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Do girls like anal sex? FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/TheCheekyTruthLasVegas/ INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/thecheekytruth/ In this episode of The Cheeky Truth we ask girls on the Las Vegas Strip in a street interview do girls like anal sex? The Cheeky Truth delivers some interesting and honest answers in our street interview direct from the girls on the Las Vegas Strip. Keywords - The Cheeky Truth - Las Vegas Strip - Street Interview - Do girls like anal sex?
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Text Comments (27)
Ed A (1 month ago)
Vag.baby exit Anus. Poo exit Mouth food entry. Darn it. Life time of BJ only.
Anthony L Leid (1 month ago)
😲😂🔍☝🔥! The woman that said she would do it for a birthday or anniversary, you cannot be on both sides of the fence like wearing 4 inch high heals. You have to do it all the time of not at all cause there is a form of pain evolved!
Graceful Raven (1 month ago)
< Subcribed
Thecheekytruth (1 month ago)
Thank you
PINOY MEMES (1 month ago)
I did that to my Gf after that she broke me up.
Graceful Raven (2 months ago)
I'm curious, if a lady asked instead would the aswer still be the same?
Anthony L Leid (1 month ago)
😲😉🤔☝🔥🔍! If it was a woman asking all the questions it might be more honest about sex because of TV and the music world ppl feel comfortable saying the most Freaky and craziest things in contrast to 40 years ago, even if the U Tube host is a man ! 🤔☝🔥🔍!
Graceful Raven (1 month ago)
+Thecheekytruth I look forward to seeing it, < subscribed!
Thecheekytruth (1 month ago)
We might just have to try that
Al Haymon (2 months ago)
They all say no one camera but when they get home they all masterbate with fire extinguishers in their bum holes.. liars!!
carrot top (1 month ago)
I want what you're smoking.
Jimmy Holm (2 months ago)
This guy is interesting gana be next prank star again I hope.
Thecheekytruth (2 months ago)
thanks for the support Im glad you like what we are doing.
gurleensingh gill (2 months ago)
Can u make video on girls view about foot fetish 🤔😝
gurleensingh gill (2 months ago)
Thecheekytruth waiting for that then
Thecheekytruth (2 months ago)
We actually talked about doing a question like that the other day lol
Reign Relic (2 months ago)
Most of those probably don’t even get dick. Cause the hot girls I’ve spoken to have tried it or When I feel the attraction I ask questions that would lead up to that and they always lead me their. My first girl friend after high school was 10 years older then me and she got me into anal sex. We did start having anal after the second year but the bond and relationship got more intense, more passionate, more united. She called it the the exchange of energy and she loved it. Unfortunately do to religion point of view, family, and her wanting a kid and me not being ready for one we broke up. All these lower then 5 rated girls would say no especially in front of a camera. Some like to keep the sex life private.
Jeffrey Russell Jr (3 months ago)
Am I the only guy that thinks anal sex is gross?
TheRushfx (3 months ago)
fuck sake all the birds ive fucked up the arse just did it cos i asked them 20 times! i thought they wanted to :(
Darth Sillyus (3 months ago)
Lol, goodbye America!
Darth Sillyus (3 months ago)
Thecheekytruth ... Man, " just take my money "😂
Thecheekytruth (3 months ago)
Przemek Ledziński (4 months ago)
Liers. Pretty sure girls are enjoy it
Narmeen Ulfdfd (1 month ago)
Women pleasure not in the ass in the vagina if you like anal you can fuck other men
Przemek Ledziński (4 months ago)
My girl enjoy it soo much
Thecheekytruth (4 months ago)
sexy 💗

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