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Naruto Creator Reveals Major Naruto Manga Secrets! ボルト

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Masashi Kishimoto dropped some Truth behind creating the Naruto Series. He also talked about Sakura's Popularity and the Final Battles! It also seemed like he wanted Neji to appear in Boruto at some point... Full Interview: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:164031 Not doing a Boruto Episode 25 Review so I did this instead 特別番外編 ナルトが火影になった日 Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 & Naruto Manga Chapter 700 Sawyer7mage
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Text Comments (1678)
legendhero 45 (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for the amazing video! Oh, all of you friends are super awesome!
SasuSakuLove Uchiha (2 months ago)
I just found out this interview is fake. The person that wrote this obviously has nothing better to do than create false interviews. Kishi has been on vacation with his wife because he wants to take a break from Naruto. So this interview is 100% fake👌
Midorikonokami (3 months ago)
From an interview I watched, he said he had always intended to match Naruto and Hinata together, but his wife wanted Naruto to end up with Sakura, because she was the inspiration for Sakura. It ended in the mess that was the end of the pain arc, where Hinata had just sacrificed herself and confessed, but Sakura gets to hug the hero.... Kishimoto admitted he made her a terrible person during that time, because she was abandoning who she really loves (Sasuke), for convenience or because she was tired of hurting.
hannah60000 (5 months ago)
Is the video's thumbnail fan art? Either way, it's so cute and a great concept ha!
Jirobo For Kage (6 months ago)
So ma boi Kimimaro got ditched because of his bones which were like one of the coolest kekkai genkai.
Jeffrey Carter (7 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣 🐕
URsuckishATlife (8 months ago)
You know you're a shit character when even the author regrets creating you....
pastrana21 (9 months ago)
you know. been watching the anime since it came out and read the entire manga. love the series but couple of things just bugs me a little 1. the focus on the sharingan on everything compared to lets say learning more on the byakugan 2. how all sharigan and mangekyo sharingan users seem to be able to automatically have the same abilities (majority of abilities) and know how to use them (this includes the rinnegan with tobi and madara being able to use all the same abilities whilst nagato had them the majority of his life 3. how they clamped up all people with just the same moves with zero variety like kakashi, itachi etc. all byakugan users only using gentle fist, akamaru only twirling in the air etc...seems just lazy writing when if your a jonin your suppose to be able to use 2 types of nature elements but you see them only using their signature move...this includes naruto especially as the main character. 4. (i could knit pick a few more but nah) How Neji dies but super weak fighters like TEN TEN (really?!) some how survives the 4th great shinobi war
Android 18 (1 year ago)
burn naruto n boruto books, let it burn.
KiSwordsman (1 year ago)
"The sharingan copying techniques was just too broken" Yes Kishimoto because chakra Megazord's, and Danny Phantom like abilities was so much better.
tokani (1 year ago)
Man i love kimimaro
Eric Booker (1 year ago)
I like kimimaru he seemed op but he was lame didn’t give off any charisma like a sasuke plus he had no goals plus orchimaru gave him aids so yeah
The Shelander (1 year ago)
I never had an issue with Sakura I mean she's not my favorite but still.
kieron wells (1 year ago)
Actually hiruzen was originally designed to be a dog but the idea was scrapped for being too weird
TheRichmaster (1 year ago)
dog ruler? is that a Dragonball reference?
Busy Banny (1 year ago)
i really didn't care if sakura was useless or not But the fact that she was so annoying was what made me hate her.
Busy Banny (1 year ago)
i really didn't care if sakura was useless or not But the fact that she was so annoying was what made me hate her.
Busy Banny (1 year ago)
i really didn't care if sakura was useless or not But the fact that she was so annoying was what made me hate her.
Gogeta3366 (1 year ago)
Wow to think they had all this stuff hidden away still I slags dos wonder how far the story will go as of today and not what I expected still great
emeraldo (1 year ago)
Candypie 2010 (1 year ago)
Kishi justvbe going all over the place like damn a dog as hokage, making sakura prettier and not uping her skills kill my neji MY NEJI!! I feel if kishi wasn't rushed it would of went better but the naruto vs sasuke fight was 100% awesome
Christy-MiyukiItachi (1 year ago)
Is Kishimoto that immature that he thinks we would like Sakura better if he drew her prettier?
Calliou >>>>>>>>> ToP
King Twan64 (1 year ago)
People hate Sakura for no reason in part 2 lol. Literally her and Hinata are the same characters but different personalities
Praise the Beef (1 year ago)
The 4th Hokage dog idea although stupid, I can see why he wanted that. Just think about it, a dog vs a demon fox, it just sorta makes sense.
