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The National - "Don't Swallow the Cap"

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From the album Trouble Will Find Me, out now: http://bit.ly/10NQPA1 Illustration and video by Azar Kazimir / Michelberger Hotel http://www.americanmary.com/ http://www.4ad.com/ Purchase Trouble Will Find Me from Amazon: http://bit.ly/16IRhoo Purchase Trouble Will Find Me from 4AD: http://bit.ly/1504PO1 Purchase Trouble Will Find Me Deluxe Vinyl Box Set: http://bit.ly/10I7OoA
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Text Comments (1374)
Diana Michelle (19 days ago)
He gave me a lot of great things while we were together, including this band. Wherever he is now, I just hope he is doing fine and as glad as I am for what we had.
ah eh (24 days ago)
im so tired of national. even more than me.
zen sunraw (28 days ago)
im tired im freezing im done
zen sunraw (28 days ago)
tiny bubbles hang above me
Jose Garcia (1 month ago)
this song resonates with my life on a very deep level
Glitched Rogue (1 month ago)
"I'm not crying *sniffles* you're crying"
EntheogenShaman (1 month ago)
Wow, 6 years.
foozlefop (1 month ago)
Leftist dipshits, but I will say they are incredible musicians!
Leroy Mcalpin (1 month ago)
The original 80's punk rock feel. Reminds me of the Breakfast club!
Innocent Nerd (1 month ago)
"When they ask, what do I see? I say a bright white beautiful heaven hanging over me"
Desperado AllanPoe (1 month ago)
God I love this album
Cherry Bledsoe (2 months ago)
This song came out b4 my 18th birthday
Innocent Nerd (2 months ago)
I feel like this song is saying, despite the hardships in life, you're not alone. By "don't swallow the cap", don't kill yourself.
This is the kind of song you spend your life searching for.
ed vargas (2 months ago)
que buena música
Tom Feigel (2 months ago)
I have only two emotions, Careful fear and dead devotion.
Jamm Yazz (2 months ago)
took me off the edge.
mayur magadalwar (2 months ago)
are their any indian who love the national
Shane O Loughlin (2 months ago)
That hum
Jesse Gettings (3 months ago)
Reminds me of bloc party. Especially banquet
Agent Smidt (3 months ago)
Why is this music beautiful?
Anna Shane (3 months ago)
If you like the national, you'll love the static jacks. I highly recommend becoming obsessed with the static jacks, as well. :)
David Bromberg (3 months ago)
Listening to this in 2018, only found it this year. Best song I've ever listened to.
Park The Bus (4 months ago)
Is this about suicidal thoughts?
Andrew Nichols (4 months ago)
Don't swallow don't breathe keep calling help is on the way
Bob Hope (4 months ago)
Makes me think of acid, don't swallow the cap - what do I see(as if only I can see it). Am I wrong here?
Castlebeats (5 months ago)
Check out Advents-Television Dream.It has the same vibe
Sara Pack (5 months ago)
I understand now.
On Someone Else's Dream (6 months ago)
look out for the mirror!
wtf? wtf??? (6 months ago)
Amir Zaman (7 months ago)
Is nobody going to talk about music at 3:43 absolutely beautiful The piano in this song is outstanding
Kelly Zazado (7 months ago)
When they ask, what do I see? I say, “a bright white beautiful heaven hanging over me.”
Ghost of Van (7 months ago)
M Vitellaro (7 months ago)
You have to see these guys live...I'm on my 13th show and each one is special in its own way...Matt is a beautiful soul.
Steve Daw Clough (7 months ago)
Steve Daw Clough (7 months ago)
C'mon mate let's go on the piss,you'll feel nicer.
Donna Bleyl (8 months ago)
can't go it still hurts
Keagan Jagers (8 months ago)
The Vampire diaries anyone? Season 5
BBQ RibsTODAY (8 months ago)
Good jam.
Matt Hill (8 months ago)
everything i love is on the table ..... it does not get any better then this ... LIVE
Angrykitty19 (8 months ago)
What a song.
Andrew Sabin (9 months ago)
I often feel like I was not supposed to be here after my deployment. So many other mothers received those letters. How did i survive it? War survivability is about luck. I was lucky to have not been put on that mission. There is a reason why I am alive. There is a reason why I have such a lovely wife and such a beautiful child. God creates happiness and sadness at the same time in this world.
Andrew Sabin (9 months ago)
must have been a pain in the ass to cut that glass to put around her perfectly.
onebas music (9 months ago)
@@listen to more music of The National !!!!!! https://www.onebas.com/artist/3918/The+National
Ghost of Van (9 months ago)
Jamie Thomas (9 months ago)
I think this song is about the new found responsibility of parenthood. It speaks to me......
Yvette Moore (11 months ago)
I'm gutted tbh. I booked a weekend away for 2nd June and having discovered this amazing band LAST NIGHT I find they're playing a festival the other end of the country!
gbluecheez (11 months ago)
This is probably the best song ever
zen sunraw (11 months ago)
its a sign that somebody loves me
Washington Mothapo (11 months ago)
would have been amazing if they let the background music and drums go on as an outro forever and ever. similar to daughter's fossa or of monsters and men's yellow light. bliss
Michael P. (10 months ago)
Washington Mothapo Fossa is a masterpiece. I love it like few tracks.
