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Mature woman show how to perform Oral Sex

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Mature woman show how to perform Oral Sex
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Text Comments (262)
smilsmff (8 days ago)
one speaker sound and mines broke ::echos
Frey Zerihun (9 days ago)
You did good, just ignore the rude comments💗
Pat Roberts (1 month ago)
you need to show how to lick a man's asshole!
Adrian Campbell (1 month ago)
Thank you I love women that can talk about sucking and fucking in an educational way.
Jurassic Collector (1 month ago)
Ken’s seen a lot of shit...😂😂😂
Cunni Lingus (1 month ago)
I haven't seen you put the dildo in your mouth. I' m a visual learner, I really want to see the actual scene.
Sham Hajarie (1 month ago)
I can sex with u baby
Alfa All Day (1 month ago)
My lady needs a class from her
enjoy24 co kr (3 months ago)
더 자세한 정보는 enjoy24를 참고하세요^^
DannyWilsonFrom YT (3 months ago)
Brian French (4 months ago)
Remember more ball licking, I fuckin love this bitch, stay tuned, more licking at 5..
Madd Plays MSP (4 months ago)
Are you positive she's mature...
luna rubies (4 months ago)
Meee toooo
ar6247 (4 months ago)
Great tips
James McFadden (4 months ago)
How do I get an older woman to fellate me? James, 33
Jillian Starr (4 months ago)
Ball licking? Wtf
Felix Bruyns (5 months ago)
Anyone who is Catholic must know that fellatio or ANY other behavior that wastes sperm is a MORTAL SIN. This means that both the man and the woman could go to Hell for it. Do not have anything to do with this unclean act, because if he loses control, both of you have committed a terrible sin against God. Repent.
Ed Over50 (1 month ago)
Felix Bruyns I believe that’s the 11th commandment “ Thou shall not swallow”
noga 1 (5 months ago)
even though i'm not a man , i'm sure gagging is not a turn off .
Zodiac K (5 months ago)
I like it when girls gag while giving blowjobs it’s so sexy
James McLaurin III (3 months ago)
Anime Lover Hahahaha cya later 👋🤣
Zodiac K (3 months ago)
Lol me neither 😂
James McLaurin III (3 months ago)
Anime Lover ok nice chatting Idk why I watched this video.....🤪👋🤦🏽‍♂️🙏
Zodiac K (3 months ago)
Yes of course. Sorry I’m late just saw the reply
James McLaurin III (3 months ago)
Anime Lover can I sub??
Alan Rabjohns (5 months ago)
This lady is helping me to go to sleep with her laid back approach
Alan Rabjohns (5 months ago)
This lady respects my balls and pick!
Alan Rabjohns (5 months ago)
Just watch how her experienced hands would make any guy cum over her hands and she so concerned that she make s you come again!
Alan Rabjohns (5 months ago)
Those hand movements are so expert I reckon by the end of the video I will come!
Alan Rabjohns (5 months ago)
The lady makes sense .I would love to be her personall guinea pig
Alan Rabjohns (5 months ago)
Can you blow me please!
Eshan Kanwar (6 months ago)
1:36 she's desperate for one, and who who sell that!?
lady Gore (7 months ago)
right nasty!!!!!!!😣
Henry Wilson (7 months ago)
Okay . I am ready for the lab part of this course. Hot for teacher.
1stHouse (8 months ago)
Ela is the MVP
Michael Kemp (9 months ago)
Great video! Learned alot!
keith old bean (9 months ago)
Now take it up the arse !
DEVIN VELAZQUEZ (9 months ago)
I’ll fuck her so hard I love her lips and her younger I’ll make her cum
James McLaurin III (3 months ago)
DEVIN VELAZQUEZ bro that’s too far Calm down 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
Kareem Willkams Williams (9 months ago)
james shut you ass
You are opening yourself to unclean spirits in your life. Oral sex is unnatural and demonic. Get help and deliverance from such addiction.
Dezino Anbu (11 months ago)
I’ll fuck the shit out of her
Lance the singer (1 year ago)
i hope she has not had oral sex before
Random Eyes (1 year ago)
I'm not even joking she is my ela teacher
Abubker Bhn (1 year ago)
Oral sex taboo
Mandy Sanchez (1 year ago)
This video has be dead 💀
Nicalou Espana (1 year ago)
Appreciate video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about - Jalezenoh Tongue Code (just google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for mastering the art of blowjobs minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy finally got astronomical results with it.