Wait. what is the Kubo treatment!?
Cas Crow (1 year ago)
All Sakura needed to do was be useful. How did Kishimoto think she would be popular? I mean seriously. He could have killed Sakura off.
Mr. Montague (1 year ago)
This was funny
Hardik Solanki (1 year ago)
you're hot
Josh Yong (1 year ago)
What's the Kubo Treatment?
Hotep Anthony (1 year ago)
Also, for the author of this video, in curious if you've seen the anime Bakuman. It's all about editors and fans control over mangakas.
Hotep Anthony (1 year ago)
Man. I don't think people realize what an incredible gift naruto was to our generation. To be able to grow up and do life with these characters was such a blessing. I don't care how nerdy that sounds.
Keira Sales (1 year ago)
Wow so Bolt and essentially the start of the new gen was conceptualized/decided during the fourth shinobi war ❤️
Damien Newman (1 year ago)
Jesus the editors are genius...
Raque Mosche (1 year ago)
Sakura is waifu....
Greg Sanders (1 year ago)
Inner-Sakura was the best part of Sakura!!!
Cat Radio (1 year ago)
I think the thing with Kakashi using his sharingan to copy jutsus is still valid. It’s not because of the sharingan that he can copy jutsus, it’s because of his genius talent of seeing what his opponent does and immediately learn to do it by himself
Cory Goff (1 year ago)
I agree with your idea with Sakura!
princessbinas (1 year ago)
I would have died laughing if a DOG being Hokage was a thing that happened.
Keyanna Harllee (1 year ago)
The issue with Sakura is that she was basically a shojo heroine in a shounen manga. Shounen type manga females are typically pretty, smart, useful, kick ass females. If theyre not fighters, then theyre useful af and needed to help the main character. (erza, wendy and sensei from full metal alchemist, bulma, genkai etc.) Post shippuden Sakura was obsessed with Sasuke, a dick to naruto up until Shippuden and some time after, and couldnt fight to save her life. Honestly, I think Kishimoto waited too long to give her Tsunades strength. She should've been knockin bitches out in those filler episodes because we as fans were done with her by that point. Also, girls these days arent as obsessed with guys much as people think they are. Sarada is the same age as Sakura was in Naruto genin days and shes not out here trying to get with Boruto, Sarada has real goals and issues shes working out, and not dreading over any boy in her class and she ignores cho cho when cho cho brings up dating.
LycanVonWolf (1 year ago)
just shows how bad of a writer he actually is. He doesn't even realize why people didn't like 1 of 3 main characters and from everyone I have ever met personally hate Naruto as a character He is terribly written
Sierra Aspen (1 year ago)
Bruh.. never try to start a series. Smh.
Slowpoke (1 year ago)
Well, Bleach has Dog captain as well, it worked out well.
StoicCrane (1 year ago)
Makes sense now with the editorial staff and all. Initially Naruto was more of a suspense, action, comedy that regressed into an overly moody drama by Shippuden. Many aspects of the saga felt disjointed towards the end as if there wasn't much forethought so improvisation was used.
StoicCrane (1 year ago)
To expound. For instance, the sage of six paths. The way he was included by appearing to Naruto and Sasuke while they were unconscious felt so randomly contrived it detracted from meaning of the encounter. Not to mention the absolutely random revelation that Naruto and Sasuke were reincarnated God brothers. No hint or implication whatsoever leading up to that point. All logic within the frame of the story to me felt like it fell by the wayside for the sake of plot progression. I won't even start on the Pein arc
Ahmad King (1 year ago)
Real hittas like Naruto . lol one piece was ok back in like 05 for me, also I loved this vid gr8 info
poppasunny 47 (1 year ago)
Naruto logic introduce broken powers and then down play them
ThePhoinexproduction (1 year ago)
The fuck does he expect? Sakura has no fucking powers in part 1 and very minimal in part 2! Jesus fuck I love Kishimotto but he's a sexist mother fucker.
Raizel Shadez (1 year ago)
the reason One piece is not popular in the west is because luffy ability is to damn garbage, westerm want to see awesome abilities, one piece is more of a story driven shounen with a huge world and characaters, is too much for teh west at this time.
newtypeflash (1 year ago)
Contrary to the animation which prioritizes fight sequences that didn't happen to make Naruto look inferior when in fact they fought on equal footing in the manga panels. Fuck the anime...
