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Wide Awake Katy Perry Cover

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This song on SPOTIFY - http://bit.ly/_wa_spotify This song on iTUNES - http://bit.ly/_wa_itunes This song on AMAZON - http://bit.ly/_wa_amazon "Wide Awake" Katy Perry Cover FREE DOWNLOAD of my songs - http://bit.ly/gavin_freesongs OFFICIAL - http://bit.ly/gavin_official FACEBOOK - http://bit.ly/gavin_facebook TWITTER - http://bit.ly/gavin_twitter GOOGLE+ - http://bit.ly/gavin_gplus ______________________ i'm im wide awake katy perry cover lyrics acoustic piano tutorial karaoke "wide awake" "wide awake katy perry" "wide awake katy perry lyrics" "wide awake katy" "wide awake acoustic" "wide awake katy perry cover" "wide awake cover" "katy perry wide awake" "katy perry wide awake lyrics" "katy perry wide awake live" "katy perry wide awake cover" "i'm wide awake" "i'm wide awake katy perry" "i'm wide awake lyrics" "i'm wide awake katy" gavin mikhail
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Text Comments (87)
MUCH better than the original.
usernamemaybe (10 months ago)
I still have this on my ipod, your voice is magical just so you know :)
Ron Brown (2 years ago)
this is good its genuine sound
AllTheSmallThings (4 years ago)
this is extremely beautiful!
Better than Katy perry-
Wild Darkness (4 years ago)
I love your voice.. It's calming <3
Iftikhar Chowdry (4 years ago)
You need to sing how to say goodbye I live u
Udjin Chan (4 years ago)
Unbelieveble. I can't undestand why you aren't famous.. Pretty voice,nice instrumental.Maybe cuz you haven't video on cover
wadeva911 (5 years ago)
I couldn't stand this song, now I can't help listening to it every damn day.
dream271982 (5 years ago)
sing written in the stars
Stephanie Kempf (5 years ago)
So proud to say I've been a fan since 2006. Even have 2 signed cds :D My sister and I are those crazy Aussie fans :P Will never tire of your voice Gavin
Tess Cotterill (5 years ago)
Can't stop listening to you.
Feedl3ackTV (5 years ago)
So much feeling and that emotion in your voice is so beautiful (no homo) :D
Noody NoOodo (5 years ago)
I wanna tell you that i loved your voice in that song more than the Original one you are amazing and make me feel words not just singing but feeling also your music is quiet and this really attract me Thank you so much you are amazing
ironman7931 (5 years ago)
bro, your amazing, you have been given some absolutely amazing gifts
TheCecilyGirl (5 years ago)
Che calma... bellissima... bravo..complimenti! <3
Xavier Awe (5 years ago)
You should really post more! I've been looking through most of your vids in the past hour and have listened to so many nice pieces of music! Keep up the good work!
Werekitten Holly (6 years ago)
This is the most amazing version on this song I've ever heard! There is so much emotion!!! :') It honestly brought me to tears! xxXxx
Camilla Nomeland (6 years ago)
I love this cover so much, it's so beautiful and i could listen to it all day. best cover. MUCH love!
Agnes Ficzere (6 years ago)
so touching! love it! congrat from hungary!
Kate Rider (6 years ago)
I'm so glad I found you
mariobro0193 (6 years ago)
much respect! you should be more popular. I'll spread your name brotha
Carni V (6 years ago)
The piano playing is brilliant and the vocal is a perfect complement to it. So beautiful! (:
XCfreak56 (6 years ago)
How are you not a star!?!?!? You are amazing! <3 You took such a petty song and made it a master piece BRAVO BRAVO!! Continue what you are doing!
mexgirl85 (6 years ago)
Dude you sing like a girl
Tigerander (6 years ago)
This is better than the original. It is not as tense and more smooth.
Dana Reynolds (6 years ago)
I first found you on Spotify somehow and since then I have listened to you a lot! Very beautiful voice! very soothing and relaxing! Thank you for singing for us!
joe wisky (6 years ago)
How the fuck do you only have 22000 views?
