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Is Java 11 Paid ?

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Text Comments (105)
Deshmukh Ganesh (5 months ago)
You saved my 10$ on udemy course, because I got your java tutorials playlist with 67 videos. Please make this type of tech talks every day with news about developers.
Alfred Gotland (1 month ago)
No more pseudo coders, pay is best. No more unfair competition.
John Wick (2 months ago)
why i learnt Java did not know they will charge...stupid Oracle with fucking technology
Funnimation (2 months ago)
Fuck Oracle and Java. It's so confusing anyways. I'm just gonna stick with JavaScript, Python and Go.
Jimmyfot (2 months ago)
Java Will be paid ¿
prem kumar (4 months ago)
here comes Amazon for rescue https://aws.amazon.com/corretto/
zohan singh (4 months ago)
Why don't we just use C , and C++ , this is my middle finger .I. To Oracle
caesar bala (4 months ago)
If company perspective we can start project with free python than paid java
Telusko (4 months ago)
Java is also opensource and free (openjdk)
cool 24bar7 (4 months ago)
Enterprise company using Java 8 not paying to Oracle?
Shahrukh Uddin (4 months ago)
Correct or Not? Cost for Oracle Java SE: 1. For Servers: Per processor in a server Monthly: $25 2. For machines: Per Named User PC Monthly: $2.5 Cost for Oracle Java SE Advanced: 1. For Servers: Per processor in a server Once in a lifetime: $5000 Yearly: $1100 2. For machines: Per Named User PC Once in a lifetime: $100 Yearly: $22 Cost for Oracle Java SE Suite: 1. For Servers: Per processor in a server Once in a lifetime: $15000 Yearly: $3300 2. For machines: Per Named User PC Once in a lifetime: $300 Yearly: $66 Correct or Not?
Ashmit Pathak (5 months ago)
Will we have to pay Sun/Oracle for developing Android apps too
Ali Baba (5 months ago)
I don’t blame oracle for their license change, they need to pay people for working on it. But many open source projects would gradually die away. BUT, oracle has a link to an OPEN SOURCE version of Java. So don’t worry, your favourite java based service or software isn’t going to just vanish. It certainly would be beneficial to pay oracle to get updates, but ya don’t have to.
TheEndevour2010 (5 months ago)
I think Python might be a good choice but of course somebody could snatch it up too
narasimharao bhukya (5 months ago)
thank you for jdk 11 information continue videos non stop videos brother
Khatuntcov Mikhail (5 months ago)
Typical Oracle. RIP Java =). I am .Net dev. I don't have to pay anything.
Umer Farooq (5 months ago)
Kotlin 👎👎👎👎
Md Rashid (5 months ago)
Sir, is openJDK is same as OracleJDK ?
mesarvagya777 (5 months ago)
No. And you won't receive regular update on OpenJDK.
Rajeev Ranjan (5 months ago)
BHARAT KOTESWARAO (5 months ago)
What you are saying is like there is nothing unexpected or nothing wrong with oracle !!
Rajesh Sri Muthu (5 months ago)
this is bad news
kuldeep singh (5 months ago)
Do I need to pay for java if I use it in android development
v jagadeesh (5 months ago)
Let us suppose I am using java at server level without paying to Oracle.. what are the chances that Oracle guys will get to know if I am using the server for commercial use??
Sourabh Bhat (5 months ago)
Thank you for a positive attitude towards the change. I am sure this change will bring about great enhancements to Java.
Abhishek Maurya (5 months ago)
i have made a project on department management system, i am using wamp server for backend, so how should i connect it with remote server online database.
Rajeev Ranjan (5 months ago)
using the the configuration provided with the hosting provider. if you are having a remote server then you must have the credentials. with the same you can do.
Muhammad Omer (5 months ago)
Suppose I have developed a Point of sale in java for production purpose I have to pay to Oracle???
Rajeev Ranjan (5 months ago)
Complicated, if you are using OPEN JDK. then no
Chila Kasonde (5 months ago)
I can use Open JDK for my Android development?
Obed Vazquez Lopez (5 months ago)
what are you talking about?! the companies didn't have to pay for java before this. o.O
Telusko (5 months ago)
They were paying but annually. Now its monthly subscription
Ashutosh Bambal (5 months ago)
but sir it is impact on IT sector . because most of the IT company used java for developing software. now java is paid then all the company shift there development in to the other language. as a fresher i am learning java so what i want to do or go for another language ? please ans.
Devanshul Sapta (5 months ago)
Why java is paid.
Ziyad Kader (5 months ago)
is kotlin and tornadoFX free for commercial use ?
Daniel (5 months ago)
why not use something like node.js or Go instead? For what I heard, golang is amazing for building servers.
Dattajirao Desai (5 months ago)
Is there any technical difference between Open JDK and Oracle JDK ? I mean all features from Oracle JDK are available in Open JDK ?
YoggieYoga (2 months ago)
anyone know the answers? i'd like to know too..
jishnu perumbilavil (6 months ago)
i hate java
jishnu perumbilavil (4 months ago)
+Narendar Reddy yes only females have this type of behaviour
Narendar Reddy (4 months ago)
Ali FELLAHI java is female?😂😂😂
NEXTDAY AVIS (5 months ago)
or he might love c++. C++ people hate java
Daniyal Javaid (5 months ago)
he is noob
Ali FELLAHI (5 months ago)
Why, what she does for you?, I never heard that Java or any other language hurt some one.
