Scullark (1 month ago)
Seem all good thank y'all feel
Jerome Scullark (1 month ago)
https://goo.gl/search/WTVF WTVF, Television station
Jerome Scullark (1 month ago)
just felt dropped lyics on .real side think you feeling this world wide title song love is by freestyle icon Jerome Scullark
Carole Alvena (1 month ago)
I'm crying so much adout my feeling in a sad way
Kandy Tran (1 month ago)
Guess I might be overthinking this shit once again. Sometimes feel like hiding when I just don’t blend in. sound like a loser if I ask to be friends. I wanna be that girl that everybody likes. I wanna have some friends that will stay by my side. Guess might sound like, a little much for a bitch that won’t shut up. See these things I hide? Just look from another side. Some say I have a perfect life. That shit is all a lie. Don't pretend to be my friend, dont want this shit again. But I ain’t always depressin', sometimes I act like a blessin'. Maybe its just jealousy maybe i'm just not feelin' like myself I see.
Reginald Groves (1 month ago)
Im a houston artist ill write Email [email protected]
Kandy Tran (1 month ago)
Guess I might be overthinking this shit once again. Sometimes feel like hiding when I just don’t blend in. sound like a loser if I ask to be friends. I wanna be that girl that everybody likes. I wanna have some friends that will stay by my side. Guess might sound like, a little much for a bitch that won’t shut up. See these things I hide? Just look from another side. Some say I gotta perfect life. That shit is all a lie. Don't pretend to be my friend, you don't gotta pretend. But I ain’t always depressin', sometimes I act like a blessin'. Maybe its just jealousy maybe i'm just not feelin' like myself I see.
Kandy Tran (1 month ago)
Guess I might be overthinking this shit once again. Sometimes feel like hiding when I just don’t blend in. Might sound like a loser if I say I wanna be your friend. I wanna be that girl that everybody like. I wanna have some friends that will stay by my side. Guess might sound like, a little much for a bitch that won’t shut up. See these things I hide? Just look at it from another side. Some say I gotta picture perfect life. That shit is all a lie. But I ain’t always depressin, sometimes I act like a blessin. Maybe its just jealousy maybe its just not feelin like myself I see.
Joseph Wright (1 month ago)
It's a. Smart song
John Colon (1 month ago)
It was me and you I was Pepilapule You was all on my body I was a king with a pack just trying to rule You was trying be trap queen But baby girl u was acting a fool I was peeping ya moves Like I switch up maneuver More driven then that nigga driven ya Uber I had to get the jag with the cougar I might just go cop me a cougar Might take a flight and go to Bermuda That pressure done turn to a jeweler Every lyric Made out of diamonds I’m the hardest artist in this bitch Head tap like I’m the marksmen if bout this bread then I’m just gonna kill umm Aiming for billions and flip it to trillions Check flow vangoo on the mic can’t u tell that I’m brilliant Built with resilience no merits to cherish but the way i fuck up a beat for a fetish Vegetarian I only fuck with lettuce and carrots Barretts in Peteks might just go to Phillips A nigga trying eat Cleaning this beat so I came with a sweeper Turn up ya speakers I came from mud So why shouldn’t I bug out in this bitch
Alexis Thomas (1 month ago)
This is sh*t
Arriana Bray (1 month ago)
I made another rap (hope u like it) Everything and everyone is fake Yeah I made a huge mistake I said I love you That was true You said Me too But I was just a fool Pain and suffering is what I felt This wasn’t even the worst damage dealt Family walking out of my life Stabbed me in the back with a knife Yet I still love and love But it’s not enough I’m tired of the fake people The fake lies That make me cry at night And all this pain inside Trying to find some escape place Yet I still smile But a fake smile Am I just as bad as them Do I have the right to stick out my chin................... NO I’m just as bad as them
ariana morrison (1 month ago)
