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CT WEED REVIEWS #220 Dispensary STRAIN: G13

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CT Weed Reviews Dispensary STRAIN Review: G13 by Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions...SUPER INDICA SECRET GOVERNMENT STRAIN!!!!! Available at The Healing Corner NOW!!! CT Medical Marijuana Patients ONLY!!! 18+
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Text Comments (37)
DWAYNE CORPREW (27 days ago)
Smells like a trash can lid ultra funky made me stand up when I hit it high 4 hours my favorite strain hands down
lipsticklezy (2 years ago)
I got some today I love it it smells like hash and taste a bit like it to me I love my hash back in the day this dude was saying it smelled like oil or " coconut oil" lol we used call it hash oil it got you baked and this strain CERTAINLY does I recommend it I got mine in Waterbury new place
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
nice thanks lips.... have a awesome week and enjoy the great meds.... look forward to more feedback😁😁😁
Walczyk (2 years ago)
Is Fioraden B Star Killer or Ghost Train Haze? I think you said both names on your blog.
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
ghost train Haze
Billy Paiva (2 years ago)
Cool review as always haven't had this strain in Massachusetts Medical yet but one of my local dispensaries does have G13 Skunk(G13 crossed Skunk #1) by Mr. Nice hopefully those guys will grow just g13 shit looks bomb!! ✌💯
Vapletrichs Gne (2 years ago)
When you showed me the buds I turned tranquilized, then my edibles kicked in and when you describe the weed in the close ups. Damn your good. Take it easy player.
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
thanks so much.... awesome... have a great day too
OMG 420 (2 years ago)
sweet i'm you 420th view I can put on my proud pants for the day......
Sonofsin (2 years ago)
im testing out some blue h now from the healing corner, loving it so far. keep up the good vids bud
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
nice... awesome to hear from u... The healing Corner is AWESOME
Julie Banks (2 years ago)
Hey G, can I please get a sticker?
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
of course just email me your name and address to [email protected] got a bunch for u
OGxTrueskill 420 (2 years ago)
Hey G I have a question for you I know it may sound rude and pretty stupid to ask but what kind of medical purpose do you have your card for I've always been curious and thought I'd just ask anyways hope you're having a great day and love the vids brother keep it up 👍🏼👍🏼
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
+OGxTrueskill 420 nice both you guys have a great one....
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
+gavin boyce nice both you guys have a great one....
Gavin (2 years ago)
+OGxTrueskill 420 you to my friebd. stay medicated on that OG.
OGxTrueskill 420 (2 years ago)
Thank you guys for informing me both of you have a great weekend
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
+gavin boyce awesome... have a great weekend
Mike S (2 years ago)
CIA mind control experiments. Look up mk ultra
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
o no....😵😵😵
Gregs 01 (2 years ago)
Got the stickers thanks brotha👍
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
Stoney Mason (2 years ago)
Great review G! Are ther set days at thc for new strains to come in? Or is it at random?
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
usually Tuesday thru Thursday....
CannaCastPodCast (2 years ago)
I've had G13 couple months back over here in Oregon. It's super fukin hero strain totally powerful. Knocked me on my ass, I'm a daily smoker medical. I've smoked a lot of weed and this had me nailed to the ground. I love powerful indica
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
me too...
I finally went to my po box and got the stickers. Very nice. Thanks for slapping me. That story is very close to what I've heard. The only difference is the name. What I heard the is the G stands for government and the 13 is for the 13th letter in the alphabet M for marijuana. So G13 = Government Marijuana.
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
your welcome.... slapped in the face... nice
Jon Loves god (2 years ago)
CPS Fioraden C G 13 '88 Hash Plant x Starkiller picked it up tuesday when it came out deff fire stuff
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
mojochiken (2 years ago)
Safety first! Change that battery! Your smoke detector is alerting my dog, lol.
Weed Reviews (2 years ago)
awesome thanks...

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