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it's Ajobi | Fashion Portfolio for Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion

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it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
BUY Portfolio cases here: A3- http://amzn.to/2oRc63d A2- http://amzn.to/2nZVlif (Recommended) A1-http://amzn.to/2ojmIox Follow me on Instagram to ask me more questions! instagram: @ajobi_
Louisa Agyei (8 months ago)
How many pages should i include in my work? Did you send them the digital portfolio ?
Winnie Wang (1 year ago)
Love your background~
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
thank you!
100BD (1 year ago)
hey ajobi! i love that you made this video. it’s super helpful for people like myself who have never been to an art school and wonder what’s expected of them!! i am so unsure of what to include in my portfolio in terms of following a theme. i have no idea where to start. could you suggest a few themes? i just have no idea where to begin. i don’t want to supply them a sketchbook full of my random fashion illustrations. id ideally like it to flow and to follow a theme. sorry for the rambling message. hope you can help! have a great day :)
100BD (1 year ago)
it's Ajobi thank you so much for this!
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
my advice would be if you have no work at all to start from find the best way to illustrate all your best skills in presenting your portfolio and try and base your work around the course you are applying for. i would also say a sketch book with random illustrations may be good for your application to show your interests and thought process. thank you so much for watching glad i could help
Eadaoin Connolly (1 year ago)
Hi, I was just wondering if this was a portfolio for fashion print at csm? It has a strong print feel to it! Ps. it's fab
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
thank you so much.. yes it was print and embroidery based
Shohrat Jahan (1 year ago)
can you please make a video,stating the portfolio requirements to get into MA course
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
i would love to but i'm not quite sure what the requirements are
양수아 (1 year ago)
Is that full portfolio??
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
yep... the one i used to get on to my foundation course.. some things are missing though
Vivienne/Xavier Liu (1 year ago)
sorry i have one more question….how many portfolio did you prepare for the foundation course?
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
only one... this one and a few sketch books
Vivienne/Xavier Liu (1 year ago)
dear Ajobi, i just want to ask you about the concept of this portfolio…?
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
hi... it was a series of different projects that i had done and then put all together
aishwarya bahl (1 year ago)
Hey,did you apply to one of the foundation years first?
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
yes... this was the portfolio i used to apply
MP 172000 (1 year ago)
Hello,do you know maybe how many students they accept at csm at the foundation course in fashion&textiles?☺️
it's Ajobi (1 year ago)
I'm not to sure if I'm honest... its really up to the tutors and university
DalDalia (2 years ago)
Thank you for the video, also did you create this portfolio during a short course/uni course or did you do this all at home with no guidance? Thank you !
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
I selected all the work and the basic layout my self but half of it was represented and cleaned up by a tutor
Sofia Peragon (2 years ago)
Hi Ajobi! did you bind it?
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
nope, these were only loose sheets
reetajatta (2 years ago)
thanks ajobi for helping now im really inspired
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
glad to hear it
Gabrielle Gundogar (2 years ago)
Hey thanks for the videos, it's pretty helpful! I was just wondering what was the dimensions of your paper sheets..? A2 or A3? Thanks! Xx
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
They're A3 Size, Thanks so much for watching! :)
Syuan Jang (2 years ago)
Love your work! So inspirational! Would you be able to do a sketchbook for csm and LCf?
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
Thank you so much I really appreciate it! I may be able to do a video where I flick through a book or two but I'm not too sure yet! thanks for watching!
Sahra Mahad (2 years ago)
Did you submit a sketchbook with your portfolio or any other work? Love this video it was extremely helpful ✊🏽💕
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
yeah, I actually included 2 A3 Sketch books with this and 2 a4 sketchbooks also! thanks for watching!! :)
Sera (2 years ago)
thank you for being my light!
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
lol thank you for watching!
DelaDoes (2 years ago)
Your work is beautiful 👌🏾
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
thank you!! :)
Cecilia Asmr (2 years ago)
Hello! What are that supposes to be? Fabric or inspirational images?The clothes inside are pictures of your work or inspirational images from internet??
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
everything on all of those pages are my work that I have created.. thanks for watching! :)
Theodora Price (2 years ago)
So helpful! Would be nice to hear how you did some of these as your techniques are really interesting. Thanks a lot :)
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
thank you... and thanks for watching! :)
Pursue:Inspire (2 years ago)
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
Thank you !! :)
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
I hope I was able to help :) thanks for watching !

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