Washington Mothapo (11 months ago)
I'm listening for the fist time and holy crap am I in love!
Jeez Patrice! (11 months ago)
Beautiful performance at the National Homecoming this year. 👏👏👏
binkari (1 year ago)
Mark Wasser (1 year ago)
Can't stand this guys voice. Sad attempt at a Cure/Depeche Mode ripoff
Mark Wasser (11 months ago)
gbluecheez alright scratch that its more like a Morrisey/ Chris Martin ripoff
gbluecheez (11 months ago)
MadeiraIslands (1 year ago)
You can comment on this video, or any other "The National" video right here!
Zoe Lyons (1 year ago)
Song good
Casey456910 (1 year ago)
I came here cause of Violet Night, never knew their version was a cover of this until now 😅
zen sunraw (1 year ago)
I wont cri until I hear
Georgia Kirk (1 year ago)
Juan Pablo (1 year ago)
Cyptoplant Videos (1 year ago)
543 people thumb downed this wtf.
The future magic RC (1 year ago)
Like si eres Méxicano y amas a esta banda
levan kopaliani (1 year ago)
2018, 2035, 2070
Rayane Difehr (1 year ago)
" I have faith but don't believe it..."
Naquana Beretta (1 year ago)
I have only two emotions, careful fear and dead devotion
The National me obriga a beber
B L Rodcen (1 year ago)
The National is the world's greatest band
Jessica Cruz (1 year ago)
you know when your heartbroken but dont wanna feel down so you listen to the national bc their songs are somewhat upbeat, but the lyrica hit you hard so youre dancing like there is no tomorrow but also crying your eyes out? Bc same
Josh dude (1 year ago)
crazy, it took a video game to get me to notice this band.
gbluecheez (1 year ago)
Sara. (1 year ago)
playing this loudly and shouting along seems to fix almost everything.
Sercan Akgül (2 months ago)
great picture
soulerflare7 (4 months ago)
Wow , sounds like a good Rx . I'm going to try it when I get home .
Nick Drake (1 year ago)
Sara. 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒
andrew salas (1 year ago)
just saw them in San Diego great band
Harry Manback (1 year ago)
Anyone else recognize the title as an allusion to the way Tennessee Williams died, by choking on a bottle cap?
bruceaisher (1 year ago)
This song has such amazing drumming. Absolute fucking tune.
Josue Gordillo R (1 year ago)
México !
SteveBogia (1 year ago)
This song brought me to "The National".
blinked025 (1 year ago)
Anyone know what the official lyrics to the first line of this song are? I see lyric videos saying "pull out breaks behind the houses" but that sounds bad. I always thought it was "Gold light breaks behind the houses." Makes sense because it describes a sunrise
Merluchi LM (1 year ago)
Nobody will know that I found this piece of art thanks to dream daddy Well now you know Thanks daddy
ROBERT DEAN (1 year ago)
A beautiful piece of music
yukariis (1 year ago)
im here because of dream daddy
Fernando Gomes (1 year ago)
plagio de tenacious D
scndsky (1 year ago)
3:41 piano notes are similar to the bridge in Slow Show. Chords are a bit different, but it sounds alike.
The Eygman (1 year ago)
This is actually the first song I heard from them and I fell in love with it.
Lyletrent (1 year ago)
I have faith but don't believe you.
Descendant of Kraff (1 year ago)
Thanks Game of Thrones for showing me this band
Sonny Govus (1 year ago)
This song would've saved Hannah Baker's life.
nolefan5311 (1 year ago)
This song is so fucking beautiful.
positivephil (1 year ago)
emotional in yet a great way
the nationalist (1 year ago)
"i'm not alone. i'll never be. and to the bone i'm evergreen."
PapaGeorg10 (1 year ago)
Which nevermind song is he talking about?
Michele Marsoni (1 year ago)
Tornate in Italia, vi prego
Roon Mc (1 year ago)
"Don't Swallow the Cap" was my introduction to The National. Love this band's sound.
Ian Spitzig (2 years ago)
still good
Jelea Peed (2 years ago)
Scott D was a childhood friend and a friend to this day. He and his brother have always had geatness in their mind and soul.
sage (2 years ago)
And if you want to see me cry, play "Don't Swallow the Cap"
Marta Palma (2 years ago)
Ian Spitzig (2 years ago)
cheers to a great canadian indie band
Robert Courtemarche (2 years ago)
Ian Spitzig they're from Ohio
Mobilegames808 (2 years ago)
Songs like this is why I can't stand country music
Joseph Corridon (2 years ago)
Elijah Clevenger (2 years ago)
this song is depressing but I love it for some reason. what is wrong with me?
Joseph Corridon (2 years ago)
There can be a joy in sad songs. I think it might be the catharsis of hearing something that perfectly embodies an emotion.
veronica walden (2 years ago)
Canon Carper (2 years ago)
saw them at bonnaroo in 2013 I believe, they opened for Paul McCartney and it was the first time I heard them... amazing time and feeling

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