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STORM Tips & Tricks 101 | NARUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM 4

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I've been getting a lot of tweets and messages to make a video for Tips & Tricks since Storm Generations but i never thought i was good enough. I Still believe i'm not good enough to be a Teacher, but since people are still insisting to do it to this day. I made a quick video explaining the basics & some tips that applies to all Storm Games after Storm 2. (Gameplay in the video does not represent anything. It's just regular background gameplay) Here is STORM Tips & Tricks 101 | NARUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 https://youtu.be/aHGBMXNvwL4 ►Previous Video● Mini News/Update - Sound 4 Awakening Gets Curse Seal 2! [DLC 3] | NARUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 https://youtu.be/LmFyvUW7CY0 ►NARUTO Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 (Official SC NS4 Playlist) https://goo.gl/kPFfpq ►NarutoStorm4 Review● ●NARUTO STORM 4 | RANT / REVIEW - LIKES & DISLIKES!【PS4/XBOX ONE】@ShikasClouds● https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L6uOmUnpqs ●SASUKE「THE LAST」- MOVESET SHOWCASE | NARUTO Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM 4● https://goo.gl/tFNoEh ●NARUTO「THE LAST」- MOVESET SHOWCASE | NARUTO Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM 4● https://goo.gl/YAjIrD NARUTO Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 ナルト- 疾風伝ナルティメットストーム 4 Note: Most Videos i upload will be 60fps even if the game isn't running at 60fps (for better viewing experience) 【ALL NINJA STORM Games are all locked at 30fps】 You want Anime? Gaming? Comedy? Then you came to the right place, This is ShikasClouds bringing you Live Battles, Machinimas, Gaming News, Playthroughs and more! Subscribe to stay updated! 【Thanks for watching! Don't forget to leave a Rating!】 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ●PlayStation Network ID► KAKASHL- ●Second Channel► http://www.youtube.com/user/ShikasCloudz ●Twitch► http://www.twitch.tv/shikascloudstv ●Twitter► http://twitter.com/#!/Shikasclouds ●Facebook!► http://facebook.com/ShikasClouds ●Outro Music By Renard►https://www.youtube.com/lapfoxofficial ★Video Made By • SC | ShikasClouds™ •★ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬
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Text Comments (845)
Travis Gamings (17 days ago)
austin mattingly (4 months ago)
If you think you are good try playing me. You'll regret it
austin mattingly (4 months ago)
If you think you are good try playing me. You'll regret it
Overwatch Fun (5 months ago)
How do you turn to a log
Marilu Vargas (9 months ago)
=43 Download Naruto Ninja Storm 4 http://tiny.cc/v0rxry
Antonio Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Dude how do you block in this game
BoZo (1 year ago)
How did you make the frames just like storm 3?
Joakim Dolojan (1 year ago)
Final plans:go Tobi awakening RT+B R2+O Tilt attack
Zombie XP (1 year ago)
I can only get like 2 hits when i play against someone online , i need help with thia game 😥
Timothy Chan (1 year ago)
how does your game look so good?
Ren Hana (1 year ago)
When they do transformations I find it's best to charge them. Most players seem to feel invincible when they activate them and forget their defense a lot of the time. How many games I won by dashing to them, air attacking, and just mashing substitution and beating them because they can't turn around fast enough as they just mash buttons. Though that's more for new players.
Kenny Doherty (1 year ago)
The game is based on substitution whoever gets there subs first after the first four wind
Major Fortnite Kid (1 year ago)
Sub to me
LinkSouls (1 year ago)
It's hard when everyone I join has bad connection and I literally can't do anything
Qeedle (1 year ago)
Yabuko If you lag in every match, maybe its YOUR internet.
Raziel Slaughter (1 year ago)
How do you dash back to your opponent when they substitute behind you? I see alot of people do it, and there's like a yellow flash when it happens.