Jon Son (1 year ago)
I think the input Kishimoto got from his producers were really good. Producers are very important and show that just because you are the author, you need more imput. I hope he learned form his mistake about Sakura just looking pretty but having a very shallow character. Or actually I think he did learn from that. Because Saradas character was already more interesting than Sakura in the whole Naruto(Shippuden) story, because of her own arc. This just shows, whether is shonen or seinen, whether is drama, comedy or action (or what not). Good character writing is essential.
Trayan Hristov (1 year ago)
Where are this editors when we need them right now! I am not hating on Boruto, I think there is a lot of potential but maaaaaaaan, it's way too simplistic and boring
SnazzyPanic (1 year ago)
This makes complete sense haha
TheMsLollidella (1 year ago)
Kiba shoulda been hokage with akamaru
Sergiu Sprintar (1 year ago)
i don't think you understand what a main character is..... main character of Naruto is Naruto. And only Naruto. The fucking show is named after him, you would think its obvious? Sasuke is not a main character, he is the rival of the main character. And Sakura is also not a main character..
Chrisfragger1 (1 year ago)
I felt more for Jiraiya's death than Ace's...
Nicholas Miller (1 year ago)
Hahaha the "Kubo treatment" lmao
Mason Davis (1 year ago)
he looks like yamato
MrDragonkarp (1 year ago)
So naruto was going to be ramen shop manga version of disney's UP!!!????
Yuri (1 year ago)
Kakashi copy ninja with a thousand jutsu, He copied only one suiton jutsu !
Nicodemus Edwards (1 year ago)
Dogkage would've been awesome. Don't tell me you wouldn't have loved to see that
Tu51ndBl4d3 (1 year ago)
One piece is complete garbage compared to Naruto. It's an okay series I guess, but compared to Naruto it's complete garbage. It will never sell like Naruto in the West.
OP look goofy and uninteresting story since I lost track.
Beanward Ferret (1 year ago)
Poor Sakura .. I still think you could have been such an amazing woman and kinoichi. But no !
givmespace (1 year ago)
LOL the kubo treatment. that is the official term
a thao (1 year ago)
Yeah as the story went on, i feel like the author really did tone down and clarify concepts, sharingan copied all jutsu but then chakra natures came out, Kakashi stopped using water style and stuck with his lightning and earth and i think that the training episodes were really appealing and seeing growth in characters made them a lot better, naruto she was so bland and in shippuden her growth was great and made her more likeable
COAJROHN (1 year ago)
A dog? for hokage??? **double facepalm**
Hunter lennel (1 year ago)
Sakura's final downfall for me was when she cried for Narutos help to fight pain yet Hinata jumps in to save him then later on she decides to risk breaking narutos heart just to see Sasuke again.... whatta bitch
Hunter lennel (1 year ago)
tbh more people shouldve died sorry ...
Diamond Dog (1 year ago)
If he made Sakura then hate sasuke after he left the village and have sasuke try and chase later in shippuden but Sakura turn him down might have worked better
cinnamon546 (1 year ago)
Sakura should have sought more power so that she wouldn't have been a burden.
Jin Hanja (1 year ago)
Sure fans have control over the likability of a character to a point, but if you look at Togashi's HunterxHunter, it shows just how much he understood character appeal and how much control over character likability he had in his stories. I feel like Kishimoto was just out of touch with the developmental design of his characters that he wanted to be popular.
itachighost141 (1 year ago)
Its funny how Naruto was more popular in the west, cause when I was a little child only 5 or 8 anime where introduced to Greek television and one of them was One Piece and no Naruto was't among them..
FancyWalrus (1 year ago)
8:20 Kimimaru is a fucking badass and was one of and still is favorite characters in the show. If only he was never sick R.I.P
raymond2583 (1 year ago)
Should've killed sakura instead of neji.
Noah Goodson (1 year ago)
NARUSAKU for life!
Volodymyr Postizhenko (1 year ago)
The issue with Sakura is that her only visible character trait is "Sasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kunSasuke-kun". Nothing more to her. Unlike Hinata, who isn't just "Naruto-kunNaruto-kunNaruto-kun". She overcomes her fears, her weaknesses, her issues, not just whines like a bitch all the time, like Sakura
Morgan Robinson (1 year ago)
I like the new Sakura she's pretty bad ass
Detroit's Reaper (1 year ago)
So he took a simple op concept and created a op concept hmmmmmakes sense
Peace (1 year ago)
Sakura vs Shin was badass tho, im a sakura fan honestly
Jay Horton (1 year ago)
Sakura cucked naruto 1 too many times for my vote on her as a character
refine (1 year ago)
That man really thought "SAKURA" was gonna be popular💀😭😭😭😭😭. I always felt like she was pushed to screen time a lot and it sometimes felt out of place. Like when she tried to solo sasuke, like bitch please.