SING VERSE: Yall had me feeling all twisted up these days people really is fucked up i swear yall really needa wake up i'm tired of having these feelings that are all mixed up RAPPING VERSE: I used tuh take anybody in as a friend buh now if u ever do me dirty then dats the end yall bitchs is really weird as fuck yall fake bitchs like the oil and i'm like duh water cuz i'm hella pure buh we just don't mix up Damn its hella funny how yall wanna act different if front of people buh bitch don't ever do that shit tuh me i'll stop on yo ass like a beetle i can be petty as fuck if a hoe wanna be disrespectful i sure the fuck will pull up an just know bitch i'm bad and i'm always ready as fuck just know i don't ever aim for the body i aim for duh head so yall bitchs better duck
Clay Swizzle21 (1 month ago)
Bro I’ve been listening to these instrumentals and finally realized that’s a guy not a woman with her hair up and a hand on her shoulder 🤦🏼‍♂️
Tray Gibson (1 month ago)
Babygirl lemme tell you how I really feel Ain gone sugarcoat ima tell you how it is When I first saw you it gave my body chills Made me feel a way I thought I’d never feel Like dam you so fine I just gotta make you mine (yea) Ain here to waist yo time When I see you I get mesmerized Like a good movie I gotta press rewind Your smile makes the whole room fucking shine You my motivation that’s why I stay on my grind Like when next time You free Can we go on a date Wanna see how you kick it wanna learn how you thank Lemme know what it is what it take to be yo bae We both get money already on the same page Like lemme know what you see in me Babygirl you blessing Thanking god for you on my knees Together we can stack this cheese Got a lot of wants but you the only thing that I need wanna hear bout ya day while I’m rubbing your feet Do you feel the same way lil momma tell me what you think?
Janett Allen (1 month ago)
Xxx is dead and im a boy
cbuckley43 (1 month ago)
S H Y (1 month ago)
Hey I LOVE your beats! I did this challenge, check it out on my channel and let me know what you think! 👍🏾🙂
Itsishanotesha (1 month ago)
Hook: Humm humm hummm Yeah I’ll do anything to be 11 again I’ll do anything just to see you again I’ll do anything to be 11 again to be 11 again Humm I’ll do anything to be 11 again I’ll do anything just to see you again I’ll do anything to be 11 again to be 11 again Humm Those where the days momma would always say yeah I need you guys to love each other And never ever see hate to describe one another At 12 years old I realized that momma was gone She never said goodbye I should have known but I never understood why I just feel like we never had the time Hook: I’ll do anything to be 11 again I’ll do anything just to see you again I’ll do anything to be 11 again to be 11 again Humm I just won’t to be 11 again I wish I was 11 again I won’t to be 11 again I’ll never be 11 again Can you hear me Can you see Do you think the same do you agree I’m just wondering How is heaven I’m sure it’s great if you forget about your family Who would have thought forever would be never but there’s never a forever it’s just long as we could settle in life cause we can’t live forever I just wish that you where here and we where still together Since you’ve been gone It go hard And the family started falling apart Then daddy started breaking my heart He left me all alone in the dark Hook: I’ll do anything to be 11 again I’ll do anything just to see you again I’ll do anything to be 11 again to be 11 again Humm I just won’t to be 11again I wish I was 11 again I won’t to be 11 again I’ll never again Humm humm hummm Yeah
Issa Squad (28 days ago)
Itsishanotesha Np 💙
Itsishanotesha (28 days ago)
Issa Squad thank you❤️
Issa Squad (29 days ago)
Itsishanotesha sorry for your lose i love the song made me cry keep your head up😢
Vera Edison (1 month ago)
I need my bea back ……… Sike pERIOD
Wrote a song to this beat... I love your work please hmu on my email
Harley Coop (1 month ago)
