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Metro or Modern UI Style Windows Application in C#

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This is a windows application made in visual studio 2012. It is made to look like the Metro UI or Modern UI from Windows 8. Please note that it is not a Windows Store Application. It is a software that I am making for my client. Requirements: 1) Visual Studio (I used VS 2012). 2) Seoge UI font (The font from Windows 8). Google it to download. 3) Metro UI images for icons (Download it from link below) https://codeload.github.com/Templarian/WindowsIcons/zip/master) If you liked the video please give a thumbs up. Thanks.
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Text Comments (84)
Greg Craig (2 months ago)
find all control tutorial of mahapp metro ui here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7A93DMVwHJZZAsuYrP1eQg
Seth Hong (9 months ago)
Nice Video.
Benedict Arboleda (1 year ago)
Hello. Where is your video on how to create this program?
Dina Riad (1 year ago)
Wow! This is amazing.
Tuấn Giang Nguyễn (2 years ago)
Can you give me code, pls
Torza (1 year ago)
don't be a lazy fuck. Write it out yourself.
How can do clouok and calendar
wissal smiri (2 years ago)
plz the code off this
?? hi are you using Metro Framework or DotNetBar or DevExpress
Torza (1 year ago)
im pretty sure he is using Metroframework
kevin shayn (2 years ago)
how do you add digital clock in tile's element or on tile
Ali Javeed (2 years ago)
how do you add digital clock in tile's element or on tile? Kindly guide me how to set time on tile?
aira ganotisi (2 years ago)
hello can you create some tutorial on how to create charms bar in vb.net or c# thanks :)
Deepak Agarwal (2 years ago)
Hello i want to design metro tiles vs winform. and also i want to integrate application . like user click on fb then fb application will be open etc.. Anybody can help in work ?
ademeso dayo (2 years ago)
Nice Proposed Job.... message me on fb @ prince ademeso temitidayo
Clash Mine (3 years ago)
can u give the office management project
thank you brother you are nice person to help us sir i want to add the time and date like yours in my project can you help me as soon as possible PLZ brother .
ademeso dayo (2 years ago)
Hey bro, can i meet you? add me up fb @prince temitidayo ademeso
VΞЖ DΞИ (3 years ago)
i have project for my university but i am still learning programing can you help me how to find the tuto of coding from the bigening to learn dotnetbar coding and i can change any form to anything i need PLZ sir save me i am really tired from searching i am learning every day but it's to slow and i am runing out of time of my project .
AON ALLAH (3 years ago)
Elyin Anuar (3 years ago)
Gracias por hacerme perder el tiempo!
muhammadharis zahoor (3 years ago)
sir kindly send the complete video of metro user interface... :( :( how to make it
WonArts (3 years ago)
Thanks bro..
Dhruv Trivedi (3 years ago)
can you share the source pls....
Torza (1 year ago)
or you could write it out. theres not even much code in it. It's just a login and Metroframework Tiles. Nothing to hard
Siva Naidoo (4 years ago)
Hi thislooks really great. I know you have don ethis for a client and can't share the code. But is it possible to show me the code for just the login page? i like the way it looks and especially the progress animation etc. All i wiant is just the login page and code please.
Torza (1 year ago)
the login is nothing really. All it is, just when you click login it plays a progress animation which you can get from Metroframework. and a basic login system. Like if(txtEmail.Text == "[email protected]") { StartProgram(); } Nothing to advanced.
Shekoofeh Dezhahanj (4 years ago)
hi! could u tell me how u made the calendar clock!?? thanks a lot.
youssef yania (4 years ago)
hey man that was awesome you are  really talented  , i'm in my first year and i really need the source code or the project and all the credits will go to you.So can you please send it to me ? thank you for this video .
Torza (1 year ago)
its only a login system and MetroFramework TIles
Dhaval Patel (4 years ago)
Could you please share your code? [email protected]
AKSHAY SHELAR (4 years ago)
How to display MetroMesageBox 
Hassan Moujahed (4 years ago)
Excellent work , hope find your explanation of who to do like this application
Giovanni Gama (4 years ago)
hi, could you share the source code? [email protected], please!!
rano ron (4 years ago)
hello  excellent work bro thank you so much for this upload,itz vry usful for me 
Muhammad Shahid (4 years ago)
Can you change the position of Accounts button to Customers button?In runtime.
C# Programming (3 years ago)
+Muhammad Shahid Yes you can. Just use the following code = button1name.Location = new Point (int x1, int y1); button2name.Location = new Point (int x2, int y2); just interchange the X and Y locations of both the buttons. You can get the initial x, y location from the location property in the properties option in the visual studio editor.
Carloz Ruelaz (4 years ago)
Please the code I'd appreciate it very much :(
Deodra (4 years ago)
i think its good..
SKEDESIGN TV (4 years ago)
i like !!
Ish Pinili (4 years ago)
hi , dow do you do the dropdown message thing? thank you
Kronic Prodz (4 years ago)
C# Programming, Can you please help me make somthing like this for my company, if all goes well i could mabye help you out with some things also, please reply.. thanks
Minkook Kim (4 years ago)
i need program source.... please give me the source code thanks:D [email protected]
C# Programmer (4 years ago)
Can you please share this specific source code with me, it will help me to save lot of time working on the Login section.
