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Lil Dicky - Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown (Official Music Video)

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To listen to Freaky Friday https://LilDicky.lnk.to/FreakyFriday For FF merch https://www.lildickymerch.com Directed by Tony Yacenda Edited by Brian Vannucci and Mike Small Produced by Libby de Leon, Julia Bales, Natalie Metzger, Nic Stanich and Sue Yeon Ahn Produced by DJ Mustard , Co-produced by Twice As Nice and Benny Blanco Song executive produced by Benny Blanco
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Text Comments (240286)
spbBuNNY (44 minutes ago)
Ibad Siddiqui (1 hour ago)
joe jpv (2 hours ago)
Kendall Jenner part ...little disturbing...personally I'd rather fuk the girl than yeah touch myself as a women....well maybe a little.
xed palomar (3 hours ago)
how chris brown woke up 1:50 how lil dicky woke up 3:03
Shae Dawson (4 hours ago)
Sis: put on freaky Friday Me:that's so 2018 Also me three minutes later:*dinging along to freaky friday* RELATABLE????
Shae Dawson (2 hours ago)
Rmesh Ramesh bhai annnnnd???? What do u want
Rmesh Ramesh bhai (3 hours ago)
Shae Dawson and
pinpoint bee (4 hours ago)
The autotune is real
Israel Munoz (4 hours ago)
What up my N 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The cricket Bros (4 hours ago)
Mad song aye
Suzie __ (5 hours ago)
I still love watching you dance. I love ittttttt ♥️♥️♥️
Mickey Mouse (5 hours ago)
littile one
Mickey Mouse (5 hours ago)
is it true lil dicky has a dick
Who is with me this 2k19
im a gamer (8 hours ago)
Did he change gender lmao
M5! nagato (10 hours ago)
2:20 ni🅱️🅱️a replay
ANIMOJI MUSIC (10 hours ago)
Hanz Blütenhiem (10 hours ago)
Where's Rihanna?
Kirby Wilson (10 hours ago)
Why are you watching this Chris Brown is an awful person and Lil Dicky shouldn’t be hanging around with him I Promise.
Abel hull (11 hours ago)
Can I say the N-word. Every white person
Lenora Williams (12 hours ago)
Fat ass pig
Pranav Devalapalli (12 hours ago)
4:04 I thought that was Ian's mom from Smosh
Saige M (13 hours ago)
what’s up with kanye west in all of these songs of lil dicky😂
Saige M (5 hours ago)
FlaringRyuji (5 hours ago)
Saige M ikr he had one of the coolest people ever kevin hart and what does he do turns him into Kanye West
Jafar (14 hours ago)
August 2019 lol?
PIKACHU Chloe (14 hours ago)
2:22 his face looks like russel westbrook
Altaïr S'Diqi (14 hours ago)
Still my favourite song
James Barnes (14 hours ago)
So Lil Dicky wants to hang out with a repeated woman beater? Gross
Random Stuff (14 hours ago)
This song just makes me happy 😍
Charlie woods (14 hours ago)
n o b o d y c a r e s w h e n y o u a r e l i s t i n i n g
6IX9INE 69 (15 hours ago)
PLAY WITH KRIS !!!! (15 hours ago)
who came here cause they saw Chris brown😂 btw I love Christ brown🥰😂
White Goat (16 hours ago)
They should make a movie out of this concept.
MT Gamer (16 hours ago)
What does Royalty think about all this?
Am Cha (17 hours ago)
Everyone Literally EVERYONE CHRIS BROWN: wOnDeR if I cAn SaY tHe N wOrD
Michael Bardales (17 hours ago)
Did he really say the "N" word?
