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Know About Fashion Technology Courses | Arivai Virivu Sei | News18 TamilNadu

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Text Comments (10)
Breezy mahes India (2 months ago)
Whether fashion technology and fashion designing are same. Please say me about fashion technology..... So confused 😢
Harepriya Hari (1 month ago)
I have a same doubt 😶
Sree Sree (3 months ago)
Entrance ku eligible aane students ku 7.5lacks aagumaa sir plss reply me fast, illanna entrance eludha mudiyadhavangalukaa
Sree Sree (23 days ago)
@Maheswari Senthil Kumar tq sir
Maheswari Senthil Kumar (2 months ago)
Entrance eluthinathan NIFT la sheet kidaikum...apdi sheet kidacha 7.5 lack s kattanum ma...
Sree Sree (3 months ago)
Naa entrance ku apply pannala 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
To study in NIFT if there is age restriction. Need more detail about open house program. Need your reply.
ragul senthil (1 year ago)
thamaraiselvi shanthini Check with NIFT office Chennai
Lilly Malar (1 year ago)
na enterku apply panala ipo ena panuradu
Sree Sree (3 months ago)
Fashion designing padicheengalaa medom

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