Lawliet River (2 months ago)
It is a ninja tool that gives you a small dash, that if landed stuns your opponent so you can land the most brutal of attacks. It is very hard to land in a real battle, so it is often just used for extra travel. It is from my experience always the ninja tool that will be on top. Then you got your bombs to the left, shurikens to the right, and powerup at the bottom.
1nsane Me (1 year ago)
i hoped u had demonstrated those tips u explained instead of showing us that random gameplay.. demonstration would have been more helpful
Hatred818x (1 year ago)
just use kakashi and neji and mash no skill needed but the the skill to mash................. fuck them two
generalevilchicken (1 year ago)
cant do shit in this gamr everyone is higher level and teleports to me every time I substitute... not only that they always block and jump around... doing the same combos everytime
Emmanuel Laporte (1 year ago)
wwwhhaat map is this
Shayla Thompson (1 year ago)
How do you dash
The Bacc (1 year ago)
stopmotiontk421 (1 year ago)
how is the gameplay in 1080p?
Larnell Hill (1 year ago)
stopmotiontk421 probably PC
Fredrick Butts (1 year ago)
For awakening use ultimate because most people don't use block
Fortnite Boys (2 years ago)
"fuck plan A" lmao xD
Lyno (2 years ago)
how can i get boruto
no clue I am on one, so sometimes I just read some stuff and few times miss click on the replay.. :p
Anon (1 year ago)
Thorbjørn Jacobsen so then why did you reply to me?
Lyno (1 year ago)
Thorbjørn Jacobsen xD
The dlc. :D.. To boruto.. And I just told NFX.. xD..
Anon (1 year ago)
Thorbjørn Jacobsen what?
Kevin Barajas (2 years ago)
hey are Boruto and sarada playable through the vanilla game? or are they from dlc?
they are from dlc. When the game came out.. You cant get them now,, Or you can but you have to preorder the new dlc. There soon comeing out
Kumail Qazilbash (2 years ago)
Hey I bought the season pass for the pc but It's not showing pls help
litty titty (2 years ago)
Kumail Qazilbash (2 years ago)
I'm just a HUGE fan of naruto
litty titty (2 years ago)
No problem. Hope you can fix your game. But the season pass is kinda worthless in my opinion
Kumail Qazilbash (2 years ago)
know what it's okay u can carry on with your day. Thanks anyways:)
litty titty (2 years ago)
Check if you got from steam or wherever you bought the game and season pass
Mark Dinero (2 years ago)
Gara is cheap as fuck
Akimino Index (2 years ago)
You couldn't have said it better. I used to major all NUNS games, mainly Storm Revolution before I quit when Storm 4 came along. You're probably not reading this but I don't think you're bad at all. If you're this adept on telling others how to play to this extent then I'm sure you understand how this simple game works. Although I've never played a single match on Storm 4, judging on past games I would say you have the basics down. It really depends on how people want to play in general (Meta, Style, etc.). All in all, I think this is a great guide and I also believe others should take this into consideration if they want to improve. I'm from the Xbox community in Storm games (known as Akiminoindex, Rurini, Artemity, Fated Hope, Fated Love, I don't really remember them all.). I've made it up to 80,000 bp with no disconnections. Aka. The second best Storm player via. Xbox, of course Takashii comes first. <3 I don't know how to describe how to improve any better than ShikasClouds did. Job well done!
Eddy Boy (2 years ago)
Wow WOW im an idiot after having this game for a month I barely realised thanks to you that there's only 4 subs :| I always wondered what those were for
flyboisean23 (2 years ago)
Helped thanks shikas
YoungDaggerHeaven YDH (2 years ago)
remember i fought u i think i lost
YoungDaggerHeaven YDH (2 years ago)
hey im in your clan
Roosevelt Calhoun (2 years ago)
This map isn't in storm 4 how are u playing here?
