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15 Types of Instagram Photos | Tips & Ideas!

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✓If we get this video to 1K likes, next week I'll show you a how to: step by step tutorial on how I edit my photos for an aesthetic Instagram feed + a ton of other Instagram tips, ideas & tricks! Great for fashion or style bloggers! - ABOUT THIS VIDEO - ✓A lot of you have been telling me that you are running out of ideas of what to post on Instagram & asking me for any Instagram related tips I have! Many of these tips are great for fashion or style bloggers. Here are 15 different types of photos & ideas that you can post on Instagram! Learn my tips & you will never run out of Instagram worthy photos for a strong cohesive & aesthetic Instagram feed. Don't have a fashion blog or style blog? Not to worry, because I made sure to include tips for everyone whether you are fashion / style oriented or not. ✓This video will be the first Instagram Tip video of many to come! Next week I will do a step by step tutorial on how I edit my photos, how to have an aesthetic Instagram feed & a ton of other Instagram related tips, ideas & tricks! - FAVORITE MEN'S HAIR PRODUCT (hair on fleek for IG selfies!) - ✓ Moon Fiber: http://moonfiber.co - SUBSCRIBE - ✓ http://bit.ly/Zo_Subscribe - LAST WEEK'S VIDEO - ✓http://youtu.be/E-S6oVr-BNM - 2ND CHANNEL (BTS & VLOGS)- ✓ http://youtube.com/EdwardZoVlogs - WEEKLY LIVE CHATS - ✓check twitter.com/edwardzo for chat schedule - SOCIAL - ✓ Instagram : http://instagram.com/EdwardZo ✓ BTS IG: http://instagram.com/VampirePapi ✓ Snapchat: http://SnapChat.com/add/EdwardZo ✓ Twitter : http://twitter.com/EdwardZo ✓ Facebook: http://facebook.com/OfficialEdwardZo ✓ Musical.ly: EdwardZo - BUSINESS EMAIL - ✓ [email protected] - BONUS FOR MY ACTIVES - comment with your IG name below if you read this far so I know who my most actives are :)
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Olle Söderlund (3 days ago)
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knight knives (9 days ago)
i like your black jacket. where can i buy it?
Arseny (12 days ago)
Overall don’t let your Instagram run you.
Mackenzie Woolley (27 days ago)
Pls follow me @ chungusmaccapacca420 i need followers
texthungrig! (1 month ago)
"self-love is great" - wow. - your energy is great!
BTS OT7 (1 month ago)
Me:*takes notes furiously*
Jennah B (1 month ago)
this was sooo useful! can you also share some tips for captions??
Grace Hoinunmawi Haokip (2 months ago)
Grace Hoinunmawi Haokip
Ida Bayuni (2 months ago)
I like this! Thank you Edward! I can learn a lot!
Aromal Kumar (2 months ago)
Awesome video!!!
rvd fx (2 months ago)
I was on a trip for my highschool and we used Cannon TI cameras for the photos and I’m pretty sure I cried because I looked actually decent because of the edits
rvd fx (2 months ago)
What if you’re ugly af like me?😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Precious Emmanuel (2 months ago)
Kreston Dempsey (2 months ago)
Wow this was so helpful thank you so much for your help and tips.
Heat (2 months ago)
I dont know how i feel about dis video
Rose O (3 months ago)
what if your ugly af ?
Mauro Belem (3 months ago)
Great video Edwardzo... Am I the only one that actually did all this naturally without having someone to tell me
Ethan Pavon (3 months ago)
but what if you ugly??
Luci Official (4 months ago)
I need a friend who's like me when taking photos, one good photo is all I ask for. I'm just tired of saying "oh that cute" with a painful smile on my face
Neutral Blew (4 months ago)
CJ (4 months ago)
You're amazing bro Thanks alot!
Bianca Kenney (5 months ago)
How do you get your feed to look like that? the colors for example.. the grey scale looking type of filters. I LOVE it and its what I want
sana art (5 months ago)
RetroMessi HD (5 months ago)
Watch Mensutra videos ❤️
Giraffa ! (6 months ago)
Hey dude, I was asking myself how is going with the drift thing.. I mean the 350z , your Yakuza uncle.. Tokyo things
Al _ice (6 months ago)
John Carlos (6 months ago)
How did you get the animated handwriting text on the video?
Mehdi Dhaou (6 months ago)
1:11 what type of shoes are that?
ApexXX27 (7 months ago)
When I watched the vid I thought it was tips for models
Alizy jhon (7 months ago)
Really Nice video here is the Link you can get this services. https://gigbuz.com/freelancer/i-will-design-your-instagram-post-3/
Akhil Pillai (7 months ago)
Great tips
DankGamer _aob (7 months ago)
I just got Instagram I'm gonna post some pf my 100s of drawings!
