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Premature (2014) - Best Scenes

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alif aiman (2 days ago)
Tyler Durden (2 days ago)
0:52 It's J-Quelin from Mr. Garvey's Science class!
Fatme Assi (2 days ago)
I randomly came across this video then saw oliver tate from submarine and I SCREAMED bye i’m going to watch it
River Boy Gaming (2 days ago)
Who watch this left handed
The Mind Blowing Show (4 days ago)
I think I have watched the whole movie or series what ever this was
FO_BLKice_YT (10 days ago)
Who does he kinda look like younger Mr beast
Saad Freakin’ Adhia (14 days ago)
Is that Jake ualin?
Light Lorraine (23 days ago)
Does anyone know the warning signs of a stroke??
Light Lorraine (23 days ago)
izak 1297 (23 days ago)
Scream cast and HTGAWM rebecca
TFanPage 101 (23 days ago)
The dude looks so much like mr beast
ghfoofoou (25 days ago)
Why does the dude in the blue jacket remind me so much of Alpharad
Flair Playz (26 days ago)
3:53 how did he not restart him day?
Demha21 Ali (27 days ago)
They have terible actors
Hipp Von (27 days ago)
Legit don't know what show this is but I am already crying lol
Ashmyr Rupac (28 days ago)
Kinda looks like Mr beast
Rashidbaidoo Baidoo (28 days ago)
Mr nobody with mustache
MarvinMineMan (28 days ago)
It’s Mr Beast
Jalen Coley (1 month ago)
ty fine (1 month ago)
7:50 one those two kids faces were hilarious but this movie is so dumb and definatly not for kids
packers fan (1 month ago)
7:42 is what you are looking for.
incubus (1 month ago)
That hug was best
Prod. Hxrford (1 month ago)
oml this movie is so shit
Akbar Sucks (1 month ago)
Why Does This Kid Look Like Symfunny?
Kanime Suzaka (1 month ago)
Where can I warch this?
Is this how high school is actually like
Nigga Fish (1 month ago)
”Hey, whoa, whoa. Uh, maintenance. Keep it moving. ”But it’s an emerg- ”I’ll fucking kill you” BEST SCENE IN MOVIE HISTORY
uni fang (1 month ago)
its happy death day but getting laid
Xaidyn Campbell (1 month ago)
Why does the guy in the beginning look like Mr.Beast
felicity proto (1 month ago)
Its just like the movie sex drive where the guy bangs his bff
ellow maboiii (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does he kinda remind me of Bart Simpson when he was sitting on the cart with his eyes being chill
Hi Hi 2 (1 month ago)
0:30 help me Lord Jesus.
James Reese (1 month ago)
When someone touches the inner thigh it causes a powerful jump
RoboBlox TM (1 month ago)
“Take off your pants so I can be alone.”
Evade Gnar (1 month ago)
“Maintenance, keep moving” “But it’s an emergency” *-_ B U T I L L F U C K I N G K I L L Y O U_-*
Evade Gnar (1 month ago)
Ok but why does he look like me beast
100 subs No videos (1 month ago)
Is this similar to happy death day
HELLO they were both in the scream tv series
ToastyDoasty (1 month ago)
all the teenagers in this movie were the ages of 19 - 23 when this was filmed
JohnColton Swift (1 month ago)
Boy volleyball players what pussys
Gucci_ Grayson (1 month ago)
My school mascot is a dog and I think tigers eat dog
time travel (1 month ago)
I wish I had this happened to me
Josh Kitch (1 month ago)
Man I'm still like that it sucks
Francisco Varela (1 month ago)
Better than happy death day
Zach Lane (1 month ago)
Keep on fucking that blonde bitch😂😂
Quintusblake (1 month ago)
That was nice.
Paul George (1 month ago)
What’s that girls name when they hug
Algorithm (1 month ago)
Damn 11m views and u cant get him to 11m sub Perverts!
Ryan Scherbluk (1 month ago)
Dad I’d rather talk to mom about this. Oh thank god she’ll be home later lol
someone your not (1 month ago)
Idk why this of all things was recommended to me but all I can say is that this movie looks terrible
Kuna Murmu (1 month ago)
6:29 thank me later!!
