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Big Buck Bunny 60fps 4K - Official Blender Foundation Short Film

12703 ratings | 4119243 views
Enjoy this UHD High Frame rate version of one of the iconic short films produced by Blender Institute! Learn more about the project here http://bbb3d.renderfarming.net. Support more Open Content at http://cloud.blender.org. NOTE: currently, YouTube allows 60fps only on 1080p videos. We uploaded the video in UHD, so maybe in the future it will be available in UHD 60p. You can download the original version at http://bbb3d.renderfarming.net.
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Text Comments (2152)
tiger veil (3 hours ago)
4k and 60fps... so beautiful
Ricardo Chamy (4 hours ago)
3:58 BFG Division starts playing
gp75motorsports (6 hours ago)
Jesus Christ, this short movie is dark as hell. And violent. 1:27 Death #1 3:19 Death #2 4:03 Main character loses his goddamn sanity 5:40 Death #3 6:15 Death #4 8:04 WHAT THE FUCK DUDE HE'S FITTED THE GUY TO SOME SORT OF FLYING SQUIRREL WRACK AND NOW HE'S USING HIM AS A KITE HOLY SHIT
ƒlу cнαn (14 hours ago)
*Uno Reversed Card has joined the Chat*
Usman Abdullah (20 hours ago)
Like this movie.......................
Moneh The Doge (3 days ago)
CHUNGUS: First Blood
Monir Hossain (3 days ago)
Want more video of this bunny
Aidan Acebo (4 days ago)
lol that was good.
S.C.C.M Lamarre (4 days ago)
The poor bunny.
SomeMouse is Here (4 days ago)
Isn’t this game on ps4 yet?
Arca The Artic Fox (6 days ago)
99.999% of comments: big chungus Me: who remembers chubby bunny challenge ?
Lucas Gawor (9 days ago)
I first watched this on my Archos 3cam Vision
Alejandro Cadena (11 days ago)
This is the cgi of the happy tree friends with no blood
Bergs Art (13 days ago)
Comments 90% - Big Chungus 9% - Remembering this as a kid 1% - This short was made using free software
Billy MCFC (13 days ago)
I never quite found out WTF the squirrel's intentions were for this big assed rabbit
Billy MCFC (13 days ago)
10% comments: this is adorable! 30% comments: the animation is great 60% comments: BIG CHUNGUS
iDanielmaker 97 (12 days ago)
You were too late
Yuri Kyo (13 days ago)
part 2?
Ella Windstorm (13 days ago)
Big chungus 3
Chorly Smith (17 days ago)
Omg the animation is so smooth. And I legit think this is amazing looking
big chungus
Brady Weiss (19 days ago)
SamuraiXLoading (20 days ago)
Damn so HD...
Omar Sarameh (20 days ago)
Big Chung is 4k
Kyle S. (20 days ago)
Funny that they actually changed the videos tags so that if you searched Big Chungus this would pop up.
Nick Plays ツ (20 days ago)
Nice video, and hi from brazil!!!
Evan Mcgough (21 days ago)
*_B i g C h u n g u s_*
Bunny_ is_canon (22 days ago)
Big chungus for kids
*The life of the Big Chungus*
Pixii Bomb (23 days ago)
am i the only one who cringed during this entire video This short film is creepy
Paul Schofield (24 days ago)
So. Many. Pixels.
Balgjet Langston (25 days ago)
0:51 *someBODY once told me*
xXWhomstveXx (25 days ago)
This was the shit back in ‘09
Vinícius Barbosa (25 days ago)
como baixa esse merda pfv temos um seminario
Clive Palmer
Ohana T 6-pack (27 days ago)
Hammers board onto hole that'll hold him alwight heheheh
That’s big chungus cousin
Quicksilver 145 (27 days ago)
I saw this on malls
Epic Crasher 2010 (28 days ago)
It’s big chungus MEME
ZePeckk 77 (28 days ago)
Woula c trop bien mon rho
Smiley Channel (30 days ago)
Dab Grundy Dab (30 days ago)
I felt so bad when the squirrels hit him, and killed the butterfly
Maximus Genitalia (1 month ago)
Big Chungus.