Chuck Miller (1 year ago)
Great video love to see you perform oral Sex
djordje mitrovic (1 year ago)
Babydonuts Channel (1 year ago)
MegaJohnhammond (1 year ago)
my dick is so big, nobody can suck it
progmet xlr8 (1 year ago)
i love you
Laura Belrose (1 year ago)
What if the guy cum in my mouth?
Zion Boose (1 year ago)
what the fuck
Shawna Tracy (1 year ago)
The first time I gave oral sex was when I was 15 years old.
alan rabjohns (1 year ago)
can I set this lovely lady a challenge ? can she train my penis to not come too quickly ?
Jeremy Davis (1 year ago)
Pan George, Can you jack off my penis?
Yves Doubia (1 year ago)
c est nul
randy ames (1 year ago)
OMG really What has happened to women
Phantom Stuff (1 year ago)
Nice technique
Gia Moon Aziza (1 year ago)
l will stick to no sex what so ever.I don't want a disease. And it is a gagger anyway u slice it. Euw
Luiz Marini (1 year ago)
I don't know how old she is and I couldn't care less. I am a little +40 and I think she is very sexy. I had a great boner just watching her teaching it. And shut up on calling me pervert. I am just a very regular male.
PRUNYK (1 year ago)
Zachary Jhonen (1 year ago)
love oral sex
wanna benatural (1 year ago)
I can't 👂
Submit and Resist (1 year ago)
y want u suck this shit wack
Luke Camp (1 year ago)
wow.. this woman would make me blow a huge load.. I'd le to think she swallows it..yeah!
Momo Momo (1 year ago)
I love older women sucking my cock.
Mia McClure (1 year ago)
Who knows what happened after the video with that dildo and cucumber! 😫😫🤢🤢
Mia McClure (1 year ago)
Why does she smile when she brings something out that looks like a dick? That's nasty!
David Humphrey (1 year ago)
that is just average size
Pierre Alex Gedeon (7 months ago)
David Humphrey fii us sho
she always wanted to be a teacher?......too bad dildo exercises are not allowed in school
Boss Ralph (1 year ago)
Ангел Пасков u
Wendy Stubbs (1 year ago)
Ангел Пасков
nice tips from a woman who probably take the dildo/cucumber deeper rather than her man ;)
loveyouall66 (1 year ago)
Imperial vato (2 years ago)
can you please repeat but this time use my cock you old ass trick
rayan rayan (1 year ago)
Carrie G hy
Carrie G (1 year ago)
Imperial vato u are mean
Blorox Cleach (1 year ago)
"old ass trick" lmao 😂
ALEX From MB (1 year ago)
Walt Hill .
Diane Matthews (2 years ago)
Shahbaz Kathia (2 years ago)
Diane Matthews hi
Kenneth Murphy -Roud (2 years ago)
don't you just love you tube lol
Jamal Swiss (2 years ago)
when they gags and pukes looks hot
Justice Young (2 years ago)
i wear that same hat when i get head!!
MemphoProdigy (2 years ago)
"Oops.. You're so big"
gaming world (2 years ago)
I like sex
Douglas Anthony (2 years ago)
dumbest video ever
Bernard Smith (2 years ago)
want to see live
wixfenla claude (2 years ago)
As a general rule, dicks do not like being bitten
Dakota Calderon (2 years ago)
i disagree
LeeRoy Odiahi (2 years ago)
I feel sorry for her children
Jillian Starr (4 months ago)
Use lots of LUBE? I didn’t even know there were high or low quality lube.
Santos Velazquez (7 months ago)
LeeRoy Odiahi xxcx
Mia McClure (1 year ago)
LeeRoy Odiahi right!
dirk diggler (1 year ago)
haahahahahaahaha thats what happens if you marry a whore kids
Alejandra Delossantos (2 years ago)
you know what you did with that cutecumber
Shamim Ehsan (2 years ago)
Le Va (2 years ago)
Why did she have to use such a big dildo for the demonstration? Trying to make me feel small or something?