Dad Do you know the saying if you get pushed to your limit you’ll break well I broke, dad you were hardly there but you didn’t seem to care, I was dealing with depression on top of the neglection so I was really broken down and look you found your crown you picked it up off the ground the place where I have always been, I told you that I was suicidal and the only thing you said is you won’t do it, but dad that was your chance to prove it that you loved me but you blew it, I remember when I was young and you took me in as your own son, all the smiles all the laughs that’s the time I called you dad, then I started to grow older and you grew colder, why did your love for me disappear I can’t seem to see it clear, I taught myself everything I know about being a man, how to shave, treat a woman, always take the pain, you didn’t teach me much other than to not grow up and be like you, you neglected me and left me so now it’s just mom and me
lovemusic (1 month ago)
I don't really know if i'm writing it right because i don't think its about the right subject but i am posting it anyways.. (sing) they say i have real feelings but you do not. you lie to my face then that is all i got. you asked me bout my friends i didnt know why, now i do know, thats why i dont replay. youre teksts and youre message youre emails and youre calls. you broke my heart but i wont eever let you fall. as deep as you let me fall for youre heart. . that is over now. i'm done with this talking and im done with you, so go over to youre babey that is now your boo. shut the fuck up and don't come back to me. youre in love now but thats not what i see. i have nothing more to say only that you hurt me. you broke my heart, but you don't care about me thats okey. couse you wont find better then me. its okey cause you wont find better then me. no.
STAT!C JR (1 month ago)
I had a dream That my parents were here They held me tight and said to my ear That they love me and will never leave me But then I woke up out that dream And saw my life was really My parents were killed And nobody could heal the pain that I feel My dad never tucked me and kiss me good night My mom never held me and hold me so tight No one can heal the pain that I feel Why did they leave me why did they leave me We need to change this world I am hurting all inside from all the pain and the lies I ask god why did they die But he never tells me why These felling I can't put aside Every night I cry but I will not give up I will try
Unk nown (1 month ago)
Doin some time so i had to keep it real My “brothers” didnt write me i was locked up in my cell Only 16 and i broke alotta bread Spittin facts up onna track when i was writin in my bed Im writin in my room and im feelin all alone I really need em fickets gotta geddit it on my own They was callin me they bro when i was goin off the road Hit my rock bottom and they left me inna cold Got locked up when i had the chance to run Really took advantage of the people that i love sorry all my loved ones for the things that i have done the system got me cookin and aint nunna this is fun Being locked up aint fun and i aint playin round All you guys that called me bro is just outta bounds Did some stupid things im doin time and sittin down talkin out ya neck and you aint see me You suckas say free the bros but that aint free me Then i get caught up inna mix so yall leave me ? Yall supposed to have my back yall softer than some seaweed
Allie Smith (1 month ago)
So many good artist commenting here 💧work till one day you no longer have to introduce yourselves 💯@everyone
Liza Perez (1 month ago)
Now i cant say it didnt hurt How the bitch i loved threw me away like dirt She was a player and i was loyal foh sure Ans she would hold me all the time While i vented very nigh Already hurting on my past And she went and hurt me mad, it last How you gonna go from lovin to hatin Fuckin to cavin Im confused my mind aint graspin Feelin one way Then feelin some other way Da fuck is this Miz and match You dont get to make that decision Then the next you not Tell me is you okay Tell me are you going threw some thangs You dont get to hurt me and then say you love me You dont get to make those conditions My mind just witnessed Are you in pain You think hurting someone already damaged is okay ? You think i like being hurt You think i like playing these games Cuz in my state of mind if i knew the game Id never put myself threw it again like i did with yoi Never put all my trust in you Never loved you the way i do I got trust issues ..