Mohamed Aiyupkhan (2 years ago)
Someone tell me how he got that second map, the inside building place
Fugaku Uchiha (3 months ago)
Danny avelenda (2 years ago)
seal the BEAST ult cancel awakenings as i usally do the ult as soon as they awaken they arent expecting an ult lol
Mohamman Alhameed (2 years ago)
Mohamman Alhameed (2 years ago)
You can counter big awakenings but the normal ones are hard asf especially mascara awakening
ParistonHill (2 years ago)
Guys who are the best supports for PTS LEE. And explain why. (I currently use the last naruto/pain)
Reji (2 years ago)
I keep getting fucked online
Hrælzyr (2 years ago)
2:41 Holy shit that Massive Rasengan Damage... OP
I suck cock (2 years ago)
If your playing against computer change setting to 60 secs timer, handcapped all the way against you, on super hard best training lol
Gh0sts (1 year ago)
eh That's too easy but the most challenging thing in feee battle
its jermdawg (2 years ago)
thank you so much shikas!
Julian Hutson (2 years ago)
"In most cases, I'm choosing Plan B over Plan A" -Shikas
noobkilla789 (2 years ago)
Are you using some sort of graphics mod. This shit looks smooth as fuck
Miss Nuker (2 years ago)
Didnt see this map yet, its dlc?
ActionOverWordz (2 years ago)
Pro tip: git gud
The zNinja_Kaito (2 years ago)
Is this 60 fps? If so then it's so beautiful! Why can't Storm 4 play like this on console?
Ascended Pigeon X (2 years ago)
rush, block and run, jump like crazy, spam and counter......storm 4
Ascended Pigeon X (2 years ago)
oh yeah and hide behind supports.
Tim Macone (2 years ago)
Everything I've learned in all my years of playing these games I learned through experience and loss. Don't get me wrong, I hate losing and I usually don't take it too well, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't learn from it. The only tips you need is how to deal with certain "playstles" not how to play. I've seen people do the fanciest cancels and the coolest switches and still lose. Learn the basics, then choose your own style that works... that is all. Not everyone needs fancy tricks to be good so don't fret noobies. ;)
Abdullah Haddad (2 years ago)
In ranked 90% players playing cheap using the op lee or naruto Or spamming with sasukes fireball😡 Idont know how I can win against naruto or lee 😑
Elijah Cole (2 years ago)
Use a fast charecter
Abdullah Haddad (2 years ago)
+AMVNomad thank u
AMVNomad (2 years ago)
Good supports and a good lead. Spot the small openings use a character with more range like try kisame or madara
Almighty Cash (2 years ago)
How the hell do you have that map at 1:42 in storm 4
trey wickesser (2 years ago)
wheres that second map from
Sasuke_ Arabic (2 years ago)
Fuck you shikas
Emamdee Ubaid (2 years ago)
How Do Your Game run so fast on pC?...Pls tell me...My GPU GTX 780 AND 8GB CORSAIRE...HOW SO FAST?PLS REPLY...ME...THANKS A LOT....
Ghostonic (2 years ago)
2:41 WHAT
Akimino Index (1 year ago)
Ghostonic Fully handicapped.
Sparrow (2 years ago)
If the giant awakening is a Susano'o, which is very likely what it will be.. You can easily dodge the Susano'o attacks and most Justus, like the Susano'o Lightning Blade.
Geno Xflame (2 years ago)
+Kaneki Ken thats the wrong answer if its a big awaken just bum rush it and press O. Big awakens have been the equivalent of teemo since storm gen.
GamePlayersCorner (2 years ago)
I love this game.
Thanks ShikasClouds. It's a good a youtuber like yourself takes time out of his day to help us newb get good like you. Ever since I sub you always brought me truly respecting you. I have alot of channels I sub too but yours is the main. Thanks man. You're a hero. A honorable Hero.
unsung Artist (2 years ago)
your guard breaks faster when you jump block!?!?