Kill Me (1 month ago)
man i wanna die for a good one
Pulse_ Bionic (1 month ago)
2:13 WTF
Josh Shannon (1 month ago)
I’m the 3000th dislike
Jcl Roberts (1 month ago)
idk what tf is going on cause ive never seen this movie
is no one gonna talk about how she didn’t inhale when she hit the joint 🤷🏽‍♀️
Jesse Hernandez (1 month ago)
0:01 did he jizz himself or pee himself
Jack Attack (1 month ago)
9:27 ahhhhhhhhhh
FLY HIGH (1 month ago)
Mandy's TOP 10 (1 month ago)
That's it I will download the whole movie now😂
Mandy's TOP 10 (1 month ago)
God bless the uploader😂😂
Splatoonsavage (1 month ago)
“Turns out the Janitor isn’t a Pedophile, he’s just a drug dealer”
vKeqne (1 month ago)
Sex scene is at 12:38
ARMY MatrixCall (1 month ago)
What a Movie!!!!🔥🔥❣️❣️
ARMY MatrixCall (1 month ago)
+i9C_ q8 it's *"Premature"*
i9C_ q8 (1 month ago)
Comicon!!MatrixCall KR. What is movie name?
Young Lord Dagger Dick (1 month ago)
Will The one (1 month ago)
9:41 = best part😂😂😂😭😭😭
devin cunningham (1 month ago)
Why do I feel like in the end when they were looking up at the window I was playing fortnite and had to build a ramp to break that wall down
Arif Jawad (1 month ago)
Honestly wtf is this movie
Thanos The Mad Titan (1 month ago)
This is Mr. Beast when he isn’t recording.
Jonathan Cuo (1 month ago)
he looks like Mr.beast in a way.
Emiliano Mendoza (1 month ago)
Sreynoch Boo (1 month ago)
This is literally the exact same thing as the book called “The Week of Monday’s”, but with few changes.
The Legend27 (1 month ago)
V0LUMEKNIGHT (1 month ago)
8:04 im fucking dying
Daniel Mortimer (1 month ago)
Some of these people are from the Netflix series scream.
Swaraj Jawane (1 month ago)
Unusually comfortable 😂😂😂 the fuck!!
Vineet rajeev (1 month ago)
3:50 man🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Slurp (1 month ago)
her eyes are so big that one hall pass part
Aiden Ryan (1 month ago)
Anyone remember this guy from l&o: svu he played Holden Marx a guy that went on a rampage shooting...he is actually a great actor!!
aaa eee (1 month ago)
2019 anyone
457,123 ,679,245 views (2 months ago)
Gabby is very beautiful ..
Laugh Your head of (2 months ago)
1:32 when mr beast forgets to do a 24 hour vid that is clickbait
KFCgoBucket (2 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah 0 (2 months ago)
What the fuck is this movie lmao
Snowyy yt (1 month ago)
8:34 9:27 11:04
Papa Chrisu's Pizzeria (2 months ago)
9:24 the Eternal Armenian
Rhajey Martin (2 months ago)
9:45 mood
Rhajey Martin (2 months ago)
3:50 when my crush touches me
Rhajey Martin (2 months ago)
2:22 when my grade get hit with a zero
OmkPlaysPro_ YT (2 months ago)
''I am feeling unusually comfortable'' Wtf!? 12:33
WË ĞØŤȚÊM (2 months ago)
1:09 *best part* EDIT:???????¿
AustBob The Cuber (2 months ago)
I don’t get anything about what just happened. I never saw the movie
Joseph Kilgore (2 months ago)
This basically just sums up the entire movie
Lol itzz Nothing (2 months ago)
Anthony Hargrove (2 months ago)
I've seen this movie in it's entirety and it was a hilarious experience
blazing mines (2 months ago)
I felt like I watched this whole movie
Vitartial (2 months ago)
Isn't the girl... Jay Quellin?
Terry Bloom (2 months ago)
Guys, subscribe please. It really makes a difference :) Mr. Beast bless you.
Ethan Cooldude (2 months ago)
Why the fuck did it take me ten minutes to figure out this is an actual movie
jakester0852 (2 months ago)
Is this on Netflix? 😂

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