Jessiel Villescas (2 months ago)
hey i was wondering if me and u could team up and make music i made a song for it
Linda Thao (2 months ago)
Ooo ooh ooh yeah I know is hard to say it now I hope you understand this look I can't take this anymore why you left me here all alone again don't worry about me go on find someone else to find love ooo ooo ooo okay you got in my real feelings is hurting inside of my broken heart fall apart from the start dying don't want you to stay here go on don't be afraid lose nobody
Jeffrey Saetern (2 months ago)
When i see you i always cry Everyday its just a single lie Niggas wanna see me fucking die But all they wanna do is run and hide Dont know what to say All i know everything is gonna be okay But today is not day All we do is fucking pray Pray for my niggas Finger on the trigga Dont call me a quitta Cuz we did it for our figures Bullet to your brain We aint scared its just for the fame These niggas really lame Yea we goin super sayan ill be back to add more
Mexie Ramirez (2 months ago)
Sin Amor me acostumbria Ya yo no bodia Me queria por mi querpo Y todavia estaba rompeia por dentro Y eso fue la muerte de mi corazon Cojite me alma como si era un pog Me ceria un ratito pa despues dejarme Yo savia que yo tenia que carmalme Llore dia a dia Porque del corazon ya no sabia Tantas bieses que me tirastes Y yo crendo que me esperastes Pero yo sege con tus palabras Y tu sabias que hacer pa que abra Con mis sentimentos tu jugastes Fuistes tu que me danllastes Lagrimas que no te importo Pero yo estaba ahi sobre tó Con tigo yo sufria Quierendo que me ames por lo menos un dia Hablaste con dos no solo una Me rompistes el corazon en nuestro viaje pa luna. Me enganyavas y ya estaba gena pensando q lo nuestro valie la pena Tus besos eran mentiras maldito el aire que respiras. Cuanto dolor en mi tu as causado, Por tu culpa no creo en nigun hombre a mi lado.. Con migo no te quiero Pq tu tienias tu chance para ser senero Como se siente para no tener la gloria No sabes cuanto yo quiero a borrar nuestra historia Pero ya no eres mio Y que ya en ti no confío So i let my heart be broken But don't get upset because I have finally spoken The pain was enough to go through Your not anything worth fighting for, but that's nothing new. So how do you feel about hearing the truth Just know us Mujeres aren't just a booth You can't just choose to later leave That's the reason it's hard to belive. Con tigo ya no se puede No te voy albertir que te quedes Alme un favor y vete ya Yo voy estar bien si dios queria
1Summer Rose74 (2 months ago)
Louisiana Dippers (2 months ago)
2014 is the day you died rip grandmaw fly high this is really killing me thinking of you and the things we use to do I barely remember you I wish you was still here to see what I've grown into the man I am today you've helped shaped me in the best way rip grandmaw there's alot I have to say I never got to look you in the eyes and tell you how much you mean to me I still cry I'm asking god why oh why my last words wasn't I love you I really wish I woudlve told you how much you meant to me I would trade everything in this world to just have one last hug or one last kiss you honestly dont understand how much i miss you I loved you even tho I never showed it I really wish I woudlve looked you in the eyes and tell you everything's gonna be alright I can't believe your gone this is hurting me mentally and physically they say everything always happens for a reason I really wish I knew the reason this is messing with my brain all of this pain inside of my veins I cannot detain I just want 1 last hug or 1 last kiss on the cheek I just want to sit on the couch and listen to you crunch on ice or watch Steve Wilkos with you and the dogs mawmaw why you had to leave can you see me it's just the fact that I can't ever see you or hold you or hug you or tell you I love you thats killing me you was my best friend you'll always be your my guardian angel the day you died I cried I'm sorry for all the times i lied and sorry if I made you cry maw maw I love you so much its the fact your never coming back I just need my maw maw back r.i.p mawmaw we miss you😭
Louisiana Dippers (2 months ago)
I'm only 14🤷‍♂️
Shontesha Richardson (2 months ago)
It like a dream
Alyssia Wright (2 months ago)
Why the hoodie cost so much???
