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We Tried Getting Drunk In a Champagne Bath

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Text Comments (1444)
Priyanka Bose (12 days ago)
Keith looks hot with beard
Aesthxtic gemini (20 days ago)
Eugene wouldve love this
Addi TheTaco (25 days ago)
I can’t believe Eugene missed getting bathed in alcohol.
*Half of this comment section is just about how hot Keith looks in this video.*
MC King (1 month ago)
"Um, this is hard to explain, but...I had a dream where I was in a kiddy pool and all of my friends sprayed champagne on me."
MC King (1 month ago)
Why did you write " *We Tried* " if it's just Zach?
Luna Nightchase (1 month ago)
I just noticed that this video was filmed at the same time that Dev and Jen did their style swap
Mildrey Fiorentino (1 month ago)
I like the video just because of The Try Guys
Just Be It (1 month ago)
Come on he drank it by accident so doesn't count
Kathy Ola (2 months ago)
Keith's wearing green? Wtf.
Isabella Valdespino. (3 months ago)
Your skin absorbs anything in 19 seconds, definitely, alcohol was inside of your body :0
Serena Odonata (3 months ago)
I did not thought that Keith could wear a beard, but he definatly can
Serena Odonata (3 months ago)
I work with high pocentage alcohol, like the most pure ethanol you can get and I can asure you, you can get drunk from inhaling it while you use it to wash of varnish from furniture . . .
Ashley Boyle (3 months ago)
"I'm wearing a condom, and I wrapped it in rubber bands" **zooms in on crotch**
Ilana Marie Bowers (3 months ago)
Working at buzzfeed must be wild asf.
Justine Janisse (3 months ago)
Something tells me it wasn’t actually champagne if they could get all those bottles for just $300
The Blood Alpha Wolf (3 months ago)
zack is kinda hot.....
Shaz (4 months ago)
Don’t ever bath in wine that’s disrespect wine to decades to make even century to perfect it
Desiree Morris (4 months ago)
pro squad production s (4 months ago)
All we need is a stripper pole and we have our selfs a party
Himaschi Wijayawardhana (4 months ago)
I love how the caption shows Keith as “man in green”
Madison D'Silva (4 months ago)
This taught me to not bath in alcohol because I never knew this in the first place
Myrin (4 months ago)
as an unsolved/worth it/tasty superfan, seeing annie and shane made my day (or made...madej)
ani98 (4 months ago)
Shane is my queen...Shane is my religion....Shane is....life...
Baozhi Tang (4 months ago)
Why does Zach look like he’s balding to me for some reason
ayeitsmandy_YT (4 months ago)
Why does Zach look like baby new year
Luna Skyler (4 months ago)
You have to test more people before you can confirm that
Priya Chotai (4 months ago)
I wish there was more of Shane in this video. He’s so hot haha! 😍😂😎
Katelyn Andrews (4 months ago)
Who is here in 2019
Evelyn White (4 months ago)
I am sooo glad that now kieth doesn’t have the beard anymore
floral ghost (4 months ago)
wow keith looks REALLY GOOD with a beard
Nailah Mason (5 months ago)
Keith looks sexy af
Celestine (5 months ago)
That's really interesting
Mary Smith (5 months ago)
You can inhale alcohol fumes and get drunk. That would be a great thing to test.
Tara Greenwood (5 months ago)
bearded keith is a good look
Maxwell Anderson (5 months ago)
zayum Keith needs to rock a beard again
priontyi qhan (5 months ago)
I just realised that, Keith looks sooooo freakin' handsome with this sort of beard! Awww!💕✨🙊
Makenna Golden (5 months ago)
I live for bearded keith
jeovan Gaming (5 months ago)
Julia Mihajlovich (6 months ago)
Keith, never change the facial hair dude lol! Also, I’ve always thought if Zach buzzed off his hair and grew scruff if would be a great look for him.
Blaxing - (6 months ago)
Anyone here in 2019? Eh eh!?!
Pat Black (6 months ago)
"Not a very economical way to get drunk" xD
Anna Thompson (6 months ago)
I thought they left buzzfeed a year ago??
Ian Duncan (6 months ago)
It's like the try guys knew they were going to leave BuzzFeed and just did the craziest stuff they could think of in their last few months...
Danniella Segovia (6 months ago)
Keith with a beard??? It's a yes from me
Alexandra Venera (6 months ago)
keith looks really good with a beard
YouTube girl (6 months ago)
Keith looks soooo gooood with the beard. Like a snack basically.