Macro Steve (17 hours ago)
Lil Dicky, ooh Mustard on the beat, ho I woke up Chris Breezy, oh my god I'm the man (oh shit) I'm so fly and I can dance (whoa, whoa shit) There's tattoos on my neck (oh, oh) I just FaceTimed Kanye (blip, blip) I told him I'm his biggest fan, yeah (yeah) Got all these hoes in my DM (yeah, I do) Holy shit, I got a kid (oh) Ohh, I can sing so well Wonder if I can say the n-word (wait for real?) Wait, can I really say the n-word? What up, my nigga? (woo) What up, my nigga? Big ups, my nigga, we up, my nigga You pussy ass nigga, man, fuck y'all niggas 'Cause I'm that nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga I'm that nigga I woke up in Chris Brown's body (oh yeah) Somehow this shit turned into Freaky Friday But we got no choice but to turn this bitch sideways (Oh yeah, oh yeah) I can't believe that it's Freaky Friday Yeah, it's Freaky Friday I'm in Chris Brown's body I drive his Ferrari and I'm light-skinned black What the fuck? I woke up and I'm Lil Dicky (Lil Dicky?) Ugh, what the fuck? This shit is real weak How his dick staying perched up on his balls like that? Walking down the street and ain't nobody know my name (whoa) Ain't no paparazzi flashing pictures, this is great (whoa) Ain't nobody judging 'cause I'm black or my controversial past I'ma go and see a movie and relax (woo) Ayy, I'm a Blood but I can finally wear blue (cool) Why his momma calling all the time? Leave me the fuck alone, bitch Wait, if I'm in Dicky's body, Breezy is who? Hope my daughter's in school Fuck, if I was Chris Brown, where would I be? What would I do? I woke up in Chris Brown's body (oh yeah) Somehow this shit turned into Freaky Friday But we got no choice but to turn this bitch sideways (Oh yeah, oh yeah) I can't believe that it's Freaky Friday Yeah, it's Freaky Friday I'm in Chris Brown's body I look at my soft dick with delight, it's my dream dick If I was Lil Dicky in my body, where would I be? I'm tryna to find myself like an introspective monk I'm balling on the court, oh my God I can dunk Snap a flick of my junk My dick is trending on Twitter? Fuck Now I'm at the club, I talked my way into getting in I look up in the VIP, my goodness there I am I signal to him to let me in but he won't let me in I don't know who that is Wait, who the fuck he think he is? Took a glass bottle, shatter it on the bouncer's head (woo) Walked up to that motherfucker Wait, think it through for a sec If you hurting me then you only hurting yourself But wait, I love myself That was the key, now we're switching back I woke up in Chris Brown's body (oh yeah) Somehow this shit turned into Freaky Friday But we got no choice but to turn this bitch sideways (I can't believe) I can't believe that it's Freaky Friday Wait, what the fuck? And now I'm in Ed Sheeran's body It's way less cool than being Chris Brown was What the fuck again? I'm DJ Khaled Why am I yelling? Huh, I'm Kendall Jenner I got a vagina, I'm gonna explore that right now (woo, woo) Holy shit, I got a vagina (uh), I'm gonna learn I'm gonna understand the inner workings of a woman
Eagle Eye (17 hours ago)
Did anyone notice the Chinese old man in every shot of the scene?