Joey Vlogs (2 months ago)
Ik doe alles vanbinnen pijn Gevoelens kunnen niet opzij geschoven worden Deze liefde was rijden of sterven Maar het stierf, dus vraag niet waarom Alle pijn en alle leugens Ik heb iets speciaals verpest Elke nacht zit ik en huil Ik geef niet op, ik zal het proberen Verbroken banden maar je stropdas Ik heb geen drugs, maar jij bent mijn high God vragen waarom oh waarom Askin god, oh waarom oh waarom Elke avond denk ik na over wat ik je heb aangedaan Vertel je dat ik van je hou. Ik zie het zelfs niet door Ik doe alles vanbinnen pijn Al deze gevoelens kan ik niet verbergen Tegenwoordig keer je gewoon naar de nacht Niets voelt goed De duisternis vervaagd, je was mijn licht Mijn liefde mijn leven Liefde van mijn leven Het is te laat nu Ik kan mijn fouten niet goedmaken Ben ik te laat Meisje, ik weet dat je verder gaat Dingen veranderen mensen veranderen Ik wou dat deze omstandigheden jou niet zouden veranderen Verander je ya Als ik terug kon gaan Ik zou je betere tijden laten zien Vertel je dat ik van je hou Alles zou goed zijn Vertel je de waarheid Beloof dat ik nooit zou liegen Houd je 's avonds laat Vertel je dat alles in orde zal zijn Obligaties waren gebroken Harten hebben gesproken Liefde was wakker geworden Je hebt eindelijk genoeg gehad Je zegt zijn liefde, ik zeg dat het lust is Meisje, ik weet dat het moeilijk te vertrouwen is als ik terug zou kunnen gaan, zou ik je betere tijden laten zien vertel je dat ik van je hou, alles zou prima zijn kus je in de nek terwijl je laat in de nacht ligt houd je zo verdomd dichtbij dat ik de juiste gevoelens maak
Joey Vlogs (2 months ago)
U zei dat u van me hield maar u loog U maakte me aan het huilen Heeft me alle emoties gegeven die ik niet kan beschrijven Zorgde ervoor dat ik de hoop begon te verliezen Heeft me laten loslaten Wat heb ik verkeerd gedaan, ik ben gewoon niet goed genoeg Al deze pijn die U me bracht, deed me allerlei dingen voelen Dingen die echt pijn doen Ja, je hebt me door het zand geduwd Nu ben ik begonnen op te geven Over dit ding genaamd liefde Is het echt Is het allemaal de pijn die ik voel Alsof ik zo mijn best doe om me voor te stellen wat er mis is met mij O wacht niets, behalve de haat die u mij hebt gebracht Ik heb dit gat in mijn hart Dat kan niet worden teruggebracht naar een deel Alle dingen die ik heb meegemaakt Was ik gewoon niet goed voor jou Ben ik te kort Het moet zijn omdat je me hebt gestampt alsof ik de vloer was Alsof ik nutteloos was Alsof ik waardeloos was Alle dingen in het leven zijn zo'n rommel
Why Stop Now (2 months ago)
these are my real feeling shit tell me can you feel me aint gonna lie your the only thing thats been on my mind dont know what to say so ill play around and joke all day waiting for you to make up your mind here i em just sitting here just wasting time is it really even worth the crime to stay brand new situations pop up everyday just keep in mind im willing to stay but thats up to you if im gonna stay or gonna go the only thing i wanna know is it me or it is him thats gonna go thats gotta go so let me know i can treat you like a queen hold your hand no missing scene ican be the key to your missing link i can be the key to your dreams just to see you smile all day hope to god youll stay pray to god one day that youll be mine aint gonna lie cause these are my real feeling shit tell me can you feel me aint gonna lie your the only thing thats been on my mind dont know what to say so ill play around and joke all day waiting for you to make up your mind here i em just sitting here just wasting time is it really even worth the crime to stay brand new situations pop up everyday just keep in mind im willing to stay but thats up to you if im gonna stay or gonna go the only thing i wanna know is it me or it is him thats gonna go thats gotta go so let me know so let me know whos it gonna be thats gonna hold your hand and kiss your lips are you a ride or die or just another one that slides by so pick up your phone let me call you lets meet up lets talk lets go around just for a walk lets haves that moment where we fall deeper for each other aint gotta lie your the only one