PikaLink91 (1 year ago)
Hmm, you know what I think would have worked better at increasing Sakura's popularity? Expand on her powers! Like take Naruto and Sasuke, they very early in the series get their own iconic jutsu passed down from their master; Naruto gets the Rasengan from Jiraya (who got it from Minato), and Sasuke gets the Chidori from Kakashi. Sakura gets the Herculean Power from Tsunade, but not only doesn't she get it till Shippuden, but she rarely even uses it, and she never expands upon it In Shippuden Naruto and and Sasuke constantly develop and evolve their powers, coming up with new clever ways to use it, like Naruto who (with help from Kakashi) turns the Rasengan into the Rasenshuriken. Then later he becomes skilled enough to throw it instead of using it like a regular Rasengan, in the fight against Pain he has learned to expand it AFTER throwing it, and Sasuke as well constantly develops new jutsu like the Kirin in the fight with Itachi. You keep a character from getting stale by having them evolve and learn new shit to keep them interesting. But not only did Sakura never learn stuff, but when she did, she never used it.
PikaLink91 (1 year ago)
A dog for hokage?? Kishimoto?!? Da fuq were you thinking man??? Thank christ the editiors had him on a leash!!
PikaLink91 (1 year ago)
Omg chldhood ruined!! And here I thought Kishimoto was the genious who came up with all these great ideas.
Shaun Brotherston (1 year ago)
Hidan was my favourite Akatsuki member too
Christmas HYPEBEAST (1 year ago)
Quanientos G DAnero (1 year ago)
0:00 "Hairy one"
Riley Pettiford (1 year ago)
naruto masters a jonin level jutsu when hes 12 in around 20 mins then he takes about 3 years to master anything else
daisx beohfox (1 year ago)
Sakura is soo fucking annoying
daisx beohfox (1 year ago)
Man i thought youre going to reveal the death of boruto and naruto taking the spotlight again.
Julian Marco (1 year ago)
Kishimoto sounds like the kind of guy who knows all the steps but he does them so mechanically and emotionless that he can't feel what the next steps should be. Not bringing back Jiraiya was a huge wasted opportunity. And now I hate that Orochimaru is still alive.
MoMagnus93 (1 year ago)
I kinda wanted a dog hokage lol
David Pena (1 year ago)
This explains a lot. Great video! Good job by the Shonen editors. Last thing. You kinda remind me of Yamato.
MarCoViTV (1 year ago)
... soooo... Where is the link...
Killua Zaoldyeck (1 year ago)
I always thought One Piece was meh. o.o
revolverDOOMGUY (1 year ago)
The point about Sakura and Hinata has always been about theyr struggle and how they face them. Hinata knows se is shy and unmotivated but she instead decides to fight her weaknesses and flaws to achieve what she wants in life: naruto and respect. 100% relatable, because we all have our probems/flaws and we try to overcome them for US and the ones we love. Sakura's biggest flaws are her obsession for sasuke and egocentrism. She never even aknowledge her weaknesses and instead sees them as great parts of her (she legitimately thinks she is a love expert), eventually making everybody around her pay for this. She is unrelatable (i guess) to women for the HORRIBLE and uncomprehensible love for Sasuke and for the fact that she barely grows up (she kinda does but not much compared to other characters). Plus hinata is gentle and "kawaii" wich is something guys find more attractive then a tsundare stuck in an almost abusive relationship. IMO Kishimoto is good at writing fights and tactics but is OBVIOUSLY not good at writing belivable relationships and world/lore to justify those fights.
Eradicatorc (1 year ago)
I'm so f*cking glad kishimoto has editors. Like, seriously some of his ideas would brake the series...
Jaden Vu (1 year ago)
a little boy and a old man in a ramen shop. sounds interesting ...
Lions Den (1 year ago)
Always said team seven should've been hinata sasuke and naruto
Lions Den (1 year ago)
They should've been around to correct madara vs guy
Ghost Emblem (1 year ago)
The idea that he wanted them to travel around the wirkd meeting other 4 man teams kind of gives me the impression of a series of Zabusa arc which while totally different from what we got could have been pretty cool.

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