Lilith the demon (6 months ago)
Keith looks really good with that beard
Danny Devito (6 months ago)
It disturbs me how much hair such a little man can have
A. Zhang (6 months ago)
Ngl, the thumbnail and the parts of video with a top hat kinda look like the iwsnt/boml (I write sins not tragedies/ballad of Mona Lisa) music videos
Brianna Hickey (6 months ago)
"thats a shaving commercial"
Brianna Hickey (6 months ago)
I love Zach
Nicole Katchur (6 months ago)
Shane was in the video, that's all I need. I love that The Try Guys are friends with Shane and Ryan, it's the best thing I could ask for.
Bella Victoria (6 months ago)
I like keith with the beard
Rosalina Williams (6 months ago)
When Zach had his jacket on, I thought he was wearing a Team Rocket shirt
jada moreland (6 months ago)
Keith with a beard is hot! WTH
Lezli (6 months ago)
I didn’t get this video at all 😂
Thaylog Paine (6 months ago)
what it does prove is that just fumes near you can get you into trouble if you get tested.
Freya Gill-Vernon (6 months ago)
Zachs a light wieht
Zohal Ghasemzadeh (6 months ago)
Maybe u can get drunk by smelling champagne
paranoid android (6 months ago)
This is lowkey a waste which is depressing lmao
paranoid android (6 months ago)
Try guys and shane? We've been blessed
auntie nole (6 months ago)
shane madej
Kevin Fager (6 months ago)
I really don’t know. Could’ve still been picking up fumes. But I mean your skin does absorb things so I guess it might be accurate.
Think Matt (7 months ago)
Can we talk about Zach’s face at 1:25
I am Not okay. (7 months ago)
Eugene would cry of happiness
Kraze Gal (7 months ago)
I love Keith with a beard 😍😍😍
fletnia pana (7 months ago)
i screeched when i saw zach and keith's height difference
Uli Reinhart (7 months ago)
fletnia pana Keith is like 6’3 and Zach’s around 5’9 I think
Elizabeth Pitzer (7 months ago)
Wouldn’t you absorb it through your butthole?
Sarah Wazir (7 months ago)
keith look so hot with the beard🤪
Carys Nestor (7 months ago)
Just saying Zach looked so cute in that top hat
Ava Zaheri (7 months ago)
Keith looking like a snac like boi hottie
Hanny Mary (7 months ago)
*This is the best try guys video ever*
Wolficide (7 months ago)
I feel Eugene would have been perfect for this
HerbyPlayz (7 months ago)
Man that must be a lot of money
Casey Thornton (7 months ago)
What a waste of champagne
pk. tallli (7 months ago)
Keith looks so hottt with a beard and moustache ❤️
Natrina Perkins (7 months ago)
Breaded Keith! Hello!
Lindsey Grise (7 months ago)
i actually died when he said he was wearing a condom
Jewel's loves (8 months ago)
anyone else notice dat Keith looks hot with his beard??
Members Only Media (8 months ago)
god keith looks so much better with a beard, all of the try guys do, except ya know
Anne Marie Sotala (8 months ago)
can anyone tell me where eugene was?? still good video :)
emma // (8 months ago)
"sugars in your peepee hole is a bad time"
Kyle Nelson (8 months ago)
It’s cause u had the small amount in ur mouth
Yourmainqueen25 25 (8 months ago)
Idk I kinda feel like since the idk the scent or fume of champagne was in the air he breathed it in therefore throwing the reader off because his breath had a scent or whatever it detects had champagne. Idk is it just me who thinks this?
Zap Zane (8 months ago)
Raegan Giroux (8 months ago)
Keith looks hawt with a beard 😏😏
Funny Fajitas (8 months ago)
What is wrong with me Keith looks good in this video
Isaac Gonzalez (8 months ago)
I wanna wax that boy chest😁
Bye Bye (8 months ago)
Just saying he probs got drunk off the fumes
Jackeline Herrera (8 months ago)
he got some champagne in his mouth. a breathalyzer measures the alcohol content in your mouth, so he ruined the whole experiment smh zach
KJH -H (8 months ago)
Keith looks hot with a beard
Sebastion CONADIS (8 months ago)
you should've done it with vodka.
BEST Evie (9 months ago)
Mir F Baby Savage (9 months ago)
Keith with facial hair 😩😩😍😍😍😬
Boardy (9 months ago)
Keith's face in the thumbnail XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
ivolloxy (9 months ago)
I think this is the last buzzfeed try guy video
Order in the court (9 months ago)
*You know your rich and fancy when you get to have a bath in champagne*
Charlotte Dixon (9 months ago)
Well, I don't trust breathalyzers now so thanks for that.
Nancy Massi (9 months ago)
Love the facial hair on Keith

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