i want by my side its so crazy how you got me feeling lately ive been on a move tryina getchu shit i aint even tryina play im just here tryina stay but thats up to you just hoping youll tell me soon cause shit just gots me confused but thats how it do so im just here to tell you that these are my real feeling shit tell me can you feel me aint gonna lie your the only thing thats been on my mind dont know what to say so ill play around and joke all day waiting for you to make up your mind here i em just sitting here just wasting time is it really even worth the crime to stay brand new situations pop up everyday just keep in mind im willing to stay but thats up to you if im gonna stay or gonna go the only thing i wanna know is it me or it is him thats gonna go thats gotta go so let me know
Miss Beauties (2 months ago)
Drugs,sex,pain,knifes that were the only things on his mind every night but can you blame him hes about to lose his fucking mind Pain, anxiety, hes bout done with fighting, so sick of crying that he thinks that it might be his time to leave. He gets down on his knees, start begging god please that those cuts on his wrist will be the end of everything but he cant forget about his mom, his dad does her so wrong, but shes still holdin on And she wont leave, even though they both get beat as she watches him bleed and those cuts make her weak She watches him get cut, as he screams in pain, she tries to cut his dad but instead slices her own vein, and that leads to more pain Aint nothin gone be the same He feels like its his fault, like he is in the wrong he watches his mom get carried away in a body bag,he is so fucking mad,he went inside grabbed a plastic bag pulled something out and shot his own fucking dad he got down on his knees, said "God forgive me, sense everybody hates me..." click,clack,pow he forgot the gun was on safety so he called his friend, said "This is the end, i never felt so dead, so fuck life and the pain this shit was all a fucking game, at school was just the same, they want me dead anyways, tell my baby im ok, but ill never be the same..." He hung up the phone, goes to a bridge alone looks up at the sky says "mom im commin home." And in a blink of an eye he's forever gone :(
K Broxey (2 months ago)
Im obsessed with this beat omg!
Harley Coop (2 months ago)
I’m alone in my room wishing for death, I exhale the pain with every breath I take, is my life a mistake, I try to run away but I’m locked in chains, this poison called depression is rushing through my veins, I really wanna smile but I can’t cause it’s fake, I miss my family, the fights the talks that’s the shit I miss, god I can’t take this, I’m gonna let the rope hang or let the 45 bang, when is it time to pull the trigger, the pain and the suffering is hovering, it’s making me wish I was dead, suicide on my mind, wishing I could just find a way to make the pain go away for a day, why can’t I just flatline through the night, I just wanna end this fight, I’m stressed, I feel the weight falling on my chest, I’m running around in circles inside my head, I’m slowly going out of my mind, my time here is over, i failed at this life, i wasted my time, depressions finally taking its course, my whole life I’ve been a gun ready to blow, I look up and think of everything I love and click I’m gone.
Heat On Da Beat (2 months ago)
you go hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anastasia Marker (2 months ago)
Go listen to Cali Hazard - Reality-
the tea (2 months ago)
*scroll down to cringe*
Melissa Montes (2 months ago)
im just thinking like dam im husling in these streets just not knowing wat to do or where to go so plz just keep ur head up so just remember god wont put u threw anything u cant do so plz baby girl stop being in the blue
Rollen Green (2 months ago)
Fire bro!🔥❤🔥💯
Lechon Hughes (2 months ago)
https://drive.google.com/a/hopeworks.org/file/d/1dKaOzy1NGPC0MwQ3QiOBF9nHHsWG3y2e/view?usp=drivesdk At 13 I thank God that I made it 24 & I'm feeling amazing Double Rs that are a-pri-ci-ated :(I got two daughters that's name starts with R😎) Been through a lot so I'm constantly changing..................