John Boccanfuso (2 years ago)
Wait how do you get that stage in the naruto sasuke fight?? I thought it was only in adventure mode
Christian Harris (2 years ago)
fight me online on ps4 jinchuriki702
Savage XxKryptedxX (2 years ago)
'Do whatever you want' lmao
YoshidaXL (2 years ago)
ur game is so smooth shika ^^
Salty mc salt (2 years ago)
plan d: spam those inferno balls like there coming out of sasukes ass
RoniDraws (1 year ago)
The salty old hermit. 😂
JTG (2 years ago)
Abdullah Haddad (2 years ago)
Jaron Cooper (2 years ago)
Listen the first game i got from naruto was naruto generations because i got into naruto about a year ago. I then got naruto revolution. Now I been wanting this since i got hella hype this will be my third naruto game i will be getting as i also have to get a new gen console. 😳 So the question is is this worth it because the things people been saying i havent seen it also is a season pass worth it Someone please answer
AsteroidBlue (2 years ago)
+StarshipMinglePRODS you're**
AsteroidBlue (2 years ago)
your better off getting a brazzers subscription
ManishPLAYS (2 years ago)
What stadium is this 4:30
Koto Scarlet (2 years ago)
If you just learn how to properly counter dash ( since it's somewhat different ) and jump guard , it'll raise your game faster than anything if your just starting
OnlyLegendsKat (2 years ago)
Who else here doesn't have this game but is watching the video anyway?
1nsane Me (1 year ago)
@wolfassassin2222 ness i got the game a week ago too and i am having really hard time getting used to the controls. mind training together i am looking for people who are new to the game too so we can train. my psn is kittu6697
RoniDraws (1 year ago)
getting it today ^-^
boruto uzumaki (1 year ago)
me but I'm getting it
RatedRLoquender (2 years ago)
i have generations and revolutions
Jacob Lucas (2 years ago)
why do you have to relate to me? I still am waiting to get it, just need more information that's all!
xxMyNutsxx (2 years ago)
Savion Smith (2 years ago)
I need that hotel map your playing on
TheSupremeSusano (2 years ago)
counterdash is way harder n this game cause i alwas do a jutsu or my character just stand stil
Ricardo Doulsa (2 years ago)
Add me
Znade (2 years ago)
Guys, ive seen people do a combo with their main character, switch to a 2nd character, but the 1st character continues the full combo without the cutscene animation at the end. So basically the character is attacking me with a full combo while the oppenents new main character can either join the attack or load chakra. He's switched yet I'm still getting combo'd. Anyone know how to do this?
AnimeFever (2 years ago)
AnimeFever (2 years ago)
+Iku-Ne Nah, I'm thinking, ever since I did that video, its been done by every other youtuber on youtube lol. Not hating on Shikas but this is all I'm seeing lately. I made it as a guide for the newish people and know its outa hand.
Iku-Ne {Solus} (2 years ago)
+AnimeFever I already know you thinking. I already know....
Abel Meng (2 years ago)
Does Storm 4 has this fighting stage? The one in that Japanese hotel, I don't remember seeing it
Rockbottom231 (2 years ago)
mash O and constantly switch mid combo is an instant win lol.
Dragoneat 3 (2 years ago)
Dragoneat 3 (2 years ago)
did anybody else notice dat wen he had sauske (the last) and boruto that he did his team ultimate jutsu 3 times in a row, at the end, the same time wen saruda used her ninjutsu
Tontza 12 (2 years ago)
ShikasCloud thx for the tips. with these tips i could maybe rekt my brother
SòRíku Kìshìý (2 years ago)
in my owe view from playing rank in s2, s3 so in s4 what I figure out on my owe accord in all previews gen.. get betting on keen timing an you'll start to play better in due time^^
Contracter (2 years ago)
Any tips on how to break someone's guard who just holds it down the entire fight
Dre' Plays (2 years ago)
+Contracter attack them but not for too long (they could be baiting yu) use supports too. i personally charge at then, attack, jump back, hen attack again, using neji support
ComboStorm (2 years ago)
would there be a way I canake my videos like this I mean idk how I do that but what do I do
AvengeUchiha (2 years ago)
4:53 made me cry
What I don't understand about newbies is that they join my player match lobby when it's titled "looking for advanced players." Why they keep joining when they're not skilled?