AL EGGX G18 (1 month ago)
Pizza Brian (1 month ago)
chungo bungo
FOXTherron7 TM POE (1 month ago)
That Big Chungus Movie actually looks amazing
I just came here to see this because i always saw this on VLC Player site
Ee E (1 month ago)
*evil big chungus
Weirdo Tv (1 month ago)
Sandy cheeks started a squad to kill big chungus
Big Chungus Lokão (1 month ago)
Moaner R (1 month ago)
Ayye yo its big chungus
The Moon Man Himself (1 month ago)
Bigus chungus
cooolloooll (1 month ago)
This is too smooth. It's weird
cooolloooll (1 month ago)
Big chungus is so big it has a specific code that makes it run 60FPS 4k in ps4
Bruh3 (1 month ago)
This is weirdly memorable. I love it :)
IamTeacher Paul (1 month ago)
pewdiepie has left the chat...
CrazyYT ! (1 month ago)
Our lord is here *big chungus*
CrazyYT ! (1 month ago)
Don’t press the button. what the hell is wrong with you?
lego stop motion (1 month ago)
3:20 press *F* to pay respect for the butterfly.
xJOSHRYANx2 2 (1 month ago)
Obama Is gone (1 month ago)
MRMF1 ᵿ (1 month ago)
He look like big chungus bruh
Big Chungus PS4 is looking good
Yowatsapp 05 (1 month ago)
Big Chungus Assasin mode
Günther Mahlzahn (1 month ago)
This was on my mp3-player when i got it, but on 144p
Silver Cx (1 month ago)
AGuyWithGames (1 month ago)
Anyone ever randomly saw this on a random tv in a mall?
hey whats this (1 month ago)
When I first saw the butterfly die when I was a kid I was so traumatized
lola. (1 month ago)
MPC-HC screenshots.
Grim Comicly (1 month ago)
Big Chungus cut scenes
Anass Jarou (1 month ago)
2:59 🤣🤣🤣🤣
TheRobotsTV (1 month ago)
Little PJ Robot Release date: April 8, 2010
Zombie Squad (1 month ago)
3:21 omg what the frick
ROGER- youtube (1 month ago)
Windy Licous (1 month ago)
My teacher accidentally put this on in class and everyone shouted BIG CHUNGUS
nootics (1 month ago)
I remember our biology teacher at the time showed us this short film as a way to close off the final lesson before the holidays. It felt so cheap
The Unknown (1 month ago)
U guys said *BIG CHUNGUS* eh? Then I will said *BIG CHUNGUS* ×99999
B L A C K (1 month ago)
requierments of the video: 3 RTX 2080 9 Core I9 Windows 40 900 Gb Ram
B L A C K (1 month ago)
*big chungus intesifies*
Kacey Copeland (1 month ago)
omg I got an mp3 player like 6 years ago and I just went thru it and this was on it. love thatt
Ajani Hampton (1 month ago)
Them dudes got problems
Greeni Paws (1 month ago)
Target 1 get hit by a swinging log 5:38
Braydon The Gorilla (1 month ago)
guys this is just the demo of big chungus that is why its made in 2014
The Duwang Man (1 month ago)
Is anyone here because of VLC?
Animation is wonderful. Content not suitable for children.
Gevorg Gevorgyan (1 month ago)
Naud van Dalen (1 month ago)
That 4K 60 fps. Too bad my monitor is only 1080p.
Blockman go Rayina (1 month ago)
Big chungus XD
Endernani8 and Rocky (1 month ago)
This is amazing!
mossy (1 month ago)
big chungus
Suryaprakash Gupta (1 month ago)
War for france
Suryaprakash Gupta (1 month ago)
That's more like a object 257 Vs 3 chat b1
Liam Callan (1 month ago)
Even my 2080 g-force graphics card can't render these graphics.
nolmihc (2 months ago)
hell yeah i love yu yu hakusho
*Battle wolf* (2 months ago)
Aww cute rabbit And screw big Chungas that’s so offensive
TheAllSeeingEye (2 months ago)
this was made in 2014 why am I getting an add for this now?
Blue Cat (2 months ago)
This shit still got my ass traumatized
Colossal Comics (2 months ago)
Who Watch 2020?
flamenskall !-0 (2 months ago)
This is the original big chungus
Sonia The Dark Fox (2 months ago)
-Big Chungus-
Damn World (2 months ago)
Blender is free?
Spacedefender54 (2 months ago)
Anyone gonna say that bird looks like from pixar's short film For the birds?
SubscribeTo Flamingo (2 months ago)
4:04. When you come up with the best excuse to not go to school😆

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