ariannacherie (2 months ago)
I’m hurting too much, is that hard to face? I’m not awake, feelin trapped inside Man, I’m so done. I’m so done Look, we had a thing not long ago I started catching feelings once again I thought you was different, but you know People change You changed up on me. Left to right Got me crying every night I was feeling you once again But then you played with my feelings Talkin to other girls? But “I’m your only one” I wish I could take it all back
Briana Charles (2 months ago)
Hopefully i get to work with u some day
Briana Charles (2 months ago)
I love your instrumentals so much . my dad official poster who u follow on Instagram told me u saw me rapping to your never look back challenge. I love ur instrumentals so much
Jeff Germain (2 months ago)
she want my baby now I put that hold a blast she want the money so I had to get the cash she want go car so I had to go real fast
Jeff Germain (2 months ago)
set up like Lil Uzi vert I had to put the thing on the T-shirt get the money did not put the hold of work she talking funny so I popped it with a blurk
very rare ghost (1 month ago)
These is real feelings they ain't fake bitch. Hurting from The in side but the outside I look okay. Truth is I be fighting demons everyday. I'm not really sure when I'mma make it out of this faze. But deppresion be creeping on me all day. Tryna find my purpose, second guess I don't think I got one. So I gotta make my own. One like x said. "If you feel like you ain't got no purpose in this world be one." Shit got me reciting psalm 23:4 holping these demons will soon go away. Haunted by shyness it just won't go away. And I pray to the Lord for them better days because my mama she be working 9 hours aday. Damn shit gotta be hard. Tryna be a mother and feed a house of 10 by your self because our daddy don't give no fuck. Man I be in my feelings just reminiscing on them days when we went to the park. Sun was shining we didn't have no worries. I guess when we got older shit just got harder. Emotions got stronger tears. Came down harder, and tryna love became a trust issue. Because we see our parents fighting. That shit got to our heads. Yeah I'm dealing with all these problems got depresses at 10. Tought it's never end because it be happing again and again. Diagnosed with anxiety shit had be worrying all the time. I need some help I swear I'm running out of time. Guess I need more money could somebody please spare a dime? I ain't got much time.if the lord hasn't blessed my yet then issa never.. Yeah I guess that's how it is. This shit got me hating life again, wishing I was dying. Wishing I wasn't born. Why the fuck was I born?!
KAYLEE BROOKE (2 months ago)
uuu told me last nite uu down to ride wit me and uu even told me that uu loved me and uu were sayin that uu wanna start smtn wit me and on sum real shit uu be making feel a lil happy,,but the next day over all uu did was leave me on seen shiiii I was asking all these question feelin that’s u was js playin wit me,,after all dez hours js waiting uu tell me u ain’t ready tf ?? Don’t be telling me love shii if uu don’t really mean it,,tff,,I’ve been hurt to many times,I guess its time fo sm1 to define what love really means cause when it comes to niggas it ain’t easy to decide who gon ride witchu and for uu and who gon leave uu or js fckn play uu.ii ain’t on dat remenicimg shit ii ain’t on dumb shit either,,imma focus on my self and js save myself for a real nigga dat hold me down and make me feel like I’m loved
Harley Coop (2 months ago)
I wake up every morning wishing that I wouldn’t, it’s like my head is thinking of death, my heart is worn and my life is torn apart, when I close my eyes I feel nothing, when I open them I see nothing, I’m just a broken toy that no longer has purpose, when I had the gun to my chin it felt right but I couldn’t find myself to pull it that night, I look back and I wish I would’ve but I couldn’t, something inside kept my hand stif, most people say life is so great but for me it’s like a date with hell, every single day I hold back my tears so I don’t have to think about the years, how can people live with so much pain, some people gain from other peoples pain, they become the rain to my bright and sunny days, I rarely gave those days, my life consists of sad and gloomy times, it’s on the daily when suicide crosses my mind from side to side, These days it’s hard to catch zzz so I’m just gonna go find my inner peace so please just let me be
Malachi V (2 months ago)
Can use this for non profit?