Dre' Plays (2 years ago)
+CaliGold45 l ✪Your Entertainment Awaits Here✪ so that's why i keep getting disconnected from the lobby. just got this game 2 days ago for the ps4.......................got raped my first online match
they probably picked quick match.. i doubt anyone bothers to read the lobby titles anyway
KriegerLP (2 years ago)
4:53 what was that?! repeated team ulti??
PlatinumGhost (2 years ago)
Lmfao!!!! Tips and tricks for STORM?!? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!! I CANT. STOP IT PLS. I'm sorry the title just really got to me.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
genie hunter (2 years ago)
okay so... I know I'm not the only one surprised at the fucking amount of damage Naruto's rasengan did at 2:41 😲
Aubert Rwamaza (3 months ago)
+Antonio Rodriguez but it's sasuke tho
Xxfree NBAxX (7 months ago)
Fr tho😂
Antonio Rodriguez (11 months ago)
genie hunter rasengan should kill him in one hit
KỳNam Văn (2 years ago)
i agree. i was so shock at that moment @@! it did more damage than an ultimate
Der5im (2 years ago)
+Jay Flem nope armor brake damage
ZShenlong1 (2 years ago)
Once somebody awakens playing fair and honorably goes out the window lol Everybody knows awakenings only happen when scrubs are thirsty for the W and at that point they're gonna do whatever broke shit they have to to win.
Keira Amano (2 years ago)
+ZShenlong1 awakening is balanced you just need to know how to Fight it, The big ones can get stuck in combos even when they sub, and they take more damage too plus they can be cancelled with ultimate justu so there's tons of ways to beat them.
ZShenlong1 (2 years ago)
+The gaming Mercenary Just because something is a part of a game does NOT make it balanced lol that's a horrible way to justify something btw.
Keira Amano (2 years ago)
what no there's nothing wrong with awakening, it's part of the game and it's easy to counter.
GravityLoL (2 years ago)
good to see vid like that. It will definitely help some people (including me). I have my own strategy against awakened characters - hit them with ougi. If you are good enough, u can do it before opponent will have time to cause serious damage, disable their awakening and there's a chance he'll get angry and start to make mistakes. It's especially effective against giant awakening (bigger target, easier to hit) Just throwing my three cents in, no offence.
The KING (2 years ago)
I got good at Naruto games, back in STORM 2 days. Me and my friend would just train in Player Match. And then we would practice with other players and learn from fighting with them. Then, before STORM Generations came out, I became incredible! Eww..... not to brag xD
Dre' Plays (2 years ago)
+The KING train me
Tsukii (2 years ago)
How do you get your game to look so good? On Xbox I'm trying to but I can't make it look so good and smooth and how do I add motion blur
BRAN (2 years ago)
Where are all the styling players at? Holla at me
C0nv3rsE (2 years ago)
ok, now do a practical video of these theories
Ricco Williams (2 years ago)
was that a real map in 1:15 i didnt see that one
Ricco Williams (2 years ago)
yeah i do 2
Ricco Williams (2 years ago)
GravityLoL (2 years ago)
it's from a mod for pc version
LE Harvard (2 years ago)
lil tips:find teams that can give advantages such as dash cut,charge block,etc might be handy during battles and don't be scared trying new characters online the match become way more fun
Indigo (2 years ago)
That beautiful 4k. Thanks for the video though!
LE Harvard (2 years ago)
justTy_ (2 years ago)
Wait, is the inn a new map?
justTy_ (2 years ago)
+Virtues oh so is it a mod map
zero (2 years ago)
Was in old storm games, they took it out
Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (2 years ago)
Shika can you show your face?! You're like kakashi right now but worst. Show your face!!!!

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