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Using Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression - 7+ Intervenous infusions

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I do not promote the use of any psychoactive substances. My friend here has had 7 legal ketamine infusions from his doctors to help treat his depression. For today's video, I ask him some questions regarding the experience, as well as it's effectiveness in treating depression.
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Byemiek (24 days ago)
Ok, It will be interesting how works in long term. This treatment seem like effective during the sesions (3-6months), however the question is if depression is gone forever. Can u tell us? Thanks so much
Intergalactic Magic (1 month ago)
Truly fascinating, it will be interesting how this may open people up in our future times.. it could be in part the gateway to legalization of psychedelics and helping people see them in a therapeutic and medicinal sense.. along side with psilocybin.. and the near MDMA. Something he said hit my ear but I don't quite remember what it was.. ketamine definitely has some major implications to say the least, cant say I know a whole range on the topic but if its bringing about this type of experience for everyday people totally profound. Keep up the good work man I dig the quality in these questions and answers. Peace! Love. Gotta check out some of the other videos you've been putting out.
M T (1 month ago)
Good interview Wispy. I've been following a ketamine trial that utilizes a nasal formula that uses between 56 to 84mg. http://www.investor.jnj.com/releasedetail.cfm?releaseid=1075991 It would be nice if you could do a follow-up interview with him to see to see if there are meaningful long-term benefits.
Jon Thomas (1 month ago)
man 3 days in a row of wispy? this shit is awesome. dont stop the streak!
Ruben R Films (1 month ago)
Very interesting discussion, great interview! Peace and love <3
yvng parris (1 month ago)
epic video keep it up
Ericson578 (1 month ago)
I did a course of ketamine infusions, was fantastic for treating depression! I highly recommend, it's expensive but worth it.
Taufiq Khan (1 month ago)
Back when the hair was a peng ting, great video btw
Rico Suave (1 month ago)
I’ve heard of this before and think it could be beneficial. Rather have 6 treatments over 3 weeks than take medication daily.
GruntHappyStudios (1 month ago)
Great content
paul sevilla (1 month ago)
Dang that's a much higher dose than I thought would be used in a clinical setting. Cool beans

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