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Crete: White Dreams – Uncovering an untapped ski touring paradise

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Crete: White Dreams – Uncovering an untapped ski touring paradise. This is the story of five ladies from the Dynafit Team. They got out of their comfort zone, exposed themselves to adventure and entered a world where strangers became familiar friends and dreams transformed into reality.
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rennie alba (5 months ago)
what band played that song you used in that video? was great! awesome video!
George Orfanidis (7 months ago)
Einfach super!
Sebidrums (2 years ago)
Super Video. Wie heißtn das Lied im Hintergrund?
DYNAFIT (2 years ago)
Hi @Sebidrums, leider etwas verspätet :) Aber das Lied heißt Maybe Someday. https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/maybe-someday Freut uns, dass Dir das Video taugt!
Barbara Baukje Westra (2 years ago)
I enjoyed the story of the ladies, thanks!!!
Stelios Votzis (2 years ago)
This is our Crete! Nice work!!
Costis A. Gortzis (2 years ago)
Adorable Crete, in winter and summer!
Vangelis Stavroulakis (2 years ago)
Super very nice !!!
Florian Ganser (2 years ago)
wow, starkes video 😊💪

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