Rosie P (6 years ago)
You made me cry... You're amazing... I love you <3 Hope you reply. Love from Peru <3 I'll tell my friends about you!
Yasmin Serrano (6 years ago)
Yasmin Serrano (6 years ago)
Law (6 years ago)
I heard this on Spotify before I ever even heard Katy Perry's one and well... Even if she's the original singer she can't even compare to what you did with this song. You took, in my opinion, a mediocre song and made it into something extroardinary. You're truly a star, perhaps not in the sense of a celebrity but your voice shines bright than anyone's.
MsAngelofDespair (6 years ago)
i just heard this song on another video and i had to listen to all of it you have a wonderful voice very calming
Talisashr (6 years ago)
looooooooooove. *o*
Luke Lynch (6 years ago)
brilliant job Gav, You should really consider trying jason Mraz- i wont give up your voice would be be perfect for that song
freeleigh (6 years ago)
I love how you sang this slowed down. Katy perry's version is more of a dance song...but ur version really makes me feel the lyrics...like literally ur version is healing my soul. You have an amazing talent :)
supermouse321 (6 years ago)
Im in love with you and your voice omg better then katy parry <3 u have a big fan
Roberta // (6 years ago)
I LOVE YOUR VOICE. I love your music, I love your soul that comes out from your music! Damn, I love you, guy! :D I really think you would deserve a great audience ! You are amazing ! Why don't you go to a talent-show like X Factor or something? You MUST to become a singer, you already are a SINGER! Compliments! Sorry for my english but I'm Italian and I'm still learning! ;)
cinderellasmonkey (6 years ago)
Sheet music? I'd die if Id be able to learn this piano arrangement. Please!
guayacahuala (6 years ago)
Camille (6 years ago)
J'adore cette version bien plus émotive que celle de Katy Perry. Je ne m'en lasse pas... ♥
NORA5693 (6 years ago)
You gave this song a soul...Loved it ;-)
Kieran Mcloughlin (6 years ago)
You should do a much more emotional version of Need You Now by Lady Antebellum! :)
firstspokenmusic (6 years ago)
Great cover man, gave me chills
Olivia Foster (6 years ago)
Katy isnt auto tuned, listen to live performances, and this is brilliant. Well done:3
OakleyInterests (6 years ago)
So amazing. I get chills XD
issey nichiwa (6 years ago)
i get sleepy after hearing your cover
Sofia D. (6 years ago)
Woow your version is breathtaking !!! It's so weird to hear the original now, yours is so much better! Actually i really like the piano, would you have a sheet music ? I checked on your website but i couldn't find it :/ Anyway, you did an amazing job, thank you for sharing your talent !
Dana Jean Phoenix (6 years ago)
Superb! :) DJP
Autumn Boyd (6 years ago)
Wow u got my ear drums bak
Bean (6 years ago)
I prefer you over Katy Perry times a million... Then again, she *is* auto-tuned.
TheDarkestxDreams (6 years ago)
omg. It's sooo amazing you followed me on twitter! [@xFALLENxPIECESx] :DDD - Please watch this video (: /watch?v=RoFfJPmvPfM «3
Katelyn Cefalo (6 years ago)
You have an amazing voice!! I listen to you sing while I get ready in the morning! I Lalalala Love your voive!! Do you have your own songs you sing If so i can't find them. All i can find are covers.. Please send me and e-mail showing your songs..! I loe you Keep it up!!!(:
xxkillerxgirlxx (6 years ago)
I think you have the most beautiful voice, and you make the most beautiful covers. One word: PERFECTION. Please never stop making these beautiful covers, you have an amazing talent. :] Thank you so much for giving me inspiration to make this video /watch?v=RoFfJPmvPfM
Shon Williams (6 years ago)
MageSutek (6 years ago)
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aliveorundead (6 years ago)
Just. Perfection.