Torza (1 year ago)
the login section is easy. When you press a button its just if(txtEmail.Text == "[email protected]" && txtPass.Text == "password" ) { LoadProfiles(); } Done, lol.
vuong quyen (4 years ago)
If you can't share me all source code, pls share me the code to make the form like the Login form in this video. My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks !!!
Lal G Mukkadan (4 years ago)
Great Job! Very Nicely Done.Can you please let me know about the referenced DLL DigitalClock & CalendarClock .Where do I get it from ? Can you please share the source code ?
vuong quyen (4 years ago)
Can you give the source code of this app ? I want to find out more 
Easy Media (4 years ago)
Hahahaha *I can make that in 5 minutes.*
leonard n (3 years ago)
+Fun Stuff I can make that in 1min and 3years
C# Programming (4 years ago)
Hmoob twj cuab chanel (4 years ago)
Brother your idea is very good i want to say perfect  i want the source code could you share me my email"[email protected] i hope you can help me, i am very interested 
Meim Hakkas (4 years ago)
Ummm... you made me interested in this.... this is my mail: [email protected] can you mail me this source code?
Hlub1vuag dhau (4 years ago)
hi i am interested in your video UI metro view  My email: [email protected] please sent me your this project i want to see  thanks a lot 
Terry (4 years ago)
Can you tell me if that drop down animation from the messages (at the top when the application runs) is possible in VB.NET? I use Visual Studio Express for Desktop 2013. Nice UI by the way :)
Terry (4 years ago)
+C# Programming Sorry for the late response! Transitions.dll - https://code.google.com/p/dot-net-transitions/ .  Also a guy on Youtube shows how you need to use it - /watch?v=XD1cIBKYsk0
C# Programming (4 years ago)
I made it without this dll. :) coded everything. Do you have a link to Transactions.dll?
Terry (4 years ago)
+C# Programming You need a lib called "Transitions.dll" to make various animations! Thanks ;)
C# Programming (4 years ago)
+perryhoofd Don't know. I have never used VB.NET.But I think this is possible as I have used only those classes which are already available in Visual Studio. So it should be possible in VB.NET but you need someone who has worked on both VB and C# to convert the code.
Aniruddha Dhar (4 years ago)
Sir this is a nice ui. Can you please share the source code for the login page. That toast massage is awesome and if possible please share. My email is [email protected] Thank you.
Muneeswari Ganesan (4 years ago)
I think you can start video tutorial for beginners. This will help everyone. Thanks in advance
C# Programming (4 years ago)
+Muneeswari Ganesan I would have liked to but being posted in a Public Sector Bank (UCO Bank) in a rural area, it is not possible for me to upload videos as there is no high speed internet connection there. Just 2g speeds and most of the time out of coverage. :)I am replying to the comments as I am back home for a two days leave.
Muneeswari Ganesan (4 years ago)
Hi, very nice demo.... Could you please share source code for creating this sample web design page. my id: [email protected]
Medoo (4 years ago)
Brother can you please share this SourceCode!!! thank you
C# Programming (4 years ago)
C# Windows 8 UI based application Source code is in the description of this video
mohammed al-saggaf (5 years ago)
make a lot of detail how to do it because we are begginner designer
santosh pai (5 years ago)
Was this implemented in c# ?
C# Programming (5 years ago)
+santosh pai no specific libraries have been used. The required libraries are already included when you create a new form in windows application.
santosh pai (5 years ago)
what all libraries were used , i have done gui programming only using winapi's in vc++ till now and now the requirements now  are in vc# . It would be good if you suggest tutorials for these on internet . 
C# Programming (5 years ago)
Umar Farooq (5 years ago)
Brother can you please share this SourceCode. that one is different from this. but there are many other things to learn in this app. This is my request if you can share that code with me. [email protected]
C# Programming (5 years ago)
Sorry bro can't give the source code for this particular software as i have completed the software and added a few things which can't be shared. Company rules. But you can tell me which part you like and i will give you the code for that part or will re-write and share the code. Will take some time but will send you mail soon. :)
Soumen R (5 years ago)
Very Smart UI you develop.Good .
C# Programming (5 years ago)
Thank you. :)
ChoJeongDo (5 years ago)
Hi, Thank you for showing such a good example. If you don't mind, can you send me the source code? so I can study it. my email is [email protected] thank you very much.
C# Programming (5 years ago)
Deepa (5 years ago)
Can you please share the code how you done this. It is really helpful for me
C# Programming (5 years ago)
+C# Programming C# Windows 8 UI based application The link to source code is in the description of the video.
C# Programming (5 years ago)
I am about to finish the software i am currently working on in 2 days after which I will make a video as well as share the source code. :)
Guna sekar (5 years ago)
Please upload how you done this...Its interesting...Iam waiting...
C# Programming (4 years ago)
+Huamnab LAIB link to source code is the video link provided above your comment. It a different project but with the same basic design principle.I tried to provide the link in the comment but don't know its not showing up.
Hmoob twj cuab chanel (4 years ago)
if you have the source code please share me my email:[email protected] hope you help me
C# Programming (5 years ago)
C# Programming (5 years ago)
Please give me your email address. I will send the source code. Am a bit busy these days. Working on a few softwares. :) Will send the source code have a look yourself. Hope it helps.

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