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The National - "Sea of Love", "Don't Swallow The Cap" | Hay Bale Sessions | Bonnaroo365

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Subscribe to Bonnaroo365: http://bit.ly/SubBonnaroo365  Watch the live stream Friday at 5pm: http://bit.ly/BonnarooWebsite  Exclusive performance of "Sea of Love," "Don't Swallow The Cap" and "This Is The Last TIme" by The National. Filmed and mixed live backstage at Bonnaroo 2013. Tucked away backstage at Bonnaroo, buried beneath a stack of hay bales, is a room where artists duck out of the weekend's madness to play stripped-down versions of their songs. The Hay Bale Sessions will lead you through a secret doorway where you can join artists to watch these pure and intimate performances.   The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is four of the best days ever. 80,000 happy campers.  700 acres of Tennessee nature. 150 epic performances.  10+ stages of music.  Several dozen comedians. An escape into excitement.  Music.  Art. Discoveries. But Bonnaroo is more than a music festival. If you love music, laughter, animals, dance parties, coolness, friends and good stuff, Bonnaroo 365 will keep you feeling the vibe all year round. Enter a world of music discovery, incredible characters, soulful inspiration, and flat-out ridiculousness. Most importantly, be sure to join in on the fun, conversation, and free stuff.    Bonnaroo 365 - Your year round ticket to performances, artists, happiness, adventures, nirvana, couscous, over-joyousness, sharing, dancing, hyperbolic verbiage, system overload...    Great Bonnaroo365 Music: http://bit.ly/AllB365Music  Great Bonnaroo365 Shows: http://bit.ly/AllB365Shows  All Access Pass: http://bit.ly/AllAccessPassB365    Facebook: http://bit.ly/B365Facebook  Twitter: http://bit.ly/B365Twitter  Bonnaroo Blog: http://bit.ly/BonnarooBlog  Instagram: http://bit.ly/BonnarooInstagram  Tumblr: http://bit.ly/BonnarooTumblr  G+: http://bit.ly/BonnarooGooglePlus  Pinterest: http://bit.ly/BonnarooPinterest    What we are listening to: http://bit.ly/BonnarooSpotify  We got Apps: http://bit.ly/BonnarooApps  Bonnaroo Radio: http://bit.ly/BonnarooRadio    The National - "Sea of Love", "Don't Swallow The Cap" and "This Is The Last Time" | Hay Bale Sessions | Bonnaroo365 http://www.youtube.com/user/bonnaroo365
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Text Comments (73)
Gavin K. (3 months ago)
Was that the trumpet player from Beirut?
Martin Burns (2 years ago)
luv it
Jordan Dionne (2 years ago)
I wish they had played I should live in Salt too.
Martin Burns (3 years ago)
Love this version of Don't Swallow The Cap.The words matter.
Forever Aventura (3 years ago)
Carlos Dominguez (3 years ago)
Brian Devendorf is one kickass drummer. One of the best around.
David Thompson (1 year ago)
fucking outstanding
ILikeWafflz (3 years ago)
+Carlos Dominguez He also made me want a second snare.
ILikeWafflz (3 years ago)
+Carlos Dominguez He is partially responsible for making me more so appreciate the softer side of drumming.
Mrjohnny164 (4 years ago)
Brendan Silk (4 years ago)
Well, they didn't skimp on microphones...
ObeyLopez (4 years ago)
Jane 02 (3 years ago)
Matt reminds me of Walter White.  Anywaaay, such a great voice. I'm so glad I could hear them live :D
Stas Khlebovets (3 years ago)
+Jane 02 not the Heisenberg, but Ray Donivan!
Ollie P. (4 years ago)
I want to steal his glasses. lol
brfsa (4 years ago)
love it
servantlol (4 years ago)
The slide guitar riff in "Don't Swallow the Cap" gives me chills every time.  Love it!
no1uknow (4 years ago)
Does trouble find us or do we find trouble? Maybe both. The latter seems more plausible. Maybe we all enjoy a challenge or two.
korgtodd (5 years ago)
Love the Toronto Public Library shirt!
Kit S (1 month ago)
korgtodd Toronto represent
Mick Robinson (5 years ago)
I so love the lyric we are not alone but we all know we are
Paul Wolfe (2 years ago)
"I'm not alone. I'll never be. And to the bone, I'm evergreen." Some reviewers have opined that when he says he'll never be alone, he doesn't believe it; or at least, he's not convinced. Which would be more typical of Berninger.
Mick Robinson (4 years ago)
+Spencer Vik
Spencer Vik (4 years ago)
No, i believe he's trying to tell you that we are, in fact, never alone.
Martin Hockings (5 years ago)
Bought the album off the back of listening to this - really impressed, it grows on you!
Martin Hockings (5 years ago)
Old school indie music. Love it!
Sim Deck (5 years ago)
Great stuff just discovered The National. 