Mandy Sanchez (1 year ago)
It's not that big 💀
Ashayne Smith (1 year ago)
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Arnie Umali (1 year ago)
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Victor Lee (1 year ago)
Le Va g
MrsJimenez (1 year ago)
Unless you plan on blowing yourself then what difference does it make?
Gabe Amz (2 years ago)
Girls suck at sucking dick 😅😂 9 out of 10
Brayden Albright (2 years ago)
I'm nine
James Berry (2 years ago)
i dont need to see this.. this is someones mom
Kyng Thomas (9 months ago)
James Berry it's always someones mom 😂😂😂
NIDAN MANASSEH (10 months ago)
James Berry
Claire Saffian (1 year ago)
James Berry I rg z-j to make sure 4
Wandering Marine Vet (2 years ago)
she is not in my family, so it is fine by me
James Berry (2 years ago)
I know most women are someone's mother, but I don't want to see that... even tho they do have better skills 😁
Hipsterpants Gladstone (2 years ago)
@h3h3productions Please review this. For us all.
Дар Гиз (2 years ago)
Hipsterpants Gladstone
jabbar jabbari (2 years ago)
+Becky with the good hair hello
blank (2 years ago)
TiSha Gonzales. (2 years ago)
ya i tryed the under toung thing, its was a bad idea my toung got ript from the bottom of my mouth, good thing i can have the hole cock in my mouth and lick balls at da same time.my specialty ;)
Emely xD (2 years ago)
Fighting Quads (2 years ago)
Actually choking and gagging is awesome, also I enjoy balls being sucked on, not vacuum sealed, just glazed with saliva and the tongue.
ofelia mendoza (1 year ago)
William Carrey hu
phum tv (1 year ago)
Daniel Myers
Daniel Myers (1 year ago)
lmao vacuum sealed😂😂😂
Manikrao Jagtap (2 years ago)
devohnmitchell (2 years ago)
I'm laughing at this Shit
Giovanni Longino (2 years ago)
Quick, someone stick a dick in her mouth and shut her up! No wonder she has so much experience sucking dick, no man wants to listen to that no personality voice. And yes, I agree with most men in here. Listen ladies just because porn stars suck balls, does not mean that men like you sucking their balls into your mouth. It hurts! Licking them is not even pleasurable. It's like, stop wasting my time and suck my dick already. I'll make a deal with you... Don't fucking touch my balls and I won't slam my dick down your throat.
redskins chris (2 years ago)
Ok practice on me I live in VA let's meet up
Caleb Swift (2 years ago)
I'm 8
Katie Cruz (2 years ago)
Good tips. Some of these comments... WTH? I don't know what kind of wimpy ass balls you guys have, but my man loves getting his balls licked/sucked. He also loves when I gag. It turns him on even more.
KateJCruz (2 years ago)
+Dee Dee OK, Then bye Felicia! I hope you know that your opinion means less than nothing to me. 😇 Go take your self-hating attitude and insecurity elsewhere. It's not needed or wanted here, and you won't get any more responses from me. Learn to love yourself, sweetie. That's all I've got for you. ;) bye now. ❤️
KateJCruz (2 years ago)
+Dee Dee LOL Yeah, OK. 😂😂😂 you must have wimpy balls. Why do you get so butthurt? You like it in the butt, huh? Bye Felipe!
Katie Cruz (2 years ago)
+Me again 👍🏻
IRULE gaming (2 years ago)
+Katie Cruz 😔
Zero Cool (2 years ago)
Where do woman get the idea, that we like our balls licked?
nick robinson (2 months ago)
I agree, it never did much for me.
tim rodulf (2 years ago)
I love white women...😉
Olga Baroncea (8 months ago)
tim rodulf
BassManBobBassCovers (2 years ago)
VexN (5 days ago)
BikiniZombiesOnIce (3 years ago)
Where is the sound?
carlos losada (3 years ago)
can you show me how is done?
Poot (3 years ago)
Sorry but ball licking is a definite no-no for me. Another clueless woman.
Lil Ruddie21 (7 months ago)
Sasuke Uchiha wat
Ethereal Entity (2 years ago)
+Türkçe Bağımlı oyuncular Oyuncular lol
carlos losada (3 years ago)
no nuts in your mouth. lol
daddydojang (3 years ago)
She makes the best blueberry crumble at the church bake sale. Oh bless her cotton socks.

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