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HTML5 CSS 102: Styling With CSS - 13. Add a Header and Breadcrumbs

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Additional videos for this title: http://j.mp/P6DTU5 HTML5 & CSS 102: Styling With CSS by WickedlySmart Video 13 of 28 for HTML5 & CSS 102: Styling With CSS Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) give website design its horsepower! Imagine that the HTML on a web page as all the various parts of a car.Then imagine CSS are the automotive robots that give you the ability to build a complex assembly line that simplifies the way you determine the color, interior, wheels and engine on every car you produce. CSS are the robots of a web page that give web pages across your site a consistent look and feel that can be easily changed or modified! In this second installment of their HTML & CSS series of courses, Elisabeth and Eric explore CSS's possibilities and show you how to create a "wickedly smart" web page designed specifically for musicians. In this innovative course you'll learn how to creatively analyze your page to decide how every element should look and feel. You'll also quickly become familiar with how selectors work in tandem with IDs and Classes to give your page its unique personality. So open up that favorite text editor, make yourself comfortable, and let our dynamic web design duo guide you through the creation of a great-looking web page! And don't forget to watch all the other courses in this comprehensive series on HTML5 and CSS. More info on this title: http://j.mp/P6DTU5
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