Latoria Harris (2 months ago)
@bubbagotbeatz Please contact me. Its really important
Iuri Menezes (2 months ago)
If I say I'm out here in this world to give up then id be weak But I'm out here in this battlefield to ensure winning is what I seek. I'm at the age I've reached my peak gonna keep on going with life like a winning streak!
Kalli Montague (2 months ago)
If I could go back I never would have fucked with you should have left your ass alone but I loved you If could I can see everything that I couldn't see I ain't believe what they telling me if I could I'd take back all that energy all that love and the tears that you got from me cause best believe when I leave I'm really gone I gotta be a dummy and keep holding on. Now you see you can't replace a girl like me I'm the bitch your next bitch will never be it wasn't worth it I tried to be perfect when I wasn't the problem you was the one doing shit. I can't wait to see your face when you see the new nigga swooped In and took your place like a hero this new dick will save the day
Faith Decker (3 months ago)
If u gonna cry don't cry if y gonna lie don't lie plz be mine plz be mine and then u never yourself just the same u make me feel this way u always have this BULLSHIT drama and I can't take it anymore baby believe me you never do I can't chose is it him or you ohhhhhhh baby don't cry plz I got u if u hurt me don't cause you know your bullshit never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps I know u can be mean I know u ain't got love for me u also say shit that u want me but u a lier always have been one repeater bullshit never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps me never helps ohhhhh never helps me your bullshit never helps me me me me me me me me never helps me never helps me oohhhhhh never never never helps me never never never helps me
BLACK G PEGASUS (3 months ago)
Can i use this beat ? It’s free ?
Aaron MoCityDon!! (3 months ago)
Ima make a freestyle track for my ex on how much she meant to me. I did her wrong now I have to fight for her back.
Queen T (3 months ago)
That beat that's in your head, holding on to your soul, and watching the pain through the eyes!
meenmug804 (3 months ago)
Beat basic
Blood Mob (3 months ago)
I got some real feelings they be staying be staying they be inheld Through my chest. Tryna forget about em it be hard to even rest. They told me it's a gamble so in this life it is a test. Body counting rising put another one to rest. Wanna talk to god but I just don't know what to say. Start a new chrapter like maybe a brand new page. When they shot my nigga brung me pain I'm feeled with rage. My friend yeah he was talking a nigga hid his nephew with a blade. His nephew he was young yeah a baby it was rage. Wanna load it up let these Choppa bullets rain. Cause I gotta little one so I can feel that pain.
tafiana burns (3 months ago)
Why everybody making it about relationships though lol I’m a fly guy doing fly nihga shit Yes me I be fly growing wings in this bitch Speaking of a bitch a lot be all on my dick Sexually frustrated & I can’t give them that fix Bitches need to much I ain’t even got a bitch Just a mother of my kids and a down asz chick Still be feeling like my life is in bits Thug till I die so I got this pistol on my hip .........💣💣💣💣💣💣
Elly Hepburn (3 months ago)
Feelings change but my emotions don’t If I wanted to die tonight would you hand me the rope Or tell me Everything is just fine please give me some hope To find a way through the dark days Give me the alcohol to drown this pain My heart is just so cold I’m getting chills Because I’m just so tired of taking all these pills Taking prescriptions until my stomach aches But they numb the pain even if it never fully goes away But if the pain leaves promise that you’ll stay Because one day maybe you could change But I know it takes time but that’s okay And I know that you’ve made your mistakes But I can only forgive and not erase The damage is just far too deep It makes me exhausted so why can I never sleep I guess I just have too much time to overthink And I guess this love is on thin ice no skating rink

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