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US Army deserter Andre Shepherd seeking political asylum in Germany

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US soldier Andre Shepherd is seeking political asylum in Germany after deserting an American military base. If extradited to his home country, he could face life in prison or even the death penalty. On April 4, 2011, the German government announced that it had denied Shepherd's asylum application "For me, the personal favorite were the roller coasters," Shepherd reminisces about his life in the US. "I can't find any place in Germany that comes even close to that!" Four years ago Shepherd deserted the US Army, cutting off the way to his native Cleveland forever. His mother cried with pride when he volunteered for the army in 2004, but after a six-month tour of duty in Iraq, Andre walked off a US base in Germany and never returned. "Anything that anyone can possibly imagine in terms of war crimes committed in world history, the American forces have done this and are continuing to do this on a daily basis," Shepherd says. "The soldiers were being attacked, but they didn't know from where, so they just shot randomly in different directions." After hiding out for more than a year, Andre Shepherd surfaced. He married a German, secured the support of a number of human rights organizations and is now officially seeking asylum. Tucked away on the border of Germany and Austria, Lake Chimsee has long been popular with holiday makers. But now this idyllic spot may also go down in history as the home of the first US Iraq war veteran granted political asylum. However, to become the first is not going to be easy. Germany is one of the main staging grounds for the US military in Europe, with around 60,000 American troops stationed there. Each year some of those soldiers go AWOL and get picked up by the police. "The pressure is very high on Germany, and Andre often said in his speeches he was sorry for putting so much pressure on the German government," says Shepherd's wife, Jacqueline Edith. "He really loves this country so much." Andre will argue in court that the war in Iraq was a complete fraud, but lawyers say he has little chance of winning this legal war with the US. "It's particularly more difficult if it's a war such as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it was not a popular war," says Douglas McNabb, an international extradition lawyer. "And if we started having droves of soldiers deciding on their own that they were no longer going to be a member of the US military apparatus, we'd have a problem. And so there are very harsh penalties, up to life, and including the possibility of death." The mainstream media in the so-called coalition countries is not in a hurry to give Andre a say either. "The major corporations, like the BBC, CNN, what happened is that if I say anything controversial that goes against the government line it would be completely censored," Shepherd says. Shepherd admits that he may be on a slippery slope, but he also says that he is ready for the battle of his life, maintaining that there was no justification for the war in Iraq.
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ThunderBuddy29 (6 months ago)
After what he did, several US veterans went against the war and some threw away there metals. Some veterans probably didn't know that they were gonna be killing innocent people or destroying their countries. If we just removed Saddam Hussein from power back in Desert Storm in 1991. We probably wouldn't of been in Iraq in the first place
Pat Ribbing (8 months ago)
anybody know what yr this was?
Pat Ribbing (6 months ago)
ThunderBuddy29 k, thanks. germain
ThunderBuddy29 (6 months ago)
Pat Ribbing April 11th, 2007
Ezno313 (2 years ago)
there's not much to be scared of in the marines, more people die in Chicago every year than do in combat. Plus your serving your coutnry i have so much respect for soldiers, but this guy, he needs punishment.
Joshua Soreng (3 years ago)
LMAOOOO this is retarded, he volunteered for that shit!!!
BLACKJACK2432 (3 years ago)
Nobody force him to join the Army.  It was his choice.  Now he blames everybody else except himself.
Pat Ribbing (8 months ago)
BLACKJACK2432 nobody told politicians to invade iraq, they set that up before Busche sr. why do you think the Iraqis set fire to the Kuwaiti oil fields?
Tony Skywalker (1 year ago)
You are the clown, he volunteered. war is an ugly thing, is he not knew this when he joined? He must take some responsibility for his actions, he just talk shit about his country. As a soldier i carry out any orders given to me except those orders were to kill kids. Everything is done for the betterness of the nation, of cause some time they not go exactly as planned. Deserters are scums! If you don't like military don't fucking join it! It's not for the cinderellas! I'm not even from US.
The Ghoul (4 years ago)
Because he deserted this is getting out of hand I putting this in gods hands he will punish the polticans
humanrace (5 years ago)
It's ok not to agreeing with the military, or government, but to talk bad things about your country, s differing else. You just can't do that
Whitetiger90 (5 years ago)
ur comments show that most Americans have no brain. shepherd did it right. why should i fight in a war that is wrong in my eyes? in germany is no "black and white" he is a human and he needs help. best whises
Zsombor Nagy (1 year ago)
Whitetiger90 cus its yah country! Know ye not, that government is thine God, whose sacred duty is to exterminate the heretic?
Whitney Pyant (5 years ago)
Guys US military is voluntarily not mandatory. People know what they are getting into when they signed the contract. There is a difference from today and Vietnam. For starters there is no more draft. People what to sign up they signed with own free will
JeanySullivan (6 years ago)
Good for you Andre!! All my best wishes!
¿Cuánto? (6 years ago)
that guy is pretty badass, i'd be so fucking scared of running
bandwagon22 (6 years ago)
Military live has certain ability to make soldiers if not revolutionary then at least much more critical. In a 1973 White House conversation between Kissinger, the national security adviser, and Al Haig, then Nixon’s chief of staff, Kissinger said military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy. The quote is found in “Final Days,” a book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Kissinger has never disputed it.
noprofitmaximierung (6 years ago)
Hey you stupid little fasch, go see if you can fuck yourself in the ass as well as you can spell profanity for homo-sexual!
AziMeX (6 years ago)
Oh so even the Unites States has the death penalty for apostasy! I thought that was just in Islam!
schnellguy (6 years ago)
I guess by now his new duty station is Fort Levenworth,20 years of makeing little ones out of big ones at the quarey.I hope he enjoyed his white pussy.
soulhunter59 (6 years ago)
@omcara1 Apparently he didn't like his buddies. Don't mistake the true reality. They are just people you work with not your buddies. I have friends in almost every branch in the military and my grandfather was army. They all hate going out with their buddies. In fact my great grandfather always told the story of how he laughed when he saw one of his "buddies" get is head blown off. You work together to survive nothing more. This guy found a better way to survive. Good for him.
Amit (7 years ago)
@omcara1 i hope every us soldier gets his legs blown off by an ied. if iraq is lucky the us soldiers will get lung cancer too!
ZONA CALIENTE (7 years ago)
Coward! He knew what the job entailed. The war sucks but you do it for your buddies next to you, ya yellow belly shit.
playcrrn (7 years ago)

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