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Responsive Font Size | CSS vw Unit

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Text Comments (33)
Robert Tagliavia (4 months ago)
love your videos
Andrew Rico (5 months ago)
this is fun but not practical
MD.ALIMUL Alrazy (5 months ago)
body { font-size: calc(14px + (26 - 14) * ((100vw - 300px) / (1600 - 300))); } use this technic
Mustafi H (26 days ago)
ধন্যবাদ। একটু ব্যাখ্যা করে বলবেন?
milluki z (5 months ago)
Question what vw mean?
milluki z (5 months ago)
@ButteryRolls thanks bro
ButteryRolls (5 months ago)
Viewport width
Shadow Teck (5 months ago)
Or just use Bulma
Frank TIelemans (5 months ago)
Text on mobile should be larger than on desktop, not smaller. There should be some formula (calc with CSS variables maybe? ) to create repsonsive text that scales text between a minimum and maximum font-size.
Paolo Nieves Quiawan (5 months ago)
Happy 100,000
Kamalesh Maity (5 months ago)
Make a tutorial on css calc()
Beautiful. Thanks for the share.
Gamseng Mazee Marak (5 months ago)
Sir, Can you please make a video on how to use this approach to make menu or navigation bar responsive....
(5 months ago)
why not use vmin vmax ,vw only resize text when the window width get resize
Aghwotu Ovuoke (5 months ago)
Finally!!! Been looking for a video on this. Thank you for this. Keep up the good work.
Himanshu Joshi (5 months ago)
Bro what is different between px,%,em,rem,vw
(5 months ago)
sanjay boricha (5 months ago)
better than Media screen
Ác Qủy (5 months ago)
fun !
Agas Darmawa (5 months ago)
i thought you're using media screen😅 i learn more from your videos, thnks sir🙏
Muhammad alhakam (5 months ago)
Assalamu'alaikum Mr Muhammad Irshad, iam Yusuf from Indonesian:)
Muhammad alhakam (5 months ago)
@Online Tutorials why you block whatapp me sir? Don't worry i always support you👍🏼
Online Tutorials (5 months ago)
fahad Khan (5 months ago)
Are u pakistani
free blackbeauty (5 months ago)
@Online Tutorials Me too an Indian. Be proud of Indian
Online Tutorials (5 months ago)
ABOUALI YOUNESS (5 months ago)
Cyber Geek (5 months ago)
I'm here first cos I love you and your content, thanks a lot....can I please know how you auto- complete Lorem text in sublime text??
Online Tutorials (5 months ago)
Welcome :)
Cyber Geek (5 months ago)
@Online Tutorials thanks, will try
Online Tutorials (5 months ago)
type 'lorem' then hit "tab button" in sublime text
Creative minds (5 months ago)
1st view and like !

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