Hans Arteaga Romero (1 year ago)
they changed mine back in 2013, so i can say this is accurate
Doug Walker (2 years ago)
+Braulio Andrés Yes, the Sydney show is excellent (Live at The House) :>)
Braulio Andrés (4 years ago)
You should watch their full concert at sidney, is here in YouTube,
Kevin Murphy (4 years ago)
They will change your life.
Braulio Andrés (4 years ago)
You're gonna get so much fun dude
ricardo flores (5 years ago)
Wow really good music Big fan of the national
Justin Morris (5 years ago)
I love the national, but this would sound much better if the guitarist didn't do backup vocals.  I don't know if his pitch is off or if the harmony of the two voices doesn't mesh, but it throws it off for me.
Doug Walker (3 years ago)
+Justin Morris In full concert, all the band members sing w/Matt, sometimes in unison, sometimes harmony, and sometimes 'call&response'. See the comments by ToyBox Studio re. these sessions. They are done in between live sets by the various acts at Bonnaroo, and are pretty good sounding, considering they have limited set-up & sound-check time :>0
The Toy Box Studio (5 years ago)
Hey thanks All Richardson for the compliment! The National were a blast to record and mix. Challenging too since the vocals are relatively quiet on the mic next to loud guitars. Also we get about 10 min or less to soundcheck. So the band starts playing and we just jump and mix on the fly never having heard the song! Lots of fun. But overall of course the credit is due to The National for sounding so awesome. It makes my job so much easier. Cheers! Lij
Manfred Kohlhund (5 years ago)
Jenny I am in trouble...
Al Richardson (5 years ago)
Excellent recording - great mix, very refreshing to actually hear an engineer deal with The National pretty much as they should do ...
Gangy (5 years ago)
Perhap im going mad but I hear an early Lou Reed sound in this x
Martín Molina (5 years ago)
me too
Alan Shinkunas (5 years ago)
Young Walter White on lead vocals.
Alan Shinkunas (5 years ago)
The brass is spot on. Loved it.
g3n301 (5 years ago)
Josh Curley (5 years ago)
aaahh so good
Pat Owen (5 years ago)
Finally a live video where the band is mixed correctly.
KellyOKellyComedy (5 years ago)
God I love them. I think Don't Swallow the Cap is my favorite but ugh they are all good. That beautiful brass from Ben and Kyle too <3
Cody B (5 years ago)
"I have only two emotions, careful fear and dead devotion. I can't be the balance right, throw my marbles in the fight." I love The National so much.
Paul Wolfe (2 years ago)
"with all my marbles in the fight"
Mick Robinson (5 years ago)
So love this band..it's about the music
Mick Robinson (5 years ago)
So love this band..it's about the music
Mick Robinson (5 years ago)
So love this band..it's about the music
VexaPT (5 years ago)
very nice, thx for upload
sammerro (5 years ago)
etb513 (5 years ago)
Forgot to mention, great performance! I much prefer the wider dynamics and more open, aggressive sound of their lives performances to their more conservative album productions. Hope to see these guys live someday.
David Thompson (11 months ago)
etb513 spot on. different gear their live sound
iceaxe56 (5 years ago)
you hit it dude---but to piss people off does accomplish something--for people to get pissed at something as little as this is wonderful--shows you where there head is at---I do love it so---look at the pissed feedback--is that not hilarious.
etb513 (5 years ago)
Haha yeah, there's nothing like that satisfaction of knowing your ability to piss people off and accomplish absolutely nothing is both your greatest talent and the focus of your free time.
Craig (5 years ago)
OH SNAP CAPO ON THE BASS I knew I loved these guys.
Ian Coleman (5 years ago)
Then fuck off away from his videos cretin.
iceaxe56 (5 years ago)
when people are talking about his beard instead of his songs--you know it aint good
bradblazer (5 years ago)
LOL....don't wake up and reproduce. J/k....to each his own.
iceaxe56 (5 years ago)
i went to sleep in the 1st 40 secs of this.
CaveWang (5 years ago)
Damn my genetics means I can't grow an impressive beard!
Thumbs up for listening to this with same headphones, Beyer DT-770 :)
Niclas Boman (5 years ago)
hunter s. thompson is playing bass
Dany Hassan (5 years ago)
And this is how I decided to grow a beard.
blindpilot81 (5 years ago)
This is awesome. These guys just keep writing songs that seem to never get boring. Saw them in December 2005 in Hamburg in front of a few dozen people and now will see them again in Berlin in December in front of a few thousand people. The National are one of the very few bands that really deserved to become that succesful. And they stay true to themselves while not just copying their own old stuff.
Alethia Cherry (5 years ago)
Me encantan¡¡¡ lo maravilloso que puede hacer la música
DGog224 (5 years ago)
love the fact that matt takes the time to clean off his glasses during this is the last time even though his eyes are closed for most of the performances
Patrick O'Connell (5 years ago)
Ha, nice catch. You can see it at 6:45. Weird stuff.
Maddy Blazer (5 years ago)
is Devendorf wearing a Toronto Public Library T-shirt?
Nicholas Forlenza (5 years ago)
Definitely one of my favorite performances this year. Thanks for the bonus material!
Nathan Jones (5 years ago)

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