Devil the only knight (7 months ago)
You look very good
Judy (7 months ago)
Wow thank you for this video! So to the point, helpful with so many examples, and exactly what I needed! :)
Floor Manenschijn (7 months ago)
Damn you're beautiful😋NICE VID thanks👌
Super Aldreje (7 months ago)
I wish i could have that kid of friend that is literally like me,a friend who know how to take a picture
Mass Thamizhan (7 months ago)
thanks very nice
Abraham Beiza (8 months ago)
Follow Me “jacob._.beiza” 😉
Dave Cruz (8 months ago)
I Love You @edwardzo
donald bulley (8 months ago)
no wonder i am not getting followers.i am not posting every day common boring posts that trillions of people do every day.i post syfi dynamic action packed stuff & super hero sifi type art drawings.i must be scaring away all these common every day folks with very weak hearts that can not handle such awsomness.guess i will have to post pics of me just posing or walking around aimless to get dumb followers that follow that crap.
elina al (8 months ago)
His brows tho 😍
WarN Peace (8 months ago)
You earned a *subscriber!*
Coco Poods (9 months ago)
after watching this, the idea and inspiration are flooding inside of my head. lmao thanks ed! 😉 #tryingtobeanactivefollower lmao 😂
Poodie Tang (9 months ago)
And remember... have your own camera guy too... that guy who takes those pictures when you dont have the phone... :D
Archana Tripathi (9 months ago)
Damn he is handsome
Ali Al-omari (9 months ago)
I have a weird but artistic colourful aesthetic @official_alialomari
Ahsinom Acharya (9 months ago)
Loved n subscribed
Davgre __ (10 months ago)
Hats off man one of the most useful video ever
Happinessinwildernes (10 months ago)
He is sexyeuuu!!! He will be a *playboy* i'm sure ☺
Jessica Putri (10 months ago)
Thanks you 🤗🤗
P9 Sportz (10 months ago)
Follow @p9sportz and i will follow back👍🔥💯
I'm ugly and very short .. i can't post photos of myself !! People don't like it.
Melanated Matter (11 months ago)
Thanks ! I was running out of ideas 💡
hotsaucebabe (11 months ago)
Just post memes
Athulraj P (11 months ago)
Don’t see my instagram plz..... AthulrajNinja
kgjsg f (11 months ago)
Nice video and it helped me become a better Instagramer. Also anyone let's do a sub to sub. Subscribe to me and I'll subscribe back. You have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 if you Subscribe.
OnlyResilience (11 months ago)
Omg you post like the most perfect and helpful videos ever 😱
Dupre Media (11 months ago)
These are some awesome tips!
Christa Bam (11 months ago)
I Am Katrina505 (11 months ago)
Your So Cuteee edwarddd Love you💜💜💜
Dy Daniel (11 months ago)
cant stop staring at his eyebrows
Rola Bangtan (1 year ago)
you're so fine omg😩
Sergejs Zulgis (1 year ago)
Torden van Rensburg (1 year ago)
Thx so much
Bryan De Torres (1 year ago)
this is very helpful ❤
Allie Williams (1 year ago)
cl6ut (1 year ago)
*just looks at his hair the whole video*
Sugaxsavage (1 year ago)
Please make a part 2!
Sugaxsavage (1 year ago)
Ok this has been the most helpful Instagram video I have found! You just got yourself a new subscriber 😁
URVESH BORKAR (1 year ago)
awsome video..✌
halle wiley (1 year ago)
Ig: Cutetobrianne
Heramb X (1 year ago)
I like your voice
Instant Vogue (1 year ago)
Marry me lol
Weluv peace (1 year ago)
Every one is turnin gay *.*
shii_shii (1 year ago)
i have no one to take any 3rd person pics..........could i use a timer?
hella soyder (1 year ago)
dang do u have a gf????
GOOK LEADER (1 year ago)
Brian satori (1 year ago)
He gots a point though
Brian satori (1 year ago)
These dude got the old justin bieber hair cut
Malick Diop (1 year ago)
great vidz guy
Angel John (1 year ago)
u talk a lot
Talyn's mess (1 year ago)
It's an advice video...
the SUNNYday (1 year ago)
I just love your hair nothing more than that.. okay...!!
THE ORIGIN (1 year ago)
u r so handsome., 😍😍
Hassan Maluk (1 year ago)
Dead Mañ (1 year ago)
Nice tips , if you focus you'll get some pretty good pictures 👍
Bidyut Datta (1 year ago)
Rachel E. (1 year ago)
This is a great video, but I rarely leave my house and I'm way better at taking photos of myself than letting other people do it for me.
richard valentino (1 year ago)
helpful af
Navneeth Madhu (1 year ago)
thanx brw
S O B I (1 year ago)
Dang those lips 😎
Asim Inamdar (1 year ago)
First world problems. XD
Thinesh 36 (1 year ago)
Amazing Tips EDWARD ♥️🤘
Nikhil Gurung (1 year ago)
loved your tips zo
RukaXchan (1 year ago)
But if i m ugly n fat
yousra elhaj (1 year ago)
Are u korean
Xeingo (1 year ago)
Wow....this video just made me inspired hahahha XD ever since I started watching your videos I've been spending my time practicing with editing apps for my photos xD
Hank Hill (1 year ago)
i need the profile picture where people trick you to thinking you have phone on your screen
Junioraaa (1 year ago)
A great fan of yours. Love from the Philippines! ❤😊
Addy Nagar (1 year ago)
Can you post an video on what should I right on my Instagram bio plz

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