Clotilde Verry (6 years ago)
It's amazing how I love every of your covers :') you do such a great job each time !!
Danny Graf (6 years ago)
Hey Gavin, since one year I am now addicted to you and your music. The song "Wide Awake" isn't on the radio her in Germany at the moment and hasn't been yet, so nobody knows it, me included. So that's the reason why I heard your cover of this brilliant song before I heard the original by Katy…and that's why I can't listen to her autotuned version now, because every time I hear her version, all I think is: What a waste! You took her song and turned it into a feeling grenade! Thx so much! Danny
VioletxPurple (6 years ago)
Finally :) Its a while ago since you promised the song in your email...
gotenssj5 (6 years ago)
great cover!! ^^ i really dislike Katy Perry to be honest, but you covering Katy is great! ;P But could someone please explain what cloud 9 is/means??
Abigail Chen (6 years ago)
Another like to add to your collection hehe
Loeixe22 (6 years ago)
Ooh can't you make a cover of 'Monster' by Itchy Daze? I think an emotional piano version of that song would sound amazing. :)
Vyktaria (6 years ago)
Gavin, you have such a beautiful voice. I don't know what else I can say! :) Keep doing what you do! Surprised you're not a household name yet....oh well....I kinda like being one of the select people that knows and appreciates your talents! :D
RuntLaLaLa (6 years ago)
@Gavinmikhail i'm so glad that i found your channel. i love how you sing every song with your own version. i love the music arrangement and the way you sing. you're such a talented musician. You're amazing. Thank you for sharing your music.
KaydeXIII (6 years ago)
Angelic voice as always ;D
Elysium (6 years ago)
Only you could make Katy Perry sound heartfelt. That gift you have for making the listener hear every word and feel vaguely depressed is incredible. I love this.
Kirwani90 (6 years ago)
haha. Well I'm subscribed to your page.. says enough about my good taste in music ;) I'm really excited. The song is so gorgeous as are the lyrics. I'm just looking for a different version of it with piano. Can't wait!!!Hope you'll find the time to do it!
Taylor Austin (6 years ago)
How... sheerly.. beautiful...
Aaron Zomer (6 years ago)
All I can say.. Wow, you made me cry. I've never been so emotional with someone's voice.
electraambrosia (6 years ago)
You're amazing! :D
Kaitlyn Becker (6 years ago)
Dear Gavin, Since we're friends and all, you should cover Tears of an Angel by RyanDan for me. Honestly, It should be right up your alley :)
Lucas San (6 years ago)
U are simply awesome >.< Love You darling *-*
Kirwani90 (6 years ago)
you should do 'little talks' by Of Monsters and men SO curious to see what you'd make of it.
Iris Woestenburg (6 years ago)
wow, you did an amazing cover. i'm crying.
annie guan (6 years ago)
Beautiful :)
mona1904 (6 years ago)
You're incredible! I feel the need to say that every time you post something new..
Zoe G. Lewis (6 years ago)
Your piano parts are so beautiful. I wish I could compose like that
Amfran (6 years ago)
You pick songs that I never like, and make them songs I love (but only when you sing them!) :)
Dayswilltell (6 years ago)
obviously everyone covers this song and obviously Gavin's the best. i miss your videos but thankful for any update from you!!!
Harshyt Goel (6 years ago)
cassandra javier (6 years ago)
I'll always be proud for being a fan of yours. no regrets at all. We're wide awake waiting for more from you! :) Thumbs up if you agree :)
Aprile Haynes (6 years ago)
sweet Gavin!
Tayler Fuller (6 years ago)
Love love love it Gavin! Hope you're doing well! Always a fan! <3 :)
KuyaArnold (6 years ago)
Payphone please :)
Twall32 (6 years ago)
Hey man great cover I sent you a message a couple weeks ago don't know if you got it but besides that you did a awesome cover bro keep it up hope to hear more
Sam Silva (6 years ago)

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