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2014 Nike Roshe Run Men's SneakerBoot Black/Silver "ROSHERUN" Shoe Review In Full Hd By @Jspekz

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Enjoy this video on 2014 Nike Roshe Run Men's Sneakerboot Black/Silver "ROSHERUN" Shoe Review In Full Hd By @Jspekz I own this shoe & All the shoe review that I did on my channel I own them and paid them in full!!! Please Share this video, Rate, Comments and Subscribes. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen & Please check out my other videos on shoes review and launch release ;)
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MrMikemontei (3 years ago)
they are sneakerboots.. so they work for winter.
Jspekz (3 years ago)
+MrMikemontei right on
Curt CoBangg (5 years ago)
good stuff...bout time they make bigger sizes...I 've heard there comfy to dope black kicks are always a go

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