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How To Use Blending Options in Photoshop CS6 - Layer Styles Tutorial

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How to use blending options and layer styles in Photoshop. Check out our links below for more Photoshop Tutorials 🛑 SUBSCRIBE HERE ➡ http://YouTube.com/IMXproductions ✅ Watch my most recent video: https://goo.gl/ZbMReC ✅ Check out these AWESOME Photoshop Tutorial Playlists: 🔹 T-shirt Design & Online Selling Tutorials ➡ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzA2fb3r_qJIjNYyvZd8ts9WJXwhvKxms 🔹 Photography & Retouching Tutorials ➡ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzA2fb3r_qJJSKVExf0GaX-3SmIIwTnyx 🔹 Logo Design & Branding Tutorials ➡ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzA2fb3r_qJIyuwvmjARHLBE5FsWYR3QF 🔹 Marvel & Star Wars Related Tutorials ➡ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzA2fb3r_qJIk_a_0JN73jr2R_e3-jLeB ✅ Let’s Connect! 🔹Instagram ➡ http://instagram.com/robimx 🔹Facebook ➡ http://facebook.com/robbaldwinweb 🔹Twitter ➡ http://twitter.com/imxproductions 🔹My Website ➡ http://robertbaldwin.ca/ 🔹IMX Productions ➡ http://imxproductions.com/ ✅ For Business Inquiries 🔹http://www.imxproductions.com/contact
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Text Comments (12)
Xyril Dan Manuel (3 years ago)
Wow! You sir deserve a hundred medals. Thank you for the lesson.
Newstar Starq (8 months ago)
how to create a photo frame in ps
Gamze Genç Çelik (2 years ago)
Your tutorial is not about blending option, mostly it's about layer styles. You should change your title.
edman3d (2 years ago)
I was just about to say this. Shit, all the comments say this.
Jan Vork (2 years ago)
Thanks for this, but the title of your tutorial made be expect an explanation of Blending Options, not Layer Styles. Blending Options are the rather confusing settings you'll see when you click 'Blending Options' :-)
Big Wil (2 years ago)
(ok............ maybe i'm slow.) My Photoshop doesn't have all the Blend Mode options like Subtract, Divide, etc. how do I get that?
DakiThePenguin (2 years ago)
ironmaiden (4 years ago)
i dont have the same option as yours for some reason eventhough im using cs6. is there a setting i need to change? im kinda new to ps
Gommpa (4 years ago)
You are mostly talking about layer styles, not blending options. Blending options is a part of the layer styles.
Justin Kirby (5 years ago)
It doesn't have the option blending option for me. How do I get to blending options if it doesn't show it?
Kaioken20XGokuHD (5 years ago)
:( There's an way to remove the white BG (key out)you were talking about in the blending options...lol Oh by the way, can you make a tutorial on blending modes? And maybe throw in a small project on using blending modes and blending options to make some futuristic stuff Nice tutorial but ummmm. My gut tells me it would've been better had it not been missing that something lol

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