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Depths and Scatabrainz feat. Gasp-The Beast

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Depths and Scatabrainz feat. Gasp-The Beast
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Text Comments (68)
Jeeves Rothschild (1 month ago)
that dawn french bar kills me everytime i hear it
rory luukas (7 months ago)
Boab Fawcett (1 year ago)
Boab Fawcett (1 year ago)
ItAlwaysTakeMeHours ToCreateNameOrNick yea boi
Boab Fawcett 2018
happyhibee75 (2 years ago)
Glad I have found this,brilliant
Inness Yeoman (2 years ago)
Piece of timeless art. This track and St Peter's Seminary.
Bethany Moohan (4 years ago)
Luv this song x x x x x x x x 2k15 banta x x ️xx
Paul Beaton (5 years ago)
keep it up ..like this
sapien82 (5 years ago)
+ewganhoff , what nae mistah bohze ? flow like the clyde mate
Iam Mothman (5 years ago)
Check out High Focus & Mosh Team aswell bruv
Walt Kovacs (6 years ago)
You bet here's the album: depths.bandcamp.com/album/less-than-human
i wish morevpeople thought that lool
Ryan Kimbo (6 years ago)
I'm English n only like English things but these two are fuckin class but I don't know what there saying half the time gasp is fuckin class
raskaskoneisto (6 years ago)
Necessarydef (6 years ago)
Another reason for Scotland not to leave the UK - fuckin sic
Paul D (6 years ago)
can you buy that "the being" hoodie anywhere? :)
billythebarber (6 years ago)
Come find me on facebook ;o)) Respects to UK Hip Hop Artists ;o) Peace & Respects
Iam Mothman (6 years ago)
In my opinion, Contact play and The Four owls are better, but these guys are dope as fuck
Dan G (7 years ago)
Calm down a wee bit bro
!! GREAT !!
thisaccountisdead (7 years ago)
Damn great dudes! <3
ewganhoff (7 years ago)
The dude with the fro has got the best scotish flow I've ever heard. Awesome technical spitting. Love from Aberdeen.
laurence s (7 years ago)
loving the eastbound and down sample :L haha
John Doe (7 years ago)
come to America, and destroy all rap here with your bombed out beats and razor rhymes
Netscape Shawty (7 years ago)
What brand is the cartoonhands hoodie? Sick tunee!
Leo Gonzalez (7 years ago)
I want a gasp's being hoodie
Mr Sniff (7 years ago)
Im english and alot of people say were prejudice. This is better than any of the music the battle rappers from england put out. Real shit, gasp and depths are mad creative.
Splitprophets (7 years ago)
Rachel Thomson (7 years ago)
@rachethom minted... understatement couldnt think of a better word..
Rachel Thomson (7 years ago)
@vileshit but Scottish are proper minted
scottstewarttv (7 years ago)
thes two guys will be the next loki , not him but close enough !! there sick .. cant wait to loki new albms drops and he takes ovr big up the being
scottstewarttv (7 years ago)
best .. the end
Rhory Gardiner (7 years ago)
@salizayn tannin a pack of stubbies as ah type this. yaldi
IamLiambee1 (7 years ago)
shit hot man
zayn grieve (7 years ago)
bier speciale!!
Kevin McGloughlin (7 years ago)
fuzzymini12 (7 years ago)
Met Scatabrainz in town on friday, I was out my nut.
Mr Gee (7 years ago)
quality shit man
John JC (7 years ago)
BeRedIQ (7 years ago)
cold lads! d'lyfa
It's Spraggster. (7 years ago)
BIG TUNE! Props!
rachelmunro1111 (7 years ago)
love for all involved.
James Elliott (7 years ago)
@SCUBADOOBADOO Grow up. If he doesn't like it then fair enough. I think its sick still.
xxjaisus (7 years ago)
DARKUTEC (7 years ago)
na not feeling it man
dufsta187 (7 years ago)
heli vid / track yo dope!!!
suth2984 (7 years ago)
gonna be spreadin the word, you guys rock battles, but as a duo you cun*s smash tracks. props
SolarMane Tha Killa (7 years ago)
being mcs
James Gilchrist (7 years ago)
@paddyskate was meant to go there for a paint fuckin agees ago need to get ma arse round to it
Paddy Williams (7 years ago)
@MrIHateKORN st peters seminary in cardross, its abandoned but there planning on fixing it up.
84jbd (7 years ago)
depths is awesome on tracks. if i was scottish he'd be my no.1 mc no doubt
James Gilchrist (7 years ago)
wheres this place at? looks like a sweet spot
StevieFallon1 (7 years ago)
Song's A Belter Keep It Up Youse
Gilkaroo (7 years ago)
how sick is this video man lol , gasp n depths .1
Rocknroll (7 years ago)
Watched this a few times now and I'm STILL pickin up things each time I watch it. That's what's dope about it, lyrics packed so tightly that you don't pick it all up first time. Keep it up. Stuck it on Facebook but it didn't get a lot of love cos most of my mates are mainstream, Kasabian lovin mufuckas. But one of my mates who's old school hip hop found one of your Don't Flop battles by accident and he sent it to me saying "Check it out, these guys are dope", so hopefully word will spread. Peas
SolarMane Tha Killa (7 years ago)
lilashcroft (7 years ago)
Fresh as fuck
diggertroc (8 years ago)
Yes yes Glasgow Scumbags! Keep it gully
Cainglasgow (8 years ago)
Wasnt sure to begin wif but yeah tiz Siiiikk !
skitzey (8 years ago)
fucking beast
HeartOfHiphop (8 years ago)
This is on another level of dopeness, big ups.
mcoshea83 (8 years ago)
this is fucking quality fellas
socialite5045 (8 years ago)
tidy track guys...
Piff Wizardry (8 years ago)
Rahhhh Gasp n Depths owning everything.. Biggest of ups!
Thomas Hannaway (8 years ago)
Physiks (8 years ago)

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