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How Choose a Company Name?

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Checking the #company #name #availability is a major challenge for any entrepreneur. We thought we could make things easier. Company names have two components - a unique component and a descriptive component. The unique component of your company name should be coined by you. Ideally, a combination of the names of the founders. For instance, if one founders' name is Ravi and the other founders' name is Shastri, you could coin a word "RASTRI". Such a name has an excellent chance of being approved. The descriptive component should describe what the #business does. For instance, the descriptive component of a #software #company should be #Technology #Services. Taking the unique component mentioned above along with this descriptive component, the name of the company would be" RASTRI TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT. LTD. Simple, isn't it? We are happy to help you out with new company names during your #Companyregistration. Need assistance with company name suggestions? Just contact #vakilsearch.com Get this service online @ https://vakilsearch.com/company-name-search Vakilsearch - We Make Legal Simple. We are a technology-driven platform organising the professional services industry in India. Our services cover all the #legal needs of #businesses, such as #incorporation, #government #registrations & #filings, #accounting, #documentation and #annualcompliances. We also offer a wide range of services to #individuals, such as #property #agreements and #tax filing. Our mission is to provide one-click access to individuals and businesses for all their #legal & #professional needs. For more updates: Subscribe us: https://www.youtube.com/user/legalsolutionsvakil/ Like us at : https://www.facebook.com/vakilsearch Follow Us: https://twitter.com/Letsvakilsearch
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DreamLand Movies (1 month ago)
Hlo frmdss me Film company Open karni aa so Plss Suggest me Difrnt Nd meaningfull Names thankuu
vakilsearch (22 days ago)
Please WhatsApp us at +91 7200 365 365 for free legal advice.
Amit Naskar (1 month ago)
Dada I want to open a hardware and networking problem solution company so pls suggest a proper name of this company ASAP🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
vakilsearch (22 days ago)
Please WhatsApp us at +91 7200 365 365 for free legal advice.
अबे अपना तुम हिंदी में भी बोल सकते हो चुटिया कहीं के
Plz mobile no send me
vakilsearch (2 months ago)
Please WhatsApp us at +91 7200 365 365 for free legal advice.
Captain of the Earth (3 months ago)
can you help me...?? My unit want to work for infertility... What kind of name is helpful for us..??
vakilsearch (2 months ago)
Please WhatsApp us at +91 7200 365 365 for free legal advice.
SYED AZHAR IBRAHIMI (3 months ago)
Thanks alot😊💐
Er Ajaz Khan (4 months ago)
Thanks for share it..
saba sahir (6 months ago)
sir mane ek firm banya hai lekinn mere se ek galti ho gai hai main delhi main ek propritorship firm main temprory level pe work kerta tha bihar aake usi naam se same work kerne laga,ab o claim kr rahe hain ki hamare naam ka ye galat istemaal kr hame nuksaan kr raha hai jabki maine trade mark ke bare main pata kiya to o naam trademark main registerd nahi hai pls guide me mujhe kya kerna chahiye
Ritesh Ajmeri (9 months ago)
you are having an excellent knowledge about the name for business.But I would like to suggest you that it can not be assumed that your video will be seen by only educated and English known person. Some people, like me do not understand english very well. So it's a suggesion that kindly make video in Hindi. I am going to start a business for vegetables. And I was looking for a name for my shop. I visited your channel with hope of having some ideas according to my requirements. I can write and speak english well but can not understand or read perfectly. So It would be too better if you make video in Hiindi. If your purpose is to help people than kindly follow my suggesion and if your purpose is only to earn money and maintain your status (Well educated person, having excellent command on english) than you can continue with the present activies. Because, Let me explain, This is only just an example.You can consider any person in stead of me. I dont understand english, so I will not visit again your channel.. because I assume that it would be in english so it would help me. So, You can have only one view from one person. and naturally he/she will click on dislike.
Shreyas Agarkar (9 months ago)
Sk Md Awesh Azam (2 months ago)
Ram Krishna Varshney (9 months ago)
sir ji can you help me
Mutyala Ravi Kumar (10 months ago)
Hi sir good information,home delivery services please provide cache name my name Ravi ph no 9030284162
Prashantha K L (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for useful information
Abdul Zameer (1 year ago)
Could you please suggest me a name for BPO
vijay raj (1 year ago)
Please tell me website where we can search name of new company
Hi there! You might want to check us at https://trademarkers.com. We can assure you that our attorneys have years of experience and they have registered numerous brands succesfully. They are experts in legal procedures and they've done it repeatedly. It will surely save you time and money. ! Feel free to ask us anything about trademark registration. We can help and guide you from start to finish. Email us at [email protected] Let's prevent potential copycats of your precious brand and show off the significance of a trademark.
Ashish Kumar (1 year ago)
Project repot kaha se bana sakte hai
Pinakin Prajapati (1 year ago)
????? Developer? Do u help me.?
shamim akhter (1 year ago)
Can I suggest abc engineering & contractors
Emmanuel Antiamah (1 year ago)
Need a business, brand or product name? I have named over 25 businesses this month alone. Need help too? Visit http://goo.gl/wUrC69 Now.
El Loco-1905 (1 year ago)
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Aqib Abbasi (1 year ago)
Dr. Prince King (1 year ago)
raghu ram (1 year ago)
Hiiii we are areca leaf plate manufacturing business so how to choose a unique name
surendra kumar (1 year ago)
vijay kumar (1 year ago)
then what about the food industry
Ravendra Singh (1 year ago)
Very Knowledgeable and Helpful Video for Company Registration & Company Name Selection, So i Like This Video and VAKILSEARCH.COM
Pawan Sharma (1 year ago)
what about LLP
Amit Mondal (1 year ago)
nice video
pradeepz pro (2 years ago)
plz make a video describing what is a pvt ltd company and ltd company or else if the answer is short plz do reply for my message explaining about it,thanks!
kareem (2 years ago)
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chelsi selvam (1 year ago)
kareem Its nt bad But its quite expensive Whereas you might nt know wether you would recieve the type of response you expect
Satyendra Mishra (3 years ago)
Thank you so much. very useful information.
mahesh kumar (3 years ago)
Thank you sir
vaibhav jain (3 years ago)
Can you tell Me what will happen in this case. Already registered company - P technologies Pvt. Ltd. And I want - Ptech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Vinit Jain (3 years ago)
when you chances goes down dramatically... u mean drastically , right ?
Aditya Sood (3 years ago)
that fucking link on that fucking government website is not workingg!!!!
rockesh deepak (2 years ago)
+gupta hemant HA THAT LIKE IS ALSO NOT OPENING ,.,. \
Hemant Jasoriya (2 years ago)
+Aditya sood http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/showCheckCompanyName.do
Ram Babu (3 years ago)
Thanks Datar for detailed explanation about how and what should be done in order to get our company name get approved .
Ankur Varshney (3 years ago)
That is a very descriptive video about unique and descriptive components of a company name. I name businesses for a living and help people to find great pronounceable, unique, easy to spell and recall names at http://www.naming.co.in An advice that I would like to provide here is that as entrepreneurs, you can always go to namestation or other search tools to create names which have .COMs available. It ensures that you are securing your virtual identity and as an observation I have seen that the brand names which have .COMs available, also have Trademarks available to be registered. Since the unique component of your company name is now 'unique' you can have a simple descriptive component and stay assured that you will get the approval for the chosen/required company name.
Varun Jain (4 years ago)
thank u so much for such a useful info provided by u through this vedio
vakilsearch (4 years ago)
+Varun Jain Glad we could help.. :)

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