Raghu Chowdary (6 months ago)
Make a video on Android studio
kuldeep singh (6 months ago)
Which is better for Android developer free source or oracle
kuldeep singh (5 months ago)
Bhai please tell me one more thing can we make android apps with java withyany copyright claim from Oracle as it is paid now.
Rajeev Ranjan (5 months ago)
doesn't make any difference, you can go for any of them.
Raghav Raja (6 months ago)
Now java is no more with oracle it is moved to eclipse foundation so now no need to pay anything its free
Talk Mun (5 months ago)
Proof plz i am thinking of learning java
VKS TELUGU GAMER (6 months ago)
Pls make a video on creating an app in your computer
Devanshul Sapta (6 months ago)
Sir java is paid now why
Kamran baloch (6 months ago)
As your java 2018 begginers videos are complete.
Pradeep Kumar (6 months ago)
Please let me know best ERP to learn in coming years am. In to peoplesoft
Met Met (6 months ago)
Im Java developer 15 yrs, tried another languages, but Java will still in future here, best advantage in Java you can do really everything to big systems to new webs using HTML5 and new tech etc., in another languages you can do too good apps, but still learn new paradigma avery year new language is headache, Java wins, and we need be paid very well for our work, on market is less developers, so price grows its normal
Harsh Raj (6 months ago)
Sir i know full core java Can i earn money ?
Gabriel Santos (5 months ago)
Harsh Raj start learning frameworks....gradually go from hibernate, Spring, and then spring boot
Sunny Kumar (5 months ago)
Hello sir I'm a fresher now I'm working in php, but I wanna know, which language is good for salary hike java or mean stack developer Pls suggest me
Gabriel Santos (5 months ago)
Sunny Kumar look into java full stack ... the stack I got to work with is Angular, Spring boot , and AWS....
Surendra (6 months ago)
Which is very easy web development and web designing Please tell me sir
Gabriel Santos (5 months ago)
Surendra Yadav make a goal to grasp angular, react, or vue.
Aniket Sakpal (6 months ago)
Awesome info ur genius..💻
Ajeet kumar (6 months ago)
Plz plz plz plZ ...please do something so that we can develop android appp
TheEndevour2010 (5 months ago)
Develop in C# Xamarin. Develop for both iOS, Android, iMac and windows
naveen kumar (5 months ago)
Google for KOTLIN
Shumaila Sami (6 months ago)
Hi!!! Do u come from delhi?
Shaheen Hyder (6 months ago)
Pls make a video of using ANDROID STUDIO.
Daniyal Javaid (5 months ago)
he just wants to know can he make android apps using openJDK, I think that is a valid question for those who does not know the difference of these JDKs, so do I ! :p
Tech Store (6 months ago)
Anuj Agarwal (6 months ago)
Aisa lag Raha AAP lipsing Kar rahe
A K (6 months ago)
Can I host open JDK project and how can I do that. Around how much it cost , I am going to update myself in web development with java.
Deepak Adhikari (6 months ago)
@Telusko Sir, open jdk means that is made by sun Microsystems and other jdk means which is made by oracle and it is also a open source?? correct me if i am not wrong??
Süleyman TEKİR (6 months ago)
thanks for video
MANISH SHARMA (6 months ago)
Nice video sirji...
Akash Ayare (6 months ago)
Nyc info sir...maybe useful in interview which is for java developer so thank u 👏👏👍
Harshit Sachdeva (6 months ago)
Pls make more videos on advance java
Shoaib Akhtar (6 months ago)
Java or kotlin which to choose
Shoaib Akhtar (6 months ago)
Any tips
Shoaib Akhtar (6 months ago)
Okk i am learning kotlin and knows basic ,
Sai Ram (6 months ago)
Learn kotlin and you will find the answer :-P
Eukoda (6 months ago)
google android is slowly adapting kotlin some apps now using kotlin, but java still widely used
Niraj S. Golhar (6 months ago)
waiting for today's live
Mahendra Chowdary (6 months ago)
Nazam ali legal (6 months ago)
I am very beginner . What language should I learn. .pls suggest me..
Sin Jae (1 month ago)
php was a legend in execute & processing which faster than others, but java was a legend of multi-threading process and have secure API than others, and python was an alien, its joke.. :D
Gabriel Santos (5 months ago)
Nazam Ali front end or back end?
Nazam ali legal (6 months ago)
+David thanks :)
David (6 months ago)
Anytime Nazan :) I would recomend you freeCodeCamp too. It's a free online Bootcamp, with 6 'certifications' (or courses). The first one is about HTML and CSS, the second one about JS. At the end of every certifications you have 5 projects you can use for you portfolio.
Nazam ali legal (6 months ago)
+David thanks bro.it help me a lot
Rajesh Magapu (6 months ago)
Sairam Kolayakode (6 months ago)
Giovanni Contreras (6 months ago)
start with 0
Telusko (6 months ago)

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