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Craziest edible experience

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[18+ LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT] I share my craziest experience with cannabis edibles
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Benzo S (1 day ago)
Went to the beach once on lsd and was having a bad trip until I got into the water I seen these real colorful but vibrant geometric patterns floating along the water and my body was filled with this loving feeling then dove under and seen some fish swimming around, ended up being one of the greatest times
Penguin Soup (10 days ago)
which psychedelic would you say is the most similar to a high intensity edibles experience?
JP Xavier (13 days ago)
I have come to love edibles, and look forward to the heightened senses, euphoria and mild to moderate psychedelic effects. Dosage, setting, timing and self-discipline are key. I have a pretty high tolerance when vaping. However, with edibles, I find that as little as 25 to 50 mg of THC is just about right if out and about, maybe more with a close bud or small group in a super safe setting. I have lots of recommendations in terms of product, home baked and otherwise. :)
M T (11 days ago)
JP Xavier (11 days ago)
Also, whether using AVB (aka AVC) or not, it is always better to extract the active ingredients from the plant matter, e.g. make cannabutter, rather than consuming as a whole food. If the plant matter is not eliminated, then the resulting edible will taste funky and for some people, will make them sick.
TheKelp22 (13 days ago)
Dude i love watching your fish. keep it toasty
thekaleid0cat (13 days ago)
Haha jeeze. thats an adventure man
HalfOfAKebab (13 days ago)
Wow, didn't know edibles gave such a different effect to smoking
martinaee (13 days ago)
Extremely different. It's different enough that I think I'm going to permanently go back to just eating cannabis. I honestly don't like vaping or smoking at all because of how tired it eventually always makes you feel.
H. L. (13 days ago)
Edibles are so underestimated in my opinion, some people DONT even prepare for their experience and no wonder those people get bummers.
Faze Mancat (13 days ago)
Im scared of u watching this
PsychonautWispy (10 days ago)
I watch all of my videos before I post them to assure it's top quality content
eddy1367 (14 days ago)
Nothing like a Taco Bell Toilet...
2bit MarketAnarchist (14 days ago)
How did your mother respond?
Ivann LF (10 days ago)
+PsychonautWispy that's a great attitude and a great mom! Peace
PsychonautWispy (10 days ago)
+Ivann LF You are correct. She wasn't angry with me for taking edible cannabis . She only helped me through the experience, and requested that I clean out the car.
Ivann LF (13 days ago)
According to other videos of him I've watched, she's rather open-minded, I think he asked for her help while on LSD too if I remember well lmao
Faze Mancat (13 days ago)
Daniel Garcia (14 days ago)
have you ever had a LSD experience where you felt like time was rewinding to see your inevitable death?
Daniel Garcia (10 days ago)
PsychonautWispy no I mean like just seeing yourself die. like in a accident... I had this a month ago , and at first I thought maybe it wasn't really acid.
PsychonautWispy (10 days ago)
I have not experienced that effect in particular, however it would seem to me that if time was moving backwards, your death would be reintroduction into your mothers womb, effectively causing to to eventually return to a simple zygote or egg. I can imagine this would be quite scary given time has always progressed forward (to our knowledge). Sounds pretty wild to me
JRobot Das (14 days ago)
This story makes you sound like a puss
jjhack3r (14 days ago)
JRobot Das Tolerance makes a huge difference. Don't be an ignorant fool.
PsychonautWispy (14 days ago)
JRobot Das I am

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