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I Admire A Womans Shape Im Just Saying

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Open Minded (7 days ago)
She's not a hater at all of other females.
She keeping it real.
Ginio Lamy (8 days ago)
Theirs more lesbians coming out they don't like men or need them anymore this is what America has come down to they don't find men attractive
Christian Barrett (8 days ago)
Seems like it.
jakc3d (9 days ago)
Awww...that's so cute.
tee2701 (9 days ago)
shes a low key bisexual with the right women it can be brought out.
Christian Barrett (8 days ago)
That is all it takes for a woman to be attracted to another one.
Christian Barrett (9 days ago)
I admire athletic and healthy looking women. All natural and nothing fake at all.
Ernest J. (9 days ago)
What’s her Instagram
Terrell Miller (8 days ago)
Christian Barrett lol 😂 🤣😆😀😂😢
Christian Barrett (9 days ago)
I see you ask for every girls Instagram under every video. Lol.
Terrell Miller (9 days ago)
She’s a mans best friend 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 A Dime who doesn’t know she’s a dime. She deserves to be loved and Respected
Ernest J. (9 days ago)
No its not, her phone is PRIVATE, and her Instagram is PUBLIC, and that's how Models that work with Nate get more exposure. Do you understand?
Terrell Miller (9 days ago)
Ernest J. What does having a Instagram? I’m just curious ? A lot of guys ask Nate for women Instagram 🤷🏾‍♂️ is that like going threw her phone and looking at her pictures?
Admired but it's really hate
Sapa Inti (9 days ago)
Everyone check out my music I'm an up and coming Latino rapper

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