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Digital Fashion Illustration Using only Mouse | PART 02 | PHOTOSHOP | AAVRITI

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REFERENCE FILE : https://drive.google.com/open?id=11Nb4RFblf0s4g9b41K7ct8hYsoRHgmrq PART 01 : https://youtu.be/EKbGAuaCmX4 PART 02 : https://youtu.be/ZQwo4l_CZOs This tutorial is made by keeping in mind the requirements of a fashion designer's workflow. The idea is to create a workflow which enables the creator to play with possible variations of the garment design in terms of fabric, print, color and also at the same be able to control the visual output by having utmost control over shadows, highlights & mid tones of the imagery. I hope that it makes a significance difference in your design process. and if it does please hit like and share the video with your friends!! Website : www.aavriti.com Facebook : www.facebook.com/aavriti.in Instagram : www.instagram.com/aavriti.in!!
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Text Comments (8)
Sahiba Samlok (7 days ago)
Thank you so much for this help ❤️ plz do upload the tutorial for the base croqui nd face soon 🙂
Krista Buenaventura (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! I learned a lot ☺️
era sharma (5 months ago)
amazing work. really helped. will be recommending further :)
Aavriti (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot !! Great to know 👍
graphic design (5 months ago)
waiting for more videos thank you so much :)
Aavriti (3 months ago)
Thanks !! Will do more soon...
Bhavika Gurbani (6 months ago)
good work... your videos are truly helpful... waiting for more tutorials!
Aavriti (3 months ago)
Thanks !!

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