Mr Cable (17 hours ago)
Childhood memories💔
Matthew Osborne (18 hours ago)
Why chris brown
Kontol bapak Kau pecah (19 hours ago)
Lil dick
CHILLZ (19 hours ago)
Who came from Jayden smiths song (icon)
Frey AWESOME (20 hours ago)
Saying nigger more than 10 times = 2:33
L.P G.C (21 hours ago)
Nightcraver (21 hours ago)
are we all just ignoring the fact that lil dicky actually said nigga in real life
TRICK MASTER! (23 hours ago)
This song funny as hell
*holy shit i got a kid*
Moh Sarver (1 day ago)
Dragon Master (1 day ago)
My cousin is white and he says the n word all the time. I asked him why and he says he has a “n word pass”
Nice john Ybañez (1 day ago)
Kendal Jenner Ruin this mv 😂
Chaymae xoxo (1 day ago)
I'm DJ KHALED !!! Why Am i yelling? Had me dead asf💀
Cabdi samed Cs (1 day ago)
eldraude valcius (1 day ago)
lol dicky wanted to say the n word so baaad😆😂🤣😂🤣
habeel iqbal (1 day ago)
chris brown love you music xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx eyes looking like one habeel
Md Shakil Ikram (13 hours ago)
habeel iqbal xxxx
Hindira Widiastri (1 day ago)
Tessa The Dimond (1 day ago)
no one: litterly noone: the girl at the end: holy shit i gotta vigina
Daniel Koval (1 day ago)
I love this song
Mr. Awesome (1 day ago)
They did this wrong lil dickys voice should have been in Chris Brown and vice versa
Malmonster74 Iley (1 day ago)
Man I'll remember u till the day I die
Omg 525M its just last year wtf
xznr 9780 (1 day ago)
purple face (1 day ago)
Tyler Jefferies (1 day ago)
That Kendall Jenner shit was wack, the rest was fire though. 💯
Candescent (1 day ago)
So we’re did the ticket that pussy ass nigga wrote
Aliyah Jones (1 day ago)
2019 July?🤷🏽‍♀️
Maricris Umali (1 day ago)
Who else love lil dicky 👋👍
malupet <3
Anne-Marie Colas (1 day ago)
Wad up ma nigga
Latopher Jowe (1 day ago)
Oh my god those guys are gay ew
Swiggy (1 day ago)
suc mt lil dicckyy
Valentina Aguilar (1 day ago)
I love your 🎵🎶
J.M. James (1 day ago)
So ordering the Chicken Lo Mein was the right choice
Florizeil Bragado (1 day ago)
Awesome man
CallMe jaydon Crook (1 day ago)
I love this song
who up (1 day ago)
chris brown fuck offf
Ryder Murly (1 day ago)
At the start: waiter dont understand his question. Yet waiter still understands his entire speech and uses some magical shit to turn him into Chris brown
PaniK (1 day ago)
2:19when the DNA test says your 1% from West Africa.
Chaymae xoxo (17 hours ago)
@PaniK but i'm so white lol
PaniK (22 hours ago)
Chaymae xoxo lol well ur from Africa technically .
Chaymae xoxo (1 day ago)
Pls answer i'm from Morocco can I say the N word?
GoatJuice (1 day ago)
Chris brown beats women
NIKEGIRL701 Xoxo (1 day ago)
Who is whatching this in 2019
Sutchin Somanathan (1 day ago)
bruh moment
love your self (1 day ago)
Do Im only one Who know that only for tiktok
Anime4 LaijFuh (1 day ago)
kendall jenner is not using a braw 5:03
fionahuan407 (1 day ago)
2:13 xD
Chrono (1 day ago)
shefoo Arafat (1 day ago)
the ending cmon LOL
Tutsi Bluefish (1 day ago)
Dis is faggitism
Elisha Kasnett (1 day ago)
i love lil dicky! you make the best songs ever! make more!
Riley Langlois (6 hours ago)
I agree
Giovanni Robinson (1 day ago)
This man has access to every celebrity ever. wtf.
Bailey Smith (1 day ago)
you know he has actually got a huge ego outside of music videos
Kelsie Braisdell (1 day ago)
Robit Nort (1 day ago)
This chinese grandfather, no more pouring! :D
And it’s freaky Friday and I’m like skewed black
svege 08 (1 day ago)
1:44 the song starts
Lray Rodrigo (1 day ago)
I can beat my wife in Chris Browns body.
jandos abdiev (1 day ago)
What is her name? (girl)
jandos abdiev (1 day ago)
Insta girls pls???
Carloz Delanena (1 day ago)
Carloz Delanena (1 day ago)
Ty2 Ty (1 day ago)
2019 Freaky Friday Movie Theme 🔥💩
Baby Lalsangzuali (1 day ago)
i still here july 2019 who else
Eivin Atienza (1 day ago)
Shaniqua Bynoe (1